Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Eyes in the Night…

‘The Wisest Listen to Everything. All
The Time, Carefully,
They listen before speaking…’

A Guiding Voice

Not all things fit into easy understanding.
Many of the most intriguing and
Mysterious ways upon which we learn
Come from those quiet, isolated
Times when we are alone…
When the light is dim
Or the air is still…when the rain
Falls and sounds are lost to blind
Noise…Or when Night falls…
And the Commotion of the Masses
Rest…And sounds echo…
Bustling Minds Fall Asleep…
And the Few Guided by a different
Drum…Find Awareness Sharpen…
The Twilight…And the Moon
And the Stars Silently come
Alive…All is unpredictable, Free
But cautious…
Then you notice things that just
Don’t seem right…Things no one notices…

Both the Light and the Dark have
Power at night…It’s show time…

Outside, on the deck, with the dog
Staring into the woods for no reason…
The dog barks in a craze, then freezes…
Silent…Eyes fixate in one direction,
No reason…Eyes in the dark,
In the trees…8 to 10 feet off
The ground…A [air of orange-red eyes…
Invisible, no one sees…but they’re often there.
They shouldn’t be there, but they are.
No, it’s not there, nothings there.
It’s just a…but it’s too big for that.
It’s nothing. The dog isn’t moving or making
A noise, but the dog is…watching.
It’s happened more times…Just the eyes…
Eyes in the Night.
You tell people and everyone dismisses it.
They see…believe…nothing…a lot.
But they’re experts on everything.

Eyes in the Night…what the?
The Voice over the shoulder whispers…
“Now you’re going to stop asking,
And listen…Watch and Listen…”
Pause…go inside…And in the kitchen
Window…The same eyes watching…
Just watching…That pair of Eyes.
Ignore them. Go to Bed.
Then there, at the end of the hallway,
That pair of Eyes…
It’s in the house…Ignore it, and
Keep moving.
And the voice over the shoulder whispers,
“Let’s see what it wants. Don’t worry.”
The dog sees it, and does nothing
But move slow beside me.

Can’t think. Just go to bed. It’s not there.
To bed…And the dog falls strangely,
Quietly asleep…
Sit, watch, wait, thinking…nothing to
Do but sleep.
And the voice whispers, “Just go to sleep,
Don’t worry. Let’s see what it wants.”

Strangely, Fast asleep…in dreams, The Eyes
In the Night come closer and reveal
Something huge…a giant tiger-like, angry
Looking man…It wants answers.
But the voice says… “No.”
There is a crashing, thunder sound in
A dark blind dream…
And the voice returns… “Nothing to worry
Questions peak and rise, it wasn’t there,
It was…what was it?

And the voice responds… “I told you not
To think about this…ignore it…
Pretend it didn’t happen…And when
You wake, you act the same as everyone
Else…say nothing more than on the page.”

Things happen you can’t explain.
Things happen no one believes…
And unless they see it themselves
It isn’t real.
One day no one will believe them either.

Regardless of these things…you keep
Going. The point is, not to worry about
Convincing…but to stay aware…and
Keep going.


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  1. 60:2.2 (687.3) The largest of the dinosaurs originated in western North America. These monstrous reptiles are buried throughout the Rocky Mountain regions, along the whole
    of the Atlantic coast of North America, over western Europe, South Africa, and India, but not in Australia.

    60:2.3 (687.4) These massive creatures became less active and strong as they grew larger and larger; but they required such an enormous amount of food and the land was so overrun by them that they literally starved to death and became extinct — they lacked the intelligence to cope with the situation.




    63:0.1 (711.1) URANTIA was registered as an inhabited world when the first two human
    beings — the twins — were eleven years old, and before they had become the parents of the first-born of the second generation of actual human beings. And the archangel message from Salvington, on this occasion of formal planetary recognition, closed with these words: 63:0.2 (711.2) “Man-mind has appeared on 606 of Satania, and these parents of the new race shall be called Andon and Fonta. And all archangels pray that these creatures may speedily be endowed with the personal indwelling of the gift of the spirit of the Universal Father.”

    63:1.1 (711.4) In many respects, Andon and Fonta were the most remarkable pair of human beings that have ever lived on the face of the earth. This wonderful pair, the actual parents of all mankind, were in every way superior to many of their immediate descendants, and they were radically different from all of their ancestors, both immediate and remote.

  3. (1213.5) 110:7.10 During the making and breaking of a contact between the mortal mind of a destiny reservist and the planetary supervisors, sometimes the indwelling Adjuster is so situated that it becomes possible to transmit a message to the mortal partner. Not long since, on Urantia, such a message was transmitted by a self-acting Adjuster to the human associate, a member of the reserve corps of destiny. This message was introduced by these words: “And now, without injury or jeopardy to the subject of my solicitous devotion and without intent to overchastise or discourage, for me, make record of this my plea to him.” Then followed a beautifully touching and appealing admonition. Among other things, the Adjuster pleaded “that he more faithfully give me his sincere co-operation, more cheerfully endure the tasks of my emplacement, more faithfully carry out the program of my arrangement, more patiently go through the trials of my selection, more persistently and cheerfully tread the path of my choosing, more humbly receive credit that may accrue as a result of my ceaseless endeavors — thus transmit my admonition to the man of my indwelling. Upon him I bestow the supreme devotion and affection of a divine spirit. And say further to my beloved subject that I will function with wisdom and power until the very end, until the last earth struggle is over; I will be true to my personality trust. And I exhort him to survival, not to disappoint me, not to deprive me of the reward of my patient and intense struggle. On the human will our achievement of personality depends. Circle by circle I have patiently ascended this human mind, and I have testimony that I am meeting the approval of the chief of my kind. Circle by circle I am passing on to judgment. I await with pleasure and without apprehension the roll call of destiny; I am prepared to submit all to the tribunals of the Ancients of Days.”

    (1214.1) 110:7.11 [Presented by a Solitary Messenger of Orvonton.]

  4. (1237.4) 112:7.2 When your earthly course in temporary form has been run, you are to awaken on the shores of a better world, and eventually you will be united with your faithful Adjuster in an eternal embrace. And this fusion constitutes the mystery of making God and man one, the mystery of finite creature evolution, but it is eternally true. Fusion is the secret of the sacred sphere of Ascendington, and no creature, save those who have experienced fusion with the spirit of Deity, can comprehend the true meaning of the actual values which are conjoined when the identity of a creature of time becomes eternally one with the spirit of Paradise Deity.

    (1237.6) 112:7.4 When fusion with the Adjuster has been effected, there can be no future danger to the eternal career of such a personality. Celestial beings are tested throughout a long experience, but mortals pass through a relatively short and intensive testing on the evolutionary and morontia worlds.

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