Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Sleep Passenger…

To Sleep is like the Simple Hope
To Find Forgiveness and Recovery
For the Past Day…
For all the things I tried to do, did do,
And all the things that I couldn’t…
To Recharge…

Only to Awake again feeling anxious
To do it all over again…
Distracted by the Newness of Another
Day…with plans and ambitions…
Always seeming to forget where you
Left off…And often confused by
The ceaseless mind and the Dreams
The Night brought…
Sometimes ridiculous, crazy or dumb…
sometimes frightening or mysterious…
Dreams often mean more than
Anything we know.
Fight the Reason and just believe it…
Analyze it, but keep it a secret…
Because your peers will crush you
If a Dream tells more than they
Can handle…

Laugh it off and forget, though
Someone is always secretly making
Notes…Schemes never end,
And Dreams do a lot more than
We like…

Weary and exhausted by the end
Of just one day…Crumble into
Bed…hopeful…in a sacred space…
Nothing can invade. Or can it?
For the Powers above, the Physical Laws of
Sleep…can be very vulnerable, or

But it’s always the same, you
Close your eyes and wait for
The thinking to stop and the silence
To come…
And the Master of this Time
Returns…And the Voices come…
Dear Sandman…Give me a Dream,
Make me forget what I don’t
Want to remember, and tell me
What I need to know…

And like a Trance, the First Voices
Come…’Give in, Don’t Fight it…
You need it, you want it, you
Deserve it…Who cares about anyone
Else? You First…They can wait…’

But I don’t feel that way, and
The Fight and Questions start…
And then it’s like some Demon
Comes tormenting with self-doubt
And pity…Analyze, criticize…
Then the worry…And the Pusher
Persists…’Give in, give in…Worry,
About it later…It’s your time now.’

Over and over the patterns persist…
As if something has invaded Dreams.
And then you see it, see them…
Countless people floating in an
Ethereal plane of Energy
Subject to similar voices, and
Images…and wishes…

No wonder the world is so messed
Up! They don’t remember…There
Is something more going on here.
A test, a trial of the Mind, the
Heart, the Soul…In Dreams?
A Battle few ever seem to win…
Because they Forget…
And it’s the Forgetting that
Destroys things.

But on those rare nights…Undefinable,
When maybe the Spirit or the
Heart roars like a Lion…
That a powerful Dream comes,
Or Something much more…
A Breakthrough! Inspiring…

And a rare but familiar voice returns
‘Listen to Me,’ He says from
The shadows hidden…
Careful as not to draw the attention
Of the Programmer…

‘Here I Am again, and you have
To listen…Don’t hear that
Other voice now, that’s not for you.
It serves its purpose…Just move
On.’ Then a cascade of light
Breaks the pulse of that floating
Trap where all others go…
And something kinder comes,
More peaceful and serene…like
A garden…or simply laying
In your bed with this stranger
Sitting beside you talking to you
And smiling.

‘Do you remember me?’ He asks, waits
For the nod then continues. ‘It’s confusing
I know…but this has reason here. You
Know that now…So many questions,
They never end…But all you need to know
Is…You become what you need
To become. It’s different for everyone.
Each has their own journey to make.
But you must continue…and not let
Them distract you… Our deal, remember?

‘Relentless…this tide, the way things
Must go…’ He says. ‘For better
Prospects. Some have more meaning than
Others, that’s just the way it is. And
The right one…at the right time can
Change a lot, even though it may not
Seem so. Be it words, actions or simple
Deeds, it can mean much more. Now
If you can break this cycle of forgetting
That can make a big difference…
Distractions and Forgetting are powerful
Simple weapons…That is the message
To send. Do not forget your goals or
Dreams, hold them higher. Make something
Happen with them. For some dreams
Have more magic than others. Share the
Magic…but keep the rest quiet…It
Will make sense in time. If you can
Fulfill that…great things will come.
I know it sounds far too simple,
Just think about it, what I said.
Just think about it.’
And then he’s gone again…for he, or
She to return another night…sooner,
Later…But still they always return. And
Sometimes bearing forthcoming warnings,

Many people will argue that nothing
Is written in stone, that there is no
Such thing as fate…But still I had
These visitors in dreams that ALWAYS
Knew things to come…How? If it
Wasn’t written how could they know?
It never made any sense…A quest
To ignore it, deny it for years…
Fighting it…Always to return to
One simple answer. Face it.

I try my best to keep that promise,
But I fought it. Somehow it got
A little better over time…It took
A lot of practice though.

And when they didn’t come, there
Was this strange light sometimes…
And in the light, there was a Lion…
And much later, Lion Men. In dark
Times, torn and confused, The Lion
Always said, ‘Follow Me.’ And I
Would until everything became engulfed
In a blinding white light.

Even now, in troubled times, when
I’m having a hard time…A Lion
Always appears in some form, and
I always follow the Lion.

The Trumpets will blow at the siege
Of a Dark and Turbulent Time…
The Seasons will make no sense as
Nature prepares for great changes.
People will splinter in countless
Guided directions…fooled by a digital
Wonderland of lies they proclaim
To understand…endlessly…
The Minds trapped within the
Artificial maze will fall right into
It again and again. No reasoning
Otherwise, they are experts on everything.

Go quietly and humbly in the ways
You learned…to each their own…
But I will always follow the Lion…
The Lion Men will fare the best…
Few will know what this means. But
I have a feeling they know now.