Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…June’s Pilot…

In dreams, the Sandman came.
In late May to Early June.
Bringing meanings and riddles
And secrets in songs, and broken visions
To guide the Traveler To and
Through a summer that seemed to
Have no beginning…and no end.

Peers and voices of the world bring
Constant Fog and distraction, only
The faithful find reason…and only the
Faithful find peace. Faith Found in
Determination for the final goal.
Silence is a miracle! Noise is
Endless in days they call the
Turbulent end…the end of old ways.

And Nature is constantly wild,
Reminding all how it is untamed…
The rain comes and the waters
Flow…as an echo to nature’s rage
Of impatience…The louder the noise
The more its fury will grow,
Unstoppable. Few will see the way
Through it, while most will simply
Carry on the noise.

Wind and Water, the signs of air.
No treaty will fill the hearts of men,
No compass will guide women.
And nothing will make sense…
Only to those campaigning for silence.
No loud voice will be forgotten by
Nature…bringing cold retribution,
by snow on days set in summer
That never knew it…a price for what
They should have always paid attention to.
It’s simply natures time…unstoppable.

Why why why…there’s simply too much noise.
The answers haven’t changed, they just
Didn’t want to hear it…
Nature simply allots the time for things
To grow and yield its bountiful crop…
As the ancients knew…waiting for something
New, a miracle in small form, no one sees…
And the noise will condemn that, of course…

The Great Empires of days of old
And Secret Sects, never ended, they
Just retreated and hid behind masks to wait…
Set in motion long ago…
Clocks in crop circles…voices in the wind…
Changing seasons mirror the circles…
Guided by Stars…and Visiting Watchers
And Predators…Waiting, big plans.
But the Earth itself, alive, a Mother Bear
Waits too…Each Solstice out of tune,
The clock will reset soon…

The young, the old, will not adapt…maybe a few,
Only those in the middle…30, 40, 50…
Will lead on…Stars will guide them.

The loud noise of rage, thunders reply…
Silence…Or the waters will wash
It away…Because the noise here
Resounds out there…And they have
Their own problems. Who the hell needs that.

Retreat from noise, chase a dream…
She needs silence…no debate on that one.
And when at last, night falls
And the crickets sound, and the
Night bird sings…Nature is at peace,
And there’s time again.
Music fills the Twilight…
Chase a dream Quietly June Traveler
Those Thunders are not far away.





    • they do make a good point – but if that’s the case then how does a TV satellite dish work? The photos being devoid of objects… well I always thought it was a matter of scale. If you take a picture of the moon, the relative size of the object between you and the moon is going to be really small, so you won’t see it in the photo.

      Would we see reflections of satellites during the day? Probably not, since there’s a blue sky up there… could you see them during the night? Maybe, but again it might be too small to see.

      Now it would explain some lights people see in the sky at night, close to the horizon… where the reflection from the craft might be amplified in the same way the moon is amplified… (the atmosphere acts as a lens).

    • Other contactees/ info

      Click to access Life-On-Venus-Contactees-of-Fifties-And-Sixties.pdf

      As I read through this information a few things occurred to me:

      -what is it like for a venusian to materialize here – do they leave their astral selves there on venus? (I guess I’ll have to read some of those books for the answer to that!)

      -why don’t they contact those who want to be contacted? (perhaps they do, but them being from venus is beside the point, and telling anyone would likely attract unwanted attention…)

      -the process of materializing here on earth is the reverse concept of becoming “astral”, sometimes referred to as “ascension”. This could also be considered a further step in evolution.

      -the ships would normally be astral but can materialize in the same way that they do (?)

  1. Ah…LESS gravity…SMALLER planet. Interesting.

    The video by Yellow Rose for Texas did mention “stumps” in Russia, Africa, and in Italy.

    I keep thinking about the frogs croaking in those Cicada 3301 videos.
    Yes, frogs announce the coming of rains…thanks for those links Feilla. ❤

    Regarding this year's first crop circle of a Water Strider, some think it symbolizes surface tension…a build up prior to the rains? Are the rains literal, or figurative of the Event? Perhaps both.

    I heard a man's voice singing the word "sing", inside my brain (?) the other day, while napping, it sounded like he was singing through a synthesizer. Then I was looking down at myself, in another place, through someone else's eyes. My body there was maybe 19 years old…no aging, no defects, no blemishes, but I appeared to be in some kind of coma or a stasis. The person was examining me there, opening my eyelids, checking to see if my pupils constricted when a pen light was shined into them, the pupils constricted, like they should. No brain damage(?) I'm really beginning to believe this is a "construct", that our present bodies are "avatar" bodies that make it possible to exist here, and that "the Event" is the closing down of this construct.

    I found what Lisa says at the beginning of 57:13 of the video linked below particularly of interest. Is my brain acting as a "speaker", am I being 'contacted' via analog frequencies ??? The voices she is referring to are played at 35:32 of the video link below. Seems to all be tying into Valiant's posts here, and to Yellow Rose for Texas' videos, Cicada 3301's videos as well as Lisa M. Harrison's contacts by Leeloo and Oliver.

    Posting these two again for review.

    [video src="" /]

    [video src="" /]

  2. Thank you Barb 🙂 it was a happy father’s day since I ended up accidentally taking the family to a car show. The highlight of the show was a 1956? Messerschmitt 3-wheel Kabinroller with a glass dome as the door…

    It somehow fits 2 people!

    And this is a day that just keeps on giving, seeing all the great stuff you guys added! 😀

    With regards to the dictionary words and Robin’s very large tree, here’s a couple of ideas…

    Shekel = money = green leaves 🙂

    Volost = a small district = the size of the tree stump

    Not sure about Cepheus.. It’s a strong hit though!

    Great find Robin!

    So the size of the tree would make sense if the planet had less gravity… and was SMALLER… as Clif High has theorized…

  3. God, I didn’t realize til having to turn of my computer for rebooting that Robin’s latest post is of the title of “Sugar For Salt!!!”

    It’s in the same thread or at least in that initiated by you, dear Barb…about FROG & COW, noted in the Vedic texts….

    The Frog Hymn: Indianization of the Vedic people
    thanks to :

    Here…we see the very topic of “FATHER!”

    RV 7.103 – the Frog hymn as I would like to call it – was composed by Rishi [immortal] Vasistha.

    The frogs have been quite for a year, no doubt awaiting the onset of rains.

    RV 7.103.01
    THEY who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows,
    The Frogs have lifted up their voice, the voice Parjanya hath inspired.

    RV 7.103.02-03
    What time on these, as on a dry skin lying in the pool’s bed, the floods of heaven descended,
    The MUSIC of the Frogs comes forth in concert like the cows lowing with their calves beside them.

    When at the coming of the Rains the water has poured upon them as they yearned and thirsted,
    One seeks another as he talks and greets him with cries of pleasure as a son his father.

    And as the floods descend from heaven, the rains pour upon their dry skin, the frogs burst out in music, in the manner of a CONCERT.

    Vasistha breaks into POETRY in this hymn. He paints a picture of two frogs – Green and Spotty, as they seek and great each other with cries of pleasure as a son his father. One repeats the language of the other, in the manner that students learn their lessons from their teacher.

    RV 7.103.04-05
    Each of these twain receives the other kindly, while they are revelling in the flow of waters,
    When the Frog moistened by the rain springs forward, and Green and Spotty both COMBINE THEIR VOICES.

    When one of these repeats the other’s language, as he who learns the lesson of the teacher,
    Your every limb seems to be growing larger as ye converse with eloquence on the waters.

    POETRY aside, there are such significant nuggets in this hymn.

    First is what has already been mentioned above – we have clear evidence that formal education was in place and we have a glimpse of how students learnt lessons from their teachers – by repetition.

    Then in verse 7, we glean two fascinating facts – one is the mention of the famous SOMA rite of Atirata and the other that the first day of the “rain-time” was honoured.

    RV 7.103.07
    As Brahmans, sitting round the brimful vessel, talk at the SOMA-rite of Atiratra,
    So, Frogs, ye gather round the pool to honour this day of all the year, the first of Rain-time.

    But the most significant of them all is verse 9. The “rain-time” is a season that men do not neglect. The season is in keeping with the twelve month God appointed order. The mention of the “heated kettles that gain their freedom” is a clear reference to the heat that builds up prior to the rainy season.

    RV 7.103.09
    They keep the twelve month’s God-appointed order, and never do the men neglect the season.
    Soon as the Rain-time in the year returneth, these who were heated kettles gain their freedom.

    The final verse, 10, captures a great deal of symbolism. The importance of the rain – especially to farming and in turn to the pastoralist families of the Vedic seers.

    RV 7.103.10
    COW-bellow and GOAT-bleat have granted riches, and Green and Spotty have vouchsafed us TREASURE.
    The FROGS who give us COWS in hundreds lengthen our lives in this most fertilizing season.

    What does all this add up to?

    Here is a hymn composed by a seer firmly rooted in the plains of India. The annual onset of rain, the unbearable heat that builds up before the onset of monsoon and the relief expressed by both humans and animals when the first rains arrive are unmistakably Indian. Rishi Vasistha and the composition of Mandala VII can be placed in India – of that I now have no doubt.

    And it has to do with SOLSTICE as well…..

  4. In my childhood, I liked so much exploring the fragrant sachets, 香包, xiangbao, which are made for repelling the toxic being, particularly the insects. So though they are called “fragrant” sachet, the odor of the spices that are stuffed in in fact doesn’t smell good at all. In terms of their forms, the tetrahedral kinds are as well the most popular ones.
    So are the tiger form for their symbolic meaning and EXORCIST power.

    Being a long-term traveler, in my sense, the significance of FESTIVALS are mainly for gathering the family members for recalling together and transmitting the stories or history of ancestors, expressing the love to ancestors along with and for CHILDREN. I hence become more and more indifferent from the festivals owing to my very long term and permanent vagrant state.

  5. Dear Barb, the energy or rather fragrance transpired by your words feel so spirited, speaking on behalf of the above and the collective….

    As usual, these energy is boiling me that I don’t feel myself as a kind one. My dear ones, your words, messages hence are helping appeasing all these energy steam inside.

    In therms of the Dragon Boat Festival, it’s name in our language, 端午節 is literally the very time mark of the beginning of the SUMMER, according to lunar calender, around the Summer solstice in the solar calender. Races of dragon boats originated rather in the South-East of the empire, for in North there are few rivers which are available for this kind of activities. In this day, we are to eat 粽子, zongzi, rice dumplings, generally enveloped with bamboo leaves in tetrahedron. This is as well the custom of the South origin. I had never known that in the empire, though rice is rather imported from the south, people make at eat rather sweet rice dumpling in this day; whereas in the south the salty kinds are preferred. The salty ones generally are stuffed with meat. Being vegetarian, though I prefer the salty zongzi, there are generally few chance to get the vegetarian kinds.

    sweet zongzi

    salty zongzi

    In this day, the YANG energy, thanks to the astronomical alignment can be sensed in a very powerful way, particularly at the very noon of this DOUBLE FIFTH, as the eggs can even stand vertically.

  6. awwww, thank you for those lovely images, dearest Feilla. you provide a yummy, feast of food and mood, very festive of you.

    Would you please share more about the dragon boat festival? What are the stories for how that began, and how do you celebrate it?

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers of our world…..and out of this world, too.

    I was happy when Valiant~Bill was relaying stories of Kieresta, and her coming baby, and how they revere the children who arrive and expand their family in their world. It was nice to hear how they focus energies on assisting their children to grow to maturity, about 30 years to be off to a good start. I wondered who the baby’s father was. What are their lives really like? Hoping to get a glimpse someday.

    My father has been gone for 6 years….I visited his grave a week ago…along with all my grandmothers and grandfathers and stepfather. It’s hard to go see them there, not with us on earth, but still with us in spirit. Dad, I love you.

  7. I’m thinking of CAKE…
    As this one came first….

    With regards to cake, after a long hesitation, I cannot but surrender to this one, for the very them just gets insistent to occupy the page.

    Maybe some papa can help know why?!!!

  8. Wow….thank you all………….so much for all the beautiful music, interesting messages & important reminding !!! It’s wired that BIG TREES seem so insistent to be taken in TODAY!!! Just because I might be somehow fall behind the waves, news, these super nutritious spiritual foods are so important to me, helping me to keep up with.

    Besides, here, I want to take this occasion to address my highest HOMAGE, APPRECIATION, GRATITUDE, even PRAISE to all the LOVELY, even BEST FATHERS, including the future FATHERS here in the tribe, particularly there are the very precious ones who do play role as the WISE, CONSIDERATE, GENTILE, but also MIGHTY, MAGICAL FATHER to me !!!! In our culture, MASTER is somehow called 師父, as the 2nd character is exactly the FATHER as well.

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAR, my dearest FATHERS!!!

    Then you know the day right next, aka the coming Monday is the DOUBLE FIFTH, aka DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL as well. Then the Solstice on 21!!! May you/we all have a wonderful RIDE of these waves to welcome the magic, the NEW !!!

  9. Actually the giant tree was on the Island of Madagascar. I don’t know the history of the place, perhaps a connection to both Russia and Rome/Italy?

    The video caught my attention because Yellow Rose for Texas had also mentioned the giant trees and had a link to a video about them as well. I’ll see if I can find those and send them to you directly. 🙂

    I’m no scientist, but I’m just wondering if Earth was once a much larger planet? How else could it support life that size?

    • I’m on my phone so this is brief…but I think it’s from when our planet was in a different location…maybe in another system of things? Just some things I’ve heard over the years. I believe we will be very shocked when more of our truth comes out!

      So thankful we have many working to uplift us and enlighten us.

  10. Hi Robin,

    I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here, since you really have me curious now too. MrBB333 is incredible, the things he finds and shares. Hatter has been sharing his videos regularly too, so I’ve watched quite a few. I decided I didn’t want to wait to hear what Valiant and his Star People, say, which I am excitedly anticipating hearing their perspective on this. So me being impatient and all, I had to ask Peter & Gabriel, “what is that thing?” Is it really a tree, or what is it? And where is it?

    They gave these words. The first word, I had just barely gotten last week, asking something about Hatter, so that was extremely interesting to me, since what are the odds of that happening, in a huge dictionary, with my eyes closed, just being pointed by telepathy to a certain letter, which page (left or right) then inside or outside column, and how many times to move my finger up or down, then I open my eyes to the same word I got just a few days ago? BIZARR-O!!! However there being a pattern and a precise alignment to their word/insights, makes me think this is a consecutive pattern of revealing things that are connected?

    (ancient Roman coin, 1st century BC)

    *Volost* (a rural Russian, rural area of Russia)

    *Cepheus* (noun) [L. , fr. Gr. Kepheus.] 1. Greek Myth. Father of Andromeda. 2. Gen. CEPHEI. A constellation between Cygnus and the North Pole.

    Also…..a STAR PEOPLE connection!!!

    Lots of clues there, for sure. I’m really curious now, is this former tree in Russia? Will be paying close attention to everything going on. As Lida wisely suggested!!!!

    Thanks for the heads-up, Robin.

    Enjoy your weekend everybody. For all the fathers…..and especially you Troy and for Bill’s father…..happy Father’s Day!

  11. -new land mass rising in the Pacific (i.e. Hawai’i)

    -wave of energy is what is coming from the sun and we have been feeling the effects of this for some time. We’ve noticed that it impacts people in different ways but everyone feels it at roughly the same time. As a wave it happens at intervals. The fire he’s talking about is energy, rather than something like a nuclear weapon, forest fire or an asteroid. (note that some people could see this energy a few years ago, it looked like rainbows).

    -also some similarities here to Valiant’s posts

    -as I understand it, the term “ascension” is something of a misnomer because it means “rising up” but the process is more of a harmonizing between 2 different states of being. It might be more accurate to apply it to the rising up of society as a whole. The “glass houses” need to synchronize with the new frequencies, or shatter like a drinking glass subjected to a high note from an opera singer. Or in this case, submerged as is already taking place here in the US.

    I’d like to think that the society here is simply resisting change like a toddler when it’s being asked to do something it doesn’t want to do… but the waters are indeed rising… and the earth is shaking… I’m not sure what could be done to raise society up, to a point where none of this is needed. The points of light around the planet will help, of course, and there’s service-to-others organizations that really do some great work.

    Sorry to have to say this but… quit fighting the american civil war, maybe? 😉

  12. Whatever ending we think may be coming… it’s only one of an infinite number of possible outcomes. This song reminded me of all those watching over us… wherever they may be. ❤

  13. “Nature simply allots the time for things
    To grow and yield its bountiful crop…

    Clocks in crop circles…

    The clock will reset soon…”

    And I was just “reminded” of a dream I had, about a man standing with his back to a Grandfather clock he was rolling a ball, back and forth with my youngest child when he was only about 2 years old… The ball had a five pointed star… Just so those who “reminded” me of the dream, know I’m paying attention. 😉

  14. I saw this one as a sort of haiku- something that says a lot in a relatively short space. I also enjoyed this one, and it reflected one morning, recently, as I was sitting down to breakfast… the radio was on, but it was just too much chaotic energy to deal with. So I turned it off. For some reason every station at that time has talking people… what are the chances, huh?

    Thanks Bill, Lida and Valkyre – an even keel in a sea of storms. 🙂

  15. Same here Lida…we didn’t buy into it…at all!

    Things are really heating up…this stuff all just reminds me of the movie “V for Vendetta”.

  16. thank you friends….Bill’s ears will get a load tonight! He always get so down when so many miss the mark.
    Then there is YOU ALL!
    You never disappoint!

    PS: I understand the snoops having been spying on the internet people…we were literally told on the news to reboot/reset our modems!

  17. I agree with you Robin…..really appreciate Bill’s post this week.

    All of his posts have much to offer to us who are weary travelers. Bill’s writings are very special, he gets the bigger things that are the most profound, in both big and small ways, of power of creation (Nature & Life) and of destruction. He expresses so well, it is poetry to my ears, and comfort to my soul. Providing a spotlight to see through the clever darkness, move away the fog, reveal the forces at work in the world and within us, to know what to focus on to improve life…and our chances.

    I’d write more these past few days to respond to some really wonderful posts you guys have made (thank you!!!), but my modem died this week and I’ve struggled to get connected to the internet! I finally learned how to make my new smart phone a “mobile WIFI hotspot”, after calling the company and discovering my “data” had never been turned on. I always had used it through my home modem WIFI.

    Hoping to smooth out the technology hurdles and get back to sharing again. So much I want to say. I really appreciate all your posts earlier this week!

    Thanking Bill in my heart for all he does. This post was food for the soul. Will appreciate my moments of silence more!

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