Knock Knock…The Sandman…3 Little Pigs…

Sandman, tell me a dream…
Tell me something I need to know
Right now.
And The Sandman said, “Ok kid,
Sit back and listen to this…

“This is the Story of 3 Little Pigs.
They lived on a nice cozy farm,
In a sunny place…owned by a
Farmer who raised lots of animals.
Now this farmer had goats and
Chickens, and cows and horses and
A flock of sheep, some donkeys…
He even had a few llamas; he was
A very modern farmer. But he really
Loved his pigs.

In the Spring, his pigs had some
Piglets…just 3 little pigs.
They were small and cute and funny
To watch, and squealed and oinked
A lot; as pigs do. And they each
Had distinctly different personalities…

One was calm and liked to watch
The winds blow…and one was wild,
And really loved playing in the mud.
And the third was very antsy
And loved to squeal and fuss a lot,
It could never sit still.

One day, a very rich woman came
To the farm and asked the farmer
To buy a pet, something different…
To really grab the attention of her
Friends…something to talk about. So,
The farmer pointed to his pig pen and
Said, ‘How about a pig? They’re
Surprisingly funny.’ The rich woman
Laughed, and said. ‘That’s fine, that’s
Fine…that’s PERFECT! So, he sold her
The antsy, talkative little pig…and off
The little pig went with the woman…
And she dressed it up in clothes and
Diamonds…and took it every where
She went, all around the world. What
A lucky pig.

Then the two remaining pigs looked
At each other and said, ‘Wow! What
Will our little brother see? What will
He learn?’

The little wild pig grumbled and
Squealed, ‘Well, I’m going to see
And do things too!’ So, he broke
Free and ran wild…in the woods,
As far as he could. He played in the
Mud, he found other pigs to get wild
With. He partied, he caused a ruckus…
He got filthy and just ran around
Getting into as much trouble as
He could. What do you expect, he was
A pig after all.

But the last little pig stayed home. He
Watched the wind, as he loved to do.
He played with his friends, the other
Animals. He watched the flowers
Grow, he watched the seasons and
Nature and learned to talk to
The other animals, to listen…to
Be patient…He even went places with
The farmer, sometimes, and heard
And saw lots of things, too…Even
Wandered around sometimes…and
Made friends…things no one expected
From a pig.

Time went by, and then the day came
When his wild little pig brother was
Caught and dragged back home. The
Little pig that stayed home asked,
‘What happened? What did you see?’

And the little wild pig said. ‘Oh, I saw
All sorts of things. I partied with
The wildest pigs I could find. I had
Fun. I really caused some trouble.’
And he squealed and laughed. ‘But
I must admit, I’m happy to be back.
I’m tired. It’s big out there. It’s
Crazy out there. And the other
Pigs don’t really care much about
Anything. People are always trying
To ruin our good time. I don’t like

And his pig brother said, ‘Well what
Did you expect to find if that’s
All you did was play with wild pigs
And get into trouble?’

‘I never thought of it that way.’ The
Wild pig said. ‘You think too much.
I’m tired. I just want to sleep, and
Maybe play in the mud tomorrow.’ And
To sleep he went. Really now the
Little pigs words said a lot. The sense
Of some pigs, geez.

And then the day came when the
Rich woman came back to the farm
To return their other pig
Brother back home.
‘What’s wrong?’ The farmer asked
The woman. ‘Are you unhappy with
The pig?’

‘No,’ the woman said. ‘I just need
Something new. Something a little
Less maintenance. He does eat
A lot, and he never stops squealing.
He really oinks a lot! He is a pig,
After all. Maybe I’ll get a cat.’
And the woman left without a further
Word or care.

The farmer put the squealy pig
Into the pig pen with his brothers,
And they just sat there in awe.
‘Wow,’ they said, ‘We never thought
We would see you again! The things
You must have seen! Tell us, please,
Tell us what you saw!’

And the Squealy Pig sat with pride,
Still wearing its diamond collar…and
Said, ‘I traveled the world! I saw
Cities and palaces! I travelled
In fancy cars and planes! I saw
Lands I never thought possible!
I ate the finest foods, I drank
Wine…I was adored where ever
I went! I listened to conversations
With Princes, Presidents…Powerful
People…FAMOUS people…I have
No idea who they were or what
They said exactly, but they were
Tell you everything I saw and heard,
Everything! I’m the smartest pig
There is! I know what’s out there!’

‘Wow!’ The wild pig said, ‘You really
Are the smartest pig there is!’

‘But she brought you back?’ The little
Pig that stayed home said, ‘Why?
Didn’t she care about you?’

‘Well,’ The Squealy Pig said, ‘I was
Hungry. I am important too you know.
So, I ate one of her Blueberry
Muffins and crapped it out
Right in her limousine! That will
Teach her for ignoring me!’

The Wild Pig squealed and oinked
With delight. ‘You are the most
Awesome Pig there is! I love you!’

And the little pig that stayed home
Said…’You saw all these things,
Heard all these things…And that’s
What you did? That’s what you
Learned? You really are a PIG!’

You see, it’s not where you go…
What you do…or see, or hear…
It all depends on The Pig.



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