1. After reading you, I watched it again, and here came up the other Disney anime…on one whose story that I had been able to hear thanks to you !!! Thanks as well to all the artists & angelic DJs & amazing messengers who created or brought the songs at the incredible timings that I can only wonder in awe!!!

    I guess lots of us might have experienced it and here we are that we could finally find each other in this garden !!!

    • Damn censorship…the video is blocked here in the U.S. BUT… I found it it anyway! 😀 It’s darling, even if the retelling is inaccurate.

      Speaking of synchronicity…I was thinking about Hiawatha last night. Good call Feilla! And that was before I got your message! 😀

    • I would say synchronicity Feilla. ❤ 🙂

      We are currently in the Red Earth Wavespell of Navigation (through synchronicity)

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