1. The following utterance was in fact written off and on the last days. Knowing that this is a very chaotic moment when 6 planets retrograde all along which inevitably cause miscommunication, I’ve had some hesitation to share it at this timing. Still hope this may help all who have ever suffered from the similar pain…

    In this thread…Being an habitual hindsighted one, I didn’t realize til a whole one day after having posted my previous comment above, that the CAR should be one of the KEY MOTIVE in the other video. So…this CAKE of BEAR protagonist, dedicated to our YOUNGER BROTHER should be brought by the divine COURIER???!!!!

    Taking advantage of this occasion, I would like to share some stories…not only for the precious brother whom the SISTERS & BROTHERS dote, but to the ones who are not convenient to leave messages here. Nevertheless, I would like to address to the protagonists here in this case for giving us the chance to have more exchange with each other, to know more each other, to miss more each other.

    Our lovely Bear brother, I’m of course so honored to have such a sweet greeting from you. So, pls allow me to take this privilege to share this perspective, inspired by you and the lovely ones here.

    First… attention and message could be realized, even received all owing to the TUNED LOVE & CONCERN for DRAWING us out of TRAPS. So…why when reading, we feel the message is for us, rather than someone else. For the DIVINE MESSAGE is already tuned with the very LOVED ONES.

    Please NEVER forget that the ONEs, particularly the BRILLIANT ONEs on STAGE could generally, even more likely to become the targeted ones ; besides, the more psychic ones can as well be the more susceptible and vulnerable.

    It’s worth reminding ourselves all the times of the A?xIç. attacking patterns, either affecting, or even conducting the reasoning paths of the suffering ones, which are set to SEPARATE, or to draw into a more chaos, deeper abyss. We on the contrary can do the opposite….to appreciate the concerns, the BENEVOLENT intervention, GUIDANCE of our beloved ones, even further more embrace each other.

    I myself have been aware of that kind of attacks on myself or on my beloved ones when it occurs. Those kinds of waves or energy could not only affect my/our mind [including the way to feel, to make sense], but behaviors. I even become someone that I cannot distinguish which are the essence of genuine me, and which parts are the FAKE GUISE that the darkness want me & others to see. There were not only one time, I feel so hard to feel, even reach my genuine being and I feel so strange to this shell and this being, for it’s totally fragmental, so cracked, so distorted…or more literally ugly.

    I have been BARED from the AWESOME ONES, as mentioned as above, from the WRONG even DANGEROUS ACTS not only ones. For each one of us could be targeted even misled by various kinds of means, such as messages being implanted with ethereal worms/insects/parasites, hypnotizing codes to fall into a deeper trap even suffer more harms. As we are the BIG ONE, each one’s suffering or mis-oriention can possibly not just personal, we do have to be as cautious as possible.

    So my dear ones, when this occurs to me again, pls never hesitate to do so ; and while this happen to you, pls remember to trust rather the GENUINE and SINCERE =PURE LOVE WITHOUT SUGAR COATING !!!

    Sorry….though I once thought of sharing some more stories, for some other reasons, pls allow me to finish this comment here, but expressing my highest appreciation and gratitude to the ones who help recalling these. It feels so HAPPY that we have the AWESOME & LOVING ONES who can not only sense us, know us, love us, and would just like to PROTECT us!!! Thanks again for the lovely ones who come to give warmth, such such warmth. This thread feels like a candle light to gather, to attract LOVE, mutual understanding and appreciation, getting us more and more closed, melting the geographical distance.

    My dear young brother, it’s worth knowing, even being able to tell that each one has her/his way to ACT UP her/his LOVE. The GENUINE loving ones don’t dissemble for gaining the popularity. We love bears, for bears are so genuine to be adorable. THERE ARE BRAVE, PURE, SINCERE ONES who only know to SHARE, HELP, GUIDE AND PROTECT…..Let us give these HEROINES & HEROES our BIGGEST BEAR HUGS !!!

    Sorry for this broken English writing…Owing to the energy waves, I feel so short-circuited when expressing, without saying in this no-mother-tongue.

    Besides…though I guess these were known by most of you, it might be nice to share here this message given by Tyberonn in his newletter on August 11st, 2018 :

    Triple Tsunami ~ 2018 Mega Eclipse-Triad – Six Retros $ The Aftermath

    Keep mental focus on the positive, and do pray today in the aperture of the Eclipse Finale.

    Do use the eclipsical energy today for meditative intent focus. Life force units (Akash) are projected in the ‘aperture’ of eclipses, streaming vital energy for 24 hours before & after the eclipsical apex, with brilliant coherent light & ionics . These facilitate amplified manifestation potential of focal intent & prayer.

    Today is a Perfect Time for Prayer & Deep Meditation

    Today’s Solar Eclipse on the New Moon, is an extremely important event, and represents a critical lightening of energies, in its aftermath. Although there remains a lot of erratic energy, the rising moon lessens, to some measure & degree, the ongoing retro intensity.

    However, aftermath is the key phrase, the most intense phase of 2018 is not quite over yet ! The energy continues to be in the somewhat erratic vibration of 6 retrograde planets thru August 19th. Mercury moves direct on the 19th, Mars follows soon after, going direct on August 27th.

    By the end of August, with Mars & Mercury finally both direct, only 4 planets are retro, by September 7th, only 3 remain retro … Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

    Energies & the astrological ‘background emotions’, of the Triad-Retro Phase, as described below, are still in effect, for another 8 days after today’s solar eclipse. Although the August 11th Eclipse is the Triad finale, and opens to a better phase leading into September…we are in an intensity maximum thru the full moon at the end of August…. Aspects of all 3 eclipses will blend into one amalgamated frequency field.

    The astro-characteristics listed for each eclipse are strongest in the apex of each, but can & do continue thru the linked energy sequence of the E-Triad… the primary, most powerful portions of the Triad Retro ‘tempest’ extends thru intensely thru Aug 18….then gradually lessening thru the 7th of September.

    The September Equinox will be an amazing clear energy. The reward for swimming thru the madness of the Triad !

    The 7 Sacred Crysto Code Meteorics Have Initiated…and Come Into Full Swing in September…this will be a spectacular Equinox on the Crytsal Moon !

  2. Wow, so great to be able to see your presence, our lovely Bear Brother. You are so LOVED and being CONCERNED with, hence are not left alone. All are having to do with LOVE & kinship, aren’t we?

    For there are 6 planets getting retrograding at this period of time, these magnetic energy unavoidably cause the very emotions, even along with other syndromes. Pls believe that you are so embraced not only by the tribe !!! I’ve been in silence for I’ve been so weary, however, I’ve been so pleased to be able to see the messages shared by our beloved ones, here.

    Why being here, keeping up with our ones, we all know why!!! So, I cannot appreciate enough for the tireless gardening ones, particularly when I almost fall down, losing strength to stand, even believe the good future, to fulfill the promise.

    Isn’t it amazing even magical so that someones who can sense, know us, even understand us this way? Without concern, how can the points be connected with? how can there be the communication, dialogues ??? Just like between the family, shortcomings only help us learn to practice more to love, to embrace the whole. This is the very course of mine that I’ve been learning and adapting to.

    The words as above were in fact finished about an hour ago. Then when watching the video that Ana shared, I cannot help shedding tears. Thank you, my sweet SISTERS & BROTHERS. How nice to know this garden has been so well looked after, even poured with energy water, despite the invisibility of the precious gardeners !!! Please take care, my beloved ones !!!

    • Awhhhh Thanks Feilla!!!! So good to see you again!! i miss communing with you guys! MOST of you… these new …people.. are something. But i miss you & leslee, wolf, ben… i’m always around. =) Love & Light to you.

  3. AND Who are YOU?? ALWAYS shouting with NO tact.
    They wait. They have no choice. THIS is free will. They can ONLY help with the majority ASKS for it. (aka Prime Directive).
    Why not go outside?? I’m tired of your crazy rants in my inbox.

    • Hi Dave, Robin’s awesome once you get to know her! 😀

      I left a message on her other post for you – you should understand she’s angry at the “big fish” in our “little pond”, as it were… Her intent, I believe, is to let those big guys know that we’re onto them… and we’re not taking their nonsense anymore.

      They are certainly welcome to respond… but so far there is none… 😦

      • Thanks?? I guess.. yeah sure… let’s make excuses for negative responses. But i get it. Play nice sure.
        I mainly stay to keep tabs on Valiant’s posts.
        Please don’t ever call me Dave… i don’t like it… thank you.
        After years of psychics, research and higher self acknowledgement….. it’s actually King David.
        Thank you for your words dream… missed seeing yOu around too.
        Namaste friend.
        “Everything takes time”

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