Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Deliverer…Thor…

(originally posted on 6/1/17)

Sometimes mistakes have a Higher Purpose
for a Mysterious Direction…

“For the Long Road, there’s always
A Bigger Picture…”

A Messenger

*SONG* “Carmina Burina” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Hour Glass…commands the pen
To move boldly now, no time for talking…
Ceres and Valerius can only watch now
As the pictures and story comes…
The pages of the book glow…write it,
Write it down…

This is the story of the Viking’s quest
To North America, the lost story, the one
Untold…The quest to find their deliverer…Thor…

In the high time of the Norsemen, when
The Vikings ruled the northern seas…
They became fierce warriors and spread their
Seeds across many plundered lands. They
Were fearless and insanely driven…
Isn’t it strange how all hostile invasive forces
Are so insanely driven? Madness, chaos and
Senseless reasoning is always the prelude
To such forces…What drives them?

In the stronghold of the Vikings’ land
There was a time of great stress and worry…
The weather and lands were cruel, crops were
Thin…The people were starving and
Plagued with troubles…so they turned to their
Seers, superstitious witches of age old
Traditions that read runic symbols carved
Into stones and bones…They warned that
The Norsemen would fall to invaders from
The South if they did not strengthen their
Lands, their warriors…They dreamed and
Saw visions…of the great lord Odin sitting
On a marvelous throne…Tall and pale with
A fierce handsome face and the eyes of a god…
He told the witches to send some of their
Mightiest warriors on a quest to find the
Son of the gods, the bearer of thunder
And lightning…Thor…That they must
Sail west, to go in the direction of the setting
Sun as far as they could go…to look, to search
For Thor…

But they had to move quickly before the
Seasons changed again…Time was of the
Essence, lives were short…What choice did
They have?

Chosen by the seers’ visions…13 men were
Picked…13 to stand for the 13 moons, for
The runic wisdom…and measures of the gods
Will…and 13 crystal skulls that haunted
The seers night and days with
Visions and warnings…of a dark tomorrow…
Build a powerful army and make the
Norsemen strong, the skulls said to the
Witches…so this they told their people,
And the people listened…

Brahn Snowden, son of the chieftain
Gathered the people to share the news
Of the quest…The command of his
Father…that their people had been given
This warning…to send their best warriors
To seek out the land of Thor…This
Great new excitement…something they had
Long waited for, for it meant if they could
Find Thor, that if he was somewhere
On the world to find…that it meant
A promised land could await them…
The end of their troubles and starvation,
The dawn of a new age…An age of
Deliverance…of heroes, and a safe
Blessed passage to Valhalla for all the
People…So yes, the best and
Mightiest Viking warriors must be sent…

13 to represent them, and 13 to
Attend them…This would mean a
Great strong boat for 26 men must
Be sailed west as soon as possible…
There was no argument or hesitation…
The people built the boat…And the
Best men were chosen by their
Victories and reputations of conquest…

Bulvar, great son of the Horsemen
Was to go and lead them…He held the
Greatest number of victories…and
Fathered the most sons…There was no
Question; virility was a virtue to Vikings…
And with him by name would also
Go…Danor, son of the stone
And metal carver, Ivar, son of the
Highlander chieftain…fiercest and
Renowned for his brute strength in
Battle…Janson, the handsome and
Noble warrior, victorious in every battle…
Ragnor the bloody…Tovar, the tower
Of men, Mor…the ox, for he was built
Like one, and had the wits of one
Too; big and stupid was always a good
Thing as long as they won…Lars, the
Finest swordsman…and Rogar, the
Savage…great killer of men, and tamer
Of women; his boasts of spreading
Norseman seed in the women of the lands
They ravaged were infamous…He probably
Sired over 100 children in rape across
The north…Thus ensuring Viking blood
Would grow everywhere. Who knows
How many could trace ancestry back
To Rogar…If they’re mindless, savage
And horny well it’s probably thanks to
Him…They were the best of the best
To name…The others just filled the
Boat…But the crew was made,
The ship built and filled with supplies…
To leave by the closest full moon
As told by the witches…

All the people were eager for the quest…
They had to find Thor, they had to
Find the deliverer…for it meant the
Promised land! But on the day
That came to set sail, the men
Grew restless…as they stocked the
Cargo hold with ducks and goats for
Food to feed them…ale to ease their
Nerves at sea, and furs to warm them…
They began to scowl on one thing.
Rogar was of course the first to voice
It to Bulvar, the commander…So
Many men for a journey, no women?
No promise of women to chase on a
Journey that would take who knows how

“No women or virgins to chase?” Rogar
Bellowed. (I’m editing he was much cruder
Than that.) “What am I to chase, the
Goats below deck then? Or bend
Over a fool in his sleep?”

All the men laughed. Bulvar slapped him
On the back and grabbed his shoulder.
“Think man…women on a quest this
Long? With your loins? Do we want a
Voyage with babes born on the sea?”
He just laughed loudly and wickedly
Then leaned close to him, “Look there,”
He nodded to the villagers around them…
“Pick a couple of fresh boys to bring…
And we will show them how to become

Rogar was confused by this at first, but
Then grinned devilishly at the idea. Ah,
True boys don’t get pregnant…And
What pain isn’t earned to become a
Man…This was a long held tradition
Amongst warriors…during training it
Made them fight harder to become stronger
To avoid being topped by the winner
In battle games…It was a humiliation
Tactic that brutally worked among
The Vikings; and many, many other
Lands as well.

So Rogar went into the crowd and
Declared they needed two young boys,
Teenagers, to go with them to train
As men to aid them and
Serve them. This was a great honor
No one argued. So he picked two
Pretty faced boys…Mika, the
Blacksmith’s son…and Hans, son
Of the goat herder of the east hills…
Two of the best looking boys in
The village. There was applause, the
Boys were eager…It all seemed like
A great honor.

The ship was loaded, the cargo secured…
The men boarded…some went to oars,
To get it moving…And soon they were
Set off to sail the high seas…They
Laughed, they sang, they chanted…
Viking songs…Norsemen ballads, it
Was mostly cursing, songs about sex
And drinking and loose women…Of
Sexual conquests…in other words a
Lot of boasting of things that scarcely
Happened…like beautiful women falling
In love with them…adoring them, chasing
Them. These were fantasies to keep their
Minds busy and optimistic at sea,
They had to keep some delusions…
Typically it fueled their fire to raid
And rape lands…but only a few of
The men were successful at this, like
Rogar. Most were clumsy with women,
They were however extremely excellent
At getting drunk and killing and
Destroying things.

Another observation, they were definitely
Taller than most men of the age…and
Built more strongly. Hard living in the
North made them this way. Most of
Them had either golden blond or orangey-like
Blond hair…A few had brown, like
Tovar, Mor and Rogar…but other
Than that…nothing else to note.
Mor did belch a lot, he really
Was built like an ox.

At first, the days on the seas were
Fairly calm and the mood among
The men was bright. They played
Games on deck throwing stones
And bones…held wrestling matches
To stay fit…Then ate and ate
At dusk and drank ale until they
Passed out…Wherever they happened
To fall was their bed until morning.

By the second week they were far
Out to sea…The songs were more
Boring…The games were growing old.
They were restless usually they would
Have landed somewhere by now
And would have had something to do…
To fight, to steal, to destroy, to chase…
But here far out to sea there was
Nothing. And Bulvar knew there
Had to be something to keep them
Occupied and dreaming. Egos among
Warriors always needed stroking…
So that’s when he began to raise
The gambling odds of the games by
Using their two youngest crewmen
As toys to play with.

Now there were always hazing
Rituals, but never this one-sided.
There was always the chance of
Escape. Here, the boys had none,
And also no idea what being
A Viking warrior meant.

But Bulvar didn’t want to break the
Boys either, he had to make them
Last as long as possible. Who knows
How long the journey could take.
So he offered to the
Two top champions of the games each
Day one of the boys to play with.
Some of the men just laughed…They
Thought it was a joke. But after
Being at sea so long…Each time
Bulvar made the offer, eyes grew
Darker…ideas more wild, until
Eventually they were so bored and
Desperate they seriously began
Fighting for the games.

Janson, Danor and Tovar were
More noble warriors and did not
Take part in this…

It was bad enough that so many of
Them had gone from singing victory
Songs…to constant moaning and
Complaining. When people don’t see the
Results they want immediately, there’s
No reasoning with them…They just get
Louder, nastier, more impatient…Until
Moods just get downright desperate…
And things turn ugly.

So finally it came down to brawls,
Not wrestling…drunken matches. And
When the men played their previous
Playful games of tossing the bones
And stones with jokes and laughter,
Instead it became grunts and growls…
Resentment and dirty looks. The men
All wanted to take their frustrations out
On something…

That first night it seemed far too
Dark…there was no moon, the skies
Were cloudy …And when the games ended
And the mead they rationed was gone…
Tempers flared…Bulvar and Rogar
Had been the champions…and when it
Came time for sleep, each took one of
The 16 year old boys to bed with them…
Bulvar to his private cabin took Mika…
Then Rogar to another private cabin
Took Hans…then the screams began…

The crew grumbled and looked down…
The sounds were terrible, but no one
Complained. Janson took his two friends
Danor and Tovar aside covered
Heavy with bear and wolf skins in the
Bitter cold and stayed on the deck

“What is going on down there?” The blond
Janson growled to his friends with an
Angry whisper.

“They are making men out of them.”
Danor joked scratching his grayish golden

“It never was this way,” Janson said
Biting his teeth, “These are men not
Boys playing games with boys…”

“What are you going to do about it?” Tovar
Laughed. “Have them sail a second ship
To save themselves? I see only the sea…
They will do what they want.”

Janson just stood angrily in the wind
Listening to the awful echoes of the screams.
“I don’t like this. This is not what we

“What are we then?” Danor asked. “This
Is a quest, not a pleasure trip…Did
You not see Bulvar’s face? You can’t
Find reason with someone with their
Mind set…if he plans to do it he will.”

The night was long…with painful sounds,
First there were screams and yelling…
And then the crying. It was awful. The
Three friends stayed top deck to sleep
Away from it with the nighthands…But
Janson hardly slept at all.

By morning the crew was groggy with
Hangovers…They turned blind eyes to
The boys, no one would look at them. But
Bulvar and Rogar boasted of the fun
They had to entice laughter
From the other men…And in time
They were all laughing…They were
Norsemen on a quest for Thor, the
Rules were different for them…
They were just excuses to do what
They wanted…anything to get the
Guilt out, guilt was for weak men…

But for some reason there were no
Games that second day…No, it took
Time for the dark nature to take
Over, but not long…Within a week
The men started their games again,
First only a few played, then more
And more…

And again at night came the yelling,
The cursing and the screams…Horrible
Abusive sounds that always ended in
Crying…crying that at first hurt the
Men’s ears…then they turned deaf
And decided to hear nothing at all.

It became a true test of their
Nature…For the Norsemen had
Conquered many villages…taken many
Lives…and several of the men had taken
Many women against their will…They
Were dark times without rules…For
War had no rules…they refused to
See right or wrong, it was all a
Matter of want, take, have…
That’s how the beasts are born…

But by that week’s end Janson
Could not take it anymore. He came across
One of the boys at mid-day meal, as
The boys were forced to work and serve them
By day…It was young Mika, he was
Such a good looking boy…how bruised
And beaten. He used to smile all the
Time, but now was too afraid to look at
Him. The boy’s eyes never left the ground.

So Janson ate then turned to his
Friends. “So tell me Danor, how do you
Feel about playing sports today?”

Danor just laughed. “My feet hurt.
I don’t want to play. Besides, I
Don’t want one of the boys.”

“What changed your mind?” Tovar
Asked strangely. “You wish to play now
For them?”

“Bulvar wins all the time.” Janson
Scowled. “And if not him, then Rogar
Or Ragnor…It’s always the same. I’m
Bored. Can you beat them?”

“What for?” Danor grumbled. “Let them
Play. My feet hurt.”

Janson laughed to tease him. “Great baby
Of a man…my feet hurt,” he mocked
Him, “So you can’t best Bulvar then?
Between us both, one of us could at

“I could lay down that cow of a man
Any time!” Danor was offended. “He’s
As skilled as Mor moving like an ox
And falls like one too.”

“What about you, Tovar?” Janson asked.

“No games for me.” Tovar laughed.
“I would rather drink and sleep on
Deck. I hate the noise…And prefer
The cold to sleep anyway.”

Janson rolled his eyes. “Well I want
To play.” He slapped Danor on the
Chest. “Help me beat Bulvar.”

“My feet hurt.” Danor whined.

“Too old for you old man?” Janson
Laughed. “Old hurting feet?”

“Who’s old?” Danor spat. “Alright
Then, I need my blood to flow…I will
Show you who’s old. Bulvar will eat
The deck when I’m done.”

Janson grinned…He and his friend
Played the games…challenged Bulvar…
And by the end of the day, they won.
Bulvar actually seemed pleased with
This. He wanted to see the men take part.
Then he offered a boy to choose
To Janson and Danor…But Danor
By then was done and only wanted
To sleep. So Janson claimed the prize.
“I will take Mika…”

Bulvar was so happy he offered him
His cabin…Then Janson took the boy
Amidst some calls of taunts and wild
Ideas…went to Bulvar’s cabin and
Shut it tight.

Mika backed away towards the crude
Furskin bed…Nervous, shaking…like
A frightened animal. He started to cry,
Scared of what to expect. “What
Do you want me to do?” He cried.

Janson leaned back hard against the
Door with all his weight. “What do I
Want?” He sighed with relief. “I want
You to lay down, Mika…go to sleep…
And rest…no one is going to touch
You. I’m not going to touch you. I
Want you just to go lay down
And sleep.”

Mika froze and stopped shaking and
Stared at him confused. “What?”

“Go to sleep Mika.” Janson said. “Go

“But where will you sleep?” Mika
Asked in shock.

“Over here on the floor by the door.”
Janson said sliding to sit on the floor
And rest.

“Why?” Mika asked still confused.

“I have my reasons.” Janson said.

“I don’t understand.” Mika swallowed
Unsure. “Is this a game?”

“No.” Janson only said. “Now go to sleep
Mika…go rest. I’m tired.”

“But the others…” Mika said sitting
On the bed as he started to relax…

“Sometimes you have to make choices,”
Janson said, “No matter how hard they
Are…even if everyone is against you…
To do what’s right…Now go to sleep Mika.”

Mika smiled and laid down…
“Your friends?”

“I don’t know if I can do this all the
Time, but I will try.” Janson told him.
“If I can I will. Now go to sleep.
I’m really tired.”

And for the first time, the night
Passed quietly…Mika slept, and Janson
Slept…a peace seemed to fill the air.
In the morning Janson woke with a
Shock, Mika as tapping his shoulder awake.
“The day is starting.”

Janson sat up blinking, a blurry
Vision clouding his eyes. “Did you rest?”

“Yes.” Mika told him. “I don’t understand

“Good.” Janson yawned standing up and
Stretching. Oh how he ached from sleeping on
The floor. “Another day…”

“But why?” Mika smiled at him…the
First real smile he had seen on his face
In ages… “How do I thank you?”

Janson grinned secretly. “That smile is
Good enough.” He put his arm on his shoulder.
“Now come, don’t tell anyone about this
Understand? I will do my best to keep this
Up…but you have to be strong for me. Understand?”

“Yes.” Mika nodded with a smile.

“And don’t smile to them out there.” Janson
Held up his finger. “Our secret…”

They left the cabin and went above
Deck joining the clumsy waking crew
As they grumbled and complained. They
Really were a ship of whiners for such
Brave Norsemen. Mika went to do his
Chores and duties and Janson joined his

Tovar strolled over to him, with an oafish
Yawning Danor belching beside him. “And
How was your night?” He taunted. “Did
You enjoy the boy?”

Janson leaned into him quietly. “I didn’t
Touch him.”

Tovar squinted strangely. “Then why did you—“

“I had enough of this,” Janson said to
Him angrily. “I don’t want them touching

Tovar’s eyes widened. So noble. Janson was
Always so noble. He had to admire that, though
He thought it crazy to fool Bulvar. He
Shook his head. “You will have your
Hands full then…”

“What, why?” Janson scowled.

“The other boy,” Tovar whispered, “The
One Rogar’s been taking…Hans. He took his
Life in the night. He had enough…You’re
Going to have your hands full now if you
Plan to protect him with this bunch of
Fools that boy won’t last long.”

Janson’s eyes went wild. What was he going
To do? He promised to protect him. He could
Not break his word. The odds were impossible,
Yet somehow he felt even stronger. “I will…”

“How?” Tovar asked. “You’ve seen that devil
Rogar. You know Bulvar. How?”

“Help me.” Janson urged him. “If you believe
We will find Valhalla…Asgard…To honor
Thor…You will.”

That caught Tovar’s mind fast. Nobility
May have not impressed him much, but
Pleasing the gods did. “I will try…But
You ask a lot…”

“We will do it.” Janson said confidently.
“We—“ he said, though inside he strongly
Said ‘I’, “will do it. I know it.” He
Had to protect Mika…And he would, no
Matter what it took…The odds were
Heavily stacked against him…But if
There’s one thing all Vikings held strongly,
It was in pleasing the gods and winning
Favor in their eyes…That was the greatest
Glory to win…if only they knew the
Legend they were on a quest to find…
Perhaps Thor was already on the boat.

The days passed wearily at sea…Bulvar,
With one boy left was forced to hold the
Games to two or three times a week
To make the boy last. As a joke to
Tease the men…he offered the losers
The choice to screw the goats. None
Favored that, but it gave good laughs
To them. There was one occasion when
A drunken Mor did take the offer…
And it set the men in such a roar of
Laughter that it broke the dark mood
Of the ship…He was forever teased after
That…Mor the goat lover…But as dumb
And as big of an ox he was…he could not
Understand why they teased him. It
Was a sober Lars that reminded him,
“You were not supposed to screw the
Goat you idiot. It was a joke!”

But when the games were held, Janson,
Tovar and Danor worked as a team…
Which impressed Bulvar who also saw
Great sense in this…Teams made it more
Interesting…And wore them out even more.
But Bulvar’s teams were drunks and lost
A lot…which left Janson’s group the
Winners most often…

And always Janson took Mika to the
Cabin and told him to sleep in the bed while
He slept pushed against the door
On the floor guarding him, keeping his
Promise. He couldn’t do it all the time…
But most of the time he did…it kept him
Alive at least…And Mika always wondered
And asked him why. But Janson only
Ever answered… “Go rest, go to sleep
Mika…You’re safe tonight.”

Then at last one day a crewman eyeing
The far seas shouted, “Land!”
And then they found Iceland…A
Barren landscape…No trees, no human
Souls…no promised land. Still, they
Left 6 men to scout the land and
Build a post there to mark it for their
Return…to claim the land at least, and
Then they journeyed onward.

Again, long days at sea…full of grumbles,
Groans…complaints, complaints. Faith is
Always tested during the wait…that’s
Why they complain so much. Perhaps that’s
Why the Higher Forces test with wait to
See who complains and betrays their
Natures first…so the gods can see who
They truly are.

And the longer journey, somehow…the
Lazier the men got for the games…which
Made it easier for Janson to win.

But Bulvar would question him, “It’s
Always so quiet in there…Are you a
Man? Make some noise!”

Then Janson would tell him, “I like it
Quiet…I hate the screaming…”

And Ivar would ring in, “Praise Odin
For that! I like it quiet when I

The men would laugh, then Bulvar
Would dismiss it…So Janson won, and
Won…Tovar was proud, Danor’s pride
Grew, he loved beating Bulvar. Mika was
Safe…and things worked out somehow…

Then again the day came, a crewman
Shouted, “Land!” And yet again they
Found a barren grassy landscape they
Would call Greenland…Again six men
Were left to build a post…and on the
Journey went…

But supplies were growing thin…They
Had drunk all the mead…eaten the
Last of the livestock for food, and started
Fishing…Tempers were short, faith was
Dim and the complaints were constant.
How far were they to go? As they began
To feel more like fishermen than warriors
Again at last another day came…

There was a mist that rolled into a fog…
“Land!” a crewman shouted. But
This time it was different…Through the
Thick wet air they clung to the railing
To see…Trees! They saw trees! At last
Something to explore. Where there were
Trees…that meant there could be other
Things…animals, game for hunting…and
Then possibly people, villages. And
Who knows maybe, Asgard…

They guided the ship into what seemed
Like a great bay. The fog lifted and
As daylight came…it stretched on
And on, a waterway, a passage. They
Followed it eagerly scouting both sides
For anything to catch their eyes…
A day inward they went before
Touching ground. One of the men had
Eagerly cried, “Elk!” for that’s what
They called moose…The elk were
Here, so far from home? Maybe it
Was Asgard…

They set foot on shore and built camp…
Eager to get off the water, and eager
To celebrate the discovery. They built
A bonfire, they hunted…caught game,
And gorged themselves on rabbit, deer…
And anything with fur that bled. It
Was hard to tell who were the animals.

By nightfall Bulvar was wild, boasting
They had found something magical in
This land…It was in the air, “You can
Feel it!” He cried. It filled him with
Such pride that he declared victory…
Then pointed at the boy and decided
It was time Janson surrender his
Prize to please them…or else.

“Or else what?” Janson argued.

“This is not your choice.” Bulvar
Argued. “The boy is a sacrifice to Odin,
To the land.”

This filled Janson with rage. “He is not
Your prize. He has the right to live as
We do.”

“Janson loves the boy.” Rogar teased.
“All this time at sea has made him

“You are not touching him.” Janson
Yelled over the bonfire. “Get over

Then the fearful slip…Tovar broke and
Teased his friend. “He is not in love, he
Only protects the boy from you animals.
He hasn’t touched him. He has fooled
You all.” He laughed.

Bulvar went wild eyed, full of a dark
Spirit, then drew his sword and pointed
It at him. “You deceived me? You made
Me a fool?”

“You don’t fool me!” Janson shouted.
“You are no Norseman Odin would
Prize! You are a wild animal with
A sword…That’s why Odin does not
Reward you!”

“I will kill you!” Bulvar roared. “And
Bend that boy over and split him open
While you watch with your last breath!”

“You’re too big and fat to move
That fast!” Janson yelled at him.
He withdrew his sword, grabbed Mika…
And backed into the woods…

The men were shocked…but loved it. A
Real fight! No games! They cheered and
Roared. But Tovar immediately regretted
His words…And Danor grew angry too,
For at last he confessed he hated
Bulvar. “You big idiot! Leave him alone!
He’s right! There’s no honor in you but
What comes out of your ass!”

A brawl ensued…Janson turned to
Mika, “Run!” He shouted as he
Held his sword at Bulvar, “Run! Go
Into the woods! Go!”

But Mika was terrified…the men were
Charging everywhere surrounding him.
Janson panicked, saw no other option, he
Had to protect him…He kicked the logs
Of the bonfire so that they exploded
And blinded the men…Then grabbed
Mika and ran into the woods…
Never seeing the knife that had
Stabbed him in the back…

Into the night they ran, first fast
And hard…then slower, until Janson
Desperately collapsed…The wound in
His shoulder had weakened him. He
Was out of breath, out of a plan…
In a strange land…it was dark and
Cold, then he passed out.

At dawn he awoke to Mika
Shaking him desperately crying.
“Please don’t leave me. Please don’t
Leave me here all alone.” The words
Snapped him wide awake…no wound
Would stop him or hold him down. They
Heard echoes of the men coming…
What to do?

“We have to go,” Janson struggled to
Stand, but did, and they staggered on…
Mika held him up… “Where?”

Mika looked around quick then saw
The bird…he pointed, “My father
And uncles always said…FOLLOW

And so they did…nothing else to do…
They ran, they fumbled…echoes of
The men chasing them, forcing them

They came to a meadow…And there
Across the meadow was this great
Oak…A great white oak tree…
Shimmering with a light raining down
Upon it…And there beneath, this
Beautiful copper skinned girl with long
Braids dressed in tan buckskin…

Janson fought to see through
Blurry eyes… “Is that a girl?”

Soon the other Vikings emerged
Behind them…and froze still…

The sky was full of birds! Ravens!
Hawks! Eagles! There were animals…
Bears…A white stag in the tree line
On the other side…These signs
Paralyzed them…They had never seen
Such a thing before! And the light
Shimmering down…
Janson gasped… “What is this?”

The Hour Glass closed…

Ceres stood in the light…strong, her
Icy blue eyes on fire. She tossed a
Gold coin before me on the floor…
“They want to know if I’m real?” She
Said. “Mother Bear is angry.”

In other words she’s in the game now…





  1. 08.12 is the birthday of a very precious one that has never been forgotten. For some secure concern, I didn’t post anything that day. Everytime, when the gates are open, the malevolent ones would try hard interrupting, even harming.

    Some latest messages confirm what I’ve been suspecting. Here, I would like to share this…for this is what I had been shown in my dream right before waking up !!! I’m so sure I’m not the only one who could own this precious teaching & reminding from on high.

    Blue Flower, Agnes Martin [Canadian, painter], 1962

    “Of all the pitfalls in our paths… I want to say that they are not what they seem to be.”
    thanks so :

    You are invited to click in….

    Pls take care, my super beloved ones !!!

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