1. Thank you & Bless you Feilla, this video really made my day, this is great stuff you almost never hear about. Loved every minute, almost brings tears to my eyes to see how thoughtless people can be towards the ones that show us, unconditional love.

  2. Sorry for my late response, dear Ben. Nice to see you again, dear Babaji. Honestly, there is something about the term, Kensho which is taken as…that I don’t want to dig more. This one is AWESOME !!!

    Owing to the coming waves of lunar eclipse, I guess I’m not the only one who feel so incomfortable or have difficulty to stand still.

    May this video bring more positive energy to you all, though it’s inaccessible righ now for me owing to the reason you know.

  3. We aim to please and serve. 🙂


    In the beginning
    I sought only to escape

    After a while
    I sought for achievement

    Now on a good day
    All there is is offering

  4. I really liked the short mind-bending light of this video, the analogy of our Ben’s Abandoning Judgement fits perfectly (in Time) which will get us back ‘on track’, I am again, looking forward to the light back on track as before in the past. Thanks again.

  5. Dreamwalker444, here’s a couple more pats on the back, you’re well deserved. Ben, if its sufficient patience & perseverance you’re looking for, I’m here!

  6. I had an idea that perhaps the reason people tend not to be receptive to this concept is that they’re trying to get their five cent’s worth out of the dream machine. 😉 Ironically this is exactly what happens at the end of life in soylent green… did this break the 5th wall???

    I do have a few technical notes on the glitches I’ve found in this reality. Any idea who I should pass them on to? If it’s me, well, I guess I’ll need to do more testing next time, before taking the plunge… For example (and fortunately for me) the villain design wasn’t that good. They’re all lumpy and the AI is horrible!

    Good job me!

    Thanks, me!


    • Abandoning judgement and blaming (whether others or oneself) evaporates in time (In time???) it’s said. Sufficient patience and perseverance will get us back on track I’m sure. Oh, and happy new year and thanks for all your work in maintaining the weekly dreamflights. I am especially impressed by your ability to keep turning up new images every week. Well done, sincerely.

      • Thanks for your kind words, Ben – it is a labor of love! 🙂 Happy New Year to you too! Don’t worry no blame was placed, usually with the right perspective every flaw can be seen as a feature… especially in the hands of the right plaid-suit wearing salesman… 😉

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