Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…The Gift…Part 27…

Jon fell into the dream, his senses
Overwhelmed by what he had felt and
Seen. It was too much this time. He
Felt so lost, set adrift on some surreal
Sea the night told stories by…and torn
By the world he knew by the light of
Day. It was always rolling and building
This way, lulled by chores and routine
And harkened by the full moon.

A higher voice from within was the only
Guide; that rare and precious gift. The
Sun, the moon, the stars…celestial forces
Compel the force forward. The tides turn
On the last four moons and a star. His
Mind just kept offering riddlesome words
And a direction he had no choice but to

And again, the days moved on in a haze,
Then into weeks the same way. Half the
Time it was dull and empty, the rest of it
Filled with flashes that made no sense.
The world went on, with each led by their
Own path and the choices they made. The
Only peace was found in silence.

Still, rumors spread of seeing more lights
Over the villages with growing impatience
And rest as well. It seemed there was
Aggravation everywhere in some way or
Another. And the people constantly kept
Directing blame, so much so that it became
A steady distraction from reasoning on
What was really going on. The animals
Seemed to recognize it best…They cried
And ran and hid from strange things, then
Quickly resolved to normal survival
Habits as best they could.

And then it came to another full moon.
Jon had lost all track of time as so many
Days passed the same way. Then one
Night as he lay in bed hoping for a quiet
Sleep empty of anything his ears caught
The sound of someone moving out in
The kitchen…

He could feel immediately that t wasn’t
Right. Everyone else in the family had
Long gone to bed, he was always the
Last one asleep. All he could do was
Lay there waiting…waiting for a voice,
A flash of light, some inclination for
His wits and memory to follow. But all
He could do was lay there staring at the
Ceiling, his eyes wide awake looking
About…waiting for more to come.

His ears sharpened to hear the voices
Past the door. Someone was in the
Kitchen…He focused until it became
More clear.

‘What are we doing here?’ She asked
Him urgently as she stood there in this
Simple pinkish-white pants-like uniform
Shaking her head. ‘You are asking too
Much of him, he is just a boy.’

‘He is old enough.’ Apollo spoke softly
But fast with a desperation in his tone
That was unsettling. ‘All things measured
In time…It is a process, one step at a time.’

‘I still say you ask too much.’ Kyrie insisted
With words that echoed quietly throughout
The house in the dark. ‘For what purpose?
His? Yours? Your expectations.’ She said
Shaking her head. ‘Why? What difference
Does it make?’

‘What difference?’ Apollo laughed. ‘As
Though it was nothing? Regardless of
Who knows…time has a measure. You
Know it’s the little things that can inspire.

There was a pause. Some debate in silence.
Then another voice…Ceres spoke, ‘I still
Say enough has been done already. The
Latter period matters more now. He already
Knows what happens here.’

‘He does not.’ Apollo answered sternly.

‘Why make such an effort at all?’ Kyrie
Asked sadly. ‘Is there more here?’ Her
Words suggested some thing more of him
He would not say. ‘So…Talk to him. Tell
Him more. Give him the words you wish.
Why ask me to do it?

‘Because that is your role here.’ He told
Her firmly, ‘You know that as well as I do.’

‘I still think it’s cruel to put him, or any of
The others in this position.’ Kyrie responded.

‘Cruel or kind has nothing to do with it.’
Apollo defended leaning towards her. ‘If
At best what we offer is a chance to improve
The odds…Then it must be done, or there
Is nothing for anyone.’

‘I still say what I said before.’ Ceres said
Strongly to him. ‘What has been done,
Has been done. There is nothing more for us
To do here…Watch, spy, listen?’ She laughed.
‘As you said…chance, the chance has been done.
At best, this will be just a memory for him. That
Is all.’

Jon froze at the words. His mind however
Raced frantically. He could just not understand
The conversation at all. Then he slowly
Crawled out of his bed as quietly as he could
And moved towards the door to press his ear
Against it to listen more carefully.

‘This is not a matter to question.’
Apollo seemingly ordered as he began to
Pace. ‘We are here. The part must be

‘To what degree?’ Kyrie asked. ‘Excess?
Curiosity? Or just to torment him?’

‘That is NOT fair.’ Apollo told her.

‘We are not being unreasonable Apollo.’
Ceres told him defiantly. ‘We are trying
To be fair to HIM…. Do not think we do
Not see what you are trying to do here.’

Another pause of silent deliberation. Then
Apollo stood taller and confidently. ‘Go in
In there and talk to him.

‘Is that a command?’ She asked.

‘I’m asking you.’ Apollo said slowly,
Sincerely. ‘To please do this.’

Jon couldn’t help but quietly open his
Bedroom door a crack so that he could
Peer out and see them…Then there they
Were, just as he recalled. It was almost
As if they never changed their clothes…
Or that no time had passed since seeing
Them last…or that no time has passed
Since he last saw them to do so; no time
Had passed for them that is.

‘I care too.’ Kyrie nodded.

‘So, do this then.’ Apollo said
To her then with a sincerity she had
Never seen.

Ceres stood taller, strongly at the
Sight of this. ‘The Great Apollo…
The wit, the bravery. This is the most
Priceless moment to see…His
Compassion and feeling…here.’

‘There was a time…’ Apollo said
To them slowly. ‘So many thought
I was some…frightened little boy
Hiding…or then a jokester. And then
They thought I was heartless and
Made of stone.’

‘The assumptions were without end.’
Kyrie laughed to herself. ‘The devils
Play and spy in amusement to indulge
Themselves…by deductions made on
Fragments. But that is predictable, that
Is how it was, or rather is.’ She laughed
Correcting herself,

‘Wait until the era of machines rise.’
Apollo laughed. ‘And then the digital
Era…. convenience will create monsters,
And a great division. The dim percentage
To sort them out. They will abuse it
Before they will understand it.’

‘Is that where the golden rules truly
Came from?’ Ceres asked. ‘About
The laws of interference I mean…
The directives with managing time?’

‘In part.’ Apollo sighed. ‘They had
To push the limits first before they put
Such rigid restrictions down…It was
The only way to spare them and
Prevent further deterioration.’

‘I’m glad that I never witnessed that.’
Kyrie replied.

‘Didn’t you?’ Apollo laughed. ‘In
Some aspect I mean?’

‘It’s hard to believe that there could
Be such a thing as a digital era…
Anywhere.’ Ceres laughed. ‘That
Anyone would spend so much time
That way, so much wasted time…
Is beyond me.’

‘They didn’t see it that way.’ Apollo
Said. ‘For them, at first…it was
The answer to everything. And yet
It was the point of play for ceaseless
Addiction and distraction.’

‘And yet this here…’ Kyrie replied
Strangely. ‘Makes a difference?’

‘It will.’ Apollo said looking far
Away. ‘For the others though we
Must take greater consideration, a
More careful approach. We need to
Be more selective.’ He said very
Thoughtfully holding his chin. ‘And
We need to prepare them better with
More careful instruction.’

‘They are children.’ Kyrie said
Looking down reluctantly. ‘I still
Say that we expect a lot…. To put
Them in such a situation.’

‘They are not children among their
Peers, nor in their times.’ Apollo
Said respectfully then nodded. ‘Besides,
It is done. Tomorrow you will go and
Speak to him and tell him a story. Then
We will step back and let the elders
Decide what comes next. And then we
Will evaluate and move forward. It is

‘It is done, it happened.’ Ceres sighed as
She turned to the sound of a squeaking
Mouse scurrying across the floor and
Smiled. ‘So many little things…How many
Times must we hear this? What for?’

‘Until the proper course aligns.’ Apollo said
Holding out his hands with an appealing
Gesture. ‘There is no discussion here. Now
Let us move on with it.’

‘What did the Little Old Asian Man, the
Ascended Master suggest?’ Ceres questioned.
‘Did you speak with him on this, has anyone?’

‘As I have said,’ Apollo replied, ‘We will
Speak with the elders after…. Now this
Must be done…’

‘I would rather move on to the next
Part.’ Ceres sighed again. ‘They were
Far more entertaining. Why prolong
This here?’

‘I must speak more carefully with them.’
Apollo said with a cautious look. ‘His
Selections insist it so. I can not say no.
You know this.’ Then he turned back to
Kyrie more seriously. ‘Now…go in there
And talk to him. And say what you must,
Be convincing. He needs that hope.’

‘This is ridiculous…To say anything to
Him, then rip it from him…so he won’t
Remember it.’ She seemed to grimace
At the thought of what she was doing. ‘He
Does not want it, the part put upon him.’

‘That is not his choice.’ Apollo laughed.

Just then Jon slipped, and the three of
Them caught the sound of him and
Immediately turned to stare right at him
Through the crack in the door. They froze
Then looked at each other awkwardly.
Apollo just eyed them heavily then and

Jon stood up and opened the door still
Fighting a hazy state of mind. Yet
Somehow, he focused to think and speak
Then he stepped out into the kitchen
To join them and said…’What, what is
Going on? Who are you people?’

‘Now, Jon…’ Kyrie started to say kindly
Before she was interrupted.

‘It’s just a dream, Jon.’ Apollo quickly
Stated with confidence. ‘Why don’t you
Go back to bed…and lay down…you’re

‘No.’ He simply answered. ‘Tell me.’

Ceres eyed Apollo with amusement,
She really seemed to enjoy the moment.
‘Ah, where are the words this time?
Say it with wit and bravery…tell him a
Story, then WILL IT AWAY…He
Surprised you this time.’

Apollo looked at her with a comical
Grimace then rolled his eyes. ‘Some
Sympathy would be nice.’

‘Should I ask him to draw a picture to
Commemorate the moment for some
Mystery to analyze?’ Ceres retorted

‘Some dignity, please.’ He pleaded.

‘That was left on a page with a riddle,
With a picture to test faith. No, dignity
Is long gone. Perhaps someone
Assumed a part there in.’ Ceres teased.

Again, Apollo rolled his eyes. But he had
To admit that he admired her faithfulness.
‘Maybe you should go to the barn and
Talk to the animals until we finish?’
He teased back.

‘I would be too bored.’ She laughed.
‘The horses and goats are much more
Efficient with their words. Perhaps
If there was a donkey then the matter
Would take longer.’

‘Can we focus?’ He asked pointing to
Jon, for his sake.

‘I don’t know, can we?’ She teased again.
‘Is that possible? The boy appreciates the
Animals. Let his goose reason with you.’

Kyrie then rolled her eyes at both of them,
Then turned to Jon more sincerely. ‘You
Heard us, you were listening?’

‘Some.’ Jon answered. ‘What is this?’

‘Jon, try to understand….’ She began…

‘Careful…’ Apollo quickly interrupted.

‘Jon…’ Kyrie went on, sure she
Could contain the moment without
Direction. ‘There are things…
Impossible to explain and understand
So fast…So how about this…
No matter how things are, as far
As they reach…Even across the
Stars, across time…Family reaches

Apollo’s eyes nearly exploded as
He froze. Ceres held her breath
And listened keenly. They were both
In shock from Kyrie’s words.

‘Family?’ Jon hesitated, scowled.
His mind just spun.

Then Kyrie smiled and turned to
Apollo. ‘I believe I said the
Appropriate words. Now if there’s
More to say…You will finish them.’

Apollo’s stance became rigid
And more serious. He eyed Jon
Sternly then said. ‘We have
To leave now.’ Then he seemed
To stare at Jon intensely. ‘You
Really need to sleep now.’

Suddenly Jon grew very sleepy, so
Much so, he could not fight it
And he found it hard to stand.
Then he was stumbling backwards
To his bed and everything was
Growing blurry and dark. Someone
Was gently laying him down in
His bed and pulling the blanket
Sweetly over him.

There were whispers and words
Hard to hear. A hand stroked his
Head as he shut his eyes. Then
Someone said, ‘You just had to
Insist…Watch what you’re doing, you
Nearly stepped on my foot you idiot,’
There seemed to be some argument then
On how they laid him down in
Bed? A brief debate, that passed
With something that sounded like a slap.

And back to the dream Jon went.
Beautiful images of a starry sky filled
His head…against mountains and the
Comfort of a cool wind. Set against
This scene of the stars, then their
Faces returned like great luminary
Paintings in the sky of Apollo…
Then Kyrie and Ceres…offering
Words that make riddling sense.

There were dreams to offer hope and
Chance…inspire more. Believe. Deny
The doubt in the heart and mind
No matter what comes or darkness
Challenges. One voice can carry that
Weight. The quarter in the crescent
Moon rises, the quarter in the waning
Moon departs…

The next morning Jon awoke sharply,
Quickly siting up in his bed
Wondering on what just happened.
He pulled himself out of bed
Without yawning and sat there
Thinking for a moment quietly,
Then standing for a moment
Quietly. That was by far one of
The strangest dreams that bothered
Him…The words lingered briefly
In his mind before he reasoned
To dismiss it. The day was
Ahead, there was work to do…
And the animals were calling him
To be tended to.

And again, a normal day passed by…
Until nightfall when he was about
To lock up the barn and head to
The house for bed…A shadowy form
Emerged from around the corner
Of the barn…and then a familiar
Voice called out to him…




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