Let’s hold hands of each others, my beloved ones…….

My beloved Tribe : How are you, my precious ones? I’ve been thinking to say something here for days, weeks, months. Obviously, it’s such a hard winter for all of us, and here at last comes the SPRING in the North Semi-sphere. Today, it’s also Dave’s birthday, a day so hard to forget. I want to take advantage of this GREAT DAY, not only to Celebrate the Birthday of our precious DAVE, but also our Connection with the SUN in this Equinox and with all our precious ones all over the world. Pls be safe & take care and know that how much you have been LOVED, Connected…….

Here is a scene which just impacted me as charging me with the very high voltage electricity. Pls note …..The very Term, The Cycle, The Ship, The Thunder, The Storm, The Panic, The DRAGON. May it not only INSPIRE you………………..

It seems echoing the message carried in the last video that I posted at the end of last year…….