1. ~Hello Lisa!…You DreamWarriorWolf Woman!…I Really Like that Oribi Gorge RockPerson in Ur Photo…the One with the Split in the Middle of It,in the Center…Most Powerful!~

  2. That’s what I got from your dream too, Lisa – VERY Productive!
    And I agree with what you say about more meaning than we realize. I freaked my housemate out last night… We were having a roundabout convo about the fellow she’s been seeing, and she mentioned that his family is from a merovingian line in Tennessee (really?)… I mentioned that I had come across mention of the merovingians in a blog discussion yesterday when I was looking for pics of vimanas… (no wonder my thoughts feel scattered)… And she flipped out that we could have been on the same topic, separately, within a 12-hour time span.
    Not to mention, that means her friend is of Mary Magdalen’s descendants! LOL, you kinda have to know the gentleman in question, and that my housemate is a catholic at heart… 😉
    Ah, these days we’re in! ;D

  3. Well, I accept the invitation, thank you, Dear Lisa!
    And I hope so too… Ya know, if enough of us have the same crazy imagination, I think that makes it a reality! ;D

  4. Wow, Lisa, so much comes to mind about your dream of June 4th! First, I’m going to try to meet you and Sarah at the pyramid, because that sounds like soooooo much fun, and I could really enjoy that! 😀 Did you tell Sarah about that part of the dream?

    How wonderful that I was in your dream, I’m honored, and especially that you thought I was doing some amazing work! Funny thing is, I’ve not been painting or drawing lately, but making objects that are supposed to help us raise our vibrations, (like the star I posted last week)… I want to make pyramids, but I need to wait until I have the money to buy/make a mold. However, I DO have cones, lol! (I hope to have some photos of these soon, as I need to get them on eBay!)

    About that Swamp Guy… The oddest thing comes to mind about him. Maybe because I mentioned cones… Back when Apollo 13 blasted off (is that the one that was in 1968 or 1969?), I was quite small, but old enough to watch that and understand what was going on. Soon after watching it, I had a nightmare about being trapped in the space module with a Frankenstein monster!

    Anyway, it feels to me like the witch he mentions is the woman on the table in your Venus dream! The one that you knew to stay away from… Do you get that feeling? I like the expression to be “aware” of the witch, instead of “afraid” of the witch! 😀

    • Hi Leslee,
      Your invited to go on a slide down the pyramid. 😀 And it was a lot of fun indeed.

      When I was facing the woman at the table I was trembling bad , I couldn’t stop my self even though I just met her. Even the guy that was standing left of me was terrified of her. So I guess that would be right that it was the witch, because after that some zombies wanted to have me as dinner. 😀

      And it would be wonderful to see some of your objects you are making. I wanted to do that do but I decided not to because of my kids floating around and don’t want them near it and I don’t have a space were I can do it away from them. I have been looking for them here in South-Africa , but no luck.

      It feels to me, that I feel closer and closer to everybody here on this site. Feeling like a real family where you can express your thought without being laughed at.
      Or saying it was your imagination or some sorts….. 😀

      Love and light my sister. I hope we meet one day in soul

  5. Hi, Lisa, I’ve finally made it over here! 😀
    Babajij’s right, that dream of June 5-6 was a doozy! “Elzebub” reminds me of “Beelzebub” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beelzebub – scroll down to Apocryphal Literature – there’s a connection to Venus!) I love the transformative abilities you have… And the bit about people worshipping a former source of fear seems connected to the conversation about the various channels (but maybe that’s just my feeling about it!). Now i”ll see if I can work my way on down to the previous dreams… I know you told me that the one on June 4th was worth reading… Lots of love and light, my Warrior Sister!!!

    • Hi Leslee, busy bee 😀
      When I read the explanation of Beelzebub on the Apocryphal Literature, it really struck me that are dream getting more meaningful even if we don’t see it as yet. Only if investigated it reveals so much powerful messages that it knocks of your socks. 😀 I got the chills when I read it was connected with Venus. I think I got through a big transformation, transmuting the negative energies into positive. It really shook up my dream , especially with that earthquake.

  6. ~Oh My!…Ur June 5-6 Dream is so Action-Filled,Lisa!…Just like Ya said, as like a Good Old Fashioned Horror Movie…TY for Sharing…Ur Dreams almost Boggle my Mind!…lol~

  7. Amazing dream on 30May, dear Lisa! I can see a connection with Sar`s dream here, I also had a dream last night but I cannot remember it
    Love and Light

  8. When I posted my dream of fairies I didn’t think much off it. But when I wrote it also in my spiritual diary I noticed that the word Delta re-occurring , see also the dream on the 25th. Then I got suddenly the urge to look up the word Delta and then fairies. And when I read them together I got a bit of a gooey feeling in my stomach. I am definitely on the right track, I suppose.

  9. Hi Babajij,
    Maybe this dream was showing me how connected I am with Gaia and with nature.
    Especially the feeling that is was rooted into the core of Gaia was amazing. When I think about it, I can still feel that connection. I am definitely on the right track as I am an Earth Partner.

    Love Lisa

  10. ~Hi There Lisa!…Ur Green Man & Green Sword DreamScape is so Interesting!…It Looks Like that Ya Have Accessed what Great Spirit is All About!…Our True Powers…Our Connection to the Magic/Miracles of Nature…Way to Go!… 🙂 ~

  11. Lisa, thank you so much for reminding me to visit here! Boy, when reading your dreams one after another…Whew! It’s no wonder you’re often tired! And you’re very powerful!
    I really love the lion at the top of the page… I think of the “Cowardly” Lion from the Wizard of Oz, whom, as it turned out, was the bravest of all. 😉 Also, he was part of that was so close to home, no matter how bizarre the story got!

    • Hi Leslee,
      Thanks, even though sometimes I don’t review myself as strong, as I always seem to be sick and having pains here and there. 😀
      Actually this piece is inspired by the tale “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”. In the background , if you closely look, you see a herd of kuddoes following the music of the Lion piper :D.


  12. ~Good Morning,Lisa!…As Ya May Recall, I Am North American Indian,Born into the MicMac Nation in Canada…I Connect Deeply with The Ancestors, The Spiritual Ways and How Dreams Are So Important…Just Like Life when we Get out of Bed and Go About our Daily Lives…And Because Our Existences are So Multi-Layered, Our DreamTime Offers Us to Live in the Multi-Dimensional Aspect…

    …I was Told that WolfSpirit Took Care of Me and Protected Me when I was Very Young…Today, I have Framed Pictures of Wolves on the Walls of My Bedroom…I Do this to Honor Their Spirit for Helping Me…I don’t Really Remember Most of My Dreams,tho…Only Little Flashes,Sometimes…Similiar to Photographs…

    …I Have Photographic Memory Dreams!…That’s It!…I Am Finally Beginning to Further Understand!…TY!… 😀 ~

    • Hi Babajij, I got a chill when I read your message. My totem is also WOLF, and I am deeply connected with them. I also had pictures everywhere at home in Belgium, even wolf howling on music. Whenever I heard them I feel it into my core heart being and a kinda a homesick longing. I also when I saw pictures of the Grand Canyon, I had a strong connection to it. When I was young and still now I read a lot of books about shamans and the history of North American Indians. This is just an intuition, a strong one, but I don’t know for sure, even though it feels right for me, that in my previous lives I was a North American Indian probably a shaman…who knows…maybe if I reach full consciousness again…I’ll know if it is true or not. I have a dream-catcher hanging just beside my bed 😀

      Thanks for sharing your story, I am always interested. 😀

      Love and light 😀

      • You were going through portals last night to bring your Light into the lower vibrations in the astral plane, dear Lisa, you are so brave, my sister
        I also feel a connection with the world of Spirit of the Native Ameriacans, i had a vision of a Chief a few days ago while listening to Tom Kenyon latest meditation…

      • Lisa, I understand “shaman” to mean “one who solves problems through tuition”. It is actually not too far off of what we are doing now. Their training is usually fairly intensive, you have to be completely committed to that particular path because it is fairly demanding, but it a very similar path.

        There are many examples of this problem-solving in action, including “weather witching”, healing, medicinal plant use. I find it very interesting that civilizations in North America were once more able to follow their intuition and connection to spirit than they are now.

  13. Goodmorning Babjij, thanks you very much. But I must say , it is really intense working in dream-time. Sometimes I think, is there not any dream that is less intense 😀 Anyway maybe I am a light warrior in training, maybe that is why all the intense dreaming. Or it is the clearing of past lives. What ever it is, it is working.

    Have a great day Babaij…..love and light 😀

  14. ~Wow, a Very Great Idea for DreamTime Intention,Lisa!…and I Like Ur Sharing and Writing Ur DreamTime Experiences,here…Thank You~

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