Last Friday I was watching the cartoon the Last Air Bender with my children and one of the commentaries made the statement “taking on  a fully actualized Avatar is a dumb move”.  My children laughed it off as we watched good trump evil but in the end of the story evil seemed to have the upper hand. I marinaded on the words fully actualized avatar and thought wow all that power and he still didn’t win.  I had a moment of clarity and what came from it was the understanding that sometimes you get knocked down ….no mater who you are. The veil of illusion was torn and even the illusion of invincibility is just that an illusion. Granted balance is restored in the end of the cartoon series but that was after much time had passed and many trials had been endured.  The message to keep moving forward and get back up never seemed more real in the moment.  Luckily there are so many forces at work gently nudging me in the right direction.  I am left filled with gratitude.