Binaural Beats What They Can Do For You

Binaural beats affect our brain waves directly and what they do is create two seperate freguency waves in each ear individually, the brain then reacts to this and creates it’s own, the ear can not hear it, but the brain knows it there. The only way to get the effect is to wear headphones when using binuaral beats.  My husband being a musician we have loads of headphones and I enjoy the one that blocks out all sounds, literally, they work great.

There is a shift in consciousness when you reach a certain frequency within the alpha and theta state in meditation, with the use of these beats, it can happen much quicker.

You can download a wide range of different binuarul beats at the Unexplainable Store online. they are very cheap and some are free.  You can download some for astral projection, esp, lucid dreaming, etc.

You can get into a very deep trance like state quicker then normal while listening to these beats.  I have heard angels telepathically speaking to me and letting me know that I am never alone, that they are always with me.

Before I began this meditation that day I was asking for reassurance from the angels and wanted to connect with them.  I was in such a deep trance, and I heard a few voices, not just one, at a time speaking to me.  It lasted for about for a minute and it was beautiful.

This also helps to clear your mind and keep those thoughts away that you don’t need around while doing meditation.

There are a lot to chose from and all have a story behind them.  The website is interesting and fun to search.

If you try this please let me know how you did and if you did happen to experience anything.