Crystal Connections January 2013



  1. Crystal Meditation 31 January 2013
    I found myself in the same elven forest of green birches and I saw a tall and beautiful female elf with Angelic vibrations, her blond hair was very long and she was wearing a long aquamarine coloured dress and I was both the child whose hand she was holding and we walked side by side and I was at the same time my Presence following them
    Then I entered a dark Sphere , a Void, a Cosmic Space of nothingness and yet full of possibilities and potentials, I saw the Pyramid again and connected with RA, I saw the Eye of Ra watching me and surrounded by Golden Light Aura, I do not remember anything but I got a feeling I am communicating on a higher level and being given instructions and information on a different level from the physical, the meditation looked much like dreaming, do not remember everything but have a feeling that I received a lot of information
    I sensed a high , some high place as a mountain peak I reached but it was dark like deep in the ocean, I was moving/swimming and I felt the sound vibrations in my Heart Chakra, as I feel now I was in a craft and travelling
    Love and Light

  2. Elvi – 30 January 2013
    Hello Tauno. I think perhaps it was you I was seeing: I saw elves like dancing on the surface of water (definitely like Finnish nature) and then an angel appeared with small wings yellow-white…out of the sea, she was in blue, yellow, peach/pink, then she rose higher and the wings started growing and changing color to white.
    Isn’t this extraordinary?!

  3. Crystal Connection 30 January 2013
    Jesus embracing a child
    I found myself in a green Elven forest, High thin birches with green leaves and I was a White elf coming higher, I saw Jesus and He was looking at me, I was tiny and Jesus reached out His Hand to me, I started climbing towards Him and the Portal behind Him and I felt my White Wings growing, I became a little Angel
    I am swimming into the deep ocean , dark blue and green and I got a vision of a female Mermaid, She was beautiful , the colours were yellow, orange and blue, the Mermaid wanted me to follow Her and I did, I got the feeling that I am travelling into the Elven realms and I felt My Higher Self Presence that told me these are also distorted realities the elven ones and they are also part of the experience in order to reach the State of Connecting with the Source, I felt myself standing between the elven realms and the Reality of a Cosmic Universal Truth, now as i am typing this OLA is showing to me GEBO again that means cooperation
    I followed the Spirit and I emerged to the surface of the ocean and there was a bright sunny day there and a blue sky and I saw a beautiful castle
    All the time I was meditating I felt my physical body that was not calm, itches all over, this is quite unusual because although the itches the visions came as if I am watching a movie and scratch, scratch, my head itches, my hands, legs…till I received “The Snake is changing old Skin”…I feel it as a sign for physical change and remember the pupa turning into a butterfly….it is not funny 🙂 , I have never sensed such itches before in meditation
    Love and Light

  4. Crystal Meditation – 29 January 2013
    I remember the giant Eagle that landed in the mountains and He was connected with the Native American Chief I saw , the Eagle was grey as were the feathers that the Chief was wearing
    I saw the Tree Shining just like Lisa has drawn it while merging in meditation with Her Higher Self, I got a message for Lisa ” Return to Your Roots ”
    the Tree I felt connected with my vision of HERA too
    I saw Light, Golden Light
    I saw a giant hand behind the veils of the illusion
    Two portals opened and I saw Angels there, they came through the Portals
    We are not alone
    Love You

  5. Elvi – 28 January 2013
    I was at the pyramids also, and I saw a giant eagle. Then a light that started from there, it looked more like a comet heading somewhere…
    Was thinking I think you were at this place I’ve been to near the Great pyramid, when you wrote you were on a plateau, it sounded like the place…

  6. Crystal Meditation – 28 January 2013
    I saw some Native American Men performing a ritual with the Pipe of Peace smoking, there was a Chief standing up and speaking and then He gave the pipe to a man sitting there
    I did not have many visions , just quick images – the Pyramid again, the flying Giant Bird, then Lights , I feel I cannot reach someone, perhaps some of us is unable to connect this time, maybe it is me, will try tomorrow again
    Love and Light

  7. Crystal Connection 27 January 2013

    Only got , seeing myself lying in a field white flowers and grass. It was on a hot summers day , the sky is blue, the air is hot and bees buzzing happily . I stand up and i look below and in the valley I see Abi-qor . Everything is laziness and relaxing.

    • I also was in the mountain of green, Lisa, this way I see Abi-Qor 🙂 and perhaps you received the Healing Energy from the City of Light through the white flowers
      Love You

  8. Crystal Connection 26 January 2013

    I see a black crow fly up to the moon. The moon is white and then it changes into a bright sun, and daytime . I see an eagle and the crow is meeting the eagle. They touch beaks and make a heart. I am meditating in front of the big lemurian crystal and see the image of the two birds. I feel angel wings growing on my back, big white ones and I fly up and Level with the crystal point . A pink beam comes out of it into my heart and feel such blissful love for every human and every animal and every nature. Something is opening up to me, past life. I am and old shaman woman with long white hair , Sioux clan, performing a ritual, seeing in the future . First I see white and black crow fighting each other and further into the future 2013 they blend became a gray peace crow. I see sunset, it was my last one, seeing pine trees and the valley below me before I joined spirit . I am back staring @ the crystal. I m done with meditation , back in my room. Love lisa.

    • Lisa, amazing connection again, I also was flying/feeling of levitation and I was listening to White Gold Alchemy again/merging the Moonlight and the Sunlight into White Gold/, the bird I saw looked like an Eagle /Thunderbird with giant wings and while meditating I kept OLA and Leos in my hand
      In one of my previous meditations I connected with Native American Chiefs Buffalo and Bear that were One Soul and I saw the White Owl and Santa Muerte, then the Owl flied to Egypt and I saw her becoming a grey Owl
      America is connected with Egypt
      the black crow/Atlantis cruelty and darkness/ fought with the white one/ Atlantis wisdom and knowledge transferred into Egypt after the fall of Atlantis/, that is why the White Owl flied to Egypt and became a grey Owl in my meditation, it is a long story that is presenting itself to us, dear Lisa, we are discovering the pieces and we remember our part in all these
      Love You so much my sweet Sister
      Love YOU!

  9. Crystal Meditation – 27 January 2013
    I saw the Pyramids and the City of Light forming over them
    Ascended Master came over the Pyramids
    Two Portals opened and I saw triangle and a mushroom portals of Golden Light
    I saw a Huge Being of Light sending/directing Light energy towards the Earth, I saw two hands giving energy
    I entered a portal of Blue Light
    I saw a mountain , green mountain from above and I also saw an Eagle
    then Native American White Eagle chief appeared and I saw a sign that He was wearing, it looked like the Rune SOWELU , the Rune of Victory and Success and the symbol of the SUN, we have the Power to make the difference for better and overcome every obstacle on our way, this is a period of Recovering and Recharging, the Chief looked at me and I asked Him to give me a message and I got a vision of a Land – brown colours, Sunset and a small Plato as if it was a type of Pyramid on the flat surface and I saw a human figure there
    I entered the Sphere of All Possibilities and I imagined All of Us Fully Conscious Galactic Beings of Light, I connected with my Future Self, I had my own Craft and I could travel the Universe, I was connected with these I love anytime and I was doing a job of Service , I served the Will of the Creator and Had a Higher connection with the Source, the Cities of Light were available for raising the vibrations, I felt Healing and transmuting vibrations in my Heart Chakra while I was connected with my Future Self that is crystalline, My Heart Chakra expanded and was vibrating on a higher level

  10. Crystal Meditation – 26January 2013
    I saw the Wolf trying to tore the ropes/chains of a prisoner, I saw the prisoner`s back and tied hands
    Portals are Open, I saw the Pyramid Shining and above it there was Golden Light Orb/Portal
    I got a feeling of levitating
    I saw a giant Bird flying and behind it was the Light, the Bird was coming to us carrying Light
    Many People were gathered together and were listening to a Teacher
    I saw a cloud of Gold dust in Space

  11. Crystal Meditation – 24 January 2013

    I saw the surface of Earth at sunset and there were beautiful dramatic clouds in the sky, I saw some cloud ships as I see them often in the sky every day. I thought of Lisa and I know she thinks of us
    I saw Jeshua connecting with us and calling us to go through the portal, Jeshua reached out to embrace us, the Portal was Open, I found myself climbing a tunnel inside a Pyramid, there were no steps, just flat tunnel leading upwards towards the Light, the Portal was Open, I saw Bastet there and a Pharaoh
    Then I was in the open, in an area of ancient ruins and I saw the sky above them again, the Bear came and the Wolf next, I saw a spiraling energy of Golden Light and I was flying forward with this vortex of Golden Light and I saw a human face there, then the Egyptian cross that Bastet holds and Pyramids, smaller pyramids of Egyptian style

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