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  2. I in fact have an headache, too. I hope tomorrow morning, I can recall more and both of us can get recovered from it …love you so, my deares sisters, Frila

  3. Lisa – 31 May 2013

    I was so stressed out and having a headache I just felt hiding under a rock and cry. I feel a bit better but still having a headache. I saw a green landscape and eagle. Love Lisa

  4. Crystal meditation – 31 may 2013
    I saw White peony flower into the green Light of a bright sunny day, I think of Frila and all of you
    I started with Heart Mending Meditation to heal some negative emotions that emerged during my day, I felt a deep and narrow tunnel that was at the area of my heart, I literally saw through my spine and my awareness was in my Heart chakra, it was dark, like a tunnel in a mountain where a vague green Light penetrates from the distance, echoes of lower vibrations I heard as they emerged for healing, I simply stayed there and was Present and i felt what was going on in my heart, gradually the Light turned White and I got a base under my feet, I was watching from above into the tunnel again but under my feet there was a glass floor and I could see the mountain down the tunnel from above, It was the same green and blue mountain that i saw so many times before, I watched it from a transparent craft and i was in this craft
    I remember a vision of a Clear quartz point or Lemurian quartz point and the crystal showed me the rune TIR
    the message is that crystals assists us, they are our tools and the victory will be ours
    I connected then with my pineal and extended the tunnel upwards,I saw an Angel of golden Light that was assisting my connection with the upper realms
    my pineal gland received the Light coming down to me through my Higher Self and I started channeling it into the Core of Gaia, I breath in the light that goes in my Hear and then expands and goes down through my lower chakras to the core of Gaia
    I form a channel, a beam of Light , I have a feeling of Space and I connect with the great Central Sun, I see a cord of Light, a ray that connects all of them and me in the center , the connection is a Line and also I see a triangle of Light
    I sense the Higher vibrations going through me and I feel Mother Earth`s Ascension and her New Skies of blue and white, we are going together into the New Earth
    Love and Light

  5. Chrystal Connecion May 30, 2013

    In the beginning of first 15 mins, I guess, I could see nothing and the atmosphere was pretty wired. I then saw something maybe aquatic in the shape similar to scorpion just stayed on the surface of your grid, seemed to be sucking the energy or to wait for the moment to do further action. I hence asked Anubis and Archangel’s help.

    I saw a very long and pretty dark canyon where were running lots of white horses. They were so gorgeous, and seemed just separate us from that dark force.

    Then came lots of visions…I saw a modern Caucasian man with gray and a little bit curly hair, wearing glasses was killed. I saw him some days before he died, wearing white shirt and the course when he was assassinated in a very cruel way. By his death, he wore a violet clothes in Hawai or Mexican style. I cried, but feel so sorry for being unable to know who he was and what can I do for him and this event.

    Then I saw I was given a hexagonal Super Seven crystal plate and it was inserted into my heart chakra. I want to thank you all for bringing me such a divine present !!!

    Then, I seemed meet again Mother Mary and lots of things I saw were pink. I once dressed and stayed in a pink rose blossom valley, and were so trouble-free and pleased. It seemed that I even once became elve ?

    I saw lots of ships, too and seemed stayed in not only one them. I remembered how I looked through the windows of the ships. There was one in which I had some special intimate emotion, I hence asked the name…Algiz. So, my dear sister, I know this lovely feeling could come to me, because of you.

    I saw once again the the portal….this time, it look like a beautiful light veil, however, it seemed that I was looking back toward the side of earth from the side beyond.

    By the end, I saw a rite happening in the forest. A woman in red, carried by a sedan chair, and lots of people were singing and dancing for some ceremony…but more precisely saying all her body looked like lava/magma. So I guess what I saw was again the goddess Pele. This time, she looked different from the forest teenager Indian girl in red tazan clothes that I saw yesterday.

    A beautiful melody to comfort your heart…

    Love you all so

    • I am so happy that you visited ALGIZ, my dear sister
      Yes, it is connected with these magical realms of Light 🙂
      Thank you for the music
      I Love You

  6. Lisa – 30 May 2013

    First I saw a lot of flamingos. Then I see millions of crafts beaming light to the earth intensifying. The grid gets energy and everything is lightened up. I see her again; the grey being and we have a telepathic connection. I merge with Arachanai. It is happening and that is why you are feeling strange. It is still intensifying, and I see the opening of many portals, we keep them open so that people can go. They are going, I see big patches of human light ascend, I see birds flying in big groups into heaven. They are leaving, we say goodbye. I see a million roses bloom in the fields of heaven, there is celebration, we are laughing, we are in the ship, we are drinking some elixir, we are having fun in the meeting room with high arches. I am everywhere, light pours into me, my body fills with energy, and my chakras are opening. I am opening and going multi-dimensional, expanding like the universes; angels are there, expanding light within this universe. Expanding, filling it with love, they poor it over Gaia, over the people, nature, animals, everything – such a beautiful sight to see.

    Love Lisa

  7. Crystal meditation – 30 May 2013
    I got trouble concentration
    I saw a Sphere or a Planet surrounded by Golden fiery Light
    Then I saw the Deer – Spirit of the Forest with the antlers with flowers
    I felt light coming in my pineal gland as i saw the Portal Open and Light coming through it, rays of Light, I channeled this Light into the Earth, I saw craft – saucer shaped in the Portal
    Love and Light

  8. I don’t know why, after the meditation was finished, I feel so sad, deeply sad…seemed due to some kind of deeply nostalgia.

    In the beginning, I saw a elongated pyramid and then a white double helix beam appeared in the center, which seemed to be projected from the sky into the earth. This lasted for a couple of time and not only once.

    Then though I felt some kind of peace and serenity, I had much less visions than the past days.
    Most of the visions had to do with animals : tortoise, raven, bear, yellow dog, white cow, white pig ?, wolf, white goat, bear, white deer, white reindeer…One deer or reindeer even approached me, and that consoled me so.

    It seemed that I not only once was in the water, as well as in the snowy forests.
    I also saw some contemporary scenes ? : a wet (rainy) fork before dark full of motorcycles and their professional riders in white uniforms with red patches on their shoulder. This scene looked uncomfortable at all.
    I saw some kind of golden giant seed was planted into the earth, and then a very thick light root just kept growing and penetrating into underground.

    I saw lots of flying triangle crafts and saucer, some of them were just staying above us. Some were pouring light and energy to us. There was one time a black saucer on the contrary aspired something from our location.
    As usual…also lot of pyramids.

    This melody seems to aggravate my sadness, but also comfort. A wired night in the storm, at Venus-Jupiter conjunction and in the complicated/contradictory emotions.

    much love to you all


  9. Lisa 29 May 2013
    Before the meditation I saw a sunset and calm blue sea. I see white stones that form a bond, and it opens a portal.I see lots of birds flying in the sky. Crystal tears fall into the waters.I see the owl in
    tree of life, sitting on branch. It is the goddess Athena, she gives us the gift of inspiration of creation. I am earth bound, I am light energy.

    Love Lisa

    • Lisa, I remember seeing a White Horse when I moved from the heart to the pineal, this resonates with your vision of the Owl, and the tree of Life – spinal cord
      What a connection again, we both were dealing with Creation!
      Love You

  10. Crystal Meditation – 29.05.2013
    I connected with my Heart chakra and felt soothing and light energy as it I am floating in warm water, green and blue colours, the Light that my heart beamed out was green, I got a message from my Heart – to reach your Sacred Heart is a journey in vibrations, each human can reach the sacred Light within the Heart when reaching the high vibrations of Light and Peace within, the connection gets stronger when one maintains this frequency and hold it as long as possible in everything he/she does, speaks and thinks
    emotions and visions from my everyday life emerged on the surface and almost all of them were connected with pain, suffering, feeling desperate, I put them all into this soothing energy of my heart to be transmuted into Light and felt inner Peace and forgiveness
    I remember seeing a White Horse when I moved from the heart to the pineal
    Then I connected with my Pineal gland and I saw a Beam of Light, this beam was in fact Angelic Being of golden Light, very tall and I was connected with the higher Angelic realms, I saw people and scenes from my everyday exposed into this higher realm where Angels were singing and were present,
    Blue energy, like both in the sky and in the ocean
    I saw myself in this higher realm wearing light blue dress and with shoulder length dark blond hair that was being waved by the soft wind and was loose
    I felt my Presence and realized that I Am in my own Creation that emerged from the void of my Presence, it was a blue realm, so fresh and charged with the potentials of the New Creation

  11. Crystal Meditation – 28 May 2013

    Confession here…I stayed up late until 05 : 30 this morning, that did cause my lacking strength and the difficulty to recall more. I even got distracted several times during the meditation.

    The vision more impressive was that in the beginning, I saw lots of adorable elves in red dress. They were so pleased and just having fun around a big tree.

    It seemed that I saw again that yellow dragon from the left and that white horse in the end of this journey. Today, most of my visions seemed rather have to do with forest beings [animals, elves, deity]. I in fact could not read Tauno and Troy’s mails in time about obsidian before starting meditation, but coincidentally, the goddess that I saw looked really like Pele that I just searched in internet. But the one I saw looks younger as a teenager. Besides, I also saw Santa Muerte.

    In my childhood, I had ever been so attached to American Indian Culture, but once after my best classmate gave me a set of miniature ceramic jars made in mesoamerica, it somehow arose my deep grief, guilt, regret, even fear caused in some incarnation there when being a witch-doctor. It seemed I anyhow killed someone, no matter intentionally or by accident. Or, I seemed to have ever played black magic and caused huge disasters.

    My dear Tauno, may my hugs give you more warmness for getting consoled from this deep grief. I’m so honored to be able to share your stories in such a intimate way. I’ve after all been blown away for so many years from these civilizations and wisdom, thanks to you for bringing me back and experiencing it in such a subtle way. So to Troy for keeping enlarging my knowledge on these, too.

    Dear Tauno, you know the picture of the deer or of the spirit of forest that you posted in the beginning of this month have indeed summoned me. I’ll post the concerned pictures of the some archaeological finds in Mongolia on STC with you.

    Also, thanks for your reminding, I can hence recall the glimpse when that pattern was drawn, particularly the parts of the “diamond” and the “cross” !!!

    many hugs to you all


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