February 2014 meditations



  1. Fukushima Meditation – 9 February 2014
    I saw a transparent Sphere of energy coming from an open Lotus flower, it tilted right, some other lotus flowers with Spheres of energy and one Fiery Sphere out of an orange Lotus connected with Fukushima
    Green planes of Spiritual reality, I was travelling through the green energies
    I saw Fukushima region as a land of non-toxic emissions, the reactors and the whole facility are in a green and peaceful healthy region and there are many trees and a mountain behind, the air is fresh and calming and I see a blue ray of Light that is coming from the sky, the Blue ray of Sirius is here to bring energy and I see a Spirit dog there into the ray of blue
    Waterfalls of energy pour down the land , fresh and peaceful waters bringing healing and higher frequencies

  2. Fukushima Meditation – 6 February 2014
    I saw a Goddess sitting on Her Throne – she was giving Light and Blessings through her hands and her head that was in communion with the Source, She was sitting in Cosmos next to a rock of a kind, the rock was brown and the Goddess was wearing white dress and grey-blue shoulder cover or mantle, rays of White Light , She directed it towards the toxic area of Fukushima, then the ballerinas appeared, two white ballerinas – small by comparison with the size of the Goddess, they were dancing by Her feet and they have white wings, one of the ballerinas drew a circle above the head using a white ribbon in her hand while she was rotating counterclockwise and the other ballerina started rotating clockwise and they formed a spiral together and flew up in Space, then a man ballet dancer came flying and it was a beautiful performance
    I saw Rays of Light – White silver Light all around the damaged reactors
    Then I was in a place of red colours
    all around me – empty red space and only red colours, I realized I am in a kind of corridor and it was a narrow space into the red
    I remember a giant woman`s face – the Goddess, She was transparent and Present all around, her face appeared in the air over the Earth`s surface and down there was a town and I also saw a mountain there
    Love and Light

  3. Crystal Meditation – 3 January 2014
    I saw a red fire like lava rising upwards towards the rock I was standing on and this energy was a fiery red Dragon, I saw a man down below who gave the dragon Power and direction, the Man is a Japanese Ascended Master dressed in yellow kimono and with Samurai hairdress
    He was dancing below giving instructions to the dragon that curved like a giant snake of red flames, gradually the dragon turned into a fiery Bird – and the Phoenix flew up in Cosmos
    Then I sensed a void space, emptiness like Space of dark blue and grey colours and then I saw myself flying on Eagle`s wings, the Eagle that was carrying me was green and blue
    Then I do not remember much….but suddenly a river appeared in a forest
    The river had two or three streams and I saw one of them and the brown and grey pebbles on the river bed, the water was crystal clear
    The river flew downwards on the mountain hills to flow into the waterfall that is somewhere there in the distance

  4. Fukushima meditation – 1 February 2014
    Rose colour energies at a place where there was black colours and darkness
    I saw a ballerina stepping up on an invisible stairway to the sky
    Then I was flying above three ballerinas dressed in white that were side by side and started dancing forward, formed a circle, the dance became faster and they formed a swirl and there formed a spiral of energy, the white spiral went upwards and connected with Cosmos, then I saw Fukushima reactors and the water below wrapped in an energetic octahedron and the toxic emissions were trapped into the octahedron
    Then I saw a giant tall Pyramid made of unknown material, at the center of one of its sides that was in front of me I saw a vertical thin line/ in the middle from the top to the base of the Pyramid/ shining as a liquid Gold, at the top of the Pyramid was a Sphere of light that was shining like the Sun, the Pyramid turned into a mountain of a shape of a Pyramid, I saw high waterfalls, the water that was falling was crystal clear
    Love and Light

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