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We’re dealing with an actual existing “butterfly effect” here.

The “Newton’s cradle” desktop toy demonstrates how this is done. A force will travel through matter with no visible movement on the surface, then it will explode in the other end.

Anything in the world can be made to do the same thing. Electrons moving in an electric cable are rather slow – they travel maybe one meter per second. Yet when the power is turned on in the power plant, electric current is received many miles away. It’s the force that travels through electrons, not the electrons themselves that move all that distance.

There’s also the “snowball effect”, push a small snowball downhill, and it will grow bigger and bigger.

Imagine yourself standing at the top of that hill. You are the butterfly whose flapping of the wings will start the storm in distant lands. Your single thought can make a snowball start rolling downhill. One thought, made of physical matter, can create a force that will travel silently through any kind of matter, and the effect can grow endlessly powerful.

In a game of pool, one ball is used to deliver force and create the desired effect in the surrounding balls. You just have to aim carefully.

Most people are unaware. They do not know that they already have the ability to change anything.

From Chaos to Cleansing – Energetic Spin Cycle by Aurora

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From Chaos to Cleansing – Energetic Spin Cycle

July 15, 2013

On an energetic level, things have been changing rapidly. It is as if the Earth is being put through the spin cycle. Yes, everything will come out cleansed, renewed and refreshed, but in the meantime, it feels as though life is topsy-turvy. This latest change in energy is not only affecting life events, but also physical items. Many individuals are experiencing moves in residence or business, problems with electronics, appliances and vehicles (which Mercury retrograde is adding its special touch to), and the release of deep feelings of sadness and hopelessness.

If you were to look into your own future at this time, most of you would see a cloud of uncertainty; knowing that there is something there, but that it is still forming, and as such is hidden from your view. This cloud contains all possibilities available to you after this spin cycle is complete. Everything and anything is contained in the cloud, and it is simply there to obscure the future from your view at this moment, only to allow the final testing of personal choices to be made.

This choice point is accentuated by the release of the sadness and hopelessness. Those of you who are feeling this way are now letting go of lifetimes of old energy that has been influencing your past actions in a subtle, yet powerful manner. As you head to the end of this spin cycle and are ready to land on your wobbly feet, this sadness and hopelessness is being spun out of you, in order to assist you in making choices from a place of pure faith and knowing.

There are many who will become fearful by the revelation of this deep sadness, depression, and hopelessness. However, all of these emotions are sourced somewhere in your past, they could be triggered in the present moment, but they are not new. For many, a renewed view of childhood distress and trauma is occurring, in order to facilitate a huge release of those memories. Even when you have dealt with this energy before, and thought you have moved beyond it, there can be another portion that comes out, as it was able to hide unnoticed until the spin cycle flung it to the surface.

To make best use of this time, reassess what you are feeling, emotion-wise, as it come to the surface. One of my channel’s favorite questions to ask herself is, “What is this showing me?” It is a simple question, but a very effective one, as it will help you to understand all components of your emotional state, even those you had not considered before.

As far as the issues with physical changes, such has moving, repairs to home items, computer problems and so forth. This is because the items in your homes, offices and around you also have to recalibrate to the new energy. They are also going through the spin cycle, and as such, are aiding your personal journey. When you have reworked something in your life, the items around you also have to adjust to your new personal energy levels. As you work on raising your vibration, and continue to let go of those old energies that no longer serve your best and highest good, the physical resources in your life will also experience changes as a reflection of your new higher energy level.

Some items and objects have an easier time with this adjustment process than others. There are many influencing factors to the adjustment of these items, including age, power supply, function, location, amount of use, your energy level, and other variables. If you are experiencing issues with several items around you, the best thing you can do is keep yourself out of a state of urgency and panic. A normal reaction to things going wrong is to immediately try to find a solution. However, during this spin cycle everyone’s energy is more reactive than normal. Because of that, if you react to what is happening out of urgency and panic, you will actually be throwing that panicked energy into the problematic situation. If instead, you can take a step back for 5-15 minutes, distract yourself and then come back to tackle the problem, you will find that it is much easier to tap into the intuition and clarity you need to solve it.

  • So, when will this spin cycle be over? For most individuals this cycle will come to a stop right around August 8, but there will be a lingering week of hiccups for some. By mid-August, life will start to gel again and the cloud of uncertainty will slowly lift, to reveal a bright and shiny new future; not necessarily different from before, but definitely polished to its highest potential. In the meantime, learn from what is happening around you and try not to let the feelings of sadness and hopelessness take you into a place of frustration; instead use them as an anchor to pull out as much energy as you are ready to release. Most of all, be patient with things; sit and contemplate before reacting and know that this time will pass, only to lead to even more clarity than before.

Love, Aurora