Heruka 19 March 2014: Ignorance to Wisdom


Ignorance to Wisdom: Like Filings to a Lodestone

Heruka’s words 19 March 2014

(From Leslee: In response to recent thoughts about how some things and people seem to arise merely to cause distraction from focus or path, here’s what came forth.)

As you progress towards understanding, which brings your freedom, that sense of freedom radiating from you draws like a magnet and the polar opposite is attracted.

Ignorance (in the sense of a state which lacks wisdom and self-knowledge) is compelled, like iron filings to a lodestone.

If there are “filings” nearby, there’s no way to shield them from being drawn to the lodestone…

Unless there is some sort of shield.

So what’s the nature, the point of a lodestone? (See Wikipedia quote below)

It’s an occupational hazard, a given, when one strives for Enlightenment, to find ignorance and obstruction drawn to one like filings to a lodestone.

Shielding simply keeps the filings at a distance. The moment there’s a gap in the shield, the filings rush to the heart of the magnet.

But notice also, the filings don’t draw from the magnet… They merely cling and hover helplessly. The nature of the magnet prevails, regardless of whether it’s wearing a cloak of annoying fuzzy sharp bits of iron.

So you can brush them away all you want, they will fly right back at the first opportunity. There’s no harm; all they do is cloud the appearance of the magnet.

The lodestone reminds still and silent, unperturbed. And so you must, if you feel flocked by distractions and things or people that would seem to draw you off course. Ignore the iron filings.

Just take note of what is the heart and what is the clinging but.

The filings only affect you to the extent that you allow them to distract you.

From Wikipedia, regarding “Lodestone”: ‘The process by which lodestone is created has long been an open question in geology. Only a small amount of the magnetite on Earth is found magnetized as lodestone. Ordinary magnetite is attracted to a magnetic field like iron and steel is, but does not tend to become magnetized itself. Recent research[8] has found that only a variety of magnetite with a particular crystalline structure, a mixture of magnetite and maghemite, has sufficient coercivity to remain magnetized and thus be a permanent magnet. One theory suggests that lodestones are magnetized by the strong magnetic fields surrounding lightning bolts.[8] This is supported by the observation that they are mostly found at the surface of the Earth; not buried at great depth.’

Taking Responsibility – All New SunRaymond

Greetings everybody my name is Seven Raymond. Before I get to the matter at hand (“Taking Responsibility”), I’d like to briefly speak about the all new SunRaymond.

I’ve decided to take “SunRaymond” in a new direction. Not only will I be putting out enlightening and thought stimulating information for the purpose of inspiring you to become more conscious and self-sufficient, but I will also be offering a number of beneficial services locally and online through SunRaymond. This site shall be just one conduit through which I live out my higher life purpose, which includes teaching, inspiring, and helping the people.

It brings me great Joy to work magic through the art of using my will power to transform my thoughts into reality. Therefore, as you read this I am in the midst of creating new services and designing new curriculums for various classes that I will be teaching, locally and online. However, I will also be putting out articles on a number of topics related to conscious living. That is, Living Consciously instead of unconsciously. Knowledge once gained, then implemented is Power. Our vibrations and consciousness levels doesn’t rise automatically. Our lives do not change, or become better automatically. We don’t become great automatically. There are things that must be done in order to achieve higher consciousness, to change our lives, or to become what we perceive as better. In order to experience such things, we must do the work! Yet many of us don’t know where to start. That’s why I, on behalf of SunRaymond.com is speaking to you now. It is my desire and my higher life purpose to bring fourth the information and the knowledge that I receive through my own intuition, my own insight, my own research, study, and my own conscious observation of all that is. I know thyself; therefore, I can help you to know yourself. That’s why I lead. However, through following me you’ll find yourself led right back to yourself. Oh, that’s right! I will lead you to yourself. Seven wants no followers. I only desire to assist you in becoming a leader for yourself.

Many of you desire to be Lightworkers, and that’s cool if you’re ready for that. However, it’s not easy work. You must be prepared! You see, before attempting to become a Lightworker you must step away from the Light and go within the dark. The key lies within the darkness which is the depths of your being. Your zero point! Yet too many of you are still looking for your key out in the light. Your key is within! So release your fear of the dark and become one with it.

As I always say, “To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way”. Yet too many people upon this planet has still not conquered themselves. Therefore, they remain held back by their own self.

Haven’t you had enough of that? Now is the time to discover who you are. Now is the time to become conscious within your subconscious self, so that the unknown can become known to you. Once that happens you’ll experience a freedom out of this world. You’ll rise above the illusion and into the reality where the illusion will be bendable to your will like clay. Speaking of clay, one should learn not to take everything so seriously. One should learn to play, because you see, play turns your circumstances and life troubles into clay! …and what do we do with clay? We bend it to our will in order to create what we want.

However, many of us are weak willed. We have no will power. We have no will power because we lack discipline. We lack discipline because we don’t want to do the necessary work. We are lazy. We want to depend on others. We want to follow others. We are afraid. Our self-esteem is low, which is predicated upon self-hate and not knowing thyself. We don’t like to do research. We don’t like to study. We are hopeless. We are broke. We like quick fixes. We think inside of the box, therefore we remain trapped. We love our government. We believe, or struggle to believe that they love us and have our best interest at heart. Therefore, we take what we are given, even when if feels odd. We love our vaccines. We don’t have common sense, and if we do, then we don’t listen to it. We don’t follow our IN-tuition. Instead we pay tuition. GENERALLY SPEAKING!!! …and the list goes on and on people!

So, here I am, and on behalf of SunRaymond.com my name is Seven Raymond and I will be posting my articles and offering my readings, consultations, and classes which if taken advantage of by you, are the remedies to all of the above issues and more. Hmm, I may even post a few YouTube videos from time to time. Peace, Love, Light, and Dark

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Adrial: Athabantian Awake!

(from Leslee)
Greetings, Everyone!

As many of you know, we have felt some recent shifts… I’ve been puzzling over why things seemed to grind to a halt with the Athabantian Ground Crew (and perhaps you were wondering, too).

Of course, my move to Pagosa tossed many things up in the air, but I knew that there was more than that to the pause.

With the arrival of November, my personal experience has been to shift focus back to Inner Earth family, but this morning, I got a nudge that it’s also time to revive the Athabantian gathering, and see where we are.

So, if you’re a Crew member and happen to read this, please comment, and lets re-group!

Here is a brief message from Adrial:

We aboard Athabantian greet you once again, as we wish to advise you of recent efforts in collaboration with our dear friends and family within the various regions of Inner Earth. We have particularly been working with our Arcturian family as well… Some of you have already noticed these connections being made.

We see that many of you are already aware of the links established, the portals that have been opened, and the channels within your physical bodies which have been activated.

You will also continue to assemble recollections, and “missing pieces” may fall into place. Some of these insights may also induce feelings of shock, joy, grief, relief, and exhaustion. If you feel these, please go within and ask for guidance and soothing, and you will find these more readily than before.

Some of you have just connected some dots, and now you receive a more clear picture. Do you see better how we are all working together? And hopefully you may also understand better why some information has been withheld (and some will be withheld a but longer).

You may also perceive that even though things may seem to have been “quiet”, and your dreams and meditations may have felt dull and secreted away, you have all been hard at work.

We are reaching out to you now to thank and reassure you, and also to encourage you to re-connect, as you feel inclined, with those who were gathered earlier this year as Athabantian Ground Crew. As you compare notes, you will discover synchronicities and connections with our Crew in flight, as well as with one another.

Please recall your connections with the Crew list, and the affinities you felt, with their names and roles. These will come into focus for you more clearly now.

We have plenty of time, so please do not feel pressured. You have all been hard at work, and the information we will share soon will allow you to more profoundly integrate the work you have been doing “behind the scenes”, with your life during waking time.

We are asking Leslee to end with a quote from Heruka, who is a manifestation of Mikos. She will explain more. Please take these words to heart, and understand that we offer them because the time has come to sort the cards.

Thank you for all you have been doing. You are powerful beings of Light, and we rejoice with solemn gratitude.

With much love and many blessings to all of you,

(From Leslee: Heruka has been one of my dearest Spiritual Guides in this life, for the past dozen years or so. He has also been my Constant Companion throughout many lifetimes, especially during the ones I have spent as Tibetan Buddhist lamas. I have learned just recently that He and Mikos of Porthologos are manifestations of one another, and that the connections between Inner Earth, Tibetan Buddhism, and Arcturus run far more deep and vast than many realize. It appears that I will be making efforts to tie these threads together for you in the near future, as it seems that these are connections that many of us may share. Below please find the message that I received from Heruka on 29 October 2012. This will illustrate why He is sometimes considered a bit wrathful: He cuts to the chase, like it or not… With love, Leslee)

What difference does it make, whether We ‘land’, or ‘appear’?

The Work of Ascending is each individual’s to do. All We can offer are pointing instructions and Teachings. From there, one must go within to find, receive, realize and integrate Them.

It does not matter whether We teach you how to cleanse and purify the external environment of Gaia. If you have not done the Inner Work necessary for you to maintain your “vibration” or “virtue” at high enough levels, you will not remain here, regardless of Gaia’s condition.

Do you still feel you must compare yourself to your ‘neighbor’? Then you have inner work to do. Do you still feel there are ‘others’ in darkness? Then you still have inner work to do. Do you still concern yourself with your external conditions? Then you have inner work to do.

Please sit down, shut up, go within, and stop complaining. You are no better or worse than others. You simply have inner work to do.

We are here with you always, in love.