Adrial: Athabantian Awake!

(from Leslee)
Greetings, Everyone!

As many of you know, we have felt some recent shifts… I’ve been puzzling over why things seemed to grind to a halt with the Athabantian Ground Crew (and perhaps you were wondering, too).

Of course, my move to Pagosa tossed many things up in the air, but I knew that there was more than that to the pause.

With the arrival of November, my personal experience has been to shift focus back to Inner Earth family, but this morning, I got a nudge that it’s also time to revive the Athabantian gathering, and see where we are.

So, if you’re a Crew member and happen to read this, please comment, and lets re-group!

Here is a brief message from Adrial:

We aboard Athabantian greet you once again, as we wish to advise you of recent efforts in collaboration with our dear friends and family within the various regions of Inner Earth. We have particularly been working with our Arcturian family as well… Some of you have already noticed these connections being made.

We see that many of you are already aware of the links established, the portals that have been opened, and the channels within your physical bodies which have been activated.

You will also continue to assemble recollections, and “missing pieces” may fall into place. Some of these insights may also induce feelings of shock, joy, grief, relief, and exhaustion. If you feel these, please go within and ask for guidance and soothing, and you will find these more readily than before.

Some of you have just connected some dots, and now you receive a more clear picture. Do you see better how we are all working together? And hopefully you may also understand better why some information has been withheld (and some will be withheld a but longer).

You may also perceive that even though things may seem to have been “quiet”, and your dreams and meditations may have felt dull and secreted away, you have all been hard at work.

We are reaching out to you now to thank and reassure you, and also to encourage you to re-connect, as you feel inclined, with those who were gathered earlier this year as Athabantian Ground Crew. As you compare notes, you will discover synchronicities and connections with our Crew in flight, as well as with one another.

Please recall your connections with the Crew list, and the affinities you felt, with their names and roles. These will come into focus for you more clearly now.

We have plenty of time, so please do not feel pressured. You have all been hard at work, and the information we will share soon will allow you to more profoundly integrate the work you have been doing “behind the scenes”, with your life during waking time.

We are asking Leslee to end with a quote from Heruka, who is a manifestation of Mikos. She will explain more. Please take these words to heart, and understand that we offer them because the time has come to sort the cards.

Thank you for all you have been doing. You are powerful beings of Light, and we rejoice with solemn gratitude.

With much love and many blessings to all of you,

(From Leslee: Heruka has been one of my dearest Spiritual Guides in this life, for the past dozen years or so. He has also been my Constant Companion throughout many lifetimes, especially during the ones I have spent as Tibetan Buddhist lamas. I have learned just recently that He and Mikos of Porthologos are manifestations of one another, and that the connections between Inner Earth, Tibetan Buddhism, and Arcturus run far more deep and vast than many realize. It appears that I will be making efforts to tie these threads together for you in the near future, as it seems that these are connections that many of us may share. Below please find the message that I received from Heruka on 29 October 2012. This will illustrate why He is sometimes considered a bit wrathful: He cuts to the chase, like it or not… With love, Leslee)

What difference does it make, whether We ‘land’, or ‘appear’?

The Work of Ascending is each individual’s to do. All We can offer are pointing instructions and Teachings. From there, one must go within to find, receive, realize and integrate Them.

It does not matter whether We teach you how to cleanse and purify the external environment of Gaia. If you have not done the Inner Work necessary for you to maintain your “vibration” or “virtue” at high enough levels, you will not remain here, regardless of Gaia’s condition.

Do you still feel you must compare yourself to your ‘neighbor’? Then you have inner work to do. Do you still feel there are ‘others’ in darkness? Then you still have inner work to do. Do you still concern yourself with your external conditions? Then you have inner work to do.

Please sit down, shut up, go within, and stop complaining. You are no better or worse than others. You simply have inner work to do.

We are here with you always, in love.



    • Good day arctourist! You know, when we first started the Dreamflights I could remember everything! Witch is highly unusual for me. My whole life the only dreams I could ever remember were nightmares. But alas, I haven’t been able to remember any of my night time activities for some months now 😦 I still have faith that I’m going onboard the ships, I just can’t recall anything!

      • ah hey,yeah we hear there’s a lot of that going ’round,the amnesia-it might be contagious-i would prefer from now on to remember everything -or nothing at all might be fun-yeah not after enough years,it ain’t-dang it
        good day to you too-feels like a weird day-hopefully that translates to a good day-and it’s suddenly going fast-oops there it went-here comes another already-yeah i wouldn’t miss it if i possibly could,most likely!

    • Hahaha! I think we’re all feeling that way, Arctourist! It seems however, the energies are conspiring to jolt us all into remembering and awareness… Hang onto your hats!

        • Haha, yes, for the most part! It is lovely beyond words, and deeply magical for me! At the same time, while I’ve had the good fortune to land 3 jobs, I still need another one, and if I’m truthful, I’m in no hurry for the snow to arrive! πŸ˜‰ I do know that I’m where I’m meant to be (for the moment at least!), and as much as I miss my son, I can’t see myself ever going back to Atlanta… Maybe he’ll join me here… πŸ˜‰

  1. We saw thousands of orbs in Sedona up near the airport vortex during the 2012 Scenario Conference. We also spotted a few spaceships up in the stars, after singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow while holding hands in a circle. I am so excited for you to go out and look up at the sky. The energy we all felt, the tears that just flowed down the cheeks of men and women (200 people) was an amazing experience. I just bet your going to see something out-of-this-world!!!!

  2. Well darnit okay I’ll post it here too LOL

    A Response (Athabantian Awake!)

    I feel things have indeed been “flat-lining” for many of us from an energy perspective. But that in itself is rather extraordinary since it indicates a strong collective consciousness in an interconnected way with many of our soul-group family, both human and galactic. This can be a difficult thing as “individuals” to accept since we each value our own individuality; we may fear losing ourselves in the ocean of collective thought. Yet there is a realization for those who wish to embrace it, that our connection to each other enhances our daily lives in very significant ways. This goes beyond shared experiences. It is partnership and teamwork, often without our even realizing it.

    I have heard one perspective that is it not the completion of ascension for many but the initiation of this process, and that ascension is a never-ending process of discovering the story of who we are. Considering such an exciting storyline, do we truly want this story to end? This may simply involve being the best YOU you can be, whatever that may be: it may include past lives, or other lives in the present (we have many going on right now…), or only this present life you’re in, right this moment. I think God is probably sitting on his la-z-boy recliner with a big bucket of popcorn having a grand old time, seeing how his children fill the many little black boxes sitting on his coffee table, and occasionally participating in that story, whatever story (every story) he chooses to participate in. It’s all good. πŸ™‚

    With Love,

    Dreamwalker/Troy/Cloes/Umbro/Raven/Horus (etc.)

    • Hi, Troy!!! I tried replying to this on DWDiaries but got booted out, so it must be that I’m to comment here, heheh!

      I was saying that I LOVE the way you so precisely sum things up… It’s like we’ve been in the same meditations, seeing things from many perspectives and realizing that the macro view, the micro view, and everything in between just flow together into an ocean of awareness. It’s incredibly blissful and calm.

      I really like the way things are moving these days… πŸ˜‰

    • Hi, Everyone! How do I get so quickly so far behind in the comments! Ah, the weekend approaches, let’s see what this flight holds! It’s so wonderful to see and feel so many of you jumping in… I see a few new names (since I’ve been largely offline since early August); if any of you need STC author invitations, please let me know! I’ve continued to get many (sometimes vague) nudges this week, so right now I’m hoping to wade through some emails and then see what I can get posted before Saturday’s flights… Much love to you all! Leslee

  3. hi everyone, Troy’s reply in his blog brought me here again, so i thank him for that. I hope everybody is ok. This post is a good Wake Up call for me, thank you Leslee, and thank you all.

  4. Hey Leslee! At long last! πŸ˜€
    Well, I don’t know if I’m Athabantian crew or not (what about Tulya?!) but I guess we’re all ‘crew’ in some way or another… Anyway, I recently established some connections with an Arcturian entity who I believe is a healing guide to me and there was another entity who appeared to me while in meditation. I wrote about both experiences over here, under Salusa’s messages (can look up the dates if you’re interested).
    It’s funny you mention Inner Earth… just a few days ago I came across some info concerning an entry to some kind of ‘underground operation centre’ to what seemed to me to be… GFL! πŸ˜€ Long story short: there are at least two accounts (not anonymous) of people coming across info regarding this place, which is in a cave in one of our mountains. I’m going to those mountains in a few weeks πŸ˜‰ I might just get lucky! πŸ˜€
    All of this to say: count me in, as usual πŸ™‚
    Love ♥

    • Suntria, you can share links to all this info if you like. I love hearing about our Agarthan family! πŸ™‚

      I’ll share my experience at Mammoth caves, it may be helpful to you while you are exploring… what I saw was a specific area of the caves with radiating energy bands. It kind of looks like an aura, but human auras have fairly broad bands, the ones I saw were fairly small / narrow, and they radiate from inner to outer. It was the shape of an oval.

      • Thanks for the interest, Troy! πŸ˜€ However, the info I have on this is all in Portuguese… I can sum up what I know. A few facts:

        – the mountain I mentioned is called Gardunha (if you know any Spanish, read it ‘GarduΓ±a’); it’s located in the centre of the country a little below our biggest mountain (called ‘star moutain’) and is 1225 meters high;
        – there are many many stories involving the usual strange lights flying in the sky;
        – apparently the best time to try to see some ships is between September and December. It seems that you’re most likely to see them leaving the mountain around 11 p.m.-midnight and see them getting back around 2 a.m. This kind of schedule is fascinating to me;
        – there was a man, called AmΓ©rico Duarte, who became known for being a ‘defender’ of the mountain. He said that one day a humanoid being visited him in his backyard and that same being one day took him to visit the underground UFO base existing in the mountain. According to him, it was one of four bases spread around the world used by those same beings to study our planet (note: this happened sometime in the 70’s or 80’s, so no GFL channelings on the net back then). AmΓ©rico described what he saw as being a kind of space craft gallery in some sort of cliff.
        – in September 1996 a man called Ricardo Machado Oliveira decided to explore a cave in Gardunha and, after entering the cave, he fainted. When he woke up he was in a kind of underground hangar where he saw several oval silver ships. Three humanoid beings (although humanoid they all had different characteristics) told the man that they were part of an alliance of interstellar worlds (rings a bell?) that was ‘monitoring’ Earth. After that he fainted again and by the time he woke up he was lying on the ground outside the cave.
        I realise there are many things to bear in mind with accounts like these, but… there are *loads* of legends and stories concerning our mountains and most of them include tunnels connecting mountains. One story, concerning another mountain, involves foreign scientists fleeing the country back in the late 70’s/early 80’s (after a secret expedition to some caves).
        I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic on this and I don’t think I’ll actually be exploring any caves (not without equipment and during rain season). I’ll be happy if I see any nice lights in the sky and if I can manage to find a spot where I can just sit and meditate in the mountain. Basically I guess I just want to feel the energies there. Even if nothing happens… it’ll be a nice weekend out! πŸ˜€

        • Very interesting info!!! – Don’t worry about translations since we can use google translate, you can just enter a URL and it will give the idea of what’s being talked about. Well, in spanish “channel” translates to “rain gutter”, but other than that…

          I have been following the story of the Naga in Thailand…

          This video shows both the red lights and a floating lantern so you can see the difference. The red lights look a bit like insects.

    • How wonderful to hear from you, Suntria! And many apologies for having neglected emailing you (oops!)… This sounds really cool and I bet we will be connecting many more dots. Yes, I would love the dates for the posts you mention… I think I’ve missed about 2 months worth of SaLuSa! (BTW, did the kitty ever reappear?) Lots of love to you, dear!

  5. Thanks, Heruka! That is the most straightforward and helpful advice I’ve heard in a long time!
    I’ll get back to work now…

  6. I like what babajij said about going with the flow πŸ™‚ suits my style as well. Not sure where I fit in the grand scheme of things, and I suspect I’ve a lot of inner work to do as I still get frustrated over the wrongs in the world…and life in general at times πŸ™‚ but I’m up for a challenge so count me in!

  7. Adrial Leslee Reporting for duty. Have every Saturday made intent to go to Athabantian and Aurora and wondered why Athabantian seemed so quiet. Ready for duty as always. Heruka is right on so many levels, I have felt disconnected to so much, these past few days have been the worst as energy is at all time low and waking again at 3.55-4am mark. Thank you so much for the update.

  8. Before going to continue inner work–seriously required–but going well, wanted to thank Leslee, Heruka (love reading his messages!!) and all who pulled this together. Blessings from the bottom of my heart.

  9. Still here, although I have been silent for the most part. I had been guided to share quietly for some time now. So opposite of my prior self. Lol

    • I sent a picture to Leslee in August. I don’t know how to post it. It is of a being that is similar looking to a Grey….but I do not believe it is. I was told that it was a guardian and one of my guides. I think you would all find it interesting. If someone could help me post it I would appreciate it.

      • Hi, Rhonda, I sense strongly that this wonderful being is an Arcturian. Konstantinos and I have both noticed that the Arcturians have been quite active over the past couple months, and this somehow relates to Inner Earth as well as Abiquor. I hope to get a chance to go within and ask more soon… Please let me know what else you discover!

  10. Wonderful dear Leslee. As you told me via e-mail we actually were writing the messages we received today, at the same time (-_-). It’s truly wonderful. Much Love to you, Adrial and Heruka.

  11. Hi Leslee!…Welcome Back & Just in the nick of time,hehe!…My usual “Method of Operation” is to go with the Flow…Making Waves ‘on-line’ is not my style…Going with flow,rather I am included or excluded, is just the way it is…I really don’t know if I am a Crew Member…That being said, I did have a Potent Experience last week…Upon arising from my bed, enroute to my bedroom door, there appeared a Being right in my Third Eye…The Being looked like a Gray…I had no fear…The Being’s Face just popped into my Third Eye as a quick “SnapShot”…I have not connected with the Being,in my conscious state…maybe during Dreamtime, i do…Just thought I’d share this experience to Ya and Our Friends,here πŸ™‚

    • And you always roll right where you’re “needed”, Babajij! πŸ™‚ The vision of the grey is fascinating to me. I have shared with just a few folks that lately, I’ve felt called to do a lot of reading, sort of like doing homework, it feels… And part of it has included learning more about different “races” and “histories”… I think we are perhaps leading ourselves to a deeper understanding of the roles that ALL of us here on Gaia play, and understanding where the real “demons” lie, and how we may truly “best” address them… Moving further from duality into understanding more deeply how we can all co tribute to our shared experience… What an adventure! I look forward to hearing if you have more “meetings”! πŸ˜‰

      • Yes,Indeed…i kinda reluctantly used the term “Gray”,due to the attachments with it,spinned off by the military & media/novels…Yet, the Being had the Large “Tear-Shaped” eyes and had a Bluish color to the Body…In my Third Eye, I saw the Being from the Shoulders Up…and when i went to the Dollar store, a few days later, lo & behold, the store is selling “Alien Ooze Heads”!…I now have 3 of them on my wall,now…hehe :mrgreen:

    • I was watching this paranormal investigations show on netflix, where this one woman would fill a pot with water and then move her fingers in the water, and film this process for several minutes. Then she would take individual frames from the film, and the frame she captured would be of people and animals who have recently deceased. I wonder if the same process could be used for those in other dimensions? For some reason your account of this character reminded me of this show. It s somewhat similar to capturing faces and patterns in “orbs”, I think.

  12. Thank You, Heruka, Adrial and Leslee! We have always inner work to do no matter if it is cleaning or creating πŸ™‚
    Happy to receive this message
    ( ( SUN ) )

    • Yes, I agree, Tauno! I think that’s His point precisely… I’m looking back on when I got those words from Heruka, and then the events of the following days… I think it was a very timely “heads up!” for me! πŸ™‚

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