Konstantinos: A message from Doreal, one of my ‘future’ selves


[Hello dear friends. As I have mentioned to the introduction of Dragon Fanung’s message, some weeks ago I communicated with a being that seemed to be from another world. It happened while I was communicating with my Higher Self OALL. I was asking questions and after a while, OALL showed me that being.

This being seemed to be male and was presented to me with a landscape behind it. I started depicting the whole thing carefully and was taking guidance from that being for the most complicated parts of the drawing as well, as the colors. While I was drawing, he was explaining to me the characteristics of his world and he told me that he was me in the ‘very far future’.

I felt amazed for some moments but I managed to concentrate and continue the work. He told me that it was possible for me to forget about him with the passing of time. Regardless that, I can definitely say that I felt and I still am, very happy for this communication (-_-) (^_^).Yesterday, I found some time to communicate with him and receive the following message. Note: When Doreal starts a sentence with the word ‘yes’, that’s because he was answering to my questions.]

My warm and heartfelt greetings dear ones.

And many greetings and Love to you too, my dear self. Yes, I am you after many lives. I live in a world of 5th and 6th frequency vibration that exists in the galaxy that is known to you, and was known to me, as Milky Way. It is called LOAL which means ‘Eternal Happiness’. My vibrational expression of my current form and life, adjusted to the 3D structure of words, is Doreal. Yes, in English it reminds of the phrase ‘do real’ and this is not random, because that is what I do and I am all the time! I live the life that you was yearning to live at that time as you. And this kind of life is known to me and very loving and resonating, for many lifetimes now.

Honestly, I do not sate to live frequently in the Light and Love of God. Before my current version known as Doreal, as I was changing forms, moving from the one lifetime to the other, I realized even more deeply the meaning of Unity. Each one around me is me, everything and everyone are infinite reflections of myself. It has been some lifetimes now that I returned to the Divine Being that I was before my incarnation to the 3D Earth of that time. Among many other experiences that I got, truly indescribably wonderful and sacred, I began to experience the Love for myself.

Not just thinking about it or manifest it incidentally, but to truly live it. To live it through the actions of what I really am, without fear, hesitations and inhibitions. What a great liberation that was, what a great happiness and relief it was for me! I still remember my tears of freedom from the limited bondage of the 3D level. No, I cannot share with details these that I remember from the period that for you is the ‘imminent future’. This would have many consequences and at the same time, believe me, there would not be any true relief from that.

But I can tell you that the transformation happened! The contact, the growth, the embodiment, they happened! Yes, you and many others met them. Yes, through a mutual co-operation of Love, Earth became a miracle of more indescribable beauty even more from the period when the continents that in your time you call ‘ancient’ existed on her. Yes, you made it! Your transformation, yours and of many others, known and unknown to you, took place to mind, body and Spirit. You united with loved ones, you remembered forgotten memories, you unfolded emotionally, you cried, you left behind persons and situations….but all proceeded well and suitable and you also could say, divinely!

Yes, you found your Twin Flame. But be cautious, it does not mean that whatever I am sharing with you, you have to stop attracting it. Because it has not happened yet to your time, the emergence of the time lines and their formation to one. So, know that you may experience in a different way with little variations the memories that I have from my transition of that period. But you will achieve finally to arrive at the doorstep of Happiness. Those of you who have decided to accept and give Happiness as a conscious way of life, will be there.

Speaking from my current position, I remember that many of the ones that you know and many others that you don’t, managed to move on, to be developed and to create the next glorious experience of their personal vision. New Earth exists. I lived the, awaiting for you, new life of mine and I served the planet and the people around me from positions which for you, in your current time frame, seem as mere thought forms. Honestly, you got together with many friends. Yes, some of your desires came true while for some others you reconsidered. But Peace, the constant meeting with the infinite facets of the Creation, the frequent Serenity and the Unconditional Love became, and they continue to be, part of my/your life.

The world, in which I currently live in, is literally a paradise! Its structure is different from your world, though it has nothing less than the, expected for you, New Earth and your future Cities of Light. I live with my family and by family, I mean my biologic one, my fellow people and of course, I could not leave out beings from other worlds. Yes, I made lots of friendships during my lifetimes. In the world that I exist currently, I serve through the position of a Teacher Guide. I act through a team of such teachers and we are responsible for the guidance of our children. We teach them how to be in harmony and alignment with the consciousness of our world and the Universal Laws.

My life is a constant playtime, a constant Love without an end. Can you imagine that? Everybody around you is able to understand you and they treat you as they treat themselves…with Love. Nothing  less. Of course, there is no trace of Duality. The climatic conditions are stable and mild.  We are able to alter things in our world through a collective convergence of our Will power. Everything around us is alive. There is no a big variety of species but we can create varieties of any category if we feel that this is going to benefit our sentimental ‘world’.

Our children Love to do this, but at the same time we teach them to think slowly, to take their time, and be careful before they act. Yes, children carry big amounts of energy [smiles]. The landscape, the trees, the buildings, all is decorated by special designs the nature of which, is close to your Ley lines. In the case of our world, these designs are altered by themselves and take many forms with a steady and harmonic way and pace, like the precious tweet of a bird. These variations contain messages from the Plant Kingdom of our planet. Respectively, same happens with the by birth designs of the fur of our animals. Furthermore, the same thing is observed to the leaves of our trees, our buildings and our own skin.

After a while, these designs return to their previous state. The designs on our skins are by birth and different to each one of us. They mention the story of our previous lives and the purpose that we wish to manifest. This is known and decided by us before our incarnation and that is why it can be seen on our skin since our birth moment. These designs are our language, a formed part of the one and unique Universal Language of Light. The designs on our buildings change in order to state to the passerby persons the happy event that takes place to the specific house.

Our houses are our temples and at the same time, they are the houses of our fellow people. We share everything with each other, we do not experience the ‘personal ownership’. You could say that this is only on the case of our wish to keep some of our thoughts private. These thoughts are not necessary for the others to know and are not harmful at all. We do not experience secrecy and lying. The difference here is very subtle and it can be understood when it is lived through a person’s lifetime in a world that is in alignment with the Cosmic Heart.

All are in total Harmony. Yes, we are nurtured by the divine energy of Prana which for reasons of Joy, we can transform if we wish to fruits with characteristics that we invent at that very moment. No, there are not any toilets because we do not have organic wastes, since our bodies are very light and subtle in their nature. There are no schools, we are taught everything by the Christ Energy that inundates our world. We have access to the Akashic Records and like me, many from my world wish to visit other worlds of high frequencies.

These and much more you and the most of your fellow people will come to experience in many different ways while you will be adjusted to your next and ‘new’ vibrational level. Yes, you will be embodied with your Higher Self. Yes, this happened to me too. Continue to focus to the creation of desires, personal and not, that reflect Love and Joy without limitations and distinction. There, Forgiveness is also included. I am sending you this personal and simultaneously public message, for the sake of Hope and Happiness, things that should not be missed from beings that make a very significant transitional step …beings like all of you….like you, too.

I Love you, as I Love me, as I Love Everything.


As received by Konstantinos.


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A whole new world
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Now I’m in a whole new world with you

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