A significant and worthy to watch video: Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

Konstantinos: The following video is a recent one and is about information that were transferred from Pane Andov, a source that it feels genuine with good intentions, who talks about a very significant event that is going to take place, as it seems, in our very near future. I was connected with one of my channeled sources and then with the Spirit, under always the AAM’s protection…I didn’t receive negative things. If it’s possible for all of you to take some time to watch this and check it  out with your channeled sources (regarding those who are able to channel) or generally connect with your Heart, maybe you will also think that it’s good for us to know, in case most of us haven’t noticed these information before. I wasn’t sure if this would cause panic or not, but then I decided that it’s may worth the risk.  I also suggest you to read the description of the video, here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q2Du_DkKbo&feature=g-vrec. If I cause any disturbance, I apologize. Much Love to all of you and deep Appreciation for your Lightwork and presence.


URGENT! Listen Up and Read this Now – from Drake’s Weekend Update


This is a quick, urgent update because we had two callers so far tell us things are not what the LSM is telling us in NY and New Jersey.

People are starving, freezing, wet, have no water or gas or electricity in many places, HOWEVER, people from out of state, like Churches, who enquired if they could bring trucks in with blankets, clothing, food, water, etc. were told by FEMA and NY officials that they would be TURNED AWAY because THEY have everything under control.

The highways are barricaded and they’re preventing help from coming in.

In Atlantic City a disabled veteran in a wheelchair says FEMA brought a hot meal to them the other day and now all the residents have food poisoning because of improper food handling practices, so they’re sick, dehydrated and no one is doing anything. This is in a Veterans’ Senior Citizens residence.

In Seabright, NJ people still have hot electrical wires lying on the street but volunteer electricians from Florida were turned away because they WERE NOT UNION!

Some vehicles bringing food, etc. were turned away because they had no commercial Bill of Lading and officials said all incoming food had to be FDA inspected!!!!!  I’m about to tear my hair out! This is freaking unbelievable!!!!!

The caller in Seabright finally saw a FEMA official after 6 days of no power, heat, light, food and asked for assistance but was told she would have to wait for 10 – 21 days to get a call from them to be added to the system for assistance!

Others are told to line up for gas at the lone operating station in the town and are taken by odd and even license plate numbers and wait for hours in line only to find that the gas has run out before they get there.

The Governor said mobile fuel trucks would be arriving but when people finally worked their way up the line to get their gas, the pumper said NO, the gas is only for emergency vehicles.

This is unforgivable. The government does not care about the residents of this area and are not doing what needs to be done.

Drake wanted an extra long break so he could call some people he knows who can do something about this.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know that while these people are living under these conditions, the Lamestream Media is focusing on their precious election coverage and playing down the situation and the severity of it.

Paul B. was a trucker and he wants to call others he knows to see if they can load up a few blankets and clothes and other supplies to take on their regular routes into the N.E.

If anyone can do anything about this travesty, please do so NOW. These people need you! If I didn’t live so far away I would take supplies.

One of the callers said he was so appreciative to Drake for urging his listeners to prepare for whatever might happen this year and this prepared fellow is sharing his food and water with others.

We’re advised that Package Delivery is difficult at this time, but the BILLS were still delivered on schedule to residents.

Does any of this surprise you?

The government learned nothing from Katrina/Louisiana and is doing just as bad a job with this disaster. Unbelievable.

Please get the word out. It’s been in the 30s overnight and everyone has wet, cold feet so please do what you can with blankets, clothes and SHOES/BOOTS.

Drake and Co. are going to work on setting up collection and distribution centers to do what we all can to help.

If you have power but know of other areas that do not have electricity, food, water, heat and clothing, please email Drake & Co. at onefreepeople@gmail.com and let them know exactly where that is.

Drake will also see what radio stations/TV will cover this and share the truth so help can be provided.  Radio station WKXW 101.5 in Trenton NJ is collecting funds/items to help out so you may want to contact them. PH  609-359-5300   Fax  609-359-5301

Facebook.com/NJ1015    Twitter  N1015

Adrial: Athabantian Awake!

(from Leslee)
Greetings, Everyone!

As many of you know, we have felt some recent shifts… I’ve been puzzling over why things seemed to grind to a halt with the Athabantian Ground Crew (and perhaps you were wondering, too).

Of course, my move to Pagosa tossed many things up in the air, but I knew that there was more than that to the pause.

With the arrival of November, my personal experience has been to shift focus back to Inner Earth family, but this morning, I got a nudge that it’s also time to revive the Athabantian gathering, and see where we are.

So, if you’re a Crew member and happen to read this, please comment, and lets re-group!

Here is a brief message from Adrial:

We aboard Athabantian greet you once again, as we wish to advise you of recent efforts in collaboration with our dear friends and family within the various regions of Inner Earth. We have particularly been working with our Arcturian family as well… Some of you have already noticed these connections being made.

We see that many of you are already aware of the links established, the portals that have been opened, and the channels within your physical bodies which have been activated.

You will also continue to assemble recollections, and “missing pieces” may fall into place. Some of these insights may also induce feelings of shock, joy, grief, relief, and exhaustion. If you feel these, please go within and ask for guidance and soothing, and you will find these more readily than before.

Some of you have just connected some dots, and now you receive a more clear picture. Do you see better how we are all working together? And hopefully you may also understand better why some information has been withheld (and some will be withheld a but longer).

You may also perceive that even though things may seem to have been “quiet”, and your dreams and meditations may have felt dull and secreted away, you have all been hard at work.

We are reaching out to you now to thank and reassure you, and also to encourage you to re-connect, as you feel inclined, with those who were gathered earlier this year as Athabantian Ground Crew. As you compare notes, you will discover synchronicities and connections with our Crew in flight, as well as with one another.

Please recall your connections with the Crew list, and the affinities you felt, with their names and roles. These will come into focus for you more clearly now.

We have plenty of time, so please do not feel pressured. You have all been hard at work, and the information we will share soon will allow you to more profoundly integrate the work you have been doing “behind the scenes”, with your life during waking time.

We are asking Leslee to end with a quote from Heruka, who is a manifestation of Mikos. She will explain more. Please take these words to heart, and understand that we offer them because the time has come to sort the cards.

Thank you for all you have been doing. You are powerful beings of Light, and we rejoice with solemn gratitude.

With much love and many blessings to all of you,

(From Leslee: Heruka has been one of my dearest Spiritual Guides in this life, for the past dozen years or so. He has also been my Constant Companion throughout many lifetimes, especially during the ones I have spent as Tibetan Buddhist lamas. I have learned just recently that He and Mikos of Porthologos are manifestations of one another, and that the connections between Inner Earth, Tibetan Buddhism, and Arcturus run far more deep and vast than many realize. It appears that I will be making efforts to tie these threads together for you in the near future, as it seems that these are connections that many of us may share. Below please find the message that I received from Heruka on 29 October 2012. This will illustrate why He is sometimes considered a bit wrathful: He cuts to the chase, like it or not… With love, Leslee)

What difference does it make, whether We ‘land’, or ‘appear’?

The Work of Ascending is each individual’s to do. All We can offer are pointing instructions and Teachings. From there, one must go within to find, receive, realize and integrate Them.

It does not matter whether We teach you how to cleanse and purify the external environment of Gaia. If you have not done the Inner Work necessary for you to maintain your “vibration” or “virtue” at high enough levels, you will not remain here, regardless of Gaia’s condition.

Do you still feel you must compare yourself to your ‘neighbor’? Then you have inner work to do. Do you still feel there are ‘others’ in darkness? Then you still have inner work to do. Do you still concern yourself with your external conditions? Then you have inner work to do.

Please sit down, shut up, go within, and stop complaining. You are no better or worse than others. You simply have inner work to do.

We are here with you always, in love.

Konstantinos: An astral meeting with Athos and a message from him


[Today, I had a very significant for me experience on the Astral Plane. The duration of this experience was for one and a half hour, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. I remember that, because I woke up at 9:30 am from a previous dream which I don’t recal very well and I felt it wasn’t something important. I’ll describe now my experience from 9:30 am and then.

I found myself  with others, that I know from my social life, in a dim house that had many floors. I was in that house in my previous dream on the same day. This time, I and my friends were asking from the people of the house, fat men with malevolent intentions, to explain to us about how we got in their house and where was the exit. These men didn’t seem to be in the mood for dialogue and they started pushing us away. When they saw that we were resisting, they started attacking us. I remember that I was knocking them out very fast and professionally. One of them, who wasn’t fat but very muscular, appeared. He had long oily hair, he seemed that he hadn’t shaved for days and he was dirty.

He attacked to me like a wild animal. I remember that while we were fighting, we had smashed many things around us. At that time, I noticed a very sharp piece of glass  and I thought that he was a very hard opponent and that I would may be forced  to kill him, but I didn’t want that. But unfortunately, because of his murderous intentions, I decided to stab him on his belly and then I cut his throat. I managed to get up and instantly, I went towards to a door which I opened. It was the exit. I didn’t like what I saw.

A threatening and dark landscape was in front of me. Dilapidated houses, black-red sky with smokes and I think it was night-time. Around me, the residents had been dehumanized and they were looking and acting like the cinematic zombies. Then, in front of me a very cute and short chinese man appeared. He looked like this:

He was smiling all the time. He made a demonstration to show me how I can be saved from these ‘monsters’. I saw him forming a sphere of golden light around him. He described to me via telepathy the stages of this process. 1) You imagine a cocoon of golden light surrounding you 2) The cocoon takes the shape of an egg. At that point I thought of the chicken’s eggs and he told me via telepathy that this ‘egg’ is formed and arised from the front side of  my body and he put his hand on his chest, meaning his Heart. To the third stage, the egg is formed into a perfect sphere that surrounds you completely. Then, to the fourth stage, you curl up , you are embodied to the sphere and finally, you are teleported to a place you would like to be, which is the fifth and final stage.

Then instantly, he ran and climbed with an amazing speed on the walls of the buildings, jumping from the one building to the other. He landed on a roof and he gracefully jumped …the ‘zombies were waiting for his landing, ready to get him. While he was falling, he accomplished into seconds the process that I described previously and he disappeared. He continued having this smile during this demonstration. Then I heard in my head ‘your turn’.

Then, I found myself on a rooftop and behind me, I saw the man who I thought I had killed. There was blood on him and he was totally naked. He started running in order to get me and consequently,  I  started running to escape. At that time, it started to rain. I noticed that I was able to jump with a great easiness from the one rooftop to the other, the man had the same ability. I started feeling afraid. Then, I heard the ‘little buddha’ telling me via telepathy ‘do as I saw you’. So, I jumped and in seconds, I accomplished the process of teleportation. I can say that I totally felt the teleportation of my molecules.

I found myself some feet away from the point I was teleported, but the man, who had also jumped, was got by the ‘zombies’ who ripped him into pieces and started eating him. I heard them saying ‘we are gonna eat him ‘we are gonna eat him’. Then I heard the ‘little buddha’ saying ‘it was simple, wasn’t it?’ and then, I woke up. Later, I connected with the ‘little buddha’ who acknowledged to me that he was a person whose existence I am aware of, for some time now and I got his name and picture yesterday.

He is Athos, a being between 5D and  6D vibrational frequency, and he told me that this dream of mine was a kind of ‘training programme’ that represents the facing of the Dark from the Lightworker and the triumph of the Light. He told me that he took the form of the ‘little buddha’ to make me feel better. Then, he told me that he would be introduced to the readers through the following message.]

I am saluting you from the Light of Love that is represented from the Enlightened Cities of the Agartha system. My name is Athos. I am Lemurian and son of the guardian of the great library of Porthologos, Mikos. As you know, this library exists in the city of Catharia under the Aegean Sea. In this city, I reside too. Agnes is my mother and Moraine, who is her mother, is currently found on the mothership Athabantian. My partner is Ariadnei, princess of the kingdom of the Shasans, who are descendants of the race that origins from the star that you know as Tau Ceti.

Members of this family, agreed to set themselves as volunteers for incarnation on the surface of Gaia, in order to help from the specific field too, to the Transition of Gaia and of those that are and will be ready to follow. As you already know, all and everything have a multidimensional nature, which means among other things, that all have many ‘countries’ and families.

Mikos, Agnes, me and some others agreed to help by acting on the surface, too.   Agnes and Mikos chose to ‘leave’ first. Of course, no one left. What happened was just a temporary energetic separation. This process was accomplished in the Golden Temple of Melchizedek, after permission was taken from the Council of 12, with the help of the priests and priestesses.

Agnes chose to be in stasis, like your snow-white, and part of her Essence was incarnated as Leslee Hare, who met this channel  on the appropriate time and of course, not randomly. I chose to stay here and a part of my Essence, identified as a specific thought form, was incarnated, not incidentally, to Greece. I am referring to this channel. Mikos chose to be here too and his part, as well as the parts of the rest of the volunteers, are currently incarnated on the surface of Gaia in different locations. You could say that these parts of us, are ‘scattered’.

I will not get into more details about the cases of each one of the volunteers, regarding the thoughts and motivations that led them to this specific choice, because these are lied to the personal remembrance of each one of these incarnated individuals. Many of you, who live on the surface, have also families  in Agartha. But even without the biologic bond factor, all of you consist a great family to us and to our eyes, you are our Beloved brothers and sisters.

Our fleets, with their exquisite one colored categories, are along with the ships, motherships and scout ships, of the rest of  the Galactic Forces and contribute to the energetic assistance of the planet, in order for a smooth and without delays Transmission. The High Vibrational Energies and the Love that you accept from so many beings and places, including Inner Earth, Angels and Masters, you could say that they are ‘filtered’ through the energy fields of  the ships, in order for the accomplishment of an as possible smooth adjustment of your physical bodies to the high vibrations. All are fine. You have assistance from everywhere. This also includes the God inside you, your Higher Self as you call it and also, your Guides.

The Reunion between you and us was/ is never needed to the Astral Plane, because there, we were/are never away from each other. But in the physical level, this feeling is different for you. Ambassadors will come from us, too, to help you remember and offer you among other things, training for the ‘reset’ of your psychic abilities. These will be done through special centers that will be manifested in your reality through mutual co-creation that will reflect the Divine Template of Love and Harmony.

When it will be appropriate, I will be embodied with this part of mine that is transferring my thoughts through the method of  channneling. As all of you, he and I will continue our path, a path that will be result of the Divine compass of the Heart, of the Divine Guidance. Our collective future is so wonderful that only if we experience it, we will be able to comprehend it and describe it.

I am sending you my Love through the Collective Consciousness of Agartha and all of us here, wait with Happiness for our physical meeting.  I am saying to you farewell for now, my sweet family.


As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If you wish to see the portraits of Athos’s family and learn some things about them, here is a link: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/about/my-connections/

If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

I am Arachanaï

Since a few days I had a hard time to concentrate and also circumstances that didn’t allow me to do this. Last night it was the same, but I tried anyway to get following meditation:

When I started the meditation, my eyes were closed, but as nothing happened I opened my eyes and I was seeing with my third eye. Above me I saw vortex opening in front of me. Then I was standing in front of a Mayan Pyramid and I was wielding the power of the portals. Got the message again to go to Blaze and work on the energy portals from/too Gaia.

When I was done with the meditation and relaxing and got another image coming through. I saw was flying above a tropical forest and I saw a black hole in the middle of the green trees, that looked like an eye. I was connecting with…

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SaLuSa ~ November 5, 2012

SaLuSa 5-November-2012

Dear Ones what a grand assembly of people took place in Sedona, with the coming of the 2012 Scenario Conference. With no hesitation hundreds took off to meet for 3 days, to listen to speakers well known for their dedication to spreading the Light. They were treated to a feast that brought out the love and Light of all concerned, and created a focus for it that spread out all around. It remains as a beacon that calls out to other souls, and signals the intent of raising the vibrations even higher than they were before. It also increases the chance of the first City of Light emerging very shortly. Those dear souls who were involved are true Lightworkers who answered the call to join arms, and bring Ascension to the notice of more people than before.

We watched the Light growing not just from above, and our representatives with Angels were also present to witness first hand the beauty and joy of your gathering. We also ensured your Conference was not interfered with, because such an explosion of Light attracts the dark Ones who would wish to extinguish it. It is as well all of you who are of the Light take care to protect yourselves, and a simple visualization of placing a cocoon of Light around you will keep you safe. What you learnt was that where there are many of a like mind and intent, there is an instant bonding and a freedom of expression that is uninhibited by social custom or practices. You felt unrestrained and able to accept other souls without question. In your future that kind of acceptance will be the normal way that you will interact with others.

We have mentioned many times, you are much more powerful than you realize. Have faith more than you have ever had before, and know that nothing is impossible. If you have the intent and belief in your own powers, miracles will happen. Be forward in your thinking and try to not look back, and set your sights on all that is whole and of the Light. Ascension is assured but do not sit back as your help is now as important as it ever was. There is still cleansing that is necessary as you are aware, and you can help keep its affects to a minimum by sending out your Light to Mother Earth. She has no desire to cause damage and death, but her Ascension is just as important as your own, if not more so. Think upon her need to be every bit as ready as you are, as Ascension is a time when you join together and ascend as One.

Life on your present Earth is coming to an end and of necessity, because the cycle of duality has all but completed its course. Nothing stands still and all is in motion and change to take up a new position according to its vibration. Separation of the souls on Earth is therefore quite a natural occurrence, as the Law of Attraction is always in action. Do not worry about anyone’s path as all are destined to follow one that has already been planned. You will all find yourselves in the right place to continue your evolution. Think not of losing your contact with those you love, as there will always be one with them wherever they are. In the higher dimensions, time and distance are no barrier to travel or communication.

In the U.S. the Presidential elections are coming to a close, and President Obama will return to power to take you all into the Golden Age. So far you have seen little of his real abilities or desire to bring about World Peace. The dark Ones may have used their methods to appoint their choice, but we of the Light are not without our way of making sure our choice succeeds this time around. It is a victory that is assured, and then you will really see things taking shape. Indeed you will be taken quite by surprise by when things really start to take place. There are but few weeks left to carry out whatever is needed for you to enter a new period in your lives. Be prepared for the changes so that you are able to accommodate them without any difficulty. They are not intended to make your life difficult, but improve it beyond your wildest dreams.

The Storm Sandy was a natural occurrence needed by Mother Earth to prepare for her Ascension, and will take place wherever there are deep rooted negative energies. On another level you are aware that this type of cleansing is going to happen, and when as a result people pass on it is not accidental in the way you normally perceive it. We say again that nothing happens by chance but all is pre-ordained. The raising of the collective consciousness has overcome the need for a more drastic cleansing, so you are to be congratulated for bringing it about. What you now understand is a clear example of your power to create your own reality.

As you must realize the next few weeks are so important to you, and should at last show you the way home. We cannot wait to get started in such a way that you are aware of what is happening, and that we can commence to work together. Once those Beings that stand in your way are removed, we will all be much freer to move around as we wish. Then many more changes will be introduced so that you are able to travel more quickly to any destination on your world. All of our promises are to fulfilled in fairly quick time, as we have been ready to go ahead for a very long time. Our plan is one that encompasses worldwide changes and we have the back-up to commence in many parts of the world at once.

Understand the fact that you have done so well in establishing the Light upon Earth, has lessened the need for the traumatic and catastrophic changes. There have been numerous prophesies going back many years that have been based upon the “probabilities” that are played out by you. The further you go back to say Biblical times, the more cataclysmic the prophesies were. However, some people cling to those old ones maintaining a time line that still exists today, but it does not carry the energy to affect the end times. So you will understand that no one is “wrong” but has become attached to a certain outcome that no longer applies.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank Lightworkers all over the world for their continual commitment to Ascension, and Michael for having the confidence to bring through a message at the Conference. I refer to him as Michael because as with anyone else, the full name carries an energy that is specifically for that person. Joyful blessings to you all.

I am SaLuSa.

Thank you Mike Quinsey