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THis is my second homepage, which I have created to make it more easier to reblog (as some have mentioned it to me) and on this page you will only find my own work and channelings. On my other page; pleiadedolhpininfos.blogpsot.be you will find my channelings also, combined with other work of fellow friends and Lightworkers.
I welcome you all deeply and thank you for joining me on this page too, it is now free to choose which one is the easiest for you to follow and/ or reblog. With much Love and gratitude, I LOVE YOU ALL ♥ Méline




Is this cup I hold here half empty
Or else, as some would have me think, half full?
A troubling conundrum, eternally insoluble
Yet quickly resolved by simply letting go

Full of confidence, the tortoise
Challenges his friend the hare to a race
“Just give me a ten yard start,” he says
“And you’ll never catch me,” he boasts

And he’s right, for whenever Hare reaches the spot
The tortoise has already gone
Still … When the hare has gone twenty yards
Where is the tortoise then?

Imagine a goose in a narrow-necked glass bottle
How can you get the goose out of the bottle
Without either of them coming to any harm?
Easily … There; it’s free

A puzzle you might find more tricky
History professors can’t answer it
Scientists still haven’t solved it
Which came first: the chicken or the egg?