SaLuSa ~ October 22, 2012

SaLuSa 22-October-2012

We are pleased to see you demonstrating for your rights, which is a timely reminder to your authorities that they are in their positions to serve you the people. The number of good hearted souls amongst them are few and far between, and that is why far reaching changes have to take place. If your representatives are not keeping to their oath, then they can have no complaint when they are removed. The problem is that corruption and greed spreads like a cancer and before long is accepted as a normal way of working. In the future you will become more involved in the decision making, and consulted before action is taken. Clearly you need the right type of people leading the way forward, who have the foresight and understanding to take you into the New Age. The last cabal would be totally unsuitable, and will be unable to interfere or influence what will happen.

Your Spiritual Age is about to begin and your progress will be astonishing and very quick. Imagine how wonderful it will be to be able to trust all of those around you, because you know that they are ascended Beings like yourself. The Love and Light will have permeated everywhere, and there will be no doubting that you have arrived in the higher dimensions. Life will be a big contrast to what you have now, and will be of no comparison. To live in peace without any threat to it will be a wonderful feeling of freedom and joy. The problems of health and the challenge of mere existence that beset you in the third dimension, will no longer be a factor in your lives. It is difficult to convey the absolute feeling of happiness and contentment, which has to be experienced to be appreciated.

The mind set of those who have opposed your evolution and aimed to prevent Ascension, is focused on self power because they lack the understanding of Oneness, and therefore love for their fellow man. However, they still have their Godspark even if has become very dim, but one day it will light up again. They have the same opportunities to be of the Light as every other soul, and God will welcome them home like every other one. You all started out together, but as you decided your own path of experience some were engulfed by the lower vibrations and fell by the wayside. There will always be a way back into the Light, but the lower you fall the harder the journey. However, as with any soul there are always many willing volunteers who will guide them homewards. Everyone of you without exception has higher Beings in close attendance who guide your life for you.

In the future we of the Galactic Federation of Light will work with the ascended souls, until you become our equals. You will then become very independent and decide your own future, but that does not mean that we will lose contact with you. We will literally only be a thought away at anytime, and that applies to any soul that you have links with. Indeed, as we have previously indicated you are likely to join with those of a similar level of consciousness. Your experiences are unlimited, even moving from one Universe to another to extend them into new areas. On Earth you are obviously much more restricted, and with your lower level of consciousness have lost touch with your Higher Self. In consequence the truth of your real self becomes clouded by the illusion of 3rd. dimensional life.

You are about to witness the real beginning of the end as the old system falls into chaos. No attempts to restore it will work as it is destined to complete its time in its present dimension. It has well served its purpose where you and Mother Earth are concerned, and the new paradigm is moving into place. You will not miss the final outcome as the changes are so far reaching everyone will be affected. All souls will achieve what they desire and most have already exercised their freewill choice. It is the reason we ask that you do not attempt to override another souls decision, but allow them to be satisfied that it has been made with their future in mind. The fact is you cannot move higher than your vibrations allow, and clearly that would be the level at which you would feel most comfortable.

We are as ready as we will ever be to play our part in ensuring your experience of Ascension. Our involvement will soon be apparent, and you will already know that we have been keeping the peace on Earth. That is with reference to our actions to prevent present troubles escalating into another world war. We are eager to become more involved and help ensure that our allies are able to bring matters to a head. The Presidential elections in the US are a key focal point, that will determine when we exercise our divine authority to bring about beneficial governmental changes. Much hinges on the outcome and it will be a victory for the Light.

From hereon each week that passes should reveal where matters are heading, and there will be the fulfillment of events that are necessary to bring peace to your world. As you would imagine, nothing happens that we are not aware of even if it is out of our sight. We know the true intent of the different nations regardless of what they say to the outer world. They are in fact divided into those who encourage war, and those who now seek peace even if their history suggests otherwise. What is happening is that the Light upon Earth is transmuting the lower vibrations, and whole nations are waking up to the truth. There is a powerful move to unite within those countries that desire peace, and a wish to disassociate themselves from those who do not. The warmongers are gradually becoming isolated, and without support their plans are doomed to failure.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see that the various peace movements are reaching more people than ever before. It is the blooming of people power that will bring about the desired results. It is also boosted by the continual input of higher energies from outside of your Earth. As we have often said, you have already won the battle with the dark Ones, and it only remains to clear up the remains of their activities to go speeding on with Ascension. That Dear Ones is well in hand as you will see before very long.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

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  1. Hello dear friends!! I’ve finished giving my second speech for the Sedona conference and I can’t believe how much information I was able to share with our fellow awakening brethren! I discussed Galactic Messages [though I didn’t name it specifically] and some of our channeling experiences, my own experiences, starting a blog as per Laura’s suggestion and so much more!! The celebration of Love just was/is so overwhelming still… I’m brimming!

    Oh yes, I also discussed this website and the Galactic Light Ship Dreamflights being conducted, as well as my experience connecting with Tulya during one of the Saturday night trips. I still cannot believe I was able to present so much information!!!

    Much Love to you all, hope everything is well!!! Hope to hear back from Gunner soon.

    • Thanks for the update Wes, I’m glad you had a good time. Conferences can be very energizing! I wish they weren’t charging $60 to watch the online sessions, I would like to watch them all! 🙂 I like how one commenter said they had to put a box of kleenex at the end of every aisle…

      I have a tech conference to go to, and I was thinking how I would much rather spend the time at a conference like Sedona. ♥

      If (boring tech session) then

  2. ‘You Have Hunkered Down Into Physical Bodies That Restrict You’
    Jeshua through John Smallman ~ 11/2/2012

    You are sentient energy beings of enormous power and creative abilities who have chosen for a short while to limit yourselves severely within the illusory environment in which you are presently experiencing life. You have the ability to manifest your presence anywhere you choose, and you are there as soon as you make that choice. Where you are now is the result of a choice that you made and continue to adhere to. You always have the freedom to change your mind, and you will shortly choose to awaken into Reality, leaving the illusion and all the psychic and emotional baggage that you gathered while you were there to fade away, forgotten and unnoticed.

    As you move towards this most significant and amazing event – significant and amazing, because it is totally unimaginable in your present unreal realm of unpleasant and disturbing dreams – you are releasing the bonds that tie you to your present state of limited consciousness. These bonds are any attitudes or beliefs that are in conflict with unconditional love. You have become so accustomed to judging others wrong and trying to prove yourselves to be right that those egoic distractions are very hard for you to ignore, let alone discard. But they are bonds that must and will be untied to free you from suffering and limitation.

    Because you are divine beings, one with your Father, your will is in alignment with His, and His Will is that you awaken into your fully-conscious and natural state. Therefore, you will. Presently, it is extremely difficult for you to conceive of Reality and what it means, because you have hunkered down into physical bodies that restrict you horribly in myriad ways. The real You, the Self that is one with God remains wholly connected to Source, but the egoic and embodied you is far too small to hold an awareness of that divine state, and therefore it experiences only the illusion and all the problems and issues with which that presents you in every moment. Unreal as they are, they still furnish you with a very convincing and seemingly real set of images, and it is hard for you to dissociate yourselves from them and focus entirely on your immortal spiritual being — the true You.

    When you pray or meditate you allow the guidance from your true Self to penetrate your human awareness to a greater or lesser extent, depending on how well you manage to quieten your human mind. It comes through as intuitive suggestions that prove themselves to be valid, and as feelings of upliftment, confidence, faith, optimism, and a love for all. It can be like a warm feeling of comfort and safety that is completely unaffected by whatever is going on around you. In your physical embodied state you are unable to maintain that feeling because the Light it holds is too powerful for your body to cope with for any length of time. What you do retain is the memory of it, and that strengthens your faith and helps you to continue carrying and sharing a reduced manifestation of the Light that your Father installed within you at the moment of your creation.

    That manifestation is with you permanently as you wander uncertainly through the illusion, seeking the exit, and the intuitive guidance or ideas with which it presents you are to help you find your way home — to Yourself. By finding your own way (each one’s path is precisely suited to the one who is following it, and to no one else) you help all those with whom you have any form of contact to do likewise. That is your task, and every loving thought, word, or action in which you engage moves you further along the path and therefore, closer to your awakening. There is no turning back for you because you long ago made the final choice to return to Reality. The resultant help you are receiving from your Father through your guides and angels is ensuring that no accident can befall you that would divert you from your path. So rest assured that you are protected from anything that could cause you harm. “Harm” would be failure to awaken, and that cannot occur.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  3. Hello dear friends. I had an amazing synchronzation.Today, since I got insdide the bus at 11:50 am, I had an intense feeling of me encountering a thief. Time was passing, did some works I had in mind and later round at 1:25 pm I took the bus to go back at home. ]

    We were so many people in it and the atmosphere was very hot. Meanwhile, next to me was standing an old man who was wearing a blue jacket with the sign ‘Military Industry Project 3559’. As I always do for some time now, I kept asking AAM’s protection.

    In front of me was standing a man with his back on me. The man was of a middle stature, round to 25, brown skin, seemed to be from Asia. He was holding his jacket with his right hand and with his left he was holding one of the bus’s handles.

    Some minutes later, he moved to the front exit door next to a middle aged man who had just came in. Instantly, the old ‘military’ man whispered something pointing to the Asian young man. Then at 1:35 pm, the middle aged man said to the Asian ‘Would you like me to call the police? You are trying to do the trick with the jacket and you put your hand in my pocket!’. The Asian got off the bus and exchanged insults with the middle aged man.

    Then, a moment of honesty followed where the middle aged man said to someone, who complained to him for letting the thief go away, that he did that because first, the police would leave the thief because their prisons are crowded and second, that everyone in the bus would get mad with him (the middle aged man), because he would make everyone, who wanted to get to their homes, to wait for the police. Nobody said anything or complained (-_-).

    I felt that AAM sent the military man next to me who said that he was watching from the beginning the thief. And because the bus was crowded, the thief was in front of me but in a position he couldn’t do anything to me. Then, I remembered a similar experince that happened to me 3 years ago I think, in a bus where a woman was very close to me but I hadn’t notice she was trying to steal from my pocket and instantly, like from nowhere, a man in civilian clothes, showed her his identity card which was one of the police officer (-_-)! The thief got away from the bus instantly. What can I say (-_-).

    • As above so below…

      This is the number on that guy’s jacket. On a hunch I did a web search. How’s this for an interesting coincidence?

      nouthesia: admonition
      Original Word: νουθεσία, ας, ἡ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
      Transliteration: nouthesia
      Phonetic Spelling: (noo-thes-ee’-ah)
      Short Definition: a warning, admonition
      Definition: a warning, admonition, counsel.

      About Strong’s concordance:

    • wow KP very strong synchronzation and Troy read and yes Feminine side of things and I loved this one.(emphasizes the importance of receiving God’s thoughts in the renewed mind, through faith, to reach God’s solutions.) Middle aged man had the right mindset (Angel Teaching)

  4. Wow dear Troy! Thanks! That’s amazing! Yes, you’re right dear Suzanne. Much Love to you both and all (-_-)! We live very interesting times.

  5. The Brilliance That Utterly Surpasses All Your Expectations Of What Heaven Might Be Like ~ by John Smallman 11/4/2012

    The way ahead is clear and unobstructed as you approach the end of your journey back to Reality. However, minor obstructions may occur momentarily which will not present problems as you race down the home straight to where the welcoming assemblage has gathered to greet you with a magnificent honoring-ceremony in recognition of the demanding task that you have completed so competently and expeditiously.

    Within the illusion untold numbers of loose, individual human energy threads are coming together in a most beautiful weave of acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and unconditional love, the like of which has never before even been conceived of in relation to your interactions with one another and with the planet. A new age is about to be born — a new age for which you have been praying and hoping through many grueling lifetimes. Peace and an abundance of everything required to bring joy, satisfaction, and a loving state of harmony and cooperation to all on Earth is about to envelop you.

    You have been steadily working your way home towards this release from the misery and suffering that has engulfed you for an inordinate amount of time, and your sterling efforts are soon to be fully rewarded. It is indeed a joy for me to give you just a slight indication of what you can expect when you awaken, because you have been struggling towards this destination so resolutely for so long, and to offer you love, encouragement, and inspiration connects me very positively to the love that flows from your hearts as you open to the divine field of unconditional Love that is all round you and assisting you to awaken. We are all one eternally, and you are soon to experience the wonder of that divine truth.

    As you continue to open up your hearts your frequency rises, enabling you to integrate yourselves ever more fully into this field, of which you are all essential and irreplaceable aspects, and allowing your awareness of it to strengthen and intensify. The more you develop in this way the stronger becomes your faith in God’s infinite Love for you and in His Will that you awaken. As a result your interest in the distractions of the illusion – judgment, blame, anger, fear, and conflict – diminishes, to be replaced by an increasing awareness of the insanity of allowing them to influence or motivate you.

    Awareness of the oneness of all of creation is growing exponentially across the planet, as is love and enthusiastic acceptance of the individual creative genius within every one of you. Your Father created each one of you as perfect divine beings; consequently, each of you is a creative genius with startling abilities which you will be able to use with intense satisfaction as you design and develop original and inspiring projects to share and delight in together.

    As children of God your skills and aptitudes are limitless. In human terms it is as though you all have the potential to be great painters, poets, writers, composers, musicians, dancers – imagine any potential ability that you would like to develop – and when you awaken those aptitudes will burst forth in an exhilaration of enthusiastic activities. What lies ahead is a limitless selection of magnificent opportunities with which to engage in a life of infinite wonder, leading you ever onwards through the divine garden whose beauty and surprises will constantly delight all your senses.

    In Reality, Life awaits you! What you have been experiencing within the illusion is but a very poor and inadequate expression of life, soon to be forgotten as the perpetually entrancing wonders that God has prepared for you blow your minds in spontaneous amazement. What you have suffered and undergone for eons will be sunk without trace; not the least particle of those horrendous experiences will disturb your senses as you awaken from that dream into the brilliance that utterly surpasses all your expectations of what Heaven might be like. Home is where the heart is, and your hearts are leading you Home!

    With so very much love, Saul.

  6. My Sister who in New York finally had her power come back on today :-)… Brother Gunner goes through wilder stuff than a hurricane at the Doghouse regularly… we should hear from him by Tuesday 😉

    • My Spidey-senses are telling me he’s… NIIIIIIICE!!!! Hopefully the Doghouse didn’t take too hard a hit 🙂

  7. I am getting messages from folks in NJ and area of no power, and being so so cold.. all have 2 be home from 7pm to 7am… I am sure gunner will have no issues with staying home, unless Davo attacks another cat!! lol ❤ Hugs and love~~

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