Early this morning I received this.  It is the first I felt I needed to post also the above photo appears to have two light sources or my imagination has run away today.

I sense you there can you tell me your name. My name is Mila I am from Siris I have a message for you.

Your world is quite fragile at this point in time.  The Universal structures are moving around to a degree never before seen on this world. Your Nasa is beginning to realise they will not be able to hide what is truly happening as the sky’s are beginning  to reveal the beauty that has long been denied.  Many new cloud formations are  drawing the eyes upwards.  These anomaly  are beginning to behave in  manners that have you doing what you on earth would call a double take so to speak.  What is appearing they are giving names too and telling the population the cause and effect which produces these changes. You have had visions of beautiful rainbows have you not, unlike what is currently in your sky. The night sky you have noticed is also changing and you have seen a beautiful burst of pure white light and the cascading rainbow  colours of what you would call sparkles (smile)

Humanity is now at the cusp of something they feel but can not put a name too. Many end of world scenarios are coming thick and fast to try and keep all they can in fear.  What they have failed to comprehend is by taking away freedom of choice and plunging the lower classes into what we would call a dark void has had the opposite effect.  They are beginning to question on a growing scale and they are refusing to back down to  what they are beginning to know as control that has been manipulated onto them by unfear work demands, the breakdown of the family unit and the placing of children into artificial schooling which costs many millions of dollars to have them come out the other end with no way of earning a living, their diplomas are thus worthless but because they have them they are deemed too highly qualified for the jobs they do go after. Many of your young are beginning to see the bigger picture what you need to begin doing is listening,  especially to those who are just beginning to communicate you will be surprised by the knowledge these ones hold.  Some  have not been pulled into what many call the matrix of your dark elite control not from the want of trying.  Notice how much pressure is placed to put your blessed child into daycare centres under the premise that they will do much better here while giving you the freedom to work  as the pressure to pay the ever increasing taxes, increasing mortgage rates ,credit cards bills mount.  Step back and try to distance yourselves from the materialistic society you find yourself in. Spend time together doing the simple things in life walking in nature  talking with one another. Turn off  the phones the televisions computers and open your eyes. Do you find every day is the same as the last every argument is caused by the same issues, find a way to change your routine by awaking each day to a new day full of miracles and possibilities. Leave the burdens of yesterday where they belong  only then will you be able to accept what is rightfully yours in all its glory for I tell you the gifts that await will leave what you have now as a distant memory. Thank you for allowing me to come through today dear one your love for us is felt as I hope our love for you helps to lighten you load a little as you move through the new energies filtering around you. with much love I leave you now  Mila.

A first for me.

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