Konstantinos: A Loving Message From My Company Of Light


We consist a big company here. There is a big gathering around you this time. Same goes for the other souls too, regardless the path they have chosen for now. A big, much bigger gathering exists around beloved Gaia. Through guided meditations or astral projection, you are able to view the legions of Masters, Angels and Starfleets that enclose you, having as their purpose your protection from possible obstacles for your Transmigration and also, their intention is to observe the transaction of the Divine Plan through you, trough your choices. We admire you a lot.

 Iltheos:  Since you started to maintain spiritual progress, regarding the remembrance of your true self and of spiritual truths, our fear and particularly our concern for your collective journey, was replaced by Hope and Happiness. You see, the danger that arised from the construction of your atomic bomb, would not influence only you and Earth but also, the worlds around you and it would discompose the frequencies and dimensions. This happened to a specific degree.

 AnOn: Do not forget that every negative contains something positive and vice versa. So, though the seemingly incidents of negative energies, there were always the positives  that were arising openly from them. Some of you, instead of giving on fear and ignorance, they trusted their hearts and illuminated the others around them with their courage and their  selflessness.

 SilEsio: These and many other things worthy of praises and admiration  are these that we choose to keep as capitals in our memory, because, honestly, you have shown the power of Light when it is expanded through you, when you choose it. Until now, in the bigger part of your history, you were able of destruction. Then, you started to notice your beneficial creative side that you have abandoned  and you began, again, to direct yourselves to the door of the Temple of Love in your Heart Center.

 MonEn: Of course, we also observe the ‘exceptions’ too,  knowing always that they will denature to their opposite and they will embody to the reservation wave to the Source. But the collective message that is received from your planet and us, is that you wish at last for CHANGE…on different levels, starting from INSIDE.

 TherAl: In each group that seems to be overcome by darkness, there is always  Hope and space for a beacon, able to guide and disclosure. In the different sections of your modern societies, like before, there were always pearls that they weren’t hesitating to display their brightness and to remind to the rest of their kind, to arise from the tar of the slow death that is caused from forgetfulness and ignorance.

 RAnlAn: The blaze of the eternal flame of Life, exists to everyone/thing, but the  awareness of the existence of the inner beacon, is this that leads to the externalization and expansion  of this flame. You are all participants in a cosmic  olympic game, where the gradual awakening  of each one of you is the gradual passing of the flame from the one light giver to the other.

 AnrAl: You are all winners. The seemingly ‘defeats’ are nothing more than karmic lessons which finally lead to the victory of the individual, because among other things, these lessons represent the constant reminding of the Love that the Creator holds for His/Her/Its creations, without any exception. You are all champions and worthy in our eyes. Even those that represent, for now, the opposite of the Light, even them are light givers in a way, since that through their actions they made some of you to notice your inner flame. Mutually Co-creation can be nothing else than the result of the Wise Justice and Love of a Compassionate Creator.

 Galactic Light Ship Angelon: I am greeting you and I am sending you my Love and also the Love of the crew that  resides in my internal. I was introduced to you through the seven Pleiadians with who I cooperate. I wish to acknowledge you the fact that many families, members of many of your families, reside in the ships that surround Gaia. Of course, we all together consist a beautiful family, but in this case I am referring to the relatives of the biological families of some of you. For example, there are family members of Arcturian, Pleiadian and Andromedan families that expect with anticipation the reunion with those mothers, sons and daughters  who temporary, they walk the path of the incarnated life on your 3D planet as human. But generally, each ship around me, if you will try to ‘see’, is exhaling and sending constantly energies and messages of Love and Encourage to all of you. I do the same thing, too.

 Apparelio: All of us do the same thing…the ones who are above Gaia and those who are inside her. You accept Light from Everywhere. Now more than ever. And when we say from Everywhere, we include you too. Mainly, the awakened and altruist ones are fed with the Light of their inner knowledge and at the same time, they feed others with it.

 Selicia: You are Life givers and at the same time, you are the Life Itself. Even through destruction, you give life to situations that they were not able to find acceptance before and now, they are able to bear fruit and manifest by causing a truly unprecedented and admirable alchemical denaturation of your Being.

 Piannah: As it is described to your alchemical texts, same goes for your case too, regarding the transformation of the granite to gold, which in your case is the transformation of the dark to Light. It was never, and generally it is not, destined for anyone to walk blind without supports, forever. You had always given help, but the receptors of your body and spirit, meaning your level of consciousness, were not always able to accept higher frequencies than the ones you could stand. But then, many of you managed to start their alchemic experiment and as for the results, you can view them on yourself every time.

 Nonel: Do not underestimate yourselves. You are us already, just not yet in your linear time. There are some among us who are your future selves and they wish to offer their capabilities in order for your Ascension to succeed. This cosmic event is of great importance and does not go unnoticed. from no one.

 Toral: The Galaxy that you call Milky Way, is on the step of a big swing. Gaia, the planet with which you have experienced so much, is on the stage of birth. The New Child is almost ready to arise. Its growth and evolution will follow later. But not without help. All of us, including you, too, will contribute to its growth and the recognition of its new incarnation.

 Volen: Honestly, it would be our pleasure for you to accept the gifts of Love that we offer you. Would not you accept the Love and gifts of a beloved member of your family? We do not feel this as absurd but quite natural. As also natural is your collective Transmigration. It is time.

 Quaril(e): We do not give in tears, but this does not mean that we do not unfold emotionally. Believe us, the fact that we can witness the eternal Now, does not mean that we do not expect with Happiness the physical, linear, process of things regarding this expected and big cosmic celebration. We are all invited there.

 Lozet: And we are many. But this is not going to be a problem. Many of our ships will be available for visitations and daily trips. The familiarization, comfort and remembrance are some of our intentions  and we feel that no one is going to regret it. The taking of responsibility for your ‘new’ lives is included to the gifts that we offer you. You are all bright stars of a solar system that is ready to experience its catalytic alignment.

 Equasax: It will be my and my people’s pleasure to accompany you, even behind the scenes initially, to this journey of yours which will start immediately after your integration to this that is known to you as the Age of Aquarius. You have a lot to learn from us and the rest of your Galactic Family, as we have to learn a lot from you too. We see you already offering your Wisdom, which you acquainted through incarnation, to beings which wait to benefit from your experiences, in order for them to be able to help on similar situations in their worlds.

 Aliandrei: The crystals and the elements of Nature offer you so much every time. Among many things, you will remember the way to be in tune with Life through its many aspects. This realization, even if it will be recalled, will represent one of the catalysts of your transformation and will empower even more your union with your Light Body or as you know it, your Higher Self.

 Archangel Michael: Never again we witnessed of a case like yours, regarding your Raising. Constantly, lots of kinds of high frequency energies  from the Inner Fields and Realities, are sent to you and Gaia, in order for you to achieve this huge leap. A leap that it will be responsible for the ‘upgrade’  of us all. No one will be uninfluenced from this.

 Archangel Chamuel: And how could that be since there is so much Love around? Heavens start to become more clear, mainly to the most sensitive of you, and Home is vibrating from Happiness , because one part of Its children is returning to the awareness of the Universal Palm of which, we are all results.

 Archangel Raphael: Cure is taking place and the positions you  left behind, wait for you to recover them and continue (or begin) the work of Compassion and Altruism, that all of us do, to every soul that is in need of guidance, assistance and Light. You become (again) responsible compasses for the guidance of your Life and others who are going and will go through similar stages to yours. Some of these ‘others’, are those souls on your planet that you call the ‘Dark Ones’.

 Galactic Light Ship Space Wave: And all this process of transformation happens, as you know, in many levels. When your physical body rests, it is then  that you meet again with Loved Ones  and have a break from the Game. And I continue to get busy with many duties with or without passengers. All are in a fine Order and Harmony and when you will acquaint (again) the perception of the Spirit, you will understand this more practically than theoretically.

 Mother Earth/ Gaia: I feel so Blessed about the fact that  I accept so much help and Love from different kingdoms of my/our Universal Family. A ‘thank you’ is not enough. I am sending my Gratitude and Blessings to all, to all the beings of Light, to the souls that I host and also, to the Source which never stops to surprise me  with Its Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love that characterize It. My return to my pristine self, when as a planet I used to vibrate on a higher frequency, is a small part of the Paradise that is manifested through our passing to the New Age of Hope. Let us do this dear ones.

Blessings from all of us.

Konstantinos: I thank you with all my Heart and Soul.

As received by Konstantinos.

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  1. (-_-) Glad you enjoyed it dear Stick. This gathering of them was a wonderful experience for me. Much Love to you and your family.

  2. Wow. Just wow. This was so powerful and beautiful. Thank you to all who “wrote” to us, and I LOVED to see your faces! As we say on Earth, “It is nice to connect a face with the name.” You know, I do not remember or know my higher self, but still I try do what I think is best. It is a very difficult time in this life, but we have another saying here, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!” So we choose life and love and peace. We try to make the most of our time here, even though we don’t always know what to do. I certainly look forward to a bright future, even though I do not know for sure what that is. I certainly would love technology that provides clean energy, and better knowledge of how to connect and communicate with all of you! Most of us Earthlings do not know how to do this.

    • Wonderfully said, dear Greg. Many peole like you and the people I know, are needed for this Transition. Thank you for being here (-_-). Glad you enjoyed their message. Much Love and Light on your way.

    • Wow (-_-)! So many wows (^_^). It was really a significant experience for me dear Troy. And yes, many thanks to those who guide us. Glad you liked it dear Troy. Much Love to you.

  3. I am so humbled by the love that resonates from many. Thank you dear Kp for your tireless work and the images you create for us all to see. My heart is so full of love for all. blessings and light Suzanne.

    • Yes, hey areall so Loving, and I’m not referring of course only to these paticular beings of this message. Oh, believe me it’s a real pleasure for me to receive and create these images (-_-). Glad it resonated with you dear Suzanne. Lots of Love and Light to you.

  4. Thank you dear Suntria and yes, many thanks to them for their messages. Glad you liked it dear Suntria. Many waves of Love on your way.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it dear Tauno. Hope you’re okay, because now I am the one that has a flue (-_-). My Infinite Love to you ❤ .

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