SaLuSa ~ October 12, 2012

SaLuSa 12-October-2012

We like you have had to experience delays, but as long as we can still complete our tasks as planned it does not cause us much concern. We can easily adjust to the different situations we confront, but for you it means more frustration because we cannot necessarily give you anything other than the bare details of what is happening. Viewing your activities we see so many groups grasping the mantle of freedom, and doing good work that is speeding up the inevitable end of the last cabal. We shall be there to give them a final push into oblivion, so that they will no longer pose a threat to you or us. That will be the signal for us to go speeding ahead with our mission. With the best will in the world the collapse of the economy is imminent and cannot be avoided. What you are seeing is the last desperate attempts of the dark Ones to hang on to what they still have, but their power is dwindling very quickly.

Some governments that we have contacted are alive to the changes and ready to co-operate, whilst others are reluctant and try to maintain the old system. The truth is no matter what they do to prevent it, the changes are coming and they will be unable to avoid having to take part. It does not matter what political persuasion is involved, like every other country they will have no alternative but to change. The solutions that we offer to overcome your problems are the only answers that will enable a fairly quick result. They will keep the inconvenience to you down to a minimum, and understanding the necessity for them will ensure the plans are well supported.

The changes will draw people much more together, and with the cessation of wars will bring a wonderful peace to the Earth. That will also help create trust between the different countries, and the barriers that exist between some of them will come down. Once you get that degree of co-operation the remaining changes will fall into place very quickly. The Arms Industry and all other aspects of military forces will be dismantled, but in time a Peace Force will replace them that will act purely for defensive reasons. At present the military and their bases around the world pose threats that can incite war, and that also will change. In the future no country will have foreign troops on their soil, and people will be left in no doubt that peace is going to be permanent, and upheld by us.

So as you can see the plans for your freedom and return of your sovereignty, are well in hand. it means that you have no need to be worried about threats of war. It will not be allowed and we have made it quite clear that nuclear weapons are not to be used, and we will enforce that order. The way to Ascension grows bigger and is attracting even more souls, who have found the trust and belief in what we and our allies are working for. Simply out Dear Ones there is no other way and believe us that all of the issues concerning your Ascension have been thoroughly discussed and until we have reached the optimum conclusion. We are doing what is best for everyone without infringing people’s freewill to move onto different path if that is their choice.

It had never been our brief to impose our views upon you, but to ensure that those wishing to ascend have every opportunity to do so. The changes are what you have sought but have been denied by the Illuminati to prevent your upliftment. So acceptance of them seems quite natural as they was already planned as part of your life experience. Few souls can recall their life plan, and indeed it is best that you deal with your challenges as they come up, as otherwise you try to pre-empt them and alter the outcome. Sometimes you take clairvoyant given readings that explain situations to you, and that kind of help is permissible but the final decision and action taken is totally up to you. In the same way no one else can take on your Karma, but some souls will by arrangement work with you to help you.

Some souls will find it hard to believe that they volunteered to experience in Duality. Yet each and everyone one of you did so, knowing that you would be speeding up your own evolution and adding to the pool of knowledge. Subconsciously all of this is known to you, together with the promise from those on high who have closely followed your progress for millennia of time, to assist you. They serve God and also serve you and carry out the plan for your Ascension. The word has been given that under no circumstances will the dark ones be allowed to succeed in preventing your Ascension, and that is why you should seize this marvellous opportunity to ascend together with Mother Earth.

There are some difficult times ahead but you will survive them, and the outcome will see you rising even higher into the Light. Time flies by and the changes draw nearer than ever, and without anyone making predictions it is quite clear that the end times are about to take off. Can you believe that the Millennium was 13 years ago and when you look back at your progress, it is particularly evident where your consciousness levels are concerned. The energy of Light and Love has spread like a forest fire, and the Phoenix of its higher expression is about to rise again from the ashes. It has the power to transmute all of the lower energies, that shall no longer exist at the new level you are moving into.

The apparent lack of activity does not mean that very little is happening, when in fact we are becoming busier than ever putting down attempts to stall progress. The dark Ones are masters at stirring up trouble, but we know their intentions and keep them very much in check. They do not take the initiative every time, and we can anticipate their moves and stop them achieving the results they seek, and it is sapping their morale which is already at a low point. Their game is up, and their time is up, and they would do well to withdraw and allow the game to be played out as planned. However, they remain obstinate to try and put off their inevitable destiny and detention, that calls for them to answer for their crimes against Humanity.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation of Light has never been on a greater alert than now, and is ready to jump into action. A few weeks in your time is just but seconds as we experience time, so the end time seems upon us already, and for you it is also speeding up.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing great!

    Well, yesterday, I tried again to connect with the Arcturian entity I had seen while giving Reiki. I did it on the train back home after work (yeah, I’m crazy like that! Wooo!). I think I got a name, something like Iruan… This entity showed itself to me with blue skin, round head, small eyes, short stature and was wearing a kind of long cape, in dark blue. He/she was very… how can I say this? Cute! 🙂 It had a very loving energy, it felt like a child’s love, it felt like getting a hug from a 3 year old 🙂 From what I could gather we worked together in healing a loooooooong time ago (there were glimpses of some devices and I guess crystals were also used) and, apparently, we’ll be working together again in the future. Right now he/she is a healing guide for me. At this point I asked for a sign that I was not ‘hallucinating’ and I felt a tingling in my right hand, very similar to the tingling I feel when giving Reiki. So… this is it, really. Comments, anyone? 😀
    Much love to you all ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Awesome Suntria, thanx for sharing. Reaching beyond the bounds of the 5-sense prison is a critical part of our move toward Unity-Consciousness. Imagine a time where everyone on the train ride home is sharing information from conversations they had with Intergalactic Beings… to take it a step further, imagine Iruan ‘phasing’ onto the train for all to see to give a Galactic update 😉 ~TheTimeIsNow247

  2. Amazing dear Suntria!! Yes, I receive a ‘yes’ from Iltheos and the pendulum. This a wonderful connection. And indeed, that’s what I’ve also come to understand and feel about the Arcturians. Their stature makes them look sooo cute (^_^) and that’s also because of their Loving Energy. But at the same time they are very wise and compassionate beings. To me, they are a combination of children and wise elders. Continue the great work and thank you for sharing, dear Suntria.

    Much Love to you.

    • Thank you for the confirmation, dear K! And yes, that is a great description, i believe: a child-like kind of love with the wisdom of an elder 😀 I’m just not so sure about the name, I don’t know if it’s Iruan or Aurian… but hey, like Shakespeare said: what’s in a name? 😀
      Much love, my friend!

  3. That is fantastic Suntria, I could feel this being’s loving energy through your description. The feeling I get is like cuddling the cutest kitten in the universe. Sappy I know but that’s what it feels like. 🙂

    Trains are also very beneficial from an energy standpoint, they represent the flow of energy exactly like the blood system / nervous system of the human body. Gunner does a lot of his reading on a commuter train, same kind of thing – tapping into that beneficial flow of energy.

    • Funny you say that about trains, Troy. I had never actually thought about it that way, although I do a lot of my ‘spiritual routine’ on my way to work and back home. I figure if I’m going to spend almost 3h in commute every day I might as well do something useful with that time 😀

  4. I think this must be the “type” of person that Umbro is (“captain” of the Tulya). It is nice to have a visual reference, and I appreciate all of the drawings Konstantinos has been doing for the same reason.

    When we connect with them the details of who they are and where they’re from seem somewhat less important or don’t really matter to them. But it is neat to think that Umbro is from the Pleiades. Mona Lisa (from the moon) looks like she also may be from the Pleiades, she is a similar type. They are more or less human except the eyes are a little larger and “asian” in appearance. Leslee also mentioned seeing high-tech tattoos, I would love to learn more about that.

    • It’s interesting you mention that: when I was connecting with my Arcturian friend I was trying to capture a lot of details about his appearance because I was very curious, but had the feeling he was telling me, in between giggles, ‘what does it matter?!’ 😀 High-tech tattoos? Sounds cool! 🙂

  5. Gunner, that image is a screen capture from a video supposedly taken in 1976 of a reconnaissance mission to the “dark side” of the moon. The video is really strange because the audio is messed around with, but the video itself looks like it would be hard to fake. It’s the little things about what’s happening in the film that ring true for me. For example the guys are just being guys messing around, they are not “acting” like anyone is ever going to see this film. In one part a guy spins a camera in the air because he’s in a low-gravity environment, he’s just messing around with the camera. In another part one of the guys is poking Mona’s breast – I think if he knew this film was going to be seen in the public, he would have more constraint. To me it really looks like he can’t believe this is a humanoid from another system.

    This film (actually a series of films) would be very hard to fake in 1976, and hard to accomplish on earth without a lot of cash even in 2012. And I’m not sure why someone would go to such lengths if this were a faked film.

    I included links to further reading in the comments of this post:

    I guess you won’t get a chance to see the videos, but if you can, I highly recommend it! The interview I linked to is definitely worth reading.

  6. ‘The Most Significant Event Ever To Occur In Your Space-Time Continuum’
    October 12, 2012 ~ Jeshua through John Smallman

    The excitement mounts as the moment for your awakening draws ever closer. It seems that you have been waiting a long time and that there have been many delays and disappointments, but this is not really the case. Time is illusory, as you well know, and so although it appears to you that dates for various events have come and gone without anything of note occurring, enormous changes have been happening on humanity’s inner or spiritual levels in preparation for the most significant event ever to occur in your space-time continuum.

    On Earth it may well seem that all is going on as usual: populations growing inexorably, also suffering, poverty, violence, greed, financial crises, and corruption – and the mainstream media confirms this for you, enthusiastically. But what is going on in your hearts and minds is very, very different. The divine field of Love is infiltrating every human heart and bringing about the most wonderful changes that are enabling and encouraging you to look for and perceive that all are one, that you are all beings of love and compassion. You are starting to recognize yourselves in one another, loving beings that you are, with increasing frequency and ease, and that is indeed an uplifting and inspiring experience. It is what happens when you stop judging!

    The love that you are, that you are offering and sharing, and that you intend shall sweep through the hearts of all humanity is extremely effective – yes, you truly do intend that, even if you are not immediately consciously aware of it. You are the Light-bearers and way-showers, which means that your task is to love everyone with whom you interact unconditionally. You incarnated on Earth to show, to share, and to extend the Light and the Love that your heavenly Father instilled in you at the moment of your creation.

    With His help and with the help of your spiritual guides you planned a life path that would inevitably lead to your doing this, but on the way you had your own lessons to learn, some of which have been very demanding, bringing down upon you crises that often appeared to be hopeless, incomprehensible, and even catastrophic.

    At first it was very difficult because you all had personal issues concerning suffering that you had experienced and for which you sought acknowledgment and restitution: the egoic mind asserting itself. However, the personal lessons or crises you experienced were the triggers that widened your perspective and enabled you to understand that your anger and need for restitution would not bring you any peace. That was a shocking realization.

    But you were also spiritually aware, or became so as a result of the lessons or crises, and you turned inwards for guidance and found it. Many of you then remembered that you had always had an indescribable yearning, a sense that you had a mission apart from the mundane earthly task of growing up and earning a living, and so you accepted the inevitable and allowed your hearts to start awakening in love. Doing so brought you to a place of peace within that is always available to you, although often you do have difficulty in accessing it.

    This was the point at which you realized that earthly tasks and ambitions, while to a certain extent necessary for survival, were not your main reason for living and that you had a much higher calling. It was indeed a moment of great import for you because it put to rest an anxiety, a strange doubt that used to seep into your mind when your life was apparently going well: “Is this really all there is to life?” At the time it made no sense, but it was unsettling. Now, you understood.

    The waking of your hearts gave you a new sense of purpose along with a sense of responsibility that you had never felt before. You were not alone, you were one with all of humanity, and yet the majority of them seemed totally unaware of this – as you had been. You began to understand that love had been missing from your lives. Yes, you had parents, friends, loved ones, children whom you cared for, but the love that was awakening in your hearts was so much more than this. It was the divine spark within that was starting to glow.

    Despite the challenges of living on Earth among so many unaware and unawakened people, you found that your hearts were expanding in love for them. You were now able to see that their anger and fear were cries for love, and you could identify with those feelings, having experienced them yourselves so many times. The larger meaning of your own lessons and personal experiences became far clearer to you. You have learned; you understand that each has her own path, and you know that your task is just to love and to demonstrate love by allowing, accepting, and listening.

    This is what ever-increasing numbers of you have been doing for the last few decades, at first with little apparent effect, but now the effects of multitudes of you living like this are rapidly changing the whole world, and the results are beginning to show. You are truly enormously honored and respected for your wondrous achievements as you continue showing the way and bearing the Light in preparation for and in expectation of the moment of awakening. The Light enveloping Earth and all of humanity grows ever brighter.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  7. Divinely Aligned Heart by Ute

    Yes, there are great light openings on Gaia, and it is very important to intentionally and consciously align with them!

    You must find the spot in your heart where you can locate these incoming showers of light and allow your heart to be connected to the information of that light!

    There is a fine thread of light to your heart through which you can feel this connection. To be connected is only a matter of your free will and intention! It prevents interfering frequencies to manipulate you to draw you back to the old and non-functional world, the world that is not aligned to the Divine Will.

    Worlds which are not aligned directly to Divine Will are naturally on a path of decline, ugliness and destruction, and as a result – of unhappiness.

    A Divinely Aligned World however is expanding with the currents of light, with the abundance of Love and all the Wonders of Beauty which come with It. Joy and Happiness then naturally is the carrier of all events and creations. In fact, they Are Joy and Happiness themselves, one with your own heart and essence of Being.

    So when you experience unhappiness and distortion, shortcomings and dis-ease, things not working out, recognize that these are signs of a world, not aligned with the Divine Expanded Heart, and they are therefore illusions, collapsing on themselves! You do not need to suffer them anymore. You can see them as what they are and take your birthright back: the Freedom of your heart!

    No longer, therefore, attach yourself to these illusions, these holograms of darkness and insanity, and do not allow them to influence you in the deep of your being! Step aside, cut off the ties that bind you to the unreal, and re-unite yourself with the Real, the messengers of light, the bearers of love. They are the agents which are birthing without end the realms of beauty, of love and integrity, of your happiness, and the happiness of all beings and things.

    Creations which are not based on that happiness, with a will to create separation and misery, are not creations of the Divine human soul. They are not truly your own fabrications, when you recognize who you really are, before you started to be confused by information from love-denying sources and took this mistakenly for your own true Self.

    In Divine Reality, there ARE no problems. There ARE no dilemmas. They are manufactured by non-understanding, the not-knowingness, by the sheer ignorance of those who do not know the infinite Heart.

    In the Heart there are no dilemmas! And all the rocks you once placed there and perhaps still are placing there, are made of this illusion your mind has been entangled with, as you allowed it.

    Therefore it is only you, who can sever your entanglement with what does not feel happy, which is not warming and filling up your love of heart, which does not enlighten the infinite path in the Light of Divine Consciousness.

    Who is still asleep, unconscious in the nightmares of a decaying world of false and deceptive light, is dreaming that this light is the promise of happiness. But when you wake up, you suddenly know that it only delivers emptiness, which seeks to fulfill itself with endless, but never thirst-quenching distractions.

    It is so important to realize this, because if you do, the powers, which deny you your inborn Freedom, cannot confine you anymore.

    Once you understood their mechanism and their quality of vibration, they have lost their influence on you. And you are free for the True Light which manifests your Happiness.

    There are still many, not recognized, pitfalls, even for those who desire to work for the light. The trickery is sophisticated! To locate the Real Light requires again and again discrimination and alertness. Always fine tuning with that Real Light with the pure crystal of your heart is necessary.

    But it becomes easier by the day, not to be deceived anymore and it is up to each one of us to help this beautiful planet to rise up in Her Own Divine Rights, free of the shadows of the pollution of false spirituality and all its sub-creations.

    In this great awakening process it is not enough to be one’s own light, a separate light in the ocean of Divine Light Itself. In Truth there is no separation, and to unite with All-There-Is and It’s in-Love Devoted Messengers and Agents is the Great Event that truly lifts us all up together into Higher, Heart-Fulfilling Consciousness.

    Together we are on a Bright Path!

    From my heart to you,

    Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
    Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

  8. Hello all! So, my phone is broke and getting replaced this coming week. I have a favor to ask of you. Can someone please post the Monday and Wednesday SaLuSa for me? I will be able to post the Friday message. I thank you all, and this will be my last post before my phone completely takes a dump! I Love you all, Namaste’!

  9. Happy Saturday Spirit Train Riders… Manifest Destiny 247 😉

    *Blossom Goodchild ~ Federation of Light*
    Oct. 14th 2012
    Blossom: Hello my friends. It’s quite funny how some of your ‘fans’ write in and comment on the fact that you keep on talking about LOVE and wondering when you are ‘going to change the record’ so to speak . Would you care to comment on that.

    Federation of Light: Greetings and jubilations to you … One and All. We do not have much to say regarding that matter other than ‘WE LOVE YOU’! With all respect for all … those that find our conversation to be repetitive are the ones who haven’t quite ‘Got it yet’ … and therefore there is the need of repetition!

    One is so very quick to assume that they have become ‘enlightened’ and state over and over to many that they are a ‘Highly spiritual person’ … and yet it is those very same souls that then will speak of someone negatively when their back is turned. Hence the need to continue on drumming it in that LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE … SO THAT YOU MAY KNOW IT AND BECOME IT IN FULLNESS.

    WHEN you return to BEING THAT LOVE … THEN you will be a ‘Highly spiritual person’. For you see dear ones, a ‘Highly spiritual person’ has no desire to tell another that they are! For a ‘Highly spiritual person’ … just is!

    Blossom: I personally FEEL quite comfortable these days with whatever it is you wish to speak of. I rarely have something pressing to ask … and I am more than happy to leave it up to you. However … not long now until the end of the year … the temperature is rising and hearts are fluttering. How are YOU and YOURS FEELING right now?

    FOL: We are speculating ‘disturbances’ to be forthcoming ‘any day now’.

    Blossom: ‘Disturbances’ sound a bit disturbing.

    FOL: Yet on doors of rooms you may have ‘Please do not disturb’. This simply means ‘Do not interrupt’. So therefore, we would say that … all being well … any day NOW there maybe interruptions from the norm and once introduced … one will never know the norm as it normally is/was.

    Blossom: That sounds exciting. I am aware of SO many that simply look up at the sky and shout from their hearts silence ‘Bring it on!’ So whatever you mean by this, rest assured there are many of us that are dribbling in anticipation!

    FOL: We can continue TRUE to form and repeatedly state that WE COME IN LOVE.

    We can ask of your forgiveness towards/upon those that have caused so much wide spread dis-ease in its many controversial forms.

    We can expect from you that which we have so proudly discovered to be the ‘WARRIORS OF LIGHT’ that YOU ARE.

    You have for so long been ‘undercover’. In these coming days … YOU … as the forbearers of the future … shall march forth as ONE. There shall be an understanding with your soul … that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    Many of you have felt so ‘forgotten’ … so ‘misunderstood’. Yet we say to you now in Knowledge of what is to come … that your hearts core shall be pulsating with strength and recognition of why you are here. You shall have released all FEELINGS that suppressed the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE.

    From with inside of you … each and every one … shall rise THE YOU THAT IS HERE TO DO WHAT YOU CAME TO DO.

    No longer shall there be questioning. No longer CAN there be doubt. It cannot enter into your equation of that which you shall KNOW.


    You will FEEL a difference in your waking breath. For those who could not find purpose to existence … there shall be a spring in your step and a leaping in your hearts beat .

    THE NEW WORLD is so close now. It would be appropriate for us to describe it in this way. You are as an architect … the plans have been drawn … The final ‘ok’ has been stamped upon them. You have the go ahead and now all there is to do is to ‘build it’. It all works on paper. The design is flawless. All that is needed are the ‘materials’ in order to create it into reality.

    Blossom: My mind didn’t FEEL quite right about the word ‘materials’ … can you clarify please?

    FOL: Exactly as we had hoped you would ask. For we shall provide them.

    Blossom: You are not meaning materials as in bricks and mortar though are you?

    FOL: Indeed no. We are meaning in providing that ‘extra oomph’ as you would say … in order for one to FEEL a difference within themselves … in order to build this New World.

    When baking bread … an ingredient is needed to make it rise. Therefore call us ‘The Yeast’ in this project. We shall be offering that extra assistance to allow the plans to ‘uplift’ as they should.

    Blossom: Are you speaking here of a ‘Higher Energy’ that you shall provide? And if so … in what form shall it take?

    FOL: We accept that what we are offering may at this time be interpreted in a few different ways. So we would like to clarify. There shall be a DEFINATE NOTICEABLE CHANGE …

    We speak of a gradual process and we do not deny this. Yet we also state that there is ‘SOMETHING COMING’ that one will mark as ‘The starting point’ … The ‘Moment when it all began’ if you like .

    Blossom: Yes … I do like. I know you cannot spill the beans and you must not spoil the surprize … yet my heart is racing right now and I FEEL quite … emotional!

    FOL: Let us explain a little more. In order to complete this project … much more is to be revealed at the concise moments in time that align with the greater overall picture. We can only ‘feed’ snippets as they are to unfold … at times when we are absolutely certain that they shall be received in the correct manner … in order for the next phase of the plan to proceed/succeed.

    Let us reassure you that the offerings that are to present themselves … once things have settled down from the initial excitement of it all … are there to take you to Greater Heights. You shall find yourselves saying ‘Can this really be happening?”

    Blossom: On what level do you mean? No offence … but that could mean anything from teleporting to instant manifestation … to …

    FOL: Exactly. It can mean ANYTHING … and it DOES! Yet … back to the beginning … you shall not know of these wonders unless your heart is in its rightful place.

    LOVE … For this is where it belongs. This is where it lives.

    As you FEEL more and more the frequency of the Higher Truth of yourself … as you settle into it … very much as when one moves home to a new vicinity and begins to discover the whereabouts of everything … until eventually it all becomes as familiar as the last place of frequency … you shall find yourselvesFEELING more and more comfortable with that which you are choosing to create.

    Many of you ‘dream’ of this New World … this ‘Golden Age’ … yet it shall be far beyond that of your dream awareness. For as you evolve again ‘back’ into who you once were … you shall be capable of creating a world that surpasses your highest thoughts at this ‘stage of yourselves’.

    What you are to create dearest ones shall make you FEEL as a child feasting their eyes upon the table of cakes and jelly and ice-cream!

    Blossom: Sorry? A bit of a strange analogy.

    FOL: Have you forgotten the expression of a child as they do so?

    No. They do not know what to put on their plate first.

    And so it is!

    We may add … that there shall be groups formed. Certain skilled souls shall gather together to ‘create the thoughts thought’. There shall be much enthusiasm. So very much joy.

    Recall how when embarking upon a new project … one has the keenness and determination of a baby learning to walk.

    THIS SHALL BE YOURS … magnified a thousand fold. Your hearts shall enter into a new phase of themselves whereupon ALL that is undertaken shall be done so with such fervancy … and we say to you this … The most precious gift of all … within ALL of this new phase … is that …. none of this is FELT as if it is BEING DONE TO SERVE THE SELF. Every thought and action is done IN LOVE for EACH OTHER.

    For what is coming to you will allow you to FEEL and UNDERSTAND on a different level … just exactly what you mean to each other.

    Imagine you are ONE ball of unwound wool … Once ‘The Happening’ happens … it shall be as if the stitches are cast and row by row … you ALL become part of the same creation. You have always been the wool … yet NOW … you shall be CREATING yourselves into the ONE … NESS.

    Blossom: I thought you were going to say the ONE VEST! Phew! NEVER been a fan of those stringy numbers!!!

    FOL: All that we say to you now … WE PROMISE YOU … shall make sense as the day’s ahead progress. Were you to read back on these words from your future position you would have ‘dropped jaws’ due to the accuracy of that which we bring forth. And yet for you … in ‘this/your time’ … you can only imagine/speculate regarding matters of which we speak.

    You may not KNOW exactly what is to be happening on the physical reality regarding that which lies in front of you … yet all you need do is close your eyes … FEEL OUR WORDS AS TRUTH … and the nonphysical part of you is already there . Because you can FEEL it. Therefore you KNOW it … yet ‘your time’ needs time to catch up with yourself.

    Blossom: Speaking of time … it appears it’s up for today.

    FOL: In EVERYTHING that is … there is LOVE. When you KNOW this in TRUTH … you vibrate with that LOVE that is in EVERYTHING … Allowing yourself to BE NOTHING … but LOVE.

    LOVE YOU. THANK YOU … Truly I mean it ….. THANK YOU!

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