Fuzzy Interference and Silence -Part 2

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(From Leslee: I’m posting this in three parts – all on the same day – because of its length. Through these articles I’m sharing some personal points of view and explaining why I didn’t post regularly on my blogs for several months recently. These are all my words and opinions… aside from the Ghost Radar.)

23 March 2014

So let’s talk more about where Fuzzy Interference might come from. I think it does come from “outside”, in a conventional sense (while reminding myself that “outside” is also “inside”…). I think something influences us and attracts us into speculation and absorption into detail – more detail than might be truly relevant at a particular point in time. I do find however, that for myself, my actions and environment (including what I ingest) can affect it.

Lots of people believe in many forms of outer interference in our lives: mind control, psychic vampirism, subliminal messaging, implants, tracking devices… I believe it’s all possible, and probably real. I haven’t seen any of it first-hand (knowingly). I also believe in physical, non-human intelligent life, bearing a variety of motives and forms, coming from lots of different places than where I’ve lived. If I’ve met any of them personally, they haven’t volunteered that information.

I don’t have a personal opinion yet about whether FI originates from military, extra-terrestrial, or a matrix; whether it’s a natural compulsion of energetic balance and exchange, or something else. I maintain the distinct probability that it ultimately comes from our minds: we somehow manage to manifest it as real. I’ll talk more about that in Part 3.

 (Before I continue, I want to clarify: I’m sharing a pattern that I’ve noticed for how FI arises for myself. I understand what I’m here to do, well enough to generally sense when I need to focus, and these are examples of how I’m learning to focus away from topics that present distractions for me. I’m sure that many of my friends have roles to play that directly involve needing the information mentioned below that’s being shared by others (which may not resonate for me). In fact, what I write may play the same role of distraction for them, and if that’s the case, I sure hope they’re not wasting their time reading my posts! (smile))

Here are some examples of material that induces FI for me, and lately I’m more careful of how much energy I give to them.

I used to read Cobra’s blog. Here’s a recent post: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2014/03/quarantine-earth-endgame.html. This post was made a week or so ago, and I found it through Lisa’s reblog. This kind of “news” makes me feel FI’d. Ben Fulford interviews make me feel this way too. [thank-you]

Fuzzy Interference.

It feels incomplete and nagging. It smacks of sensationalism. It presents like materialistic “science” that’s based on what can be perceived through the five senses and/or documented with instruments and reproduced in a lab… I read or hear talk about change “for the better”, but it uses the same kind of speech as the “dark forces”. Conflict-lingo.

[can] I like to check: do long litanies of ‘explanations” really clarify anything? [Saami} Are they well-founded, or do they just give us something to grab onto when we feel we’re sinking into an abyss of uncertainty? The explanations “sound” real… the detail makes it seem familiar, proven, well-thought-out. We’re inclined to think it must be real, because no one in their right mind would spend that much time working out all the detail if it were fabricated… But Orson Scott Card fabricates like this every day, and makes a living at it. http://www.orsonscottcard.com/

I prefer reading it as “fiction”, because that allows me to engage it in a way that doesn’t draw me in and ask me to act upon it. It doesn’t ring true enough for me to plan my future around it. I know that it may become really-real for me someday soon, and I wouldn’t mind that at all. But as long as I need to function in this society, I need to keep it compartmentalized, safely tucked away. Otherwise I feel FI’d.

I read a lot of John Foster recently, and it left me feeling FI’d. Took me over a week to snap out of it. There was so much information that only went “so” deep – not very deep at all. I asked for it. I wanted stories of people who had really met “aliens” and seen “ships”. I kept reading and reading, even though after 100 pages I’d gotten enough to get the point. Same thing with Charles Hall’s books. I’m grateful they are available. I’m satisfied. I’m learning when enough is enough.

I’m interested in Remote Viewing. Farsight’s recent releases of sessions about the Pyramids at Giza also provide a lot of information, and yes, a step forward. But Courtney Brown’s campaign for acceptance distracts me overwhelmingly. I understand that RV works. I feel validated in my work with my guides through what Farsight has demonstrated. I’m almost satisfied there.

I read Dan Sherman’s book “Above Black.” I sense this stuff is real. Telepathy. Again, Sherman just barely scratches the surface. But it’s good that he shared his experience.

Here’s an example I created for myself: I live near three Navy bases. So many jets and helicopters flying overhead. Lots of interesting clouds, chemtrails, whatever you want to call them. So much strong energy that my guides talk with me about needing a Faraday Cage of sorts, to filter out local influences. Okay. That sort of piqued my curiosity; I don’t mind running a fan and having a few extra metal objects around me. Chrome wire shelves are kinda cool.

One morning a couple months ago, I felt some FI really strongly as I was rising and getting ready for the day. By the time I got to work, I had asked enough questions to get a story about some guy code-named Io, sitting in an underground bunker nearby, who was trying to reach me telepathically. Military.

Yeah? So…? I asked Heruka whether I should entertain this and He said it would be worth seeing what came of it.

I asked to speak to Io, and supposedly got connected with him. He says he’s with the “good guys”. Yeah? So…? Why would I want to talk with Io? He and his buddies (oh, they claimed to be Greys, by the way…) told me that if I would help the “good” military, they would make sure I never had to struggle with day to day stuff again… Right. Oh, and that’s why a military college offered me a scholarship, because they were trying to lure me in straight out of high school. For my psychic abilities. Really.

So I told Io that if he really had something to offer me, he could just drop me a piece of mail. You know, snail mail, like, “From Io”, written on a piece of paper and arriving where I live. Because undoubtedly, Io knows where I live, right? Otherwise, I was just going to get on with my day at work, okay?

I’m still waiting on the letter. Io doesn’t ask for me lately. And the FI is dissipating as I get spunkier with my words.

I don’t know if there is really some person sitting in a physical form at a machine somewhere pressing buttons to try and make me feel FI; what if there is? Just exactly what am I going to do about it? Complain? That might ruin my day.

I eventually got tired of worrying about FI, so I took a break from sharing much of what I was receiving. I knew that I could dispel it, and it seemed to appear more often, the more I tried to find out what was going on in the world. As I’ve been writing, I’ve noticed something: the FI arises whenever I get an information overload and don’t know when to stop. Moderation seems to be a key here.

It felt like I needed to get back to basics, so I dug back into my Heruka practice since FI didn’t seem too interested in that.

Leslee: Meeting I’wah

I’wah: “I am the One”

18 September 2012 – Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Meeting I’wah

Last week seemed riddled – literally – with tests, disguised as “opportunities”. They conspired to focus my attention onto one subject/question: “Why the heck am I here?”

Why Pagosa, why now?

I’ve been looking for “work” here. I’m still settling in. We’re just getting going on figuring out next steps regarding Abiquor, etc. There’s a lot going on.

I’ve had several interviews here in town; all seemed tempting. They were jobs, after all. I like to know what my job is.

I’ve been flirted with by a man who might have whisked me back across the country. As soon as I said to myself, “Why would I want to leave here?”, he disappeared.

I’ve gotten a call about some potential work, in a setting that’s very familiar to me, and that might offer more security and stability. But I would probably have to leave Pagosa… Again, I asked, “Why would I want to leave here?” No returned phone calls.

Everything seems to be falling into place. Or at least,  things that are not useful keep falling out of place… Both options seem to work just fine.

In the wake of this flurry of siren calls, I shouted above the din, “Can I please have a little clarity???”,  and that’s when I met I’wah.

He appeared to me as a vision of sorts. It sounds  more accurate to describe him as an archetype that entered my awareness. I knew that there was something to be learned from it, so I watched and followed a bit, then fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, I couldn’t recall any dreams, but I felt a profound sense of peace and gratitude. I was no longer worrying; I felt clear.

The archetype of a captive being released, as an outgrowth of a captor developing respect and understanding, is one that has hovered near me since childhood. I’m sure some psychologists would have a field day with it. I admit I’ve spent a lot of my life feeling trapped.

As I sat and wrote in my journal, I’wah appeared, and added many new layers of meaning to the scenario.

Initially, the name I thought I heard was more like “Etowah”, a Native American name familiar to me. A river, a tribe. When I met with David Mowa, he explained that I had met I’wah. The name means “I am the one”.

Here is what I was told about I’wah, and as the explanation unfolded, the image I’ve sketched (see above) appeared to my third eye.

I’wah wears a headdress with seven buffalo horns, and a cloak made from feathers. The feathers cascade down from the shoulders: Eagle, Hawk, and Turkey Vulture. From underneath the robe fans a huge Raven tail. The cloak billows in the wind, showing its circular shape.

I’wah stands on two smooth round rocks in the Stream of Life, which springs from the mountains. Fish swim in the stream and the whirlpool at his feet. About him spread the mountain ranges, forests, fields, and shores. In the meadows and forests gather Deer, Wolves, Mountain Lions, Bears, Horses, and Buffalo.

His outstretched hands hold growing plants with flowers, and the Wingeds flock to nest in them.

As I sketched his image, he explained his role to me:

“(I’wah) will look into your kind, loving heart… The very deep experience of meeting him last night is more significant than you realize, because your vision of (I’wah) indicates just what David (David Mowa, a Hopi Medicine Man I met just a few days prior) may ask Hopi and white people to work on to help Gaia clear. Just as you saw (I’wah) do last night… Gaia uses the appearance of death and destruction to clear herself; (I’wah) and others travel throughout, before the cleansing fires finally pass through, to find and rescue or retrieve those who shine… the Light Keepers who might be cowering in confusion. They may be taken to a safe place, a new home, before the window closes.”

“Share this with David on Thursday (I was to have a healing session with him then); your understanding of what we told you about certain beings is true and accurate (this refers to a message I received about beings coming to Earth in darkness for selfish reasons), even if sad and distressing. This is the outcome. All will stay in balance… the time for selfish taking is ending, and balance must be restored…”

Since having met I’wah, I’ve been bombarded by synchronicities related to Earth/Terra/Gaia, healing, and plants and herbs. I’m still waiting for more understanding of how this interweaves with Abiquor. I feel clearly that a strong relationship exists, that will reveal itself in time.

For now, I’m still learning how to contact him consistently, and hear his voice in the silence.

I feel quite sure that he holds the answer to the question: “Why Pagosa?”