Videos that help the understandings of Sacred Geometry that have to do with our connection with higer dimensions

Highly recommend the videos that are collected on this [Russian] site. I personally feel so resonated with them. They help me in a very sufficient way comprehend better the sacred geometry that I’ve been shown during my Crystal connection.

Archangel’s settings. Archangel Michael. Power of Love
I guess, you who feel resonated with AA Michael would be touched, too by this video.

Message from extraterrestrial civilizations. Keys of the New Gates [with English captions ]

◎videos that help do connection with realms of higher dimensions via the sacred geometry
Lots of images/scenes shown in these videos just just correspond well or even help me recall what I’ve seen during the Crystal Connection (meditation) :

3/11 : Temples of the New Unity [of wisdom of various civilizations]

4/11 : Arcturian Gift. Temple of balancing areas.
The Lady shown at 0:37 at the right of the screen looks almost the same as the one that I saw during my crystal connection in early or middle June, only that the one in my vision is of green skin. Besides, their costumes look so similar. At that moment, I only wondered if she Arcturian, now, the video just gave me a perfect answer.

8/11 : Maitreya. Light Heart.

Attunement with the [Emerald] healing and harmonizing energy