OcaTAwa 11 April 2012

OcaTAwa 11 April 2012

(from Leslee)



How is it that Inner Earth is so pure and the Surface Earth has so many “Unpleasant Issues”?

(This question/message came after noticing that my “arthritis pain” was almost non-existent, after 5 days of taking a neurological medication. The response below came after holding OcaTAwa for only a couple minutes…)

The neurological damage was caused by stress; the stress was caused by trauma; the trauma comes from the mind.

The mind is the basis of our experience of trauma.

When the mind is healed, the body can heal. To heal the mind is BOTH to heal the physical neurological system and to come to understand the nature of the mind.

When the mind is healed, it can do anything (like flip Harrier jets inside hangars).

If we can empower our minds, we can change our world and our bodies.

This is the “technology” we need to learn if we wish to live in a Pure World. This is what our “Other-Worldly” friends (or enemies) can teach us.

Reading the Seth Material books and the Law of One/Book of Ra books can help us understand this.

My illness has manifested as a demonstration of this, and I have “known” about this since birth, on some level… Now is the time to put “the plan” into action, with the help of others.

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  1. Hi Leslee,

    It is good to have you back, I missed you πŸ˜€

    Thanks for this amazing insight, I think that is why most of my pains can be related of my trauma in the past. I am doing currently the meditations for clearing the chakra’s sent by Tauno.

    Love you my dear sister and welcome back

    • Hi, Dear Lisa!
      I thought of you as I published the post… I’m still catching up on emails and posts, but I noticed that you were having some difficulty… Sending lots of love and light, and hoping to chat more soon!

  2. LESLEEE!! WELCOME BACK!! I/WE MISSED SOOO MUCH!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU AND thank you a lot for your post!! =)

    • Thank you, Konstantinos! I’m so happy to be back!!! I only have ten minutes, so just a quick hello for now… More later! Love & light, dear brother! πŸ˜€

  3. Tauno – ALGIZ…OcaTAwa….
    ALGIZ&OcaTAwa – We are here, Tauno
    Tauno – I wonder if Les is going to be free of her pain
    ALGIZ&OcaTAwa – Now we are in your hands, just where we must be at this point, everything required for her recovering is at hand and there are many other things available, you must learn how to use them and how to get their meaning, everything is provided.
    Tauno – Both of you are so beautiful and I discover more and more in you
    ALGIZ&OcaTAwa – Our structure keeps the key for Creation of the New Earth, this is the main pattern which includes the highly vibrational crystal matrix of the highest dimension. We are connected with you, the New Earth is connected with your new bodies just like it is now in your 3D reality, you are Earth now and in the New Earth you will be the New Earth? Understand?
    Tauno – Yes, you are talking about the different layers of existence of matter in the different dimensions, each one belongs to its proper dimension
    ALGIZ&OcaTAwa – That`s right.
    Tauno – Thank you, ALGIZ&OcaTAwa
    ALGIZ is showing me a picture of a grey bat, then the bat becomes a dove, sitting on a branch of a tree and then I can see a grey young horse there….

  4. Welcome back Leslee; it is so good to read your post! Love and healing my dear sister.

    Love, light and laughter

    • Thank you so much, Vee, and the same wishes for you! I hope you’re doing okay, and I look forward to catching up soon!
      Love and light and yes, Laughter!
      Hugs to you, Sis! πŸ™‚

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