Konstantinos-Photos of Cloud Ships part 2



  1. Konstantinos when I see these type of clouds here I feel that they are space craft cloaked by the clouds and the clouds are usually very low.

  2. Thank you Konstantinos, it’s also cool to get a small view of a place you are personally familiar with, thank you for sharing this. In fact my avatar is also a place I am personally familiar with… but in the past rather than the present. 🙂

  3. Hi, Konstantinos !
    I also noticed many of them these days and I saw one the other night while sending Love and Light as usual to our friends there, it looked like a star but I had a feeling that it is a craft, then the little point of Light moved fast…horizontally and disappeared…I think I saw them , this is my next proof that they are here and watching
    Love and Light, dear brother!

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