8 comments on “Konstantinos-Photos of Cloud Ships part 2

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  2. Hi, Konstantinos !
    I also noticed many of them these days and I saw one the other night while sending Love and Light as usual to our friends there, it looked like a star but I had a feeling that it is a craft, then the little point of Light moved fast…horizontally and disappeared…I think I saw them , this is my next proof that they are here and watching
    Love and Light, dear brother!

  3. Indeed dear friend. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience of yours. Much Love and Light.

  4. Thank you Konstantinos, it’s also cool to get a small view of a place you are personally familiar with, thank you for sharing this. In fact my avatar is also a place I am personally familiar with… but in the past rather than the present. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Konstantinos when I see these type of clouds here I feel that they are space craft cloaked by the clouds and the clouds are usually very low.

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