Konstantinos-Photos of Cloud Ships part 3



  1. Thank you for sharing these, KP, they are really mysterious! I keep wondering at the idea of cloud ships… Has anyone ever explained… Why clouds…? I want soooo badly to see real ships!!! Love & light, Leslee

    • http://dreamwalkerdiaries.blogspot.com/2012/03/ocatawa.html

      On March 22, OcaTaWa said:

      There are many elemental ships in your universe. You are correct in thinking that the dimensional rules apply to each layer. A ship that supports 3-dimensional beings must follow the 3-dimensional rules. This is why Galactic Light Ships are multi-dimensional. It is so we can support many forms of life in different dimensions. This is also why we may appear very differently depending on which dimension you encounter us in. It is the same ship, different material makeup. Stone, water, air, fire, etheric. Organic, metallic, energetic.

  2. Really amazing pictures Konstantinos, shipclouds we go 😀
    You got me inspired to post another batch of clouds that I took. I have put it on my page Lisa
    Love Lisa

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