Mitochondrial Wormhole Cleansing Meditation

I received this meditation exercise from Teo’Na, as an application for the information Tom Kenyon shares with us (links to Tom’s site to be added soon)…

This is a brief visualization we can do at any time, to help the process of cleansing both Gaia and humankind. It will ease the preparations for many of the ongoing and coming shifts that we’re experiencing now, or may experience in the future.

Sit comfortably, and close your eyes if you like. This visualization may also be done while you’re engaged in other activities, if you care to try it this way.

Visualize your Heart Chakra as a glowing, radiant horizontal wormhole within your chest, spinning and swirling in a counter-clockwise motion, with these colors: A thin, blazing white ring at the inner edge of the vortex, a brilliant gold ring just outside the white ring, and surrounding that, a planar ring of welcoming, loving, pulsating bright emerald light.

Understand that this Heart Chakra Wormhole is your direct connection with Infinite Oneness and Love.

Visualize and feel your Heart Chakra in this way for a few moments.

Next, please visualize that the mitochondria of the countless cells of your physical body are each a tiny wormhole, also connecting with Infinite Oneness and Love. Or you can simply understand that your body is like a matrix of infinite, tiny wormholes, like miniature versions if the one at your Heart Chakra.

Now, as you breathe in deeply, visualize that all negativity on the planet is drawn through these wormhole portals at your heart and every cell, and sent into the Infinite Oneness, to be permanently transmuted into Love.

As you breathe out, visualize that this newly-transmuted love radiates back out from your body, permeating the Planet and the Universe.

Do this whenever, and as many times, as you like.

(I find this meditation to be very similar to the Buddhist practice of Taking and Giving, considered one of the most profound practices available. With this meditation, the added galactic layer of the wormholes intensifies the transformative power of the wish for healing, love, and peace.)

14 comments on “Mitochondrial Wormhole Cleansing Meditation

  1. Thank you, dear Les for this technique , it is similar to what I visualize. yes, the green colour is the colour of the heart chakra….and it reminds me of a meditation suggested by Tom Kenyon – concentrated on your physical heart and residing in a state of appreciation and gratitude till you start to feel the space between your body cells and till you gradually become connected with the vast area around you sending your appreciation and gratitude ….in fact this process is directed outwardly, from your heart to the outer world for raising the vibrations of the Planet, and your meditation suggested here is directed inwardly for transmuting the negative energy from the outer world, both methods are very strong and they serve One goal – bringing more Light and higher energies here on Mother Earth
    Love and Light

    • This is an added “layer” of visualization to what I do in terms of connecting, feeling gratitude seems to be key to the process. Now I just have to wrap my head around the number of cells in my body! I guess I better start counting huh? πŸ˜‰ 1… 2… 3…

      • Hm, for some reason I pictured a torus..

        Same thing?

        It’s interesting that the torus plays a role in “free energy” as mentioned in the thrive movement video. It actually looks pretty easy to build with some cardboard and copper wire.

        It is also the magnetic field that surrounds the planet (all planets).

        Now I just have to stop thinking about donuts…

        • You can also simply think the thought and not get hung-up on what it “looks” like, since it doesn’t look like anything… πŸ˜‰ focus on the intention… Same with the energy “attacks”, Tauno, believe you’re protected… πŸ™‚
          Love & light!

          • Thank you for the Love and Light, dear Les πŸ™‚ I am sending to You my Love and Light, too and I am so happy to read your posts here after the silent/void/ period of yours, but this is the way Spirit guides you, my dear friend, trust the Spirit and keep on Shining πŸ™‚
            I felt the teeth of duality today…not a pleasant experience …I want to wake up as soon as possible into 5th dimension and to embrace my dear Family of Light…what I beauty it will be, I imagine my new home and my new Life on the beautiful Mother Earth….green forests, fresh air, blue sky, magical mountains, pure waters and celebration of Life everywhere…..I am beaming my Light out into this intention for the victory of the LIGHT
            with the Power of My Divine I Am presence
            I believe that
            We Are All One

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