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  1. ~Inspired by Konstantinos!…iSeem to See Animal Beings Form within Clouds…I’m

    on a Look-Out for CraftClouds,tho!… πŸ™‚ ~

    • Yes! I see the rabbit swimming! πŸ˜‰
      (maybe I fell into the ice-fishing hole!)

      Also, if you look under the About page, there are a few tips on WordPress, such as inserting images in comments… Lisa, if your code is different, please add it there too… πŸ™‚

      I’m really glad you made this as a post, though, Babajij, because that’ll make it easier to find later!

      I saw an amazing cloud-city on the way home yesterday evening… I’ll look at the photos, and if some show it well enough, I’ll post too…

      I love the idea of a page for these… I may add my blue orb shots as well!

      Love n light, y’all!

      • Hi Leslee,
        My code is not different, it is the same, but the explanation was a bit confusing for me, even though I am home in the html code. At my work I am used to make IT manuals how to do certain things and I thought to make one that is a bit clearer with some pictures with it. I didn’t want to undermine yours Leslee πŸ˜€ This is just a dfferent approach.

        It would be fantastic to have a cloud ship/orbs page
        Love dear sister Leslee

  2. Euhmmmm…the bottom one looks like a….a leaping rabbit….the middle one looks to me…euhmmm…:D like a chicken , maybe a rooster πŸ˜€ , the first one..that one is amazing in color and dramatic…..looks like a whale swimming in a stormy sea….
    they are amazing pictures babajij, it seems we get inspired by Konstantinos…:D

    Love and light babjij, I hope you will post some more interesting cloud formations, maybe we should make a separate page tab for the clouds, maybe under the Galactic Lightship, with a sub tab cloud-ships πŸ˜€ wouldn’t that be nice πŸ˜€

    • ~Thank You,Lisa πŸ™‚ iAm still not Knowing on How to Comment with a Photo…so iDecided to Make a Post,where iAm Familiar with UpLoading Images…

      …Last Summer,iWent for Long Walks and Found the Clouds to Appear as Animals…which made My Walks,much More Fun…iAlways Look Up Now…There Seems to Be so Much More to See,Now… πŸ™‚ ~

      • hi babajij ,
        I made a base html code for to put images in comments:

        you can see my basis html code on my page Lisa, as it seems I can put them properly here to show you
        here in comments.


  3. ~Thank Ya!…Knowing me, iProbably will Finally Figure It All Out,By Chance…hehe…iShall Persevere!…Much Appreciation to Ya,Lisa… πŸ™‚ ~

    • He babajij I made something for you on my page, it is really easy you just have to copy my base html code and follow the instructions and that’s that. πŸ˜€

  4. That sounds excellent, Lisa, thank you for doing that! What was on the page is from John, so please feel free to add your contribution there too! I always do better with pics, so maybe your version will help me get over my laziness about it… πŸ˜‰
    Let’s add the cloud page to the wish-list… Maybe someone can do that this weekend… 3xL to you! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Leslee,

      I added my version under the page wordpress instructions.

      Konstantinos,Babajij and Leslee πŸ˜€

      I made a subpage cloudships&Orbs under the page of the Galactic Light Ships and you have all a separate subpage under your name where you can paste your pictures. Hope all is well.

      Love Lisa

  5. Hi, all! Babajij how wonderful thought connection, dear brother!
    Today the first thing I saw after I opened the window were three amazing cloud ships, they had firmly shaped edges , not clouds, but cloud ships, one of them looked like a saucer and the other two both were forming a huge Mother Ship with clear visible edges, I feel a wonderful connection πŸ™‚
    Thank you, my Beloved family from STC, I Love you all
    Hugs of Love and Light!

    • ~Very True,Tauno!…Whether in Our DreamWorlds, EarthlyWorld and InternetWorld there Is a Quicker Manifestions of Our Thoughts/ImagiNations/Visualizations…Now iSee Konstantinos as a KeyHolder,One Who Unlocks the Gate…As He Posted His Drawings and Photos, Things Seemed to Make a Greater Connection with People…a GateKeeper Protects an Entrance…the KeyHolder Opens the Door~

  6. Hi guys. Thank you Babajij for your great post. What wonderful animal cloud beings. So beautiful. The lcute bunny of the third picture sms very happy (-_-)!
    Lisa, thank you for your excellent idea!
    I’m honored that you got inspired from my cloud post.
    Much Love all.

    • ~Indeed!…iFind that You Are Very Informative and Born with Natural Talents that UpLift,Konstantinos!…iFeel this Towards the EveryOne,Here,on SpiritTrain… πŸ˜€ …We May Be Going thru Difficult Experiences,at Times…Yet,There is a Safe Space here that Allows Us to Share and See How We Are All Unified~

  7. Hi, Troy! Amazing message from GR! I think these cloud ships are the weather signal for the seemingly impossible gathering of energies waiting for their chance to overcome gravity πŸ™‚ Lion – sphinx…we are about to gain a new knowledge….

    • Thank you for this interpretation Tauno… I thought of “silk shelf” as a neat way of describing a cloud πŸ™‚ “Gravity” can also be the “gravity of a situation” meaning a serious situation about to unfold, perhaps… Also it is interesting to note that the incoming flood of information that we will soon be seeing has been compared to a hurricane… good point about lion/sphinx… that does tie it up nicely!

      • Just stay and observe, dear Troy , the things can be navigated by thought and we all know how to make it and then watch its manifestation!
        Today I have been in the hurricane in its daily routine but I watched and observed my inner state, my emotions and thoughts…interesting that I feel distant from them while I am experiencing them at the same time, it is an unusual dance with duality from an awakened point of view….not so dramatic as it looks on the surface, when you go deeper into your inner life you find that peace that resides in the deepest layers of your presence …this constant and eternal Light that is your essence while there is a storm on the surface…I feel that I know the reasons of the current difficulties….the reason is knowledge and experience…the reason is called – Evolution
        Love and Light, dear friends of Light

  8. A quick update from OLA
    She showed me the Great Pyramid of Giza – the Pyramid is activated, I saw a golden ray of Light going out of the top of the pyramid and stretching upwards and some other rays that were coming out of the pyramid from its walls and stretching up to the stars – Orion constellation perhaps…
    Then I called TULYA++++TULYA
    I saw tho layers – our 3D layer and TULYA higher layer of existence
    There were 2 spheres of Light in our 3D layer and 2 ether spheres of Light in TULYA`s layer , when our 3D two spheres went into the layer of TULYA they merged with her spheres and formed 2 spheres and there was one constant ether sphere at the center….
    I think the message confirms the information of “borrowing”

    • These are such wonderful meditations you’re having, Tauno! I hope I can find the time for some of this over the weekend… πŸ˜€
      I miss Umbro – is anyone else feeling that? And do you find it curious that we haven’t connected with Sasha (or has someone, besides Kris Won?)?

      • Umbro is here , Les:) /Blue orb shined while I am writing this/helping the connection and transmitting, the image of Umbro that you showed is correct
        LOVE and LIGHT, dear Les, do crystal meditations while you relax, our crystals give us a quick and easy connection…it works, because it is easy πŸ™‚ no pressure …just go with the flow

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