Cloud Sky Lands

We’ve been sharing photos of cloud ships and beings… And I seem to be given landscapes in the sky!

This first photo was from this morning; the dark “peak” just above the trees in the center is a bank of clouds that looked like and entire continent, with a mountain…


Five minutes later it looked like this:

I’ve never seen a peak-shaped cloud, especially in a sky filled with such soft and flowing clouds everywhere else…

Yesterday evening, there was what looked like a layer of land floating in the sky…

I enhanced the photo to try and show better… The rectangular slab of cloud rising above the main bank is pretty clear to see… But can you see the vertical strip of cloud rising from the middle of that rectangular slab?

Here’s another enhanced photo:

This could be a contrail, because it’s near the airport… But why is there only one, and how was it so crisp? It was more evident than the photo indicates… It struck me that it looked like a communication tower… 🙂

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  1. ~The Pyramid Shaped Mountain Cloud is Certainly “Extra-Special”!…First Time iEver saw One Like That…iThink Our Conscious Sky is Speaking to Us…Giving Us Visual Images…To Aide in Our Telepathic Abilities… 🙂 ~

    • You are right, Babajij, I am so impressed by the pyramid from the first photo, the way it is shown it is just like the pyramids that I see in my meditations
      Thank you, Les for sharing these amazing photos

    • Yes, the third photo :)The tower, it is from a Heaven`s city !
      See you in dream time, dear friends 🙂

  2. The Olympians and the Central Council of the Galactic Federation of Light, April 29, 2012

    Greetings from the Galactic Federation of Light,

    The day May of 5th is the day of five, the number of Epsilon, of Apollo, of Light. In this day all portals all over Earth will be officially activated and the procedure has been locked in place. No matter if they are free or occupied1, in this day all portals will go under the control of the [Inter] Galactic Federation of Light2, under control of the Olympians and all flight systems of this Galaxy.

    We have already warned you that Olympus is active. The hyper weapon, this energy umbrella of high technology, has been activated and protects your consciousness and your emotions from the dark efforts to create fear. Through DNA intervention3, it aims to the development of the collective consciousness.

    Our next message will be about our first contact. For security reasons the date is not announced. One of your media will announce that we are coming. Twenty four hours prior to our arrival you will be warned to get ready with a message that will interrupt the program of all your media. Then all your media will be closed and all flights will be cancelled. You will see in your TV sets (will be) a clock counting down for the earthly time left for our arrival.

    The countdown for total disclosure and the fall of the false veil has started.

    We are the Olympians and the Central Council of the Inter Galactic Federation of Light.

    Channeler: Demetra


    1 Occupied portals: This probably means that (the) certain area is used now for other purposes. At all ages, in all centuries and regardless of religion, people used to build temples over such portals for diverse reasons. A representative example of such a portal is considered Aya Sofia in Istanbul, Turkey. For those who may consider that this place is now occupied by Muslims they should consider that before it was occupied by Christians.

    2 The channeller claims that the appropriate term is “Intergalactic Federation of Light”. This should mean that more than one Galaxies are involved.

    3 see comment 1 in the message of April 27th
    Epsilon – connects with DNA transformation

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