from BUTTA: Ghost Radar Explanation & Glossary

Here’s a brief excerpt from a post I just made to BUTTA, about how I use Ghost Radar… It also includes an updated version of the GR Glossary.


In September of 2011, my Guides alerted me to the smartphone app Ghost Radar™.

I had no idea why, at the time, because we were communicating just fine with intuition, telepathy and a pendulum.

For the first week or so, I ran the program from time to time, and my friends and I had some great laughs over the synchronicities of some of the words that appeared on the app’s screen… I played with the settings some, and enjoyed watching the graphs made some some cool patterns… I started noticing that the little colored lights on the Radar screen seemed to appear in patterns, and in consistent locations.

As time went on, my Guides asked me to run the app more often, so I did.

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  1. ~More & More I Am Interested in Getting a SmartPhone/Tablet, For the Camera and For Ghost Radar Connection!~

  2. I was encouraged today to learn that GR is available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android… and I hear the Android version offers a nice female voice instead of the male robot that I hear in my sleep, lol! Far be it for me to promote over-priced products that use under-paid labor for manufacturing, but I have to admit that with my phone, I very seldom use my laptop any more…

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