Welcome, Fran!


We’re so happy to have you join us here on Spirit Train Chronicles, and having your posts and pages grace our presence!
Namaste, Leslee

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  1. Thank you so much, Leslee!♥ I am honored to be here with you and everyone on this site! A big Hello, and blessings, love and light to everyone!♥

    • Thank you, dreamwalker444 for your warm welcome!♥ and thank you for offering the wonderful dream flights! I was able to join in one through hearing about it through Laura Tyco, and look forward to joining in another!!

      You asked a loaded question 🙂 Well, to be brief, I have always done healing work and have also channeled all my life. Started doing healings and readings for the public twenty years ago (after doing two other careers for 7 years each), and was asked by AA MIchael to sit and receive and share channelings with the public last September, 2011, and the rest is history! Have always had a connection with the Spiritual Realm and with our Star sisters and brothers. Am Pleiadian and Angelic by origin, actually, according to Yeshua, AA Michael, and Mira. So, I guess what made me follow the path I am on now is that it was my mission and purpose in life and I found it, or it found me, not sure! 🙂

      Looking forward to connecting with all of you!♥

      • Thanks Fran, the dreamflights have always been a team effort, and it is an honor for me to put something out there that is uniquely “ours”, developed through our collective intent. I have been pleasantly surprised (at times overwhelmed) by the positive results we’ve been able to achieve. I am glad you have had the chance to participate!

        It sounds like there is more synchronicity here – me, Wes, and Laura all came “online” (i.e. speaking with our guides) around April of 2011. It sounds as though you may have benefited from a similar “gateway”. I had the chance to recall meeting Mike in a dream, in-between lives. He is one of the souls who handles the paperwork for the life contracts. To me he had short dark hair and was wearing egyptian clothing, clean shaven. He looks a bit like Johnny Depp. I’ve always had a connection with the spiritual realm, too, but mostly through my dreams.

      • Dear Fran
        I remember the first of your channelings I read at Indy info and I was instantly attracted to your Light because the message was in total resonance with me and my understanding, yes, everything we need finds us …this is an amazing guidance of the Spirit and I am so happy to be connected with you, my dear friend! AA Michael`s presence is very strong in my life too as well as the presence of Jesus, Mother Mary, El Moria, Hilarion, Babaji :)/Babajij, I have to share that Ascended Master Babaji appeared also in my meditations/..
        This wonderful team of ours at STC is perhaps a group of beautiful Souls that had shared many lifetimes together in bringing Light to Earth

        • Thank you for sharing all that, Tauno♥ cool that we have some similar connections in the Spiritual Realm :)….and I agree with you about this group of beautiful Souls that you are..I feel like I am finally connecting with family, friends and collegues again from many lifetimes…its wonderful…thank you for your friendship…looking forward to connecting more♥♥♥

  2. Your messages have been an inspiration to us all, Fran, and I am honored to have you here among our group of dear friends. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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