SaLuSa 06-June-2012

The new you is emerging out of the shadows of the old paradigm, a new shining you that lights up everything and everyone around you. Your Light is reaching out to others who feel your uplifting energy, and it is awakening them to the higher truth. As more souls do so the Light upon Earth increases and the path to Ascension becomes stronger. It is quickly bringing peace to a troubled world that would otherwise be in complete turmoil. Where there are trouble spots you are seeing the last vestiges of the effect of centuries of negative vibrations. It takes time to remove them but you are winning the battle. There is far more love being sent to them than ever before, and it is helping cleanse such areas. It will be completed when total peace comes to the Earth and we will carry out the final cleansing.

Preparations for Ascension have been going on for a very long time, and now the full benefit of them is being felt. Much of that work has been directed towards setting up our allies, so that they have been able to infiltrate the secret plans of the dark Ones and delay or stop them taking place. Our back up has of course been most essential, and we have been their ears and eyes to keep them aware of the developments. Soon we shall be able to work much closer together, and we are eager to fulfil our promise to openly meet you and introduce ourselves. Of necessity that has to be at a time when it is safe to do so, and will not cause too much alarm amongst those who are unprepared for such an occasion. Some people have such a limited view of life they discount the possibility that we exist and refuse to believe it. However, we will present ourselves in a way that is calculated to remove the fear factor. We are not fearsome and it will soon be realized that we are gentle and peace loving Beings who are in service to you and God.It must be made quite clear that our arrival is not to replace one controlling body with yet another. It is you the people that are going to determine your future, and you will have far much more to say about how it takes place. You will get to know your rights under Common Law, and the Constitution will be introduced again to ensure it is obeyed. We have often informed you that you are sovereign Beings and we intend to ensure you are treated accordingly. It will restore the pride in yourselves and give you full recognition for your achievements. We could rightly say that you have been to Hell and back, but please understand that such experiences have been of your own making. That is why we have such admiration for you all and your courage in allowing yourselves to experience the lower vibrations. It has been far from everyone’s choice, but you did know that great help would be given to ensure that you rose up again.

Now you are actually benefitting from the help being given and it is not just from your Space Family. The Spirit realms have long accompanied you on your journey, and there has never been any time when you lacked guidance. It will continue in that way once you have ascended, and indeed you shall have more direct contact with us and the Masters. Let it be known that you are already high Beings yourselves, but have simply forgotten. The low vibrations of duality have dulled your minds, but with the continuing upliftment through the Light and Love being sent to you the situation is changing very rapidly. Each soul has the same opportunity to move into the Light, but some are so entrenched in the old vibrations they find it difficult to respond. Have no worries where they are concerned as they will have every bit as much help and attention as those who are enlightened. All of you are loved without exception so do not feel as though you are an outcast, and do not feel that you are worthless. Often it is the karmic experiences that you have gone through that have made you feel that way. However, bear in mind that you are learning from them and once completed you will not have to go through them again.

Dear Ones, we understand you and your frustrations now that you know what is coming and can hardly wait for your upliftment but please be patient. There is more happening than ever to bring the changes about as quickly as possible. Clearly matters cannot be held up much longer, as there is much to do to advance you to the position where everything can take off. You may be assured we tightly monitor events taking place on and off Earth, and we have control over them. It still means however that there is a limit to what we are allowed to do when your karma is involved. We cannot interfere with your creations as you must see them for what they are, but we are allowed to intervene when your civilization is under threat. For example we have turned away extraterrestrials that have had the intent to take over your planet. However in the case of the Grays we could not do so, as they were invited to stay by the dark Ones.

You are quite unaware of what really takes place in the Universe and it is a hive of activity. Life abounds everywhere but as your planet has been quarantined to prevent interference with your lives, you have had little knowledge of it. Now you are being freed from your “prison” and shall quickly be greeted back to your true reality by us. Allow yourselves to dream away as to what that may mean, because it will almost certainly be far greater than you could possibly imagine. The most satisfying aspect will be the complete and utter peace you find yourselves in, and will find it ecstatic and engulfing you in a most wonderful energy of love. You will find it irresistible and wish to stay in it forever and you may do so for however long as you wish. However, you will also have a strong desire to travel the Universe to visit other civilizations, and so commence another adventure.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that life on Earth can be exciting and fulfilling, but it inevitably has a down side when you are drawn into the lower vibrations. It is the nature of your experiences that are to be expected in duality and present you with many challenges. That is how you evolve and you do have the ability to overcome them if you are of that intent. Some of you lack the willpower to do so, and get sucked deeper in the morass of darkness. There is always a way out no matter how long it takes, and no soul is expected to achieve instant success. It takes time and sometimes many lives to overcome your weakness’s but you will eventually get there.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. ~Good Morning,Lisa!…Thanks for Posting Up SaLuSa’s latest Message…I got a short video of 2 Zooming Crafts that Flew over Atlanta,Georgia…will Post it Next… :mrgreen: ~

  2. Goodmoring Babjij,

    Venus in Transit
    This above picture is taken this morning 6th of June, 6:56 AM

    How was your Venus in Transit? πŸ˜€
    I had a very interesting dream (posted on my subpage under Lisa)
    Have a nice day….Lisa

    • ~Hi Lisa!…for the Venus Transit,I Followed the Tom Kenyon Link that Tauno Posted…at 10:30 p.m.,last Night, i Began Listening to Kenyon’s Heart Chakra Sound Meditation…I Experienced a Noticable Flutter of Energy near my Heart,in the Center of my Chest…The Meditation would not Upload all the Way,so I Listened to Kenyon’s Taost Sound Healing Meditation…That went Well…My Meditations are Usually very Short,yet Intense and subtly Profound… πŸ™‚ ….

      …That’s a Pretty Gigantic SunRise Pic that Ya Posted!…Has All the Glory of a New Day/Dawning…Amazing!~

      • Hi Babajij, Troy,
        Thanks , it is a pretty sunrise indeed and it felt great.

        My meditations are also short but I did the meditation of Cobra. I only can use my laptop to listen to music, and I didn’t want to take it in the middle of the night to listen to it at 3.30 AM. πŸ˜€ So that is why I went for the Cobra meditation. I never had problems before with this.


    • This is beautiful, LIsa! I have been chasing similar orbs (but mine are blue) since February, and I finally convinced myself (after doing some reading and searches online, and testing it with my camera) that they come from the lens… But Adrial says there’s more to it than that, that they are somehow magical… I have noticed that sometimes they appear, and sometimes not… I still prefer to believe they’re little bitty beings in ships πŸ™‚

      • Hi Leslee, I always thought it is just a lens flare from the sun., I think it is also how you hold your camera. But it is indeed beautiful to see. And yes, magical it is and imagination is our greatest tool to create our own 5D earth.

  3. 3 days of darkness does not mean that the earth will be enveloped in darkness. It has nothing to do with apocalypse.

    The 3 days of darkness is a similar concept to the spirit quest. It is 3 days that we individually spend in darkness, the opposite of the “light” that we do every day. It is a necessary part of our personal evolution that we all must go through. It is a “template” of personal progress.

    I’m not even sure what that would look like, since the law of variation seems to apply here as well. It would be different for everyone. But understanding the “template”, I now understand what to look for.

    Anyone want to take a stab at this? Drinking, carousing, partying for 3 days? Do all the “bad” things and get them out of your system??? I feel it has to do with a personal liberation, where one would do things that we would normally not do… (except of course that most of us already did this as teenagers!)

    Robbing banks? Swatting mosquitoes? Ritual sacrifice?


    I think this also ties in with descriptions I’ve heard about the spirit chamber of the great pyramid. But there’s no way I’m spending 3 days in a coffin… (at least until I grow my fangs, haha)

    And, Leslee, I think this ties in somehow with Adrial’s and Santa Muerte’s ideas about money.

    • ~Hi Dreamwalker!…Upon Looking and Turning Over this “StoryLine” I Came to the Idea of “3 Days of Lightness”…as I Tend Toward Seeing New Concepts from the Ones that seem to on Rerun…My Desire/Intent to See/Feel/Hear “Something” New has Been Anchored WithIn…Much to “disdain/Uncomfortableness” to my Family & Friends that i Physically “Cross Paths” with…Oh Well…hehe…Such is the Energy of the Times!… πŸ˜‰ ~

    • I think you’re right, DreamWalker, and I my hunch is that our “darkness” or challenge will be whatever most triggers us… For me it tends to be money… tied with fear/anxiety (for no good reason)… However, if that’s the case, well it’s 8 days until payday, so I think I might have signed up for 8 days of “darkness”… πŸ˜‰

      “Darkness” might also refer to ignorance, something we don’t yet understand or cannot accept…?

      So, I’ve been offline for so long now that WP had logged me out, and I gather I’ve missed a bit… Are we supposed to be in the 3 days of darkness now?

      • My achilles heel is finances too, Leslee.

        My thinking with the 3 days thing, is that some of us may already have experienced it without realizing it. We are told to look to the skies, so we completely miss it when it happens, because it’s something else entirely.

  4. Hello everyone!
    Troy very interesting regarding 3 days of darkness. I have wondered about this myself. It makes sense to me that it is a personal experience. I wonder if it is a type of review that we each have to experience.

  5. Oh guys! I was going to make you all a question which was about the different perspective (and information) of some sources which are related with ET communications and then at 9:53 pm (night hour here in Greece) I saw clearly across my room’s window, a star (a white dot) or at least I thought it was one, till it moved gently on the left for 2 seconds and then poof…it disappeared and there weren’t any clouds on that part of the sky. The sky’s colour was deep blue and if there were any clouds on that specific spot, they would be of darker blue colour, BUT I say again there weren’t… it just went poof…wow =) !

    As for my question, I have been also familiar with works of people like Rael, Tolec and Marsall Vian Summers . These guys have given so far lots of information from their contacts but regarding our current spiritual situation, a future contact with ETs and Ascension they give very different information and I don’t know what to do…you see, they don’t seem (to me at least) fake cases but why do they present so much different material? It’s because of the entities maybe? Can you give me your opinion or advice here if it’s not too much for you?

    In case you are not familiar with them here are some links to read and watch if you wish to do so: Summers sais that we are still being invaded and the true allies of humanity never have been here. Then what about previous (and current-secret maybe-contacts) of the benevolent ETs? . I give this link, because here Tolec gives a totally different description of Ascension process and he’s talking about 2014 not 2012…

    Much Love and Appreciation to all.

    • Hello KP,
      There are times when I’m uncomfortable with channels that discusses intervention on behalf of humanity. Some of the things they say they are going to do or some of the things they say they are doing interferes with our free will. Some of these channels talk about providing us with new technology and help and so on … I just recently read book 1 of Allies of Humanity Briefings and it made a lot of sense to me. I believe there are beings out there who are not Christ centered and may try to fool us into thinking they are here to help us when in fact they are here for self-serving reasons. Reading Allies of Humanity resonates with me and I plan to read book 2.

      Kryon touched on this subject and advised that we follow our inner truth on the matter. Kryon said there will be no mass landings of space craft and if a craft does land and invite us to board we should be very careful and go inward for truth.

      Personally, I have had dreams of space craft in our sky and it did not feel positive. It felt like an invaision. Remember the bible teaches us to beware of false prophets.

      Love, light and laughter

    • Hi KP, Hi vee
      My personal opinion is that you have to take what feels right for you. As for channels, I think don’t think they see the whole picture either, and you have to see the channels as a puzzle , all giving different aspects, but when fit together it all makes perfectly sense. It is like when we talk together and suddenly I see a red truck coming by and say to you, look at that red truck. And you say, NO that is not a red truck, it looks like a orange Van. I think is is a matter of perception and also the perception of the channelers where the information is coming true.

      I also had a lot of dreams about space craft, some alien invasion , some good and positive feelings. As again, humanity is not all bad , therefore I think that we also have to look at them like that. Like you said, going inward and see what feels true or not. I think, I don’t remember were, but some one was saying that you can easily spot them, as even though the look like lightened beings, but if you don’t feel love or anything that lifts you up , how hard the may disguise themselves, if you don’t feel it then it is probably not a good idea to get on board. As always use your discernment. And like they also say it is hard to pin point something when time is fluid. Anything can happen, and because you the creator, can also create what you want. That is what I am doing since I am reading the reality shift stories. And it is working for me, and it becomes easier.


      PS: So that is always I read the messages with an open mind and heart , and only take what resonates for me…ohhhhh and what I also do when the give predictions, I have just fun to try to visualize them into being. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt. πŸ˜€

      • Well said Lisa. We have to use discernment. I am relying on inner knowning more and more. I recently needed to hire an attorney and I had to decide between two attorneys. The first attorney’s fee was less than the other and he seemed to be knowledgable on the issue. The second attorney’s fee was more and I spoke to her briefly. My gut feeling was something wasn’t right about the first attorney. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I hired the second attorney because it felt right. I learned later that the first attorney has a reputation for not showing up for court appearances … This is just an example of how I rely on my feelings. As you said Lisa, we create what we want.

        Here is an example of creating what I want in my life.

        Presently, I am in a hole financially. As I paid my bills on the 15th of May, I was thinking about the extra money I will have after I pay off a few bills this year. There is one bill in particular that I am paying that was for a business on the internet that never materialized (it was a rip-off). I remember thinking that I wish this bill would go away now. The debt is automatically charged to my checking account. The money sat in my account for a month so I decided to call the vendor and I was told my account is paid in full. Wooooo,woooooo. : ) I have an extra $200.00! Yes Lisa we create what we want.

        BTW, I love your picture, beautiful. You are so talented.

        Love you dear friend.

    • I swear I didn’t read the latest Ashtar command 6-6-2012 channel from Greg before I made the comment before how I see things about the different channels. I just read it now. Again synchronicity!

      • You are absolutely right Lisa, synchronicity! I just read Ashtar Command’s message and it resonates with me. It is as Ashtar said, we can create what we want right now. It is happening to me. I expect the best and it will be.

        Love, light and laughter

    • Thanks for these, KP, I look forward to checking them out… Tolec is the only one I’m a little familiar with…
      I’ve really been moved by the connection with Adrial and the info on Cosmic Paradigm, but I’m clearly not entirely objective about that… πŸ™‚ Still, if you’d like to check that out, try, especially the Athabantian and Mark’s Corner pages, for the channeled material.
      Oops, gotta run for now, but hope to be back soon!

  6. Hi ya all my dear friends πŸ˜€
    cloud ships
    After a big rain here at Sandton City, when I drove home last evening I noticed that most of the clouds looked like ships?

    Amazing things are happening around the world, but also within us. I notice it in the little things. I also see wonderful things happen when you truly give everything without asking in return, and I some ways, before you know, the Universe gives a positive feedback to you , even though you didn’t ask anything for in return. That reminds me of a movie, don’t know if anyone saw it, but I would recommend it to see it. The name of the movie is “Pay it forward”. Here is a plot summary:

    I hope you are all well, seems that everybody is recovering from the incoming energies. I will post also my other pictures on: Cloud ships and orbs
    for your review of what you think.

    Love and Light

    • Pay It Forward is an excellent movie. I loved it. Thanks for the photo. My daughter and I observed the clouds yesterday. They were magnificent! Some of them looked like space ships and one looked like a face.

  7. hi folks – multitasking like crazy at the moment, so can’t spend long here right now… THANKS SO MUCH for all the dream interpretations for Sabine – will send to her.

    Laura asked me to post this message to you all: Dear Friends, I am afraid my latest yahoo email has already been spamed, and no longer receives any incoming email .. again.. I am leaving yahoo for good this time, as it has turned out to be HIGHLY unreliable.
    For future public correspondance via email please use this email address:
    Kind regards.
    Laura tyco

    chat later – love you guys xxx

    • Oh sorry, forgot to add that the hackers deleted all Laura’s contacts and emails over the past year so, if you’d like to stay in touch with her, PLEASE just drop her a quick mail, so she will have your email… thanks πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks Steffie.
    Now this would be a great getaway

    Mt. Shasta Event!
    Hollow and Inner Earth Beings From Telos, Agartha, and Hollow Earth
    Hosted by Zaraya (Retired USAF Col. Billie F. Woodard) and Quasar (Jane Stevens)
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    It will include our beloved brother and sisters:
    Zorra from Hollow Earth trans-channeled by his son, Zaraya.
    Horus, and Hatonn from Hollow Earth channeled by Nancy Tate.
    High Priest, Adama from the Inner Earth City of Telos and Archangel Michael, both trans-channeled by Annette Sassou.
    Dianne Robbins, author of many of the inspirational books about Telos and Hollow Earth, will have her books, and Telos coins in silver and copper for sale at this event.

    Date: Saturday, June 9, 2012
    Time: 1:00PM – 5:00PM
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    RSVP: Jane 719-428-9746, or
    Limited seating: 80 people
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    Please note; this is a One-way List, so Do Not Reply to it

    • Wes, you are a singing Angel ! I like this song!
      Thank you both Konstantinos and Wes
      Love and Light

  9. Hi, my dear friends!
    I feel like I am cleaning the last remains of baggage πŸ™‚ so many different emotions…wow…I almost cried for nothing, then felt alone, then angry to something do not know what….I even felt disconnected with Elves :O….it seems the energies are making everything lower to surface for transmuting…anyone feels the same ?
    But nothing can stop me loving you all πŸ™‚ This is my Universal Law πŸ˜‰
    ( ( BIG HUG OF LIGHT ) )

    • Hi Tauno and Leslee and everybody πŸ˜€
      It is the same with me too. I feel like I am cleaning the last cobwebs out of my system. Sometimes I got me do weird things and wonder then, why did I do this?
      But we are shining our light firmly and nothing will stop us anymore.


  10. A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
    Through Valerie Donner June 6, 2012

    Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleaidian High Council on assignment with the Earth Council.

    The plans are set. The strategies are in place for the ascension of the human race. I am happy to tell you these words today. We have been working diligently for this announcement. We have had to come to grips with a myriad of issues in order to be able to make these comments. It is important for you to know this statement of truth. It means that if you follow the arrows of Light you will be on your way. You will also take many others with you.

    Our fleets of ships surround you and the Earth. We find this quite an exciting time to be a part of these events. We have been working with established protocols for the ascension of the Earth. We are in full communication with our Creator in this process. This is where the final word is given for each step of the way.

    The wayward ones are resisting the Light as always but with more fervent energies. They are dogged in their negative intent but have failed to come to grips with the Light that is amplified exponentially. Their old negative fear based methods no longer work. We take their attempts in stride. We gladly see the truth coming out in such splendid displays.

    Our Pleiadian Contact Team is reaching out to you in the dream state and in other pays to prepare you for your future work. Please have patience while you wait to know more of the details. I assure you that what work you will be doing will be fun and uplifting. It is also important work and I think you already know that.

    The time has come for you to be fully open to doing your true work. We need you to team up with us and it will be in marvelous ways that we will work together. We are peacekeepers and so are you. Look inside of you, look around you, look everywhere you go and find peace. As you see humanity struggle as some lose the firm hold of what was of value in the third dimension, you will recognize where to send your healing love and Light. This will help create peace.

    Find time for yourself. Do the best you can. We are with you in every way possible.

    I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

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