SaLuSa 8-June-2012

You are in the big month of activity when what we are engaged in can no longer be kept quiet, and as it leaks out it will prepare people for what is to follow. That is preferable to sudden extensive revelations, by allowing people to adjust to the idea of the coming massive changes. It would otherwise seem to them that their world was being turned upside down, and be unsettling. For those in the know it is an opportunity to tell them that it is all for the good of mankind, and is the result of a divine decree that this cycle of duality should end. The detail can follow when we are openly talking with you as we intend to make sure you are all well informed. For the time being it suits our purposes to keep a low profile until we are ready make our appearance.


Our allies are extremely busy pushing forward a number of projects at the same time, and it means there will suddenly be a burst of activity. Our presence is having the desired affect upon the dark Ones who never thought that their crimes would catch up with them. They now know they are to be tried for their crimes against you and that there is no way out to escape justice. We ask you not to dwell upon such issues inasmuch that there are more important ones that directly concern you. One is releasing you from the draconian laws that have taken away people’s rights, and putting all forms of injustice right and giving back freedom to those wrongly imprisoned. Secondly are the governmental changes so that the right people represent you so that there is no chance of the wrong people representing you and delaying the necessary changes. They have already been selected and prepared to take up their positions, and that will help create the ideal circumstances that enable us to speed ahead.


Clearly there must be co-operation at the highest level and then we will see disclosure as possible. We need to be able to put our aims on record so that everyone is aware of why we come to you. There will always be a few doubters and outright disbelievers but given time we believe that even they will warm towards us. We come as your family because we are your elder sisters and brothers of long standing and we wish to make a reconnection with you. We shall eventually join forces to go forward in the name of God and spread peace and love. It is not in the manner of a missionary as we are not intent of imposing our views or beliefs upon anyone. We respect free choice and wish to make all souls aware of their heritage and the Oneness of all life.


On Earth you awakened ones are our advance party of Lightworkers and so much good work has been done by you. You were selected for such work because of your knowledge and proven ability to bring out the Light in the most darkened situations. There is always a risk involved and some souls find it difficult to lift themselves up. However, with the ever increasing amount of Light being sent to Earth it is able to awaken most souls, and already there is a surge in the numbers seeking a greater understanding. Small beginnings are all that is necessary to start an avalanche of progress, and as time passes it will become easier to find guidance. One source will be our own communication channels with you that shall be directly from us. Indeed, it will  be a feature of our contact with you as we intend to keep you fully informed of what is taking place.


We note that your weather patterns are being affected by the changes of energy upon Earth. That too will eventually settle down and ultimately it will be more stable, pleasant and comfortable. We would also add that physical changes will be much less damaging than was once considered to be likely. You can take some credit for this situation as you have lifted the vibrations upon Earth and it has brought about a more balanced ecosystem. It will continue to improve until you have the ideal balance that suits everyone and also other forms of life. In fact in the future there will be little if any variation, and changes will be controlled automatically.


Although your computer knowledge has advanced very quickly in some ways it is still in its infancy, but will progress in leaps and bounds once you can work with us. By now many will know that our systems involve organic computers with truly a mind of their own, that surpass any individual ability and are capable of running our ships in every respect. As you are finding out our technology is thousands of years ahead of yours, but we will be pleased to share it with you. That is a feature of the members of the Galactic Federation inasmuch that sharing of knowledge is commonplace, and it is not held back to gain an advantage over another one. On Earth you are used to holding onto information and even stealing it from each other to gain power.


As you get to know us you will find out a lot with regards to our attitudes and approach to life that is far different to yours. The main reason is that we have no necessity to compete with each other, and all share in the wonders and benefits that are all around us. You for example are presently denied of many advances that would dramatically lift up your quality of life. That is because the dark Ones deliberately wish to keep you down and in need, whilst they secretly enjoy all of the benefits themselves. Free energy is the most important discovery that has been held back, and forced you to remain reliant upon the Petrochemical Industries for energy and many other products. This is one area that will be given high priority attention, and it will solve so many problems that currently result in poverty and lack of essentials, and give a normal life that ensures a reasonable standard of living .


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bring you love from the Galactic Federation, and ask you Dear Ones not to lose your focus upon the future at this most important time, as matters are about to explode into your lives. All that you have hoped for and promised is ready on the assembly line. The thought of finally helping you to overcome the problems caused you by the Illuminati, is exciting for us as we already feel the gratitude and thanks you are sending out. Be assured we shall do all we can to make the changes with the least inconvenience to you, but of course some are unavoidable. You shall be forewarned where possible and communications is an area that we are very proficient at because of our new technology. Bless you all.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Hi STC, my wonderful family in spirit

    mother tree
    Above picture is a tree who asked me to picture him in all it’s glory. As I stood there I saw the beauty of it. I get these feelings more and more each day, truly see the beauty of nature all around us.

    As for Salusa’s message, I totally agree that we do things slowly as not to shock the people and surpass it’s purpose to awaken them. Even though we are sitting on a hot chair, hopping up and down to get started. I think we just have to take this time to rest a bit before we have no rest at all. 😀

    We are all on our missions, doing what the flow of the wave tells us to go. Even though the waves I am going true, goes up and down, I feel like I don’t have to much problems with them. I just let it go and we will wash up on our destination with ease. Cause all is in divine purpose. Just now I felt great full to have gone through all these hard and happy experiences on 3D school Earth. I think through our lives here on Earth, we grew a lot and have so much more knowledge, more wisdom and so on…

    I feel like the tree, shining in al its glory, magnified by the sun’s rays, rooted steadily in Mother Earth

    Love to you all, hope you will have an excellent day. As of next week I am on vacation and won’t be around to answer. I just let myself a week off and just relax on the waves of change.

    • Hi Lisa – your tree is magnificent!! bless you for sharing him with us 🙂
      I remember you are coming down on the 11th, but can’t find the email where you said WHERE you are going to be – will you be IN Durban at all, or are you just going down the coast?? It would be so lovely to meet you, just for a quick cup of coffee or something. I’m just so insanely busy at work, and will be this way for the next 5 months!! let me know (email?) and perhaps we can make a plan? xxx

    • ~Such a Beautiful Photo,Lisa!…The Little RainBow Colors …& It Looks Like 2 Suns are in the Picture… 😀 ~

      • Thanks Babajij ,
        The left one is a reflection of the sun on the windows. But indeed it looks like two suns. I like this picture too. And also thanks to vee, stick, troy,steffie and troy for the comments. I am happy that you like it. Love

    • Lisa, what a beautiful picture! I agree with Babajij, it looks like two suns shinning through the tree. What a sight to behold. I love nature. Love you.

  2. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing great!
    Well, yesterday we had a holiday, so I got to spend some time taking care of my plants and relax a bit.
    Today I’m hectic, almost broke a few things… ah well.
    Also, there’s a bit of a turmoil around me: my friend whose dad passed away recently now has his mum in critical condition in the hospital and an aunt of mine was just diagnosed with breast cancer… the thing is, she knew she had it years ago, but never even went to the doctor. Recently she lost a lot of weight all of a sudden and that made everyone suspicious and well… long story short, it’s just a question of time now, because she gave up on life 😦 I know it’s her choice, but it still makes me sad.
    I try to surf the waves the best I can… Sometimes I get very emotional and don’t know why, really. Like last week, we were passing by a bit of a forest area and being there in the middle of the trees made me cry, I felt this crazy wave of emotion! 😐
    Hope you have fun on your vacation, Lisa! 😀 Almost time for me to go on holidays, too 😉

    • oh Sun… I think many of us are on a bit of an emotional roller coaster at the moment. There is so much really intense “stuff” happening to us and around us, it is sometimes hard to remain centred. I know I am battling with this as well, and seeing lots of others around me, also battling on… Thinking of you, darling girl ~*❤*~

    • Peace be with you my dear Suntria. Love and light to your friend and his family. To learn of your aunt’s diagnosis of breast cancer saddens me. I know all to well the emotions you are experiencing. May your aunt find comfort in our CREATOR. Love and light to you and your family.

    • Sending Maximum Love & Healing Energy to what sounds like a very intense situation Suntria. Hang in there… surfing the multidimensional waves can be quite challenging. ~In Light

  3. Hello everyone and here is to wishing you a great Vacation Lisa.
    Man, I really pulled a Mc Fly last night.
    I had just boiled a little water for something and around 5 minutes later I went to clean the top of the stove.
    Without thinking, I picked up one of the steel grates on top of the oven burner and yes Mc Fly, it was the one I just boiled water on. I mean they must have heard my scream all around the neighborhood as I screamed and threw the grate to the ground, AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried putiing my hand in flour, did not work. cold water worked but once you take it out, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such throbbing and burning pain.
    It burned for a least an hour after as I layed on the couch and elevated my hand 12 inches above my heart. Finally it was bearable so I could walk the dogs. Oh man, I really feel for people who get severe burns. It is ok now and I just got 3 small blisters. Lesson learned.
    Much love and light to your whole family Suntria. It is hard to see someone give up on life but I guess we have to honor their choice.
    My dad is now that way but I wont mind if he goes because he is 81, had 2 heart attacks, gall bladder removed, brain tumor removed kidney stones, prostrate cancer, knees shot, no teeth, back shot and when we go over there now, he usually does not even come out of the bedroom. I wish he would make the transition at this point because I know he would be free of all the physical pains.

    • Wow Gunner, your dad is a survivor! O_o Thanks for the nice words ♥
      Your Mc Fly reminds of one time when I was making batches of cookies to give out and was so confident after a while that I decided to take the tray out of the oven with a simple kitchen cloth, not oven mittens… OUCH!!!! 😦 Hope the blisters get better!

    • Gunner, I did the same thing once and I kept my hand in a glass of water all night. I hope you hand is better today. Your father has been through sooooo much. Peace be with him.

    • Jesus Gunner… be careful brotha. I guess the universe was trying to jolt you into the Now. 😉

  4. Thanks Suntria, they are fine now with no pain at all.
    My worst burn was trying to fry chicken cutlets drunk. Somehow the boiling oil splashed all over my hand and I mean a lot of it. the funny thing about it was I was so drunk when it happened I did not feel any pain but when i woke up, OMG so much pain with huge blisters all over the back of my hand. I mean relly bad.
    Lesson learned there, dont drink and cook and especially dont get drunk and cook.

  5. BTW did the cookies all spill to the floor or were you able to save them? Inquiring minds want to know.

  6. [This is a little on the long side, but ties together nicely themes being discussed in several areas – DW]

    Man On The Path


    We have been trying to penetrate deeply into essential things, into the immense and so very complex problem of true human existence. We have seen how a lifewave emerges from the Fundamental Nature and how every entity of that lifewave is a microcosm with a nucleus or soul at its central point, its heart. And we have seen how the Divine Thought underlying the plan of creation is reflected or manifested in the nucleus or soul. Ethers are abstracted around this nucleus, which is composed of astral fire, and they flow out from it. These ethers mould themselves into an expression of the Spirit contained in the soul-nucleus.

    In the beginning, the etheric form-manifestation was the True Man, the Heavenly Man, the human being originating from God. On the basis of this etheric matrix a more material manifestation also came into being, because of the fact that etheric atoms attract material atoms. The metabolic process of the pre-human being was so ideal, and the orientation of the spirit-souls so perfect, that no crystallization occurred and the permanent existence of the total human being was ensured.

    We use the term ‘total human being’ because the entire microcosm participated and existed in that being. The higher self was analogous to the lower self, and both were in absolute equilibrium. There was only the self, which was manifested in and by the microcosm as a whole.

    At the beginning of its manifestation, the self followed a path leading to the fulfillment of a glorious plan of eternal plenitude, of eternal genesis, a journey from glory to glory: the never-ending unfoldment of the plan of God-in-him; provided the entity was willing to devote itself, without deviation, to this Great, Glorious Aim in absolute recognition, from within, in freedom and love.

    However, amid the majesty of existence, in the dizzying grandeur of the divine-human kingship, man forgot that he was a creature; he forgot that from the outermost parts of his microcosmic field to his innermost nucleus, and from that nucleus to every aspect of his manifestation, he had to dedicate himself totally to the law on which his being was founded.

    With his tremendous capacities, he stepped outside the law. He experimented with his divine faculties and thus entered into ‘denial’. In this way, crystallizations developed, densifications; the results of infringing the law made themselves felt. Other, false astral fires began to burn, and denial, the sin of ignorance, was succeeded by death. In other words, in the early stages, the crystallizations, the alien configurations of the elements and forces were broken up and destroyed as soon as they had reached their culmination. Man witnessed the eventual collapse and destruction of everything he had built up.

    But with the continuation of the primary sin of denial, the soul-spirit nucleus (the Rose of the Heart) lost the ability to manifest itself. In this way, the divine human being, the Spirit-Man, disappeared as the manifestation of the soul-spirit nucleus, and its structure of lines of force was re-absorbed into the nucleus. The divine human being had vanished; while living, he had died. As ‘the image with dead eyes’, to use Gustav Meyrink’s term, he had returned into the principle of the soul. The microcosm, God’s eternal creation, had been emptied and was no longer capable of manifesting itself from within.

    But we know that ‘God never forsakes the works of His hands’, and that is why the emergency order was founded. We will not explain, here, how that emergency order came into being, but will confine ourselves to stating that mortal entities, born through the earthly process of maintenance , were allied with and introduced into emptied microcosms, with the aim of awakening the microcosms’ former soul-spirit nucleus from its sleep of death and thus revivifying the image with the dead eyes.

    Those who accomplish this grand and glorious work undergo that wonderful change we call transfiguration, that is, the unification of the nature-born lower self with the revivifying true or higher self.

    Here, a warning is called for. There also exists a false higher self in the microcosm, which has already claimed countless victims. It is the product of the many nature-born beings who inhabited your microcosm before you. It is the karmic self, or auric being. Millions of anthroposophically, theosophically and religiously inclined people have been and are being victimized by the karmic self.

    Every nature-born human being leaves its traces in the auric being, the results of its unholy life. This karma, these traces, accumulate. Every nature-born being who begins to walk the Great Path of Liberation is therefore faced, alas, with a dual task. Before he can set foot on the Path of Transfiguration, he must first liquidate the karma, the karmic self. Remember Jesus the Lord when he was tempted in the desert. e, too, first had to settle accounts with the karmic self.

    To a certain extent, this karma is vivified in one’s own self. It is the microcosmic adversary, which must be recognized and overcome. But I-centered people are without exception victimized by it time and time again, for the karmic self depends for its existence on the cultivation of the mortal personality.

    We are participants in the young Gnosis, who are united in the Living Body and who wish to follow anew the age-old path of the Holy Grail. By virtue of our professing pupilship we are linked again with the wondrous nucleus of our microcosm. That ancient nucleus, which has been slumbering in our system for such an inexpressibly long time, is beginning to open again for us, who have devoted ourselves to the holy Rosycross. This immortal soul, this wondrous divine nucleus of the microcosm, speaks again to our nature-born soul: the image with the dead eyes is beginning to stare at us, with a deeply penetrating gaze, so that we can no longer be at peace, by day or by night. In this way, together, we stand once more at the threshold of the Path of Return to the Father’s House.

    And what is necessary now? Firstly, rebirth, the re-animation of the Original Soul. Secondly, our own transfiguration. Thirdly, the union of the two, of the Original Soul, the true higher self, with the nature-born lower self, the unification of the transfigured nature-born human being with the Original Soul-Man.

    From “Man On The Path” – The Egyptian Arch-Gnosis Vol III – Jan van Rijckenborgh


    Try to understand. In the beginning, the Original Soul, the True Human Being, manifested a mighty personality for itself out of the Power that resides in the microscosmic nucleus, the Rose of the Heart. There was no need for copulation, sexual reproduction, or birth as we experience it today. The Soul was
    self-realizing, and this is the true, gnostic meaning of what is meant by the term ‘self-realization’.

    When we transgressed against the laws of the Divine, we lost the ability to self-realize. The mortal means of reproduction became necessary once we lost this ability and descended into the emergency-order of death, the physical realm. That seed-atom, that nucleus, now lies slumbering in the hearts of those who bear this spirit-spark atom. If we can awaken it, it will attract once again the pure, holy ethers that are needed to purify the microcosm and prepare it as a habitation for the New Soul. If, no, when we are successful, the microcosm will regain its ability to self-realize.

    And what will happen to “us”, the current personalities inhabiting our microcosms?

    Remember, buried in our microcosm is the complete, detailed memory of all the experiences of all the lives that preceded us as personalities within it. Some of these lives were quite horrific, some were boring and mundane, while yet some others were soaringly magnificent in relation to the amount of knowledge and power we had at our disposal! Although it is more than likely that these personalities probably abused these attributes in the distant past, the experiences are still there, buried in the auric being of our microcosm.

    When the New Spirit-Soul is reborn, remembrance will come with it. The microcosm’s current personality (that’s you and me) will merge the experiences of all the prior personalities into its consciousness, essentially becoming one with all that we were and availing the microcosm of access to a tremendous amount of Wisdom. Spirit, ‘the bridegroom’, will descend into this purified microcosm and unite with its ‘bride’, the New Soul and, together with the newly Transfigured (etheric, vital) Body, the Tri-unity – the Heavenly Man – will be re-born, in full remembrance, raised in power.

    ‘Snow White’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘Pinocchio’. Myths of all ages have tried to tell mankind the same tale: that which was asleep, can be awakened by a kiss, or by service-to-others. These myths lost their true meaning for humanity long ago.

    If you have understood any of what you’ve just read, then the Truth behind those fables should now be apparent. These are not children’s fairy tales. These are stories of humanity’s Fall from Grace and the Path of Return.

    These are the tales of our past and, even more importantly, our present.

    ~ g

  7. I’m not quite sure what to make of this? was sent to me by a friend – perhaps you all already know about it??

    Dear Ones,
    There was a very important call yesterday with Drake and my friend has condensed the MOST important issues that were covered in that call and I have included them in this email. Please read, take action and forward to everyone you know so we can vote as soon as it is possible to do so.
    Suzy Star

    Here is what has been prepared for our contacts so people don’t have to wade thru long calls!! We need to reach as many people and any others with large groups as possible. I just learned that the vote will not be possible until later as a delay has prevented this from going up at noon. Hopefully will not be delayed beyond today!! We will send out a notice as soon as the link for voting is up on the site.
    Now here is what must be done. We must get as many people as possible to vote on a “treaty” as soon as possible after noon EDT today to support an effort to break this stalemate of indentured servitude and lack of prosperity. If not, we continue the stalemate that has been going on for years and the small portion of the military that still is taking orders from the illuminati will have an all-out battle with the remainder of the military at great cost of lives to anyone in the way because the illuminati is backed into a tight corner.

    The explanation about what happened in the last 12 hours is below. The vote is whether people choose to have financial freedom, rollout of NESARA in very short order, extremely powerful healing technologies brought out now, free energy technologies as well introduced to all worldwide, and freedom restored across the planet with common law and constitutional governments supporting the people.

    If you want this, go to
    and after 12 noon today EDT, you will see a voting platform on her site. A simple “yes” will do as I can’t imagine anyone not doing otherwise. For a reader’s digest version of what has happened over the last 12 hours see below. There is a link to the call last night that went on for 3 hours.

    You have a MAXIMUM time period to vote until Sat. noon I believe, but please don’t wait that long. Also note that these changes occurred on the Venus transit which is most auspicious. People are tired of waiting and want to get these changes implemented ASAP so that is why all 3 groups below have agreed to this. It ends formally the reign of the illuminati forever! Monday or Tuesday Drake will get a response back from the illuminati group formally acknowledging the agreement they have already consented to to begin the transition!

    Many changes have occurred within the last 12 hours. There was a radio broadcast with Drake on Global Network with a Paul [??] and the planned talk had been changed immediately prior to that program as Drake had a critical call that changed the entire game plan. I am giving you the reader’s digest version.

    As you know, Drake has been working on the inside circles with the “Plan” generated some 30 years by Pentagon officials to end the illegal takeover of the U.S. government and governments worldwide. Mass arrests had been planned. There are several groups of players to be aware of: the U.S. military which has 80% of its people supporting the constitution and the populace, We the People [a term Drake uses that refers to those who are taking action to support freedom for all using legal and peaceful means to accomplish this], and then you have the cabal [illuminati folks which include the large number of banker minions].

    Here is what has happened. Drake has friends within that last group which has obviously included many who wish to see the new changes inaugurated with the advent of 2012. They are wanting to see all have prosperity and freedom. Anyway, Drake gets this last minute call from that last group who are fearful for their lives because of the impending arrests. They have offered a way out for themselves, at the same time there would be a peaceful transition to NESARA [worldwide financial freedom] and would include rolling out ALL the healing and free energy technologies within possibly a month at the outside.

    This country and all other countries would be transitioned almost immediately to common law and the constitutional governments. The illuminati would surrender all power and be allowed to live out their lives with exceptions. Drake said that the ones responsible for major loss of life thru instigating all wars will be tried and likely executed.

    Those under the heads of the illuminati will also face similar charges. The only difference is that they will be allowed to be given lighter sentences in prison where they would be able to live out their lives [alive] once they left prison. This is agreed upon by all 3 major groups as outlined initially.

    This means, financial freedom for all within days, healing technologies will be released so powerful that limbs will be restored to all, free energy would be released for every car and home, and the constitution would be restored with freedom for all!

    • Now hold on there, buckaroos. I am not saying the intent here is necessarily “bad”, but there is a lot with this particular post that doesn’t resonate well with me. If the goal is met, those who vote for “greed” are disappointed if it doesn’t go through. Those who don’t vote feel guilty because they didn’t participate.

      Why is there a deadline? Why can’t this just happen, regardless of a vote? Let’s just get free energy out there. People can have it or not for free right now, it’s their choice if it’s right for them. This choice should no longer be in corporate hands.

      I’m uncomfortable with the fact that they’re glossing over the execution thing. Is everyone really okay with someone else being killed in our name, for our “benefit?”.

      I’m on board with the promises being made here, I don’t oppose financial freedom, free energy, etc.

      And what about that constitution… restoration to what? And what about that military involvement?

      Some red flags here that seem to point to NWO rather than the so-called “freedom” it promises. No way I’m voting (giving up my power) for that. Remember that the US Patriot Act was passed under the banner of “freedom” yet it does the exact opposite.

      Sorry, you guys know I usually try to see the positive side to things. This is just standing out to me as a big old stinky red herring. It is not the prize it promises to be. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to admit that I was wrong. Having said that, most of our other sources say that these things can’t be had without progress in other areas.

      • yeah, Troy… there is something about it I’m not too comfortable with either… why the deadlines and the petitions??? thanks for saying what you did, it makes sense 🙂 xxx

      • Troy and Steffie
        If you are not comfortable with something then it is not suitable for you , it may be not necessarily a lie or misleading but simply of a different vibration and it is not for NOW 🙂 Listen to the Spirit that walks alongside you at all times 🙂
        Love and Light
        I need a meditation-connection and I hope to be able to get an update soon

        • I know Tauno the properties of manifestation asks us to see both sides of the coin, that which we focus on is what becomes reality, nothing more nothing less. As far as I’m concerned what we want is what has already happened, and evidence of this is indeed showing up more and more every day! 🙂

          • I am somehow sitting aside these days , observing what happens, mass meditations, messages, more ideas and more people, everything seems going rapidly and my soul is somewhat calm and residing in a wonderful inner world while at the same time many different emotions emerge but my emotions are something distant, they cannot affect my soul…I feel more and more disconnected with the chaos in this 3D duality and I feel I am more connected with my soul and my inner world and yes, very very tired in this heavy physical vessel
            I wonder how do you all feel, dear friends, are these the symptoms of the coming physical changes …..
            Love you all with my deepest purest LOVE

            • darling Tauno – THAT is such a perfect description of how I feel these days too 🙂
              The feeling of disconnection is quite awesome, as I’m still able to observe and feel, but not get “hooked in” to any of the emotional chaos going on around me. And as for the tiredness… yes yes yes! no matter how much sleep or rest I get, I just need MORE!! Love you too, sweet Angel, and bless you for putting this into words! xx

  8. Message from Ascended Master Kuthumi, Channeled by Julie Miller
    Blessings to all that hear and read the message I am about to convey through your divine sister.
    So many challenges you all have faced over the course of this lifetime and so many yet to come, and within each challenge are lessons that compel the truth to reach the surface in order for you to gain the wisdom that is right there. What is seen to happen dear ones is FEAR takes over from the Ego and many lessons get brushed under the proverbial rug until a later date where you discover you have not moved much further bringing you to the realization you must face those lessons from that specific situation that was uncomfortable and difficult. Even though the moment has left, the lesson is still there for you to learn and grow with that you have found as the Truth in you. The truth is forever evolving and changing, but what never changes is that it is there. No matter how far you grow or well you have acclimated to the spiritual way of life, the truth of what resonates within your Heart is ALWAYS there dear ones.
    The Ego tries to cover up your authentic self with excuses to delay the truth of any circumstance from being revealed. Eventually you do come around and you do push the Ego aside and you stand your ground and face what is there to face. For many years’ dear ones, not only through this life time you have been guided through experiences, towards choices and directed to address certain issues. These experiences that are part of your memories, wisdom that will come through suddenly when you need it were created for you to come into the light of the mysticism of your most powerful self aspect and that is your Authentic Self.
    Look around you to your friends, family, co-workers, etc., and remember instances that have occurred that required you to possibly ground yourself, hold back angry words, or for some caused those angry words to be released. Think of what you have learned from every interaction you have experienced, what lessons have you learned. All experiences you have had with these people, even some you may not know so well were caused on purpose, beyond both of your knowing, just so you can gain that insight, become wiser and from those lessons create understanding in the mind in order to share with others demonstrating how you maintained your course, illuminating your wisdom, love and compassion through your deliverance. All this dear ones speaks clearly of change. Changes and choices go together. Change does come in many disguises dear ones. Are you aware of any situation today that has caused any amount of change? It does not have to be significant, it only requires you to notice and pay attention. Listen with your heart and you will see all the truth that is always surrounding you. Through all the information you have been gathering over this life time and others, it is still up to you to what you are willing to acknowledge, what you are willing to consciously accept and it is your responsibility to be aware of possible situations developing right now in order to address them quickly and efficiently. The choice is always yours dear ones. No matter which divine host you speak to, ask for guidance from, they will direct you to more choices, but the choice still belongs to you. So, I ask you dear ones, when opportunity comes your way to decide, choose as wisely as possible of what would be the greatest of good at that moment and knowing full well what you decide will bring you lessons and there will be no “I made a mistake” as there are no mistakes. Your journey is about discovering yourself, your truth, what you love, what makes you happy and the opposite of all that I have given examples for. Unfortunately dear ones some choices will require you to feel vulnerable in order for you to grow and become stronger, never weaker. It is through the difficult situations you are able to understand what it is that brings you peace, harmony, happiness and contentment – what pleases your heart, body and soul.
    I have another question today for you dear ones. Look at yourself, your life and where you are right now, and I do not mean sitting reading or listening to my transmission. Answer to yourself dear ones, “Are you doing what you are doing because it is what you chose?” I only ask dear ones because I hear many complain about their professions because they do not like them. They come into them because of one reason or another and in the age you are in many are finding it is becoming increasingly difficult to be choosey. What I see is many souls following roles of their parents, or what their parents have suggested for them and they follow and do not question because as children the aim is to please the parents. Parents want the best for their children, that is normal and when it comes to raising children there is no real handbook to being a mother or father, your role as you move along is another learning experience that changes and develops over time. It is important to honour what it is your children would rather be and what they are heartfelt drawn to. With careful observation and love, enter that stream of thought with your children, together explore the possibilities and then let them choose with trust and faith from the careful love and nurturing you have provided them with. The world is theirs and yours – there is so much available if one drops all preconceived ideas and opens their hearts to receive the Love of God that will shine through gently directing them to a path that has been opened just for each individual soul. We of the divine know you want to protect your children from all possible harm, remember over protecting them is equally harmful. Just as you had to learn which way to go through your experiences, so do your children.
    For the many souls who are in occupations they do not want to be in forever because they have never been happy, a purging of truth is required. You need to sit down with yourself with serious questions and truthfully explore what is you would rather be doing, what would ignite your passion into a profession that would make you happy. This can be a risk to undertake because you might discover what you would rather be doing brings in a smaller wage, you then have to think about how much you are willing to sacrifice to be doing what you love. Change is always good dear ones, even though at the beginning all change seems huge and frightening. I encourage you to embrace all changes as they are turning points that are important for your life and future relies on the choices you make now.
    Believe in yourself dear ones; this is relative to all change. Inside each of you is all that is required to bring any idea into fruition. Allow yourself to pursue what makes your heart sing with joy. I also ask you to not give excuses that you are too old to try new things or to branch out on fanciful ideas – Who says you are too old? Not I. If you are not ready to leave your occupation that causes you unhappiness because of the income you require to take care of your expenses, then I suggest make what makes you happy into a hobby. A hobby does not have to be a craft; all a hobby needs is your idea; your idea that is created in your heart.
    I believe fully that each of you has the capacity to make any and all your dreams come true. All dreams must have a beginning, a truth of what is and a direction. Come inside dear ones to your heart; embrace the light that is there. This glorious Light is of God that lives in your heart. Your heart dear ones will light your way, it will never lead you astray. Trust in yourself and in the Love of God’s divine light that is always bestowed on each of you.
    I AM Ascended Master Kuthumi
    Reply Reply to all Forward

    Click here to Reply, Reply

  9. Welcome to our Wake up Call email list.You may also access the Wake up Calls by going to note; this is a One-way List, so Do Not Reply to it. If you would like to comment, please email me at Wake up Call: Sananda, June 08, 12
    I come today to bring you a continuation of yesterdays message, this time with the words of the day and the interpretation of yesterdays message. It is one that was given in code so that you all could use that inner language to decipher what the essence of the message was telling you. I will now ease that message into your frankness and outer reality.
    What you are to do these days is to see how your world is affecting you, and how much of that world is something that you have power over. It is essential that you observe what your inner power is doing to bring about your outer world. As you sit in your homes, or workplaces and ponder how your life is, it is vital that you see it in the energy of what you desire. It is one of the factors of creating your lives in a way that is in harmony with your inner knowing.
    As you realize what is taking place in your daily existence you can see also what you can do to bring it into complete harmony. Ask yourself what it is that has created your life as it is. Is it because you have given it every ounce of your energy, or is it because you have allowed an outside energy to interfere and cloud your inner and outer vision? Once you have seen that in a way that is completely honest and forthright, then you will be able to see what it is that you can do to bring your life into balance and harmony.
    If you feel that your outer life is indeed balanced and in harmony with what you desire and intend, then it is essential that you go through your days expressing that in your everyday living. As you do so, you will see that those around you will notice and take the steps that you have inspired them to. It may be very subtle to them and to you, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is a grounding that is in place, and you are both involved in the creation of the energetic responses. Your lives will reflect that which is flowing through your inner selves.
    As this comes about in your lives and you take the measures necessary to bring harmony into your outer world, you will find that your heart will begin to soften to those out there who do not resonate with you. You will find that there is a more wide-open expanse between you and those who are not walking in their light.
    As this happens, you may find yourself feeling more and more like reaching out to them with a fullness of love and a degree of knowing of why that love is present. Where once you felt disdain for those who are bringing about such chaos in the lives of humanity, you will feel like reaching out to them and emitting such a high degree of love to them that they may feel it and change their ways. You will feel that they are so lost in the outer world that they cannot find their way back unless someone reaches out to them with such a degree of love that is not to be denied.
    What you will be doing, my dear one, is to emit this love out to all of humanity, for there really is no separation. You will be telling everyone that there is but one, and that as each of the parts of the one hears and feels the love that is generated, then so too will the doors be left open for all to feel it, even those who slammed it in their exit from themselves so long ago.
    How would it feel to you to see someone out in the cold shivering and in need of a coat, or blanket to sooth the soul? How would it feel to throw them out a blanket to warm them up and allow them to go beyond the feeling of cold? Remember how it has been for you as a child to be left out in the cold and have to walk a long journey to return home to the welcome fires of love. This is how it is for so many who are in the cold, realizing that the only thing they can do to relieve themselves is to go on and do what they can do to forget how uncomfortable they are. They will go to any length to remove themselves from that cold, anything they can do such as snatching someone’s coat from their shoulders to relieve themselves of the discomfort, no matter what the other one will feel.
    This is but a small example to you of what I am saying. To them it is the only example they can relate to, as cold as they are as to be out of reach of their inner warmth. It is time for you all to now reach out and offer them your coats. You know what I speak of, that blanket of warmth that touches the soul, and relieves the pain and discomfort that is not even realized. It spurs one beyond reason and into the limitedness of momentary disillusionment. That is stepping further and further away from the truth of what you are capable of. To pause for a moment and allow the inner voice to speak to you of its love is to allow all of humanity to speak in harmony and bring the curtain down on the outside world of disjointedness and fear.
    It is time now my dear brothers and sisters to reach out from your inner love and embrace those who have so lost themselves to the fear of utter chill. They are in a moment to moment reality of having to never stop, never look inside themselves and see what is always there awaiting their acceptance. You are so full of the power of love that you can move mountains of fear aside and allow the light of love to shine forth and show them the other way of movement. You can show the way that will reunite them with their Source, which is the same Source for all of us.
    I stand now in this place and I see what is taking place on the Internet and the outside world beyond it. I see that there are movements taking place that bear witness to what it is that so many of you want and intend for your lives. I also see that the girl and the boy in each of you is looking into the eyes of the other and seeing what it is that you allow yourselves to see. As you stand and exchange the looks of love and light you begin to feel that stretch and go beyond the boundaries you have planted in your lives. That is the inner you expressing in love and warmly providing a blanket of love for anyone in need.
    Even the darkest and coldest of souls will respond when enough of the love and light is beamed forth to their presence. Stand in your love light and know that you are making a difference. Express forth in that love light and allow your actions to reflect that in every way. In that you will be walking in your trueness for all to see and feel. Then they too will spring forth, and will equal that which they feel in their path. That is the knowingness of being in the Now with the love of Source.
    Thank you dear Sananda,
    Love, Nancy Tate

      • ~ 😀 …Hi Tauno!…I’ve Seen CloudBeings before,yet never Faces,like the Ones in This Video!…They Gotta Learn on how to Smile!… 😆 … 😉 ~

        • I saw clouds shaped as two Ascended Masters, it was amazing experience for me
          Love and Light, my dear friend 🙂

      • ~Most Definitly,Indeed!…The Phoenix first caught my Eyes…Then the SpiritCloudFaces got me InTranced… 🙂 …Dieter Braun (IITM) Surely Got a TreasureTrove of Images,when He PhotoGraphed These Moments…Very KaliedoScope!… 😉 ~

  10. Channeler:

    Méline Lafont

    Friday, June 8, 2012
    Melchizedek ~~ The Transit of Love and the Light ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

    Dearly Beloveds,

    I Am Melchizedek and I have a message for you. The Venus Transit brought with it a further succesful transition into a higher consciousness. The Love of our beloved Goddess Venus splashed off of Her and was directed your way. These feminine and loving energies are most valuable to facilitate your shift and to even stir the most recalcitrant souls. Those huge waves of Love arrive on your shores as an energetic tsunami and cover your entire Earth surface as a kind of flood.

    Not a single blade of grass nor a single energetic cell escapes this tsunami of Love. It was a necessary phase in the transformational shift that will detach everything and will change it all visibly into the new paradigm. As the seeds have been sown it is now time for them to germinate and to become visible and tangible for you. We are so grateful for these given facts and so should you! You have contributed a lot and it is thanks to you all that what had been divinely decreed, came to pass.

    Nevertheless, more is yet to come as what has already transpired is but the tip of the iceberg. It will all intensify more and more and one facet will follow the previous one in a continuous stream upwards. Beginning with the drastic changes, another issue will surface and here I refer to the ominous newsflashes concerning the members of the cabal and the plans they concocted against you. Rest assured, those plans are defeated and won’t be executed anymore.

    During the coming changes you will be kept appraised of all their heinous deeds and plans concocted against you. And those plans were unspeakably evil even to the point that you, as humans, cannot comprehend how far off in negativity they truly were. I don’t wish for you to get into those plans at the risk of giving them power. It is far better to only focus on Love and your own Light. Empower those rather than the negative, lower illusions. The moment you get to know the whole evil story, just let it go without giving it any further thought! Don’t be influenced by it and don’t be tempted to find out the reasons for these plans.

    It is pointless to get mixed up in that for the reasons for their heinous plans have no basis in the Light of All That Is and, everything that has not come from this Source is something you better not get into. Just be aware that you have been lied to by egotistical, tyrannical people ; don’t involve yourself in digging out the reasons why or even try to comprehend it all, for you can’t. It goes way too far!

    Just focus on all the positive issues which will arrive on your path and let them comfort and enlighten you. It is such a wonderful feeling to again become One with All That Is and this is what you yearn for anyway. United as One we go for it! There’s no stopping us. We are One Divine Source of Love and pure Light from which we all split so long ago, and each and everyone of us is one tiny aspect of this Source. We complement each other with our virtues, our appearances simply by being ourSelves.

    Remain loyal to yourSelf, my beloved friends, for standing in your Truth is the way you have to follow. Remain centered in your Light for it is so beautiful We are well on our way and we are almost there. Hold on, you are doing a great job. I am aware that it seems a long way in your illusory Earth time, but then again : what are a few months compared to a few lifetimes? Keep this in mind for it can motivate you to hold on and to continue on the path you have followed for so long now to reach the most beautiful goal that of your own Ascension process and your own created New World! Freedom is almost upon you!

    Enjoy these wondrous times and the wonderful opportunities that will be bestowed upon you, not only in such a short time but also on such a massive scale. You are loved, we know each and everyone of you. We are One, never forget that! Allow the Love now to do the work by detaching everything that needs to be detached then you will see the pieces surface and you will come to comprehend it all. It can be like a huge AHA moment of instant understanding where all the pieces of the puzzle fit. Just a few more pieces of the puzzle have yet to be placed in the whole puzzle whereafter you will be able to behold a most wondrous work of art.

    I Am Melchizedek of the Great White Brotherhood and I thank you for sharing this message. Namaste.

    Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

  11. A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
    Saturday, 09 June 2012

    Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleaidian High Council on assignment with the Earth Council.

    The plans are set. The strategies are in place for the ascension of the human race. I am happy to tell you these words today. We have been working diligently for this announcement. We have had to come to grips with a myriad of issues in order to be able to make these comments. It is important for you to know this statement of truth. It means that if you follow the arrows of Light you will be on your way. You will also take many others with you.

    Our fleets of ships surround you and the Earth. We find this quite an exciting time to be a part of these events. We have been working with established protocols for the ascension of the Earth. We are in full communication with our Creator in this process. This is where the final word is given for each step of the way.

    The wayward ones are resisting the Light as always but with more fervent energies. They are dogged in their negative intent but have failed to come to grips with the Light that is amplified exponentially. Their old negative fear based methods no longer work. We take their attempts in stride. We gladly see the truth coming out in such splendid displays.

    Our Pleiadian Contact Team is reaching out to you in the dream state and in other pays to prepare you for your future work. Please have patience while you wait to know more of the details. I assure you that what work you will be doing will be fun and uplifting. It is also important work and I think you already know that.

    The time has come for you to be fully open to doing your true work. We need you to team up with us and it will be in marvelous ways that we will work together. We are peacekeepers and so are you. Look inside of you, look around you, look everywhere you go and find peace. As you see humanity struggle as some lose the firm hold of what was of value in the third dimension, you will recognize where to send your healing love and Light. This will help create peace.

    Find time for yourself. Do the best you can. We are with you in every way possible.

    I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

    by Valerie Donner

  12. The Extra Terrestials: To DISCLOSE A.S.A.P.

    Created by Marteen Host

    Aagtekerke, Netherlands

    Worldwide petition to show the ET’s we really want Disclosure.

    It doesn’t matter HOW you believe in the existence and presence of ET’s. Via the Galactic Federation of Light, Via Scientific proof, The Guardian Alliance or via your job.

    If we all stand tall and tell the ET’s we want them to disclose themselves and we mean business then it will happen.

    We all know they can reroute all the mainstream media channels and even our TV sets even if they are switched off.

    A point I want to make clear also:

    The Galactic Federation is very sensitive in certain things. They want to be careful and not create a shock for the majority when Disclosure happens. Well here is this:

    Too many people are brainwashed by the mainstream media and it is their choice. I have spoken to friends, family and neighbors and they do not want me to talk about ET’s. So there is nothing I can do. We live in a military world where we have no power to influence the mainstream media. But the ET’s can. Easily.

    We urge all intelligent and loving life from outside the Earth to Intervene and use whatever force necessary to arrest anyone who opposes the new era of peace and first contact. We know of your law of non-interference, but now, we, the Earth-humans demand that you take action and free us from the daily lies and show you are here.

    From now on we want to walk beside you in love. We are longing to meet you and live in peace.

    YES we DO want Disclosure and we, “the informed” take total responsibility for the masses to panic. We will take care of them. We can handle them. But we need your help ET’s. So badly. It is all about informing us. We are in the sixth month of 2012 now.

    Do not wait anymore. We are eager to meet you.

    Together we are victorious.

    Maarten Horst,

    Formal Host and Producer of ET-First Contact Radio on BBS Radio and FindingVoicesRadio.

    Any citizen of any nation can sign this petition.



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