SaLuSa 25-June-2012

The numbers of people open to the idea of major changes are growing, and it is a sign that many more are becoming sensitive to the new energies that abound upon Earth. Some feel fear of change whilst others sense that behind it is the intent to move your civilization out of the morass that threatens to bring the world down. It is therefore a unique time for those with knowledge of what the changes are leading to, and an opportunity to let it be known that all ends well. At present matters are reaching a point of no return and we and our allies wait for the signal to go into action. All is prepared and although the dark Ones are aware that their time is up, the suddenness and extent of our arrests will still surprise them. Naturally there will be confusion amongst the public, but at the earliest possible moment they will be informed. When the media opens up to the truth the different sources will soon want to be part of the news about the changes.

Meantime we gather ourselves around our allies as they mobilize themselves for the first of many actions. What is starting in the US will spread to other countries, as people everywhere will demand their freedom, and a great cleansing will take place. Where there is resistance we shall back up our allies and explain that freedom must be given or else we will be forced to intervene. There is no choice for the old cabals and their power will be moved along with them if necessary. It is no time for false promises or going back to the old ways that no longer serve you. All countries will eventually base their Constitution on one that will be restored in the US according to the Founding Fathers, but modified to reflect the New Age that you are entering. These matters have already been addressed and prepared for a quick transition.

Some people wonder how the armed forces will react, and we must tell you that the majority are ready to lay down their arms and become the true protectors of Mankind as originally intended. No longer will they put their lives on the line fighting false wars, and instead they will act to maintain peace throughout the world. Weapons as such will not be used against the people, and a day will come when they will no longer be needed. We know where the hidden facilities are and they will be destroyed to ensure they are never used again. Indeed, we have already commenced closing down underground bases, and are disarming the dark Ones as quick as possible.

Bear in mind our actions are carried out in such a way that there is no loss of life. We can “remove” people quite easily and deposit them wherever we choose, and often it is off planet. We re-educate those who indulge in killing and violence, so that they may return to Earth as useful citizens. Those of you who are moving into the Light will know, that at a certain level you move beyond the negative emotions and they can no longer affect you. Your Light is your protection and will bounce back such energies to the originator. Such is the power of Light that where creation is concerned, nothing is impossible and it is only the lack of belief that prevents it.

Dear Ones, you are doing so well even though you are under a lot of pressure, but do try and relax and enjoy what should be an exciting time. Time is moving so quickly, before you know what has happened we will be talking with you and have regular communication. Our intent is to keep you well informed of our activities, and we look forward to addressing you directly. With us will stand those souls who will have been identified as of the Light, and will lead you to the goal of Ascension. Naturally it does not stop there and your evolution will continue in the higher dimensions. If you did but know it, you have so much to look forward to and your lives will alter for all time.

Whatever problems or predicaments you find yourselves in, take it in your stride knowing that before long the answers will come your way. The higher vibrations will alleviate many medical problems, and with the coming of the Cities of Light so will healing chambers and other advanced technologies be able to handle them. After Ascension you will have no illness or physical problems at all, as your bodies will be in a state of perfection. So bear with any existing problems as you do not have much longer to put up with them.

Drugs rarely act as a cure but as a containment and but for concealment you could for example have had a cure for the scourge of Man that is cancer. Many medical advancements have been kept back, so as not to hit the profit levels of the drug companies. Also many drugs are placed on the market that are known to have serious side affects, and others that are banned and withdrawn in one country are sold to the Third World. Shortage of water could also have been overcome, but again held back to maintain high prices. There are many such examples in various markets, and not least of all the Oil Industry. They manipulate the markets to create shortages and high prices, when in reality there are no shortages at all.

You will not have to suffer much longer at the hands of the Illuminati, as the answers to your problems lay with us and our new technologies that we ready to share with you. Already you have learnt of the true potential that is waiting for you, and we shall waste no time putting it into place. We simply wait for the new Government to be put in place, with representatives that will truly work for the betterment of Mankind. They are there and known to us because it is quite impossible for anyone to misrepresent themselves without our knowledge. It means that when we negotiate with the dark Ones, there is no point in them trying to fool us with words when we can read their minds.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the Galactic Federation of Light assure you that you are in safe hands, and need not become concerned by claims that are intended to make you become fearful. It is not just the Illuminati that create disinformation sources, but also groups that wish to see a different ending to this cycle to satisfy their own beliefs. Also remember that many old prophesies are no longer relevant, as conditions have changed the outcome which is going to be less volatile and easier to deal with. Keep calm and stay within the Light and Love that continually bathes the Earth and raises its vibrations.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. ( ( ( Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ) ) )
    Through Fran Zepeda ~ 06/24/2012

    Greetings, all you esteemed Lightworkers. I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, on assignment with the Earth Council. I bring you good news. All of the years of waiting are coming to a resounding end. You have entered a new phase. Ascension is upon you. It is palpable and it is imminent, if you so choose.

    My dear friends, there is much to rejoice about. The stage has been set and all teams have the go-ahead as planned. All that awaits a full press forward to victory, all that remains is a coming together of all components of the Light in a majority of the population, which is reaching the tipping point. With that is required a further rounding up and neutralization of the dark Ones, which you are successful in bringing to fruition with your prayers and broadcasting of the Light and Love you have built to a crescendo within and around you.

    The dark Ones are being found and rousted from their hiding places. We have that situation well in hand and you can be assured that you are very close to major jumps in individual and collective consciousness. Be assured that you will be receiving even more help in your ascension process.

    There is major full-scale movement in many areas of your World with regards to Light penetration with a decrease in interference of that Light infiltration in areas that used to be controlled by the dark Ones. Much has changed in a very short time. With our help, you are fulfilling your destiny and mission. Be assured of that, my Dear Ones.

    All around your World, there is a substantial increase in Light saturation within Mother Earth and within its inhabitants, even the ones who are not yet awakened. This is stirring many changes for all.

    It is important to let the Light do its job and not resist. This is bringing you further along on your path to ascension. You will receive more help as you are open to it, so please ask any connections you have in the Spiritual Realm and Galactic Realm that are of the highest vibration and here to assist you.

    Please be assured that many changes have taken place in your Light Bodies in the last few weeks and you are still assimilating them. Be prepared for more. You can control the effects by getting proper rest even if it means not fulfilling all your seemingly important obligations at the moment you think it is required to do so. Time is a continuum and what is important will be presented at the right moment for you.

    My dear friends, we are moving quickly forward and it is important to stay centered at all times. It is important to increase your time in the sun and in nature, especially in the early morning hours and before dusk. It is also important to spend much more time amongst the natural elements, taking in colors and energy of the flowers, trees and sky, everything natural around you, and giving that energy back to Mother Earth and out all around you as an integral and natural part of your day. These will all speed you along on your ascension path.

    You are learning to prioritize and focus on what matters: What do you want in this moment as if it is your last moment? Where would you like to be, either within or without? What would bring you the most Joy and Peace? Do you let yourself be still when you want to be so? Do you allow for spontaneous service to others? Do you listen to your inner promptings to meditate and expand your Aura out, feeling a connection with all others and Mother Earth? Do you tune into Her heartbeat and synchronize it with yours? Do you dwell in your heart as your primary residence and control center? Are you finding treasures there that were once hidden from you?

    These are all things that can speed your ascension process along. Listen for suggestions as you connect with us. When you ask, we will guide you, and all you have to do is take the reins and keep expanding.

    Until we talk again, I am Mira, at your service.

  2. **The Week Ahead**
    Recovery Time ~ Rev Angela Peregoff

    “Spend a few minutes every day reminding yourself of all the things you have going for you and the special qualities you have to offer.” – Abigail Van Buren.

    The week ahead is pretty laid-back for all mortals being transported through the cosmos on the beautiful lands of Gaia. A fairly peaceful and creative energy field takes hold on Earth so if you wake up with Technicolor dreams dazzling your mental sense buds don’t be surprised. As multidimensional beings we are being revitalized, refreshed and infused with new energy from the core impulse of the multiverse, which spontaneously and continuously recreates itself. Every moment provides us with a rich influx of energy to do with whatever we choose. Heed this warning though; replicating the familiar rather than creating a new version of reality may lead to loss rather than the next chapter of your purpose.

    The sacredness that you are, the sacredness that you seek, the sacredness that you yearn for always comes forth through the possibilities of your un-birthed tomorrows. To create the new, first you must imagine it, then you embrace it, and finally love it until the invisible becomes true for you. If you still don’t know what that personal version of heaven’s giving is for you pay attention – hunches are being given, flashes of genius and unusual promptings from the deeper qualities of intuition since we continue to be influenced by last week’s powerful New Moon in Gemini and Summer Solstice portal. These are supportive energies of self definition.

    Any rewiring of circuitry takes place in the nervous system before traveling to other areas of the anatomy. Be attentive and mindful this week whenever emotional or mental energy blocks your personal vitality. This is not the week to step into any dramas, circumstances of stress, or acts of frustration. The Soul’s lineage is busy downloading each with an atonement of imagined existence so that we become compelled to make decisions towards a spiritual future. For thousands of years, all manner of prophets and ancients foresaw this era as being a massive turning point where the spiritual nature of existence is truly revealed and when humankind makes an astounding leap in consciousness. And this week we are getting a dose of Soul power and respect directly into our electrical systems. Uncomfortable shock waves can be appeased by supplementing your nutritional practice with some Natural Calm (magnesium) at the end of the day.

    To assist with our journey through duality and into unity with individuality I suggest you continue the practice of releasing the ego’s hold on your soul’s quest for a full spectrum of visibility.We are at the juncture of receiving our Divine preciousness and unique gifts and it’s the ego, our self-concept, which is actually the one with the inherent fear of change and will try to sabotage this Divine inheritance. Daily you should listen for the presence that speaks through your past, your wounds, and your fears as the soul births new creative aspects into your personality structures. Just for clarity, I define the ego as the largely conscious part of your personality that’s derived from interfacing with the environment around you and that acts to preserve your self-concept and self-esteem as they are formed by that environment.

    You’ll know which is receiving more of your energy and attention, the ego or the soul, by which voice answers the following question: Do I make choices based on anxiety and fear or on my highest potential? The ego always asserts an agenda based on survival fear and self-esteem derived from the approval of culture and the people we interact with. When our choices are decided from such a perspective our soul range is dramatically decreased, rendering us mostly cultural beings, instead of celestial beings living in accordance with our highest potential.

    Our mission at this time is to make the ego so expansive through our own compassion that it encompasses and includes the Soul – our connection to All That Is, our connection to eternity. This is the divine reconnection that is now ready to be birthed fully into your life. The big shift over the last few years has been the understanding of the Law of Attraction. The next big shift is everyone understanding ego and its true purpose. The collective has opened the door on the opportunity to resolve the discords within our personalities so that the Soul can enter harmoniously. This too is going to take a few years to purify and that’s why I am giving you all the “heads up”. Everyone who reads my words each Monday is a pioneer of consciousness. . . a soul that agreed to embody “the New” and to anchor it within form so that a planetary shift could occur. So get busy doing the homework assignment with ego.

    As each of you diligently raises your luminosity and consciousness by participating in the expansive unfolding of the Universe itself then Spirit can incarnate into everyone’s journey at this time!Whether conscious or unconscious, what you hold compliments the life force of everyone you touch. So as you begin to use the ego as a creative tool of the Soul, and allow your personal sense of who you are to include the Soul identity, we all gain awareness. Your very vibration becomes an educator to hundreds.

    If you don’t know where to start expanding your understanding about ego you could start by the contemporary source author Robert Ohotto. I love using his book entitled, “Transforming Fate Into Destiny” published by Hay House, Inc. in my classes. Caroline Myss and Wayne Dyer are more good resources that I would recommend. However if you make the request to the Universe and your guides, “Bring me the appropriate teaching,” it will appear. It can’t not.

    This is the time you have been waiting for and now you are being given the tools to build your individual and collective vision of a new era. You can no longer make our life contingent on another or what other’s do. Each must rise to meet their own path. All are going to understand that when you plan based on what someone else will do, you block your flow. You have to be where your Soul tells you to be! You just have to know that you have the skills to navigate whatever comes up, as it arises.

    And that’s where my readers come in – you are the way-showers! You demonstrate using your senses as a barometer in all things. You know signs and answers are always around. That there is no need to obsess over and worry about missing them. You just stay open and pay attention. You realize you cannot miss what is meant for you. They will continue to show up until you understand, right? Many things are just what they are. You allow what you need to receive to pop out at you, so whatever you need out of each moment just appears. And you know why you do it that way? Because you feel and know you are Spirit and part of a Universal team that is always creating and expanding.

    In sacred union with each of you, Rev Angela


  3. Hi everybody,goodmorning Babajij and Stick

    sky sylhps

    It looks that we have a lot of new members here on STC.
    Warm hug’s and love and welcome to STC, Idejavul, Laura, Arianna, Lisa E, Vladimir, Michael, Melissa, and everyone that I might forgotten, because there are a lot of posts to scroll through

    I hope everybody had a great weekend. I sure I did, amazing things are happening. A lot of synchronizations going on, especially with the balloons representing the Ahbantian.Also my dreams were right on target with Lelee’s descriptions just before the dreamflight.

    For the ones who are interested in reading my dreams: go to my page Lisa and also subpage where I post my dreams. I updated it now with new dreams on both pages.I also I am going to add a personal How to subpage under Lisa. The following are:
    How to remember dreams and my Personal meditation exercise.

    Love and Light
    (PS: it is funny today I am feeling happy but also feel like crying)

    • ~Great Morning to Ya, Lisa!…Those are some Fantastic Feathered Clouds!….Just Splendid!~

    • There is a lot going on Lisa, especially underneath the surface!
      Thank you for the beautiful clouds – they’re quite odd here in Atlanta today. Very high, mostly like a blanket with some strange shaped openings… I feel I’m being watched very closely, lol! πŸ™‚
      Strangest thing is that they are not moving… Only the contrails change… Hmmm…

    • Today in meditation I saw some clouds in the shape of flying saucers , an indication πŸ˜‰ Be ready !
      ( ( SUN ) )

  4. I have to say, I am so amazed with EVERY SaLuSa channeling. Cheri’ and I are always talking about everything, all of this, all the time! And it seems that when we have a certain question, the very next SaLuSa channeling answers those questions. I LOVE IT!!

  5. Heheh… Barack’s gonna be right across the street from me tomorrow!
    The Westin is this round tower in the middle:
    (from our bldg manangement:)
    To: One Ninety One Tenants
    From: Property Management Team
    Re: Tenant Alert: Presidential Visit to Atlanta, Georgia
    Date: June 25, 2012
    As many of you have likely heard, President Obama will be at the Peachtree Street Westin Hotel on Tuesday, June 26 for a fund-raiser at 11:30am. Being so close to the venue, we contacted local officials in hopes of obtaining and passing along helpful information to you so that you could plan your commute schedules accordingly.
    We had hoped to obtain information on just how this would impact your travel and access to and from One Ninety One during this time, as well as that of your clients and guests. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, we were unable to obtain solid details; however, you may want to keep in mind the sentiments expressed by Major Whitmire of Zone 5, β€œThere will not be a lot we can tell you as the routes and times are kept secret. You can count on road closures everywhere he visits.”
    Our recommendation is to plan for possible delays!

    • Haha, that would be funny if that’s why Obama is in Atl tomorrow… I’d say there are a few candidates to be found here, and it’s be a great place for him to have a press conference on something like that… I’m just fantasizing, though πŸ™‚
      We could start with a couple of school boards I’ve dealt with…

  6. Hello guys. Thank you for your great posts.
    Amazing things happened to me today!
    I took the bus with my brother to go to a place out of the city where we can play bowling.
    While we were in the bus, I was imagining the bowling room having some balloons waiting for me, as a sign from Athabantian’s Crew. I strongly wanted a sign from them.
    The first bowling round passed. So when me & my brother started the second round, I had a score 9 from my first shot. Then I turned around and behind me there was a table with two pairs of yelow, blue, green balloons!! Then I looked at the score board, and I saw 999…99 my first round score and 9 from my second round first shot!
    According to Doreen Virtue ( 999 means:
    Get to work, Lightworker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.

    That was felt a pretty good sign from the Crew, I felt great!

    Love and Light to all =) !

    PS: Could you have a look at ‘Konstantinos’s Art’ and see if Moraine’s portrait resonates with you?

  7. No dear Leslee, I didn’t get any answer, but if you want can you send it again?
    Also, did you get my e-mail message about Iltheos’s answer on Mikos-Inner Earth etc?

    • Also, I wonder why the Athabantian’s Crew send us signs with the form of balloons….
      is it because party time approaching (joke intended) =) ?

      • I’ve been wondering too, and Adrial has been very secretive. I feel it is somehow an analogy for how we will travel? Reach the ships? Dunno…

      • ~My “guess” is that Balloons are Designed to be Filled with Our Breaths (Physical Life Force…or Helium (High Vibe Etheric Element that is Anti-Gravity,which makes the Balloon to Float)…and by the Use of Fire Element,as in the Big Flying Passenger Balloons that have a Carrier Basket…(like the One in the Wizard of Oz, the Way that the Wizard was able to Land and then Leave Oz)… :mrgreen: ~

    • FWIW, Mike, I haven’t either, since my first dream! However, I’m finding more light ship/orb pics, and you & CherΓ­ are seeing ships too!
      That photo with Laura’s surprise post has two lights, and I took it yesterday! They show up in about 4 stills. I never actually see them with my eyes… I think they flash too fast to overcome the retinal refresh time (or whatever that’s called), but my camera catches them. They seldom show up on video either… But I haven’t looked yet at the one from y’day…

    • Thank you!
      Signs, since we wish for them, approach each one of us differently, no need to get dissapointed dear friend =) .

  8. Your Aid Comes with an Awakening – Compte de St. Germaine by Aruna
    As my colleague Archangel Michael has said, and more and more of you are now aware, what goes on in the human drama has no major mandate for correction by any of our administrative operations. None, including the Galactic agencies, will deliver much other than love and advice. Now that this has been clearly declared, what is next?

    First, you must conduct yourself as an awareness beyond an unconscious entity demanding aid. Aid comes from an activation from within yourself! The negative collective consciousness needs your aid. Give and commit to a mass consciousness where no one is abused, neglected or murdered, and every choice is met with acceptance. Only then can man decree new and different and get what comes with a great deal of choice at the initiation. Asking is not the same as a decree. A decree will generate more cause because there is no doubt included. Asking is no more than hope or desire. It appears non-committal in a bigger analogy.

    However, before decreeing more cause and effect conditions, please focus your attention on not having anything negative in your consciousness, because this, by itself, will make a much larger impact in the mass consciousness than any decree aimed at altering the drama in your mind’s concept of reality.

    When fully awakened, no concepts exist. All is recognized as being complete as it is, and that man conceives his own dramas to learn that he is dreaming the concepts and doesn’t need to control them with his mind. When this actualizes, the dream is over.

    Are you able to give up the dream? If so, then none of my dream category content will be of interest to you any longer. Waking up from the dream will negate all of the most difficult cause and effect dramas in your mind, and answer your questions about the meaning of life. Making this leap in consciousness is the cause of ascension, not your desire to ascend. Choosing ascension begins an opening in consciousness for an awakening. The purpose of the dreaming is to cause an awakening, so once awakened, there is no longer a need to continue a dream existence.

    Suffering disappears with awakening, including reactivity to control, death, or anything that man’s current condition delivers. All of these things make no difference to awakened awareness. Peace and contentment are constant.

    Face the collective consciousness without an agenda and you will get out of any control drama by yourself. This is what we can aid you in, not dropping in on you in a craft that creates yet another drama.

    Free yourself and this will increase the light in mass consciousness to give others the opportunity to be sufficiently inspired to do the same.

    Are these words clear? When they are, you can conclude that the lesson has been learned.

    Ascended Master Saint Germain
    Channeled by Aruna

  9. Yes, Dear Konstantinos, I did get it! Thank you so much! =D
    That’s the one I replied to, and I was beginning to wonder if maybe you had fainted and were still on the floor!
    I’ll re-send it right now, and let’s talk about how best to explain it to the group! I’ll go look for it right now…

  10. Since we all seem to be sharing so much, I thought I’d let you join me in my walk tonight… If you can make it (or skip) to about 3/4 way through, you can see the “lightning bugs”, and hear the jet, and I mention what Adrial told me about jets and lightships…

  11. Hi everybody, feeling a bit sick today. (had a terrible night)It is winter over here, got a lovely flu πŸ˜€
    I was dreaming about sweets in a candy store (maybe I was in spacemuffins ship? )and looking at a kinda of parade with my kids, they got all excited.Then it went bizarre, as I was in a room, filled with chocolate eggs and a ghostly woman, I could only see her head going up and down, but not her body, really freaky to see πŸ˜€ At 4AM I couldn’t sleep anymore as my nose was so blocked I couldn’t breath anymore.

    Yesterday on my way home the sun was really really shining bright and beautiful clouds were forming in the sky. What’s up lately with our sky, elementals showing themselves? See picture below (more will follow)
    sandton sun

    News is flying around these days, I feel so excited. Like a kid that is getting candy πŸ˜€
    Yesterday I saw balloons again in an advert on TV. Maybe we should buy some champagne so we can pop it as soon as disclosure begins. πŸ˜€

    Have a great day all, mostly will comment when I am already going to sleep πŸ˜€

  12. This is another picture I took from the same sky , but some minutes later , different location.

    The clouds look like they are making a bit X “X marks the spot πŸ˜€ “

    • ~Indeed,I see the X…and when I first saw this photo,i saw a giant Eagle with Wings…(the Eagle’s head is hidden in the bright White cloud part)…i always like seeing those mighty Trees~

  13. Message from the Angels

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    What you want most in your life dear ones is a feeling of connection to the light and love of God. You can find this in so many ways! You can find it in meditation as you silence your mind and connect with the love within you. You can find this connection with other souls with whom you deeply resonate. You can find it in nature, with your children, your pets, or your gardens. For the truth remains, God is in all things and if you take a moment to simply appreciate what or who is in front of you, there you will begin to see the light and love of God as well.

    When you feel disconnected in some way from this love, that is when you experience pain. If you feel disconnected from another person, for example you will feel pain only as long as you choose to continue to search for God in that situation. You can instead choose to turn inward or elsewhere to find God, or if you are courageous enough to look for God even in another who is not acting as you wish, there again you will feel a connection with love.

    When you feel disconnected from yourself you will also experience pain because the truth of yourself is God’s light rising up within you. When you feel you “are not yourself” or you “do not have time for yourself,” take time to sit, breathe and ask the angels to help you reconnect with the light within you. Acknowledge what is good and true within you. Acknowledge all that you do well. Stop any sort of indulgence in self criticism and focus on your light. It is in the acknowledgement of what is good and true within you that you will find yourself once again.

    You can find the presence of God anywhere you are willing to look for it, dear ones. You can find your connection with God in so many ways. Focus upon the light in creation, the beauty, the truth, the depths of goodness within other souls. Focus on what gives you joy and inspires you. Practice gratitude for self, others, and life.

    You are never ever ever disconnected from God’s love. It would be impossible to do so. You can forget, but just as easily you can choose to look for it in all things, especially where you find it most easily, and in that seeking, truth will emerge once again.

    God bless you. We love you so very much.
    –– The Angels

  14. Hey Gunner, hopefully you saw the last thread… Laura dropped in and said a big hello to you.

  15. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    4 Imix, 14 Kayab, 8 Manik

    Dratzo! We return. Much is about to happen on your world! The dark cabalists have refused the eleventh-hour offer made by our Earth allies to surrender and allow an easy and peaceful transition of power. Their refusal has put the ball in our court, and we are now composing our response. Our liaisons have spent the last few days putting together the arrest strategy with those who will be physically carrying it out. We wish to do it in such a way that it does not lead to negative propaganda by those news networks most closely linked to the cabal. We can, if necessary, require that a number of these controlled media sites be properly discredited and shut down. It is also necessary for major government officials in the cabal-led regimes to resign, as it is important to be publicly seen that a legal transfer of power is underway. We have had many preliminary talks with the designated officials and have received positive feedback on this particular option. We intend to apply this option and prepare our caretaker governments to begin the formal transition process.

    Once these operations begin, a special group will coordinate the complex transitional phase with our Earth allies. The first requirement is to neutralize any dark-cabal media counterattack. The cabal is now literally fighting for its existence and it cannot tolerate anyone who does not obediently carry out a damaging propaganda campaign in the mainstream media and on the Internet. We are fully prepared for this and have even obtained their campaign plans. Once the government resignations start, the first 72 hours must be handled very carefully. We have briefed those liaisons involved and are ready to shut down a number of cable and network programming sites before they have a chance to air. The cabal has a vast propaganda network and it intends to engage it to the fullest degree. Our job is to prevent this, and to explain fully why it is necessary. We have video evidence in our hands that can be used to show the reasons behind our actions. This is to be a time of crisis that we are fully equipped to handle. It is no easy matter to overthrow and reverse 13 millennia of a planet’s reality!

    This phase of the transition is getting more difficult for our Earth allies and we have therefore intervened. Our headquarters for this phase is our main Mothership. The liaison teams assigned to each sector of our Earth allies are now using on-board technologies to monitor the cabal groups and listen in on their verbal and written communiquΓ©s as well as telepathically survey the leaders of these dark groups. This is confirming once again how exceptionally devious these leaders can be. But be assured that we are privy to everything they believe, think, and do. In addition, we intend to employ one particular technology that ensures a swift, smooth surrender. We are engaged in this deeper level of intervention because of the need to put this current impediment aside as quickly as possible. Heaven has given us a divine mandate that basically asks us to move this world forward to the point of transformation.

    The landing group is now busy working on how and when to land the β€˜special’ technicians who are to install technologies such as replicators, communicators, and healing devices. These technologies are mostly operated by the use of telepathy and we need to demonstrate how to restore this ability in your minds, as this will also make it a lot easier for you to interact with us. We see this restoration of one of your natural abilities as your first concrete step on the path to full consciousness. These living Beings (technicians) will also teach you about the various realities that manifest once you begin to use these devices. You could say that this technology transfer signals the moment when you truly commit to your return to full consciousness. Heaven intends to greatly speed up the many things now happening to and within you. It is becoming increasingly apparent that not only has time sped up, but your new consciousness is getting to the point where you need to be moved, shortly after we arrive, to your respective Light Chambers in Inner Earth.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our associates are busy with the aftereffects of the dark cabal’s rejection of the offer to surrender to the Light. In many ways it was expected. We knew that the dark cabal, despite its declared approval of our plans, was in fact intending to launch a series of misinformation campaigns, the purpose of which was to confuse and repudiate those who follow various sources of Internet information concerning the Changes. They were hoping to sow consternation and doubt with an ever-intensifying attack upon the truth. Our associates, too, are well aware of these schemes and are initiating a series of actions that will swiftly remove the dark and its die-hard allies. Our role here is simply to prepare a plan that fulfills the gracious decrees of Heaven and frees you from the millennia-long grip of the dark.

    As you well know by now, this plan includes a new global financial system and new governance. All of this is very close to being implemented. Our associates are completing the means to inform you properly and fully about how these plans are to be implemented. We have in place a series of formal announcements that will begin once the dark ones are removed from power around the planet. To do this, we are employing certain techniques that are part of a protocol presented to us by the Agarthans of Inner Earth and their galactic friends. This will smooth the way and permit the arrest phase to begin. Once done, we can proceed with the remainder of the plans that we previously mentioned. Your freedom will shortly be granted and the treasonous plans of the dark disallowed by the Light!

    We have been blessing Mother Earth and all her peoples daily. We ask that you join us in this divine activity. You have been doing this mostly at random, and what we now ask is for you to come together and freely choose a time for a wave of blessing intended to each day encircle the globe. Use your wonderful synergy to determine a time for this, and then begin this powerful practice. As you start on this, we will join in with you. This blessing is from all our hearts. Let us use this to bring peace and joy to all. This magnificent energy can unify all of us to manifest a new and sacred Way for Mother Earth! Heaven is giving us a divine plan that frees us from the dark’s reign and returns us to full consciousness. Let us be in praise of the Light and its infinite wonders!

    Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening in your reality. Events are now underway that is shortly to alter the very nature of this reality and return you to full consciousness. We are most pleased that we can soon do our part in this. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  16. QUOTE – what we now ask is for you to come together and freely choose a time for a wave of blessing intended to each day encircle the globe. – UNQUOTE

    My best time is 10 to 11 pm PDT… But I’m not sure if MY best time matters. I’ll adjust as necessary.

    • Awesome! That looks like what Cheri’ and I saw this weekend, but ours was redish. So, is there any update on when we can all get together and meditate? I would really like to start this, get those love and light vibes out into the world! πŸ˜€

    • OMG that was so cool. I used to watch that show after school when I was younger. Who knew it would be where we are headed as a species. So awesome. Remembering something new every day.

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