SaLuSa 06-August-2012

The legacy that the dark Ones left in place still creates trouble for you. Actions they set in motion a long time ago still make progress, but no longer have the power or impetus to carry them through. Their greatest drawback has been where their military ambitions were concerned, and we have permanently disabled nuclear weapons which they will be prevented from using. The financial wing of the cabal has also fallen apart, and it will not be allowed to be resurrected in its old format. In fact as fast as they plug one hole another appears elsewhere, and in the end a new system will be the only answer. As the old one falls apart so it is revealing the extent of malpractice and corruption that has taken place for a very long time. So do not worry about the continuing problems, because at a future date not so very far away it will change for the better.

Also in the future money will not have as much importance as it has done in the past. It will be fairly distributed, and the system of heavy taxes will be vastly altered so that what you earn is only taxed once. Furthermore with free energy that is to be used in many ways to provide your needs, your outgoings will be much less than they are now. The ultimate situation will ensure that all of the energy needed for your heating, lighting, water and cooking will be free, as will a form of public transport. Eventually petroleum based products will no longer be used or required. Clean and economical energy will be available to everyone, thus removing the source of much pollution upon your planet.

You are getting used to the idea of major changes in your society, and these will not cause the disruption you might imagine. The plans have been very carefully laid out and speed is the essence of everything we are about to do. We know some of you are concerned that we do not have sufficient time to carry out our work, but be assured we are well prepared for any type of situation. The groundwork has already been done, and obstacles such as planning permission or other forms of delay you normally experience, will not interfere with our intentions.

As time goes by more of you have become open to the idea of working with us, and we welcome such enthusiasm. It has always been our intention that you should for example, be involved in the cleansing of your Earth. There are many areas that are seriously damaged and polluted, and denuded by deforestation. Have no fear about how long it will take, we can help restore them very quickly. In fact we will improve areas beyond that which they were previously, and we know exactly what is required to keep in balance with nature.

Bear in mind that our Motherships are in some instances many, many miles long and far larger than some of your cities. We carry with us all that we are likely to need, including large fleets of smaller craft for duties within your Earth’s atmosphere. The Motherships that you have often seen are mostly cigar shaped, but there are also ones that are circular. We do not normally come too near to your Earth with our largest craft, as they would cause malfunctions with your own energy systems. However, you will see them way above the atmospheric limits, and certainly an increase in our presence as we will come much closer to you.

You are getting used to the idea of a great leap forward, which makes it easier to introduce you to new technologies. In most ways they are labor saving, non-polluting and economical to use, and naturally automation will require less input from you. That will leave you with far more time to spend on yourself or pursuing other interests. In other words you will have plenty of leisure time to follow your hobbies, or whatever may continue to expand your knowledge. Since you will be able to travel into the past, present or future, your knowledge will grow very quickly. If you have a sufficiently expanded level of consciousness, you may want to join one of the Federations such as the Galactic Federation of Light.

Since you are so near to the major changes that you have been advised about, in the meantime there is nothing to worry about. Your future has already been determined and one thing is certain, and it is that the end times are divinely decreed and they will pass accordingly. Nothing is going to alter the end result and it does not matter what occurs in between. As you are beginning to understand, there is no longer the necessity for a catastrophic ending to the cycle. That was only applicable when it seemed evident that Man was trapped in the lower vibrations, and it looked as though there was no way out.

To your credit you have responded well to attempts to lift you up. Although the dark Ones were increasingly extending their control over you, you took in the Light and awakened to what was happening. Your growth in consciousness attracted even more Light to Earth, and the grid lines around it became renewed and extremely active. Like attracts like and you have become so powerful that you have not just stopped the dark Ones in their tracks, you have achieved victory over them. Soon you shall see them removed and prevented from expanding their web of darkness. There is a lot to do, and we are ready to get the vital cleansing underway. We have kept the damage down, but it is time to complete the work that has already started.

The dark Ones have been allowed to enact their game plan, but the Light was always going to win. It was just a matter of how well the Lightworkers would respond, as you would often incarnate and be pulled down by the negative energies and forget your life plan. Assistance is always at hand to help you out, but sometimes it is difficult to get through to you. The temptations of the physical levels are inviting and hard to resist, but with experience you can rise above them. In reality no one fails, as you will continue to face the challenges of the lower dimensions until you conquer them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask you to still keep your focus on Ascension, as it is what everything is about, and you have spent many, many lives to reach this point. Well done, and well deserved.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light



  1. **Tremendous preparations have been taking place**
    August 8, 2012 ~ Jeshua through John Smallman

    All in the spiritual realms are watching with fascination and excitement as humanity moves ever nearer to awakening. Your collective unconscious is stirring, claiming you all for its own, identifying the oneness that you had forgotten and bringing it to your awareness. This can be seen where many previously clearly differentiated groups with similar aims are now joining together, having realized that joined, they are far more powerful and effective than when they work alone. When you truly work together as one, as more and more are doing, miracles occur.

    The miracles occurring all over the world at present are a direct result of this integration and harmonization of intent and purpose. Humanity seriously desires peace, safety, and abundance for all, and over the last few decades many organizations and charities have been formed to help make this happen. At first it often seemed that they were causing profuse difficulties and problems for each other by reason of the fact that there were so many of them with similar aims but conflicting practices, some of which encouraged the use of forceful or violent means in order to achieve them.

    As humanity has grown in wisdom and maturity over the last few decades, largely due to the loving intentions for humanity and the planet that the Light-holders are expressing, and strongly assisted by the enormous ease with which information can now be shared and communicated worldwide, these groups are learning to work together – something that up until very recently had seemed counterintuitive – and are beginning to reap the rewards of harmonious, as opposed to reluctant, cooperation.

    All of humanity is well aware that you cannot continue to wage endless wars, destroy the indigenous peoples’ tribal lands, and turn Earth into a toxic wasteland, and then expect to have an attractive and habitable environment for future generations – your children and your children’s children.

    Although the mainstream media pay little attention to the many very successful and creative solutions that are being put into effect across the world to deal with these problematic issues, the alternate press is sparkling with life and information which is raising hopes and inspiring people everywhere to become personally involved. A most wonderfully restorative energy of healing is embracing humanity and the planet.

    Almost everywhere, people are insisting that the vast conglomerates and multinational corporations, which have caused so much damage and unnecessary suffering in their quest for inordinate power and wealth, be called to account for their activities, made legally responsible for cleaning up the toxicity they have caused to land and water, and be charged with paying compensation to those whose lands they have illegally and dishonestly confiscated and turned into poisonous and uninhabitable wastelands.

    A major turning-point has now been reached in humanity’s evolution, and Earth’s future looks increasingly enticing as you prepare to make it a place of beauty and benevolent kind-heartedness, where generosity and thoughtfulness guide your social behaviors and interactions as you move into a New Age of stunning brilliance and amazing creativity.

    Tremendous preparations have also been taking place, mostly unbeknownst to you, that will ensure that the amazing progress you have been making in your personal spiritual quests continues unabated. The field of divine Love enveloping the planet is bringing Light to the darkest and most neglected places, so that nowhere is there anyone who does not have access to it. Darkness is just the absence of Light, and now there truly is nowhere on the planet that is without Light. God’s Will is for Light to bathe your beautiful planet in a shimmering gown of the most brilliant and iridescent colors, and as that is also your collective will, it will be done.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  2. ( ( ( Reacting to emotions is a choice you make ) ) )
    08/08/2012 by John Smallman

    We are getting very close to the event for which you, the Light-workers, have been hoping and praying. It seems to many of you that the waiting has been interminable, even though you know that time and your experience of it are illusory. But, as you have discovered, even though it is illusory, the illusion is a tough and frequently very unforgiving environment. However, you have continued to hold the intent to awaken despite your anxieties and doubts, and as a result the Light you bear has brightened enormously and is helping others, as you demonstrate peace, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance, mainly unhampered by self-righteous discrimination or judgment.

    It is difficult, because you are subject to all the same emotions that everyone else within the illusion has to deal with, and while you do have the advantage of knowing what is going on, and why, you still undergo those experiences and feel motivated to react. But you are more frequently allowing those emotions to flow through you without reacting, and that intensifies the divine Love field so that it induces in all of humanity a strengthening awareness that to react to emotions is a choice that you make. And many are now choosing peace instead of reaction.

    All on Earth are intuitively realizing that the emotional issues flooding into their awareness – unexpectedly and often unsought – need to be released. At first there may be a strong desire not to let them go without first forcefully expressing them because they seem so justifiable; but quietly, underneath that feeling, their intuitive realization is gently persuading them that to let them go will bring a satisfying resolution and a sense of peace. And, as everyone wants peace, they will mostly respond very positively to that persuasion.

    As you release your issues and open yourselves to the Love field in which you are immersed, you will encounter unaccustomed tranquility and your stress will decrease as you relax into that very satisfying sensation. It is analogous to having to hold your breath because of bad odors or toxic fumes in your vicinity, and then moving out into the fresh air and being able to fill your lungs once more, bringing relief and a new awareness of the joy of breathing.

    And of course when you physically breathe you are inhaling Love! It is probably not apparent to you, but to breathe is to live and Love is the very powerful energy that enables life. It is the eternal creative force that imbues all living entities and provides the power for growth and evolution. It is the power that you used to build the illusion, and it is the Light that is showing you how to release yourselves from it.

    Love is your true nature, but how you use it is a choice that you make in every moment. In the illusion it has mostly been used for personal empowerment because you see yourselves as individuals in an unsafe and threatening environment, and this has led to conflict, fear, intense hate, and almost constant suffering. Personal egoic agendas are your attempts to escape from that fear, and on the whole they have proved themselves to be disastrous, often leading to catastrophic consequences.

    Finally the truth of that is penetrating your conscious minds, and you are trying to solve your problems through negotiation instead of through confrontation. Doing so reduces the sense of fear that has been endemic, and encourages cooperation for the benefit of all involved. When you use the power of Love in this way the possibilities are limitless, bringing peace, harmony, and wonder to everything you do.

    Fear is the absence of Love: it is a shutting down of the awareness that all are one, all are connected and interdependent. Using Its power for self-oriented agendas is like severely restricting the conduit through which It flows – a kink in the hosepipe – until, when people shut themselves completely off from others, there is no flow at all and intense fear invades them.

    As an analogy: when the flow of water into a pond is cut off, the pond becomes stagnant and toxic and cannot support life; and when people shut one another out in mistrust and fear, they become like small islands attached to the flow of life by kinked or knotted pipes. Then the essential flow of life becomes toxic because it is no longer being constantly renewed, and misery and suffering ensue.

    In the last few decades it is as though numerous maintenance teams have been dispatched to undo the kinks in the pipes and, where necessary, replace those that are beyond repair. The result is that the life force is flowing more freely and abundantly than it has for eons, and, depending on which analogy you prefer, the water or the air has once more become clear, sweet, fresh, and invigorating. And under those conditions your awakening is guaranteed and inevitable.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  3. Hey, Everybody! I apologize to you all… I haven’t been checking the moderation queue… Oops!
    Here is a lovely comment Vendo made back on Aug 2… Slipping it in here since I just found it tonight!

    from Vendo:
    Hello all, …. I am not part of your little family here, but I do like to visit now and then. And reading thru your posts, my what a beautiful and loving forum you have here. A pleasure to visit. I am moved by your gentle nature and faith. For some reason I want to spare something from one of my favorite channelers, Pamela Kribbe. It is from the end of last year called: “The Golden Light of 2012″. I myself am attracted by the beautiful simplicity of it.

    “The only thing that is required of you is to remain faithful to this Golden Light. Recognize it in yourself; it
    feels quiet, calm, and self-confident. Feel the strength of this energy that carries and supports you. Feel it sink into your feet; it has substance. Feel how this Golden Light flows by way of your feet into the Earth and ignites seeds of Light everywhere.”

    Perhaps someone here will like this as much as I do.

    Bless all the beautiful souls here

  4. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    8 Kan, 12 Pop, 9 Eb

    Dratzo! We return! Much is involved in the final aspects of the great sundering that is to bring down the dark power structure. At present, you are witnessing the final days of the power struggle which is reaching its definitive denouement. The cabalists are using their ability to foment chaos in an attempt to escape the noose we have thrown around them, but their convoluted schemes will not be successful this time. We have made allowances for their finagling ways and are anticipating anything they can come up with. Over the eons, war has been the cabal’s instrument of choice for manipulating you and wriggling out of inconvenient situations, and it is using this tried-and-true device today in the Middle East and in South Asia. While deadly efficient, this ‘tool’ will not result in their escape as our control over Earth events is too strong to be thwarted by such low-level shenanigans. Do not be concerned by what the cabalists are planning. Their anything-goes attempts to go out with a bang will backfire on them, providing the means to liberate this vital region of the world. The coming transformation is utterly under the aegis of divine fate!

    We watch, and prepare to institute our plans. We dearly wish to get the divine Light show on the road. As the shackles long binding you to the dark fall away, a new energy is born which is to bring you peace, prosperity, and global harmony. The dark ones and their fervent adherents deeply believe that what they are plotting will lead to a new situation which will prevent their downfall. It is not only to fail utterly but will expose the depth and breadth of the duplicities which subtly rule your world. This interlocking set of directorates is to be clearly seen for the cold-blooded oligarchy it truly is. It will be a salutary education for you all, and will serve you well during the events which will shortly lead to their arrest and isolation from you. A deadly trap is being set, with the aim of separating, definitively, friend from foe. It is vital to discover who truly intends to be part of the solution, and who is determined to remain part of the problem. This approach causes us much distress. Nevertheless, from the standpoint of the bigger picture it is essential, and is to be achieved shortly.

    Our work here has consistently been geared toward a first contact with you, and we have never wavered from this course. The aim of moving you into full consciousness lies behind all that we are involved in, and to this end, our many teams monitor and visit you each day. The dark cabal understands our total commitment to this sacred mission, and is aware that we are moving more and more of our fleet closer to you. We have also increased the number of on-planet personnel living and working among you. In this regard we have warned the dark that any tampering with our planet-based personnel will have dire consequences. Already, several attempts against our missionaries resulted in ‘events’ that scared off these agents of ignominy! We are ever diligent in ensuring that our surface mission proceeds as it should, and these recent defensive countermeasures have taught us much about how these agents operate. For now the dark is careful to avoid us. Currently, we are expanding this network on your planet surface.

    Disclosure is moving forward. Our Earth allies are busy preparing for the ouster of the many de facto Earth governments. A broad web of infamy encircles your globe, and the unholy policies perpetrated each day by these ‘legitimate’ governments cry out to be terminated. This ‘legitimacy’ is contingent upon control by various forms of chaos, and by stoking the levels of social and religious schism. This sorry rigmarole will be put to flight once the Light rightfully disposes of these barely legal governments. Our role in these events is to support and reinforce whatever actions are formally promulgated. Our personnel on the ground have been providing detailed information on how different regions react to what the dark is doing. The dark are throwing up ways to discourage civil resistance and our Earth allies are busy countering these moves. Freedom and liberty have long come at a price on your world, and now it is time to sweep away these stifling conditions and bring in joy and growth and exuberance.

    Namaste! We come, blessed Ones! Your transitioning world appears to be in a lull, and it seems to you as if nothing is happening. But nothing could be further from the truth. Everywhere, the old constructs are crashing to the ground, with one fiscal crisis following another. As we mentioned, we have put into play the new financial system, and it sits quietly in the wings, unheeded by the crumbling edifice that is about to fall with an almighty roar. The de facto governments appointed by by this dying colossus are aware that their end has come and are awaiting their fall from grace. The new is to be in formal ascendance very shortly, bringing with it prosperity, freedom, and most vital for us, disclosure. Also, Mother Earth deeply needs to be attended to, and this necessitates our Inner Earth and space families to join with us to announce a new reality and proclaim to all on the surface world the death of the restrictive, old reality.

    The death throes of the dark cabal will be painted in drab shades, symbolizing the world of limitation, war, and fiscal tyranny which has shaped the last 13 millennia of your existence. These dark concepts ravaged your home world, partitioned you from Inner Earth, and foisted you off with the fiction that you are alone in an empty void. These fabrications are to end, and a new world of divine brilliance is to replace the bleakness and stress of the present. We are truly in joy, for soon we will be able to tell you of the great truths and start to unravel for you the many lies told to you over the millennia. This will set you free and prepare you for the transition to full consciousness. You may experience some degree of consternation, or feel distrust toward those dark ones who so callously misled you; yet we ask you to forgive, let the past go, and jointly move forward. With full consciousness comes a wisdom which is to supersede the horrors that you know.

    Your new realm will be wondrously glorious. The amazing relationships between Heaven and Earth will be disclosed to you, and this knowledge confers wisdom you can now barely guess at. On your new Earth you can experience it fully and feel the euphoric unity of all life. You are to begin a journey which will permit you to reach your potential and discover your boundless creativity as you seek to maximize the unfolding of the Creator’s divine plan. Together we will go forward, with us as your ever-Loving mentors and teachers in the ways of the divine. We are truly elated that this moment is at last upon us: the time selected by Heaven is here! The final touches are being made to the sacred ceremony which unlocks all of this and brings in the vast changes to the only world you have know until now. Already this transformation is starting to manifest. Be in your center and in your truth, and be ready. And have no doubts about all that the Creator is about to unfold!

    Today, we continued with our messages to you. A supreme shift in this reality is upon us! With it come disclosure and the time to finally meet all of us who so devotedly champion your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    • Hey, Jason! I miss you, sorry I kind of fell off the earth the past several days… How are things over there in Bama? Much love to you and your family, for lots of healing and rest and continued amazing synchronicities!

      • Everything in Bama is good. Work days flying by. So many synchronicities and “coincidences” I don’t even try to keep track of them anymore. My biggest daily challenge is reacting positively to strangers around me that do or say negative things. Its hard to keep my finger to myself driving 😛
        You must be so excited about Colorado. I’m excited for you.

          • Hey Mike! How are things with you? You’ve been on my mind alot lately, I hope you and your family are doing great.
            It is funny, but that is the area I have huge problems with. My reactions to complete strangers that do stupid stuff. Especially driving, lol. Trying to stay in my blissful, loving state while driving, grocery shopping, etc……
            Someone posted about this, not being “seen” at a higher frequency I think.
            People blow me off, ignore, interrupt, cut me off all day long, and accepting it is tough. I’m sure we’re all dealing with it. I just hope everyone else is doing a better job at letting the little things go than I am. I have to constantly remind myself that I do stupid things to others as well, so I shouldn’t get upset.
            Namaste friend!

            • I really like the part about perhaps not being seen at a higher frequency! That’s an explanation I can get excited about, when it seems like I’m invisible! 😉

  5. Hi, Y’all!

    Wow, it is really time for me to check in with the family! I’ve hardly been online for the past 3-4 days… Packing and working on Abi-Qor (which is stunning, vast and brilliant, BTW!), and I’ve missed you guys a lot… Today seems to be kick-me-back-to-3D-for-a-minute day, so I’ll just catch my breath and send out some love and light (and deep breaths!) to you all!

    I’m almost packed, ready to move to Pagosa, and am really excited about the Transformation 2012 Conference… Things have been flowing along nicely, with just a few minor rocks tossed into the stream… It’s felt wonderful to release a lot of possessions and expectations….

    At the mo’ I’m getting pensive, because I just found out that the funds I will use for the move will be available on 8/16… Um, that’s about a week later than I had hoped… So I gotta smile, and am about sit and ask the Universe to show me some gorgeous plans B, C, and D… 😉

    This could turn out to be a huge improvement… Perhaps I’m just going to the Conference JUST to enjoy the conference and do a little scouting around… Then I can come back, finish packing and taking care of business, and actually make that big trek Pagosa with more ducks in a row…

    So I’m sending you all big bursts of joyous energy, and greeting with open arms and heart any that you’d like to send back!

    I’m so grateful that all of you are in my life!

    BTW, I keep having really simple but kinda vague dreams about activating Gaia, and although the words escape me for describe them, they feel very powerful and encouraging! It seems we are all making some real differences, whether we see them (dramatically) or not!

    Love you all!

    • Hi Leslee sending a huge hug love and light to wrap you in its cloak of wonderful beginnings in a beautiful place.
      So pleased the packing is going well and all your ducks will be lined up just nicely soon I know. 🙂

      • Thank you, Suzanne! Today was filled with pin-pricks from 3D, so I’m still catching my breath, but it all continues to turn out well… I really appreciate your thoughts and well-wishes! 🙂

  6. Hi, everyone 🙂
    I am fine but these days I like spending my time outside, more sleep I need and I feel strange , although so many concerns in everyday life I am calm because I feel that these are the final months of duality, what a moment! What else matters 🙂 A total inner peace and forgiveness is all that matters, All Is Unconditional Love

  7. The whirlwind is about to sweep you up, my friends. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

    August 7, 2012 in Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: Ascension, Channeling, Consciousness, Focus, Gratitude, Love, Michael

    Spanish Portuguese

    Well, here we are on the eve of the Lion’s Gate. We will not go into what this brings to you, as this information has been very well explained by others. We will tell you, however, that your inner selves are going to be changing in increments you have not experienced before. There has been a very carefully laid foundation built, up to this point, for those of you who have asked for and allowed it to happen. This will now make it possible for things to proceed at a more rapid pace.

    Myriads of tiny little changes will now begin to come together in huge realizations and changes of purpose, intent, and understanding. Some, where needed, will find physical changes, healings. Ask. But after the asking do not forget to allow, accept, and show gratitude. There is no limit to what you may change now other than your own mind.

    Find your “yes, but” and your “if only” walls. Realize from what they have kept you safely protected. Thank them and release them from their duties. Look beyond them at the new life you wish to have for yourselves. If you are reading these messages and understanding any of that which we are giving, you are ready to make these next steps if you so wish. The necessary energy, and it is immense, and the information have been provided, and will continue to be flooded into your world in ever increasing supply. The number of you waking to this is increasing each and every day. We are amazed, even though we have watched this happen from the beginning.

    Yet we see many standing on the sidelines, reading the same things and saying that it is all nonsense. They say it is not happening. They say nothing has changed for them at all. We answer, yes you are correct. It is time now for you to look into yourselves and ask why that may be. The only thing standing between yourselves and the changes the others are experiencing is a decision. Do not be afraid to make it. Decide and allow for the possibilities. No, you cannot see the internal changes and joy in another, and nor will anyone else see yours… at first. But you will, and that is what it is all about. If you do take that first step, the step others have all taken, you will remain outside looking in and wondering what it is all about. You have seen enough now to know that something is happening. You will be welcomed and aided as much as you allow and ask for. But you must begin it. You must take that first step.

    We also see many who are beginning to look around and ask for the help and guidance that they need. Look within yourselves and ask your guides and angels. But also, we tell you that many are being prepared to offer answers to sincere seekers. You will find them more and more about you. However, it may be difficult for you to see at first who they are and who is not quite so connected to the highest and best for you. Our advice is to be patient enough to allow your hearts to guide you in this. If you listen well, you will know. This is part of the discernment we tell you of. Always look for the feeling of love in what you are told. In this way you will know.

    The whirlwind is about to sweep you up, my friends. You are ready for it. Remember the words we have used so often, calm, centered, patience, discernment, and focus. And if you find that you are losing your way for a moment, reach out to us. We are with you and we will joyfully bring you back to your center.

    Our message for today ends here, but we will speak again soon. Good day.

    Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

  8. Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing great! ♥
    I’d like to use some space here and some of your time for a good cause: the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center (IWRC) in Portugal. They’ve been doing a remarkable job regarding this species and they’ve been using an area of land that had been supposedly given to them – but now the owner of the lands says they have to buy those lands or else they’ll have to move to some other place. Some of these wolves were born there, some others are rescued animals (caught in traps, forest fires, etc.) and they do a great job at keeping them as close as possible to their natural habitat – which means having space to move around, not live in cages!
    I’ve been at their facilities and I’ve been a sponsor for quite a while now (10 years, maybe?) and this is something that is very close to my heart ♥
    Even if you can’t afford to help with a donation please share this with your friends, family, co-workers, on Facebook, Twitter, whatever you think might help.
    You can read more about them here (also for donations)
    Thank you so much, my dear brothers and sisters 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

  9. ———————————- ( ( ( RED ICE RADIO ) ) ) ——————————–

    *Courtney Brown ~ Remote Viewing & Earth Changes Data For 2013*
    July 19, 2012

    Courtney Brown is a mathematician and social scientist who teaches in the Department of Political Science atEmory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Independent of his work at the university, he is also the leading scholar on the subject of “remote viewing” as it is done using procedures that were developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes, or procedures that are derivative of those methodologies. Dr. Brown is the Director and founder of The Farsight Institute, a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to the study of a phenomenon of nonlocal consciousness known as “remote viewing.” His recently published book on the subject, Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception, is the only book of its kind where the science of remote viewing is developed with respect to highly structured data-collection methodologies. In this book he analyzes data and develops a new theory that explains the remote-viewing phenomenon as a consequence of superposition formation on the quantum level. He joins us to discuss remote viewing. He also shares data from remote viewing sessions in relation to 2012 and huge planetary change.

    Listen to Hour 1:


  10. ( ( ( August Agenda ) ) )
    By Angela Peregoff ~ August 6, 2012

    “Most humans look at themselves and how to pull back. They look at how to get by instead of how to thrive and shine. Be the one who shines.

    Open yourself up for the miracles that surround you. You do this by offering to be the highest Light you can be for yourself and the of the greatest service for those you are here to connect with and be with. “ ~ A message from my Star Elders

    Welcome to August everyone!

    The universe appears to be making an all-out attempt to frighten us with waves of psychic static, turbulence and unknown intimidating forces. Therefore, I need to remind you to sound your soulful rallying cry every day for the next week and probably beyond – until this change and expansion phase calms down and returns to a reasonable state of normalcy. August will plow through you with the energies of a spiritual task master, and will be especially potent until the 12th of the month. Yes, reconstruction, change and expansion are here.

    The choice for you to make at this time is how you will participate.

    Will it be through knowledge, wisdom, truth and communication or ignorance, fear, deception, and denial? It’s all free will choice but take note – if you are unwilling or unable to move into these energies of expansion and change voluntarily, then sudden and disruptive change appearing to come from outside your personal sphere of will shall be employed to facilitate this necessary shift. The greater your resistance, the greater an outside influence will be called upon by your guides and Higher Self to generate your next highest spiritual expression.

    There was an agreement made eons ago for you to consciously cooperatively participate in this movement of wisdom energies for all species in all kingdoms so don’t dally now. You are a unique piece of the puzzle that is manifesting a new myth of creation on earth – your preciousness will harmonize a stable and more peaceful transition so endeavor this month to connect ever more deeply to that spark of Divine Light and Love that is uniquely You!

    Experiencing a reconstruction/rebirthing (mostly in your 3rd chakra this month) might cause insecurity, panic, fear and uncertainty. You are still a human being, and thus have emotions at a human level. This is one of the many challenges of changing and expanding on behalf of Ascension … being completely rearranged while living a “live and in 3-D” version of your life. Evolving into an ever more sensitive individual without defenses, barriers, or a harsh exterior of protection while still being in a world of harsh, dangerous and seemingly dark realities can create an immense challenge at best.

    Panic and depression can occur when we feel the things that are happening are beyond our control. I had extreme panic a few years ago when the shifts first began, and when very few were experiencing any of this. Having to let go of the developed parts of yourself in order to survive the lower vibrating days and nights of 3D reality takes faith. And I’m talkin faith as a verb! As a behavior that will keep you out of the discord of mass consciousness. As the attribute that will allow you to experience the multidimensional miracles that are in the making.

    In addition, we are in the process of once more losing another layer of our old ego selves. Personality traits and behaviors which vibrated lower have suddenly departed. The parts of ourselves which we developed in order to survive a harsher and lower vibrating 3D reality cannot exist here now. Evolving into an even more sensitive individual without defenses, barriers, or a harsh exterior of protection while still in a harsh, dangerous, and seemingly dark environment can create an immense challenge at best.

    Here are just some of the scenarios I have been witness to, and that you may relate to that are calling for 5D faith:

    “Should I even bother trying to create anything new?” “What is the point right now. . . or ever?” With so much in seeming chaos, it can be difficult to know which road to be on, or even if your road will still be intact in times to come. “Everything seems up in the air with no solid foundation and no direction.” Again, much has not yet landed in its new groove. . . but it will, I promise you.

    “I don’t know who I am anymore. I used to know my purpose and now I am totally and completely lost.” “I cannot go forward in any way — I feel boxed in.” “I feel helpless, vulnerable, powerless, insecure, and at the whim of much of anything.” “My self-confidence is shot. I do not feel remotely good about myself anymore.”

    And how about this one: “I feel completely invisible, unnoticed, not needed, and certainly not appreciated or valued.” This is because you are vibrating higher and cannot be seen right now. And in addition, so many are in chaos and panic with their own situations, that they cannot see much of anything except what is going on for them.

    “I don’t feel like doing a thing. I am not interested in a thing. I just want to play. I want to retire. I do not want any more responsibilities. I am exhausted. I need to rejuvenate. I need a very long rest . . . or maybe an endless vacation.” “Don’t bother me. I want to be in my own sacred space away from the outside world.” Or perhaps, “Get me out of here! I want to run away to somewhere very different and never return!” “I want to go home where I fit and things feel right!”

    All of these scenarios are normal as everything is in seeming chaos and you cannot manifest in the way you used to. Many are not seeing, matching or validating you. You are vibrating higher and the outside and old reality is vibrating lower. . . which always causes doubt, apathy, anxiety, etc. as the outside reality has not yet caught up with you. Do any of these similar themes resonate? If so, relax. It’s normal right now.

    We have ridden the next wave into a higher dimension, and everything has to be redesigned. So then, everything needs to get primed, realign or leave this reality in order to settle in the new one. Whatever is not vibrating at your new and higher level (or whatever level or rung of the ladder is next for you and your loved ones), will receive a corresponding experience of choice at a soul level to create a situation designed to get everyone to where they need to be.

    Many scenarios are occurring now, and at many different levels. Those more embedded in the mainstream or old reality will experience the most shake-ups. Those who are conscious through their challenges and shake-ups will still be having shake-ups in relation to where they are vibrating. . . you will just go to a higher level from where you were before, usually involving shake-ups in relation to ego selves and new ways of relating and being.

    Relationship breakups are common as well these days. One soul begins to vibrate higher and the other soul usually sets the higher vibrating soul free by “dumping” them. If we can know why, and that the “dumping” soul is doing so because of a great love for us and as a great support for our continued growth, we can then know that all is in divine and perfect order. We will all meet up in the end anyway and laugh and cry and hug each other.

    Another scenario which is occurring more frequently now is when two souls totally separate to give each soul an opportunity to find itself entirely on its own without having the support or leaning on one another. When each one learns to connect individually to who they really are, to their souls and to Source, they can then find each other again and re-unite. This is why it is becoming more common now for things to separate completely before they can re-unite one again.

    And don’t stress if you are experiencing great distress over a strong need to no longer be alone. In the higher realms, there is no separation. Unity vibrates much higher. As we begin to vibrate higher, we become wired for unity. Thus, being alone no longer feels good or remotely right. It can feel downright uncomfortable at best. Take the prompting as encouragement to seek out new group connections, re-unions with family or perhaps relocations where family and friends are, and the like. Innately you know it is time for community.

    Job losses too have become been a common ascension experience. As we begin to vibrate higher than our job in the main stream world, we are thus separated from it. We were not meant to suffer through this process, so most of the time (the far majority of the time) we are somehow miraculously taken care of.

    Much is falling apart now as the old world is taking its fall. Much is then being turned inside out or rather finally right side up. Re-aligned, re-aligned, re-aligned. Are you behind if your life is really collapsing now? Have you missed the boat? Are you not where you should be? Is something wrong with you? Are you being punished? Are you not “ascending” fast enough? Absolutely not.

    The higher dimensions serve to magnify everything. So then, for those who have been on their ascension path for quite awhile, or perhaps even purged and released much in a short period of time, what is then magnified will be much more pleasurable. This is why miracles and new beginnings can occur for some and not for others. And again, we are all right where we need to be with our own set of individual challenges at each level.

    The responsibility for what has been co-created on planet earth is simply being given the opportunity to be harmonized for the entire planet during the first three weeks of August 2012. Sound work by healers, singers, chanters, drummers and musicians could go a long way in assisting various areas of the planet, the cosmos and groups of humans in discovering alternative expressions, options and possibilities that are in the highest and best interest of all – rather than an elite few.

    In areas and among groups where this harmonizing does not take place, the last week of August, the first three weeks of September 2012 and well into mid October shall see many things, peoples, places, situations and circumstances coming undone as they are restructured, reordered and reorganized through the power of various forms of communication. Whether through the written, spoken, sung or toned word, expression or sound every vibration audible or inaudible shall make itself felt like ripples going out from a pebble thrown into a body of water. The reverberations – particularly for those living near water – shall be especially great. Take time to attune to the new music of the spheres that is flowing through the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and surrounding the earth. Allow yourself to become harmonized with the mysteries of the Cosmos and the role your Soul Heart desires to express within this August Awakening.

    Groovin to the latest planetary pulses,

    P.S. A health crisis is also one of the first ways many choose to begin aligning to Source and our souls. It usually gets our egos out of the way in a crash course style, so it is a good and common choice to begin with. Loss of control is paramount then, so we become dependent on a higher power and really learn to surrender and trust. This is happening now for many who are just starting their process.

  11. I too at times feel invisible even when I begin to talk someone cuts in or changes the subject to themselves. Finding the world at this point holds nothing I really want to be involved in. I cant wait for spring to begin planting my vege garden and to pack up a picnic to go on small trips into nature with my daughter my camera to where it is just the sounds of earth the waters,plants trees and the feel of the sun.

  12. It’s weird I get the invisibility treatment too. Same experience exactly. Fortunately no pitchforks and flaming torches but sometimes I feel like frankenstein to their flashmob! Everyone seems so… Unhappy. Very strange. I just try to be outgoing as I can to folks, sometimes just pointing out little blessings in life sometimes seem to make a difference.

  13. I just hope we cdont have to wait until 2017 michael. i am ready to go now.
    Well 15 to go. My 2 dogs always know the exact time I come home and always looking out the window for me. It is so funny.
    Probably watch that reality show called bridezillars tonight. It is so funny and wild and crazy that I dont know how these men actually marry some women. One guy walked away from the wedding and asked for an anulement.
    Reality shows are just my way of studying the human race. Dont forget, I am an Anthropoigist.
    Have a great night everyone.
    Oh BTW someone posted this interesting info on another site i though I would share with you all.One of the victims has been named as Satwant Kaleka, president of the temple.

    “Satwant Kaleka, president of the temple, was one of those killed. Sources told Fox News he attempted to tackle the suspect as he sprayed gunfire inside the temple.”

    His son Arm Kaleka was just about to start making a documentary withn Dr Steven Greer of ‘The Disclosure Project’

    “Dr. Steven Greer has teamed up with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka ( Together, they will produce the Disclosure documentary that will connect the dots and rock the world. This film will include witnesses to the UFO secrecy, explain the connection to Free Energy and provide the vision of Contact with ET Civilizations as witnessed by the CE-5 contact teams. Never before has the wealth of information and insight of Dr. Greer been connected to such a talented filmmaker.”

    The project was funded by ‘Kickstarter’, and just recently reached its target of $250,000. Work on the documentery was due to begin anytime now, with Dr Stephen Greer claiming to have access to a dead ET’s body. They were gonna blow the whole ET and UFO thing wide open with this documentary. Now the guys father has been shot.

  14. Haha gunner, your too funny. Obviously I am super limited but I DO still post here 😉 I did notice that, buy again, I don’t put any hard faith in dates. It happens when it happens according to the Devine plan, of course 🙂
    Your loving brother, Michael Hall

  15. Where has DW been??????????????????????????????????
    I suppose vacation, oh man how I long for a vacation, maybe after the shift and the clean up is over. Somewhere where there are a lot of water activities. Snrkeling, boogey boarding the waves, swimming in a nice pool with diving board and slides. These days it seems I dont have the desire or energy for these activities and I am only 51. Too much abuse on my body over the years has taken its toll and now I find out I got low testosterone which makes you more tired and not wanting to do anything.

    • Ya Gunner I’m on vacation but still checking in from time to time. Went to Kempenfest today, it was fun. Staying with family, and the kids are having a ball with their cousins. We may try to head over to do some Herkimer mining before heading home. We’ll see how things “pan out”. 😉

  16. I sometimes get that also vendo.
    i feel it is us tranforming to 5d. During the transition, people who are still mired in 3d will fell more uncomfortable around you and you may also feel more uncomfortable around them. Like seeks like but it also a phsyical feeling of being comfortable around others.
    I have 2 great friends and that is plenty for me and we never feel uncomfortable around each other.
    Mu family seems to drift away from me at family events, (that is why I have not gone on vacation with them to our anual virginia beach visit, but I juswt tell them I got to take care of my dogs and dont have the money.) but that is ok. I know whenever I need them, they are always there for me.

  17. Hello Vee, .. hope you are well. ….. We are all unique expressions of God in creation going through very tough transformations in these times. Our beloved channelers are just like us. I myself am increasingly lost here in this place where I am. No one sees me or looks at me or can stand to be around me for long anymore. My life has shut down all around me, .. so who am I to wax spiritual about anything when I am not able to make anything work here. I have become the invisible man, .. this is very humbling.

  18. I had an interesting experience Saturday night. I was taking my sister and my two nieces home after we visited with another sister. My youngest daughter and grandson were also in the car. As I got closer to my sister’s house, I noticed a bright light sitting low in the sky. I was big and very bright. I pointed that out and all of us watched the very bright light. When I dropped my sister off, I got out of the car to take a picture and looked up but it was gone. As we headed home my daughter and I saw it again on the west side of the sky. I told her when we get to a red signal light I was going to get out of the car and try to get a picture of it. The light began to slowly fade away until it was completely gone. I had the same experience last year. My grandson and I witnessed the fading of a very bright light, sitting low in the sky last year. It was on the east side of the sky and reappeared on the west. It also faded away. Amazing!

  19. Thanks a lot John and If I ever hit the big one, you are hired as my computer expert. Great pay, short working hours, plenty of benefits. You can even bring your dog to work, but work it really wont be as we know it in the 3d.
    Vendo, yes, I know salusa was just a deadline message but I would think he would mention about it in todays message.
    Thanks for bringing up the chanellers flaws as today I was vey frustrated with the galactics. You set me straight and had me re-think the whole channelling issue.

  20. Hi Gunner, … actually MQs SaLuSa’s Aug. 4 comment was not a time sensitive prediction like several others he made in the past that did not happen. As for Nidle, .. ya, you’re right, … for the first time in ages he made a time sensitive prediction about mass arrests by the end of spring. What can one say? … I have been at this for so long that I am long since over the realization that even our best channelers are flawed. What is strange to me is that there are and have been so many that will blame the galactics for this rather than face the obvious, … that the channelers are flawed.

    But of course there is the teaching that all flaw of every kind are only perceived flaws, … etc. But I’m not going to lay that one on you, .. lol. …. I have been saying it for I don’t know how many years, … The Shift will have plenty of humility in it for everyone.

    • You said it well Vendo. Sometimes the channelers are flawed and we need to remember that. Bless them.
      Love and light

    • Hi, Vendo! I just found that you had a really lovely comment from 8/2 waiting for moderation! I’m so sorry it took so long to notice it! I’m not sure why it was there, maybe because of the link? Anyway, I’m going to see if I can find it and add it here… And you ARE part of our family! Your comments are always really insightful, and your years of experience in this wacky world or light offer a richness that’s rare… We’d love love love it if you’d drop by more often! If you’ll send me your email address, I’ll send you an invite to author here… You can reach me at Thank, love & light to you! Leslee

  21. I’m still here John, it’s a bit confusing sometimes when there are lots of new articles posted.
    Oh, and I fixed the link to that pdf doc you were trying to post.

    • Still here Gunner… just super busy. LA is also in the middle of a hellish heat wave… expected to be a hundred plus all week. My car temperature gauge said was 111 degrees. I suppose it was a good sign… despite all the sweat 😉

  22. Does anyone else find it strange that Salusa did not mention anything on the Aug 4th deadlijne they gave to the governments of the world. It seems a lot of Salusa’a messages make bold statements but are never folled up in his new messages. almost like he did not state it at all.
    Same thing with nidles messages and remember the time line of events to happen this year. Well , not one of them has manifested at all and again no statement from them or Nidle. I think it was Stick who posted those dates but it cam from Nidle.

    • Sometimes when I read SaLuSa’s messages it does not resonate with me, especially when dates are given or when it mentions something about them stepping in and taking charge. I just ignore that portion of the message.

  23. Sorry for this long post but the site I keep posting will not allow us to open.

    Channeling of Kaleidos from Pleiadian Council, through Maria Bertram, August 1st, 2012 (excerpt about the rumors of landing during Olympics)
    This document is created by Manne Lindberg and Maria Bertram, who run the global Mother Earth Network in Sweden outside of Stockholm. More information about the network follows the channeling.
    Maria Bertram is a medium and channels guidance from enlightened civilizations of the Galactic Federation regularly. Some of the channelings we have published through the Mother Earth Network, while most of them have been private spiritual guidance. She has achieved her clear channel through intensive spiritual development work for many years, mainly through deep grounding with the female energy from Earth’s interior.
    Since many years we have read many channelings from other civilizations through other mediums and found that the information doesn’t always correlate with our channelings, and is sometimes directly contradicting our messages – even though the messages sometimes come from the same source. The main difference between other people’s channelings and ours is the absence of messages about the inner spiritual development and the absence of messages on the importance of grounding – something which our sources give the highest importance in their channelings. Instead the focus is often on the changes due to external events and dates.
    Recently a channeled message from enlightened extraterrestrials in the Pleiadian Council from July 27 were spread on Internet, telling us that now is the time for their first public landing, and that it will take place August 4th, 2012 during the Olympic Games in London. The channeling has gone viral on the Internet and has created large expectations. Subsequently, several other channels that channel other enlightened civilizations have also received the information that they’re planning to land during the Olympic Games on August 4th. In relation to this, we were contacted by people asking us what we thought of the information about the alleged landing.
    The message didn’t correlate with our previous messages from the Galactic Federation about the future public landing. As we read the channeling, we felt that the message was incorrect, and that channeling also contained other incorrect information. On the other hand, Maria felt the Pleiadian Council’s presence in the text, and they contacted her and said that they would like to bring out a message to humanity through her. They confirmed that it’s true that they have contacted the channel in question to convey a message, but that the message unfortunately was filtered and manipulated – and that it’s not true that they will land during the Olympics.
    We performed a channeling with them where they, among other things, brought up the reasons that channeled messages on Earth often become filtered and manipulated, why humanity is not ready for public landings yet, and the necessary work with spiritual development before the transition to the New Spiritual Age. Since it was a very long channeling, which we don’t have time to publish it before August 4 (the alleged date of the landing), we choose to publish an excerpt of channeling now and then publish the channeling in its entirety in the coming weeks, as soon as we are finished with it.
    We do not in any way wish to diminish other channels, because they have an incredibly important role to fill due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age. We know how challenging it is to work as a medium, and how difficult it is to convey pure messages. But we must focus on our life tasks and spread the messages that we are meant to spread, regardless which messages other channels spread. Humanity has a right to know what’s really going on.
    Please help us spread the channeling through e-mails, forums, websites, blogs and Facebook! Links to different versions of the channeling is to be found at the bottom of the document. Thank you.
    Presentation / The channeling filter over Earth / Why humanity is not ready for a public landing / The presence of spaceships on Earth / What would happen if you met us before you were ready / Reasons to the manipulated message about the landing at the Olympics
    Maria begins by describing the person who contacted her:
    It’s a human-like man with a large, shining smile. He has middle-brown hair that goes down to the ears, and a fringe that hangs down. He has very intense blue-green eyes and bright skin. He says his name is Kaleidos. He has very powerful bright light-energies in his aura, combined with a reddish-purple female energy. He looks almost fluorescent, due to the extremely high frequency energy he emits. It almost feels as if I would get an electric shock if I touched him. He smiles at me, and I can feel the immense love he radiates, like a gentle breeze coming towards me. He begins to speak:
    We belong to the Pleiadian Council. It’s a collection of many different civilizations that live in and around the Pleiades, who cooperate for the development of Earth, humanity and the Cosmos. We have been engaged in the work with Earth for eons of time. We have been with you since the birth of humanity, and since the birth of Earth. We are closely related to you. Humanity on Earth has close family connections with most human civilizations who are members of our Pleiadian Council. We are also part of the Galactic Federation.
    -So you are a human-looking?
    Yes, most of us, but not all. We represent a large group from many different civilizations that are both human and non-human.
    We have discovered that there’s like a filter over the Earth, which has been strengthened recently, which leads to all form of channeled messages becoming weakened and distorted, making it increasingly difficult for us to get in touch with channels on Earth to bring forward our message to you humans. And there are very, very, very few channels that are so pure that they can convey information that’s completely correct or more or less correct. But what has happened is that the channels that previously channeled messages that were at least 50 or 80 percent correct has today diminished and become so erroneous, so distorted and so confused that it sometimes is not even 10 or 20 percent of what is conveyed in messages, which is correct. This is also what has created the chaotic and confused situation with channeled messages on Earth.
    We will not perform a public landing on Earth during the Olympics. Nor will any of our enlightened friends. It is due to the simple reason that humanity is not ready for it, and that the time has not come yet. The energies on Earth are not the right ones for the first major official visit to take place. That day, when the visit will take place, it will happen together with the very most enlightened people on Earth, who have reached highest in their spiritual development. It will happen together with tomorrow’s representatives and leaders of humanity who will
    bring humanity into the New Age. It will not happen during any event that is linked to the Matrix [such as the Olympics].
    There is no set date for when this first official landing will take place. All we can say today is that the visit will be performed when it’s supposed to happen and where the energies are right, in the infinite now. The only answer we can give you today is that we believe it might take a couple more years until this visit will take place. It may be that the visit does not occur until after the final transition to the New Spiritual Age, but more than that we do not know [in the full channeling, Kaleidos tells that that Transition is likely to occur around 2015, but probably not later than 2017].
    However, there’s a gradual escalation taking place, where we gradually show ourselves more and more openly to the Earth’s inhabitants, and of course such performances can also take place at various types of large events such as the Olympics – in the same way that it can occur in many other places and on many other occasions around Earth. We are present there, just as we are present in many other places. We are much more present than you think. We are present in many more places than you know and can identify. If all of us would become visible at the same time, people would be shocked to see all the ships, both large and small, that are present all over the Earth. You would realize that the whole sky is practically completely full of spaceships of various kinds.
    We also want to comment on one other thing that is said in the channeled text. It says that we have a mother ship that is four times larger than Earth, and that we came down to Earth at one point, creating an energy change there. This is completely incorrect, and indicates a lack of knowledge about energy reality that we are in. If a ship of that size would approach Earth, it would have enormous consequences for the Earth and the entire solar system. It would result in massive disruption in Earth’s energy system – and Earth would turn herself inside out and be completely destroyed. It would also affect the spacecraft in a negative way to come that close to the powerful gravity of Earth, Earth’s magnetic aura. This is because the strong light frequencies that run such a gigantic craft would knock out Earth’s energy balance and create a powerful counter-effect. The gates of Earth’s interior would be opened up and large quantities of concentrated black feminine energy [magnetic radiation] would gush out, which would lead to Earth’s gravity becoming many times stronger.
    The largest types of mother ships that come and visit the Earth from us today are about the size of ten football fields. Then you can imagine the approximate proportions.
    -Are you present on Earth right now?
    Yes, I am now on our mother ship, which circulates around the Earth at the moment. But of course we have a variety of vehicles of different sizes that circulate around the Earth and are landing at different places.
    -Do you meet people when you land or is it mainly landings where you are invisible?
    It’s both. But it is mostly invisible landings. There are times when we show ourselves, and times when we choose not to show ourselves. It’s very, very important to us that the breaking of quarantine on Earth, when humanity is welcomed into the cosmic community, happens in the right way. We believe, and this opinion we share with the entire cosmic community in the network that we collaborate in, that Earth and her inhabitants are not ready for public meetings with other civilizations at that time. You must understand that when we come and visit you we carry very, very powerful energies with us that affect Earth, but most of all it affects the people we meet, through our presence. Once we will make ourselves visible to you, and show ourselves to you in your area, you will be able to tune in to us, and that would, in the current situation, mean an enormous energy-clash for the people who are not in any way ready to meet the high-pitched, powerful energies that we bring with us. It would simply not be good for you. Humanity as a collective is not mature for such visits yet. Humanity is way too ungrounded and is carrying too much heavy karma that she has not addressed and processed. She is carrying so much insecurity, fear and paranoia – which block the higher spiritual understanding and insight. This makes it very difficult for humans to take in higher spiritual messages, and to open their hearts to us and to communicate with us on a higher spiritual level.
    -Does this apply for the small minority of people who have awakened spiritually and are working with their spiritual development?
    Unfortunately, there are so very, very few people that are ready for physical meetings with us than what most people think. It’s important to understand that all people that have had spiritual awakenings and are working with their spiritual development would be affected in a very, very powerful way by the meetings with us. When you are in the spiritual transformation process currently happening in people on Earth, one is so incredibly transparent and sensitive to energies. This means that if they don’t reach up to the frequency that we represent, in their own spiritual development, then our presence could interfere with their process in a way that is not good for them. Therefore we choose to wait and to make contact when individuals are ready to meet our energies. This means that the humans in the little, little group of spiritual people who are open to contact with us, who actually has started and are in a spiritual process, who have opened up and started a cleansing process where much of their karma has come up to the surface – will also be much more sensitive to meetings with us. So it was actually easier for us to meet with people 50 years ago than it is today. It may sound like a paradox, but it’s not. It depends on this tremendously powerful energy-transformation that is happening on Earth today and that takes place inside of people due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age. Since there are so many people who are not ready for our energies, because humanity has not come as far in their spiritual development as they were meant to, so we choose to wait until humanity is ready for these meetings.
    -What would happen if the energies would “clash” when people who are not ready would meet you?
    Above all, there is a risk that it would activate a lot of fear, panic and paranoia in humans – and that humans wouldn’t have the capacity to open their hearts to us and trust us and our message, and our will to help. The majority of people on Earth today carry very large destructive fears within them. They don’t have the ability to distinguish between the civilizations that come to visit that are at a higher state of consciousness that comes with good intentions, and which ones are in a lower state of consciousness and not of equally good intentions. This is an ability that only very, very few people on Earth have. This breeds a tremendous amount of insecurity and fear, and it breeds a lot of internal conflict in humans. This means that humanity is not capable of handling this type of visits. We want the conditions to be the very, very best when our first public landings take place, and that humanity and her representatives, the new leaders of humanity – which will then be in an enlightened state of consciousness – are ready to meet us with open hearts and open minds in complete love. These leaders will have the ability to distinguish between the civilizations that have a higher state of consciousness and which has a lower state of consciousness. It’s enlightened masters living in physical bodies on Earth today who are waiting to show themselves in the public light, and they will also do that when the time is ready.
    -What are the reasons that a channeled message saying that you are going to land the Olympics comes forward? Is it from people’s subconscious wishful thinking, or are the messages coming from beings who consciously want to spread disinformation, or is it a combination of factors? It’s very specific information that is given.
    It’s important that you understand that even very, very specific information may be wrong and may come from the wrong source, so to speak. The question can be answered on several levels. There are a variety of factors that interact here. One aspect is humanity’s immense longing, that we feel very strongly, to finally become full members of the cosmic community. You yearn to be part of us, you’re longing back to your cosmic origin. It’s something completely natural that you do. Many of you, especially you in the spiritual world who have a spiritual belief, are daily being exposed to questioning, diminishment and other kinds of challenges. You long to have the “hard evidence”, to finally be able to show the world that you have been right all along. You can’t wait to finally stand face to face with your ancestors, your friends, your family members [Manne’s and Maria’s eyes tears, since they come in contact with this longing]. It’s this great longing that makes you wish for, and also to take in this type of message, because that is what you want to hear. That’s what you yearn so much for. Many humans on Earth are carrying a very great sorrow, that they may not even be aware of, a desire to return to their cosmic origin because they have lived other lives, other times, on other planets, and that they miss their families and the communion that they had there.
    Another aspect is that there are beings who are trying to spread disinformation, to feed their egos and steal people’s energies. They feel good when they feel important, so they make up information that they think people want to hear, information that they think people are interested and can embrace. They can also give humanity
    misleading information in order to lead humanity the wrong directions, providing information that gives people certain hopes that are then crushed. It can create a lot of disappointment and scepticism in people when these big promises are not met, that is when they will not come and land during the Olympics.
    There are very large blockages, both in people’s personal energy systems, but also in humanity’s collective consciousness, that leads to a lot of doubt and fear of being deceived. You don’t really trust your own intuition, and you don’t really trust the messages you get. This is a challenge of people’s ability to take in higher spiritual messages: “What can we trust and what can we not trust?” It will be an important lesson for people to experience getting inaccurate information, to learn to distinguish between the different messages and what is true and not true. This is a long learning process that we as humans have to go through when developing our mediumship, to learn to distinguish between what are clean and what are unclean messages. This experience can actually help humanity. It can be a very important lesson in the spiritual development process, to better learn to distinguish between the different messages through getting a stronger sense of what feels right and what does not feel right.
    This was an excerpt from the full channeling, which is about three times as long. In the full channelling, Kaleido brings up how the channeling filter over Earth is being removed, a new energy wave on Earth, how to purify your spiritual channel and strengthen your intuition, the illusion of time and specific dates, people’s fear of malevolent civilizations and how to heal it, the necessary work with spiritual development and grounding due to the transition to the New Spiritual Age, the energy changes that take place December 21st, 2012, and more. To get the full channeling sent to you when it is ready to be published, sign up for the Mother Nature Network newsletter at:
    The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of people around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos. Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions to a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free. Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channelings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:

  24. New post on 2012 Indy Info

    Channeling of Kaleidos from Pleiadian Council, through Maria Bertram, August 1st, 2012 (excerpt about the rumors of landing during Olympics)
    by Laura Tyco

    Click below for link to the original PDF file. Thanks to Hans for sending this. – Laura
    Channeling of Kaleidos from Pleiadian Council, through Maria Bertram, August 1st, 2012 (excerpt about the rumors of landing during Olympics)

  25. Click below for link to the original PDF file. Thanks to Hans for sending this. – Laura
    Channeling of Kaleidos from Pleiadian Council, through Maria Bertram, August 1st, 2012 (excerpt about the rumors of landing during Olympics)

    Click to access Channeling_of_Kaleidos_from_Pleiadian_Council_through_Maria_Bertram_August_1st_2012_excerpt_about_the_rumors_of_landing_during_Olympics.pdf

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  27. Oh well, according to this message, we still got 5 years witing for contact. i dont get it and I amm so tired of hearing, we are not ready.
    I think our readiness will be the same in 5 years just as it is now
    Look, either show up now or go back to wherever you all came from, I had enoughof empty promises and messages.

    ECETI News] This Is More Aligned With ECETI

    JamesG via
    Aug 4 (2 days ago)

    to eceti

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    __._,_.___Reply to sender | Reply to group | Reply via web post | Start

    • Hi, Gunner! In my experience, they’re already here, it’s just not looking the way we expected… Back in 2010 I went through some really trying times, when I *thought* my Guides had mis-led me about some things that were *supposed* to happen… They explained to me that although They (Guides and Galactics) CAN do some pretty amazing stuff, they and we all have to work within the “laws” of the world we’re appearing in… So it seems they have to get creative, and we can help by expanding and loosening our expectations… It’s still challenging, but trying to hold this view helps me… most of the time…. Today is a good example of a time when I just wanna say to Them, “Really? Well, okay, if you say so…” 😉

  28. Thanks gunner,
    Sometimes it is really hard, especially when you have a lot of pains. I will try to concentrate on the good things that are being done in the world. Like I read a woman in India saved 30 children from the garbage heap they were thrown into.

    Thanks , the clouds look like it is forming a snake or a question mark 😀

    Love Lisa

    • Love to you Lisa. This world can be so harsh. Sometimes when it becomes overwhelming for me, I look for beauty. Like, watching birds, trees, the green grass, butterflies, plants … I suffered with depression during my twenties and I remember actually saying out loud that I was not meant for this world. Little did I know that I was sent here for a great task. This was before I knew I am a walk-in. I am so happy that I overcame the grip of depression because now I know why I was sent here.

  29. Good morning everyone and a happ TGIM to you all.
    Lisa, try concentrating on all the good in the world. I have also gotten myself trapped sometimes concentrating on all the bad things in the world and it could really bring you down and make you lose hope. There is so much more good than bad but it seems humans always think of all the bad things first. that is because of our programming to think like this.

    The angels once told me, the world is at peace and what you cast out with your ego ridden thoughts are what causes the negative situations in life.
    BTW, great picture of the clouds.

    • Thank you, Gunner, this is so true, too! Perhaps the “trick” is blend the impetus and motivation that emerge from our frustration, with the resolve and optimism that arises for our affinity with the Light… This way we’re accepting both, and using them both to fuel our forward path-following…

  30. Good morning STC,

    When I woke up , I had enough of all the pains I am having, enough of war and all kinds of violence , enough of poverty and judgement, enough of competition and survival. All I want is a place where I can live in peace and love, without being afraid , without being scared and frustrated and angry of what is happening around the world or in my own world. We have rights to live in a peaceful , love environment, with great nature around us and access to everything you/we need.
    It is time to stand up and say NO MORE, it is TIME!!!

    Love Lisa

    • I’m totally with you, Lisa! PREDRAG and I were talking about media last night, and reading your comment, it seems to highlight this: it feels like once we (Light-workers) REALLY get fed up enough, we’ll start speaking out more publicly and vocally… This feels like a huge turning point, and like we are beginning to see more clearly, the many ways in which we can lead and set examples… Power to the Light! 😀

      • My dear Leslee, your right on the nail head there! AAM talks about that on an hour with an angel. Now, I’m not quoting here, but he says that we the wayshowers/lightworkers, just by acting in love, putting others needs before our own throughout this incarnate, have been leading the way. Guidance by love! So beautiful, actually while reading it this morning, it really struck a cord in me. Tears of joy were streaming from my face! I love you all and I can’t wait to have our ascension party! Leslee, Cheri’ and I are (trying) working the details out for making a trip to Colorado!

        • Hi, Mike and Cheri’! Wow, I am feeling so unplugged from you guys, with this move going on… I learned today that it looks I’ll go to the Conference and then come back to Atlanta for a week to tie up some remaining loose ends… That kind of gives me some breathing room… It would be so wonderful to meet up with you guys, out West somewhere! Hoping to see you soon, and to be in touch more soon, too!

  31. Wow, thank you SaLuSa. What a beautiful message, and a big thanks to Mike Q. I am so very ready to keep doing my part…and them some! A great deal more actually! I love you all so very much.

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