Adrial – Greetings from the Transformation 2012 Conference!

(from Leslee)

Hi, Everyone! Wow, what a whirlwind the past few days have been! Yesterday was the first full day of sessions for the Transformation 2012 Conference, and it was packed with powerful presentations… There is so much to share with you! Adrial asked me to take the morning off and write a couple posts… This one comes first, and I’ll explain a little what’s behind it.

We ended the evening yesterday by going to Yamaguchi Park (a ballfield), and calling our Star Brothers and Sisters to please appear to us or contact us… Don Daniels gave a wonderful introductory talk, and then led a meditation.

There was a pretty heavy cloud cover, with just a few openings in it, while Don was talking, several of us could see small flashes of light (star-like), which appeared to be between us and the cloud-cover. I was told these were in fact ships… I could feel them all around… One gentleman there also saw many many First-Nations people gathered about, outside our circle, in full ceremonial dress! However, once we got to the “actual” meditation and watching, the rain began! So we sat for a little while, until we decided to dissolve the circle and call it a night.

Many of us could feel a tremendous excitement and powerful energy… and as we were driving back to the hotel, a beautiful lighting storm to the west escorted us home.

I was quite tired from such a busy day, but incredibly happy and content with how the evening had gone – I had sensed that a large portal had opened in the center of the circle… It was shaped like an American football standing on its end, and if my eyes could have seen it, I know it would have been a pale blue light. It felt like we were all connected, even though the sky seemed to contain only clouds…

So, I went straight to bed, flopped over onto my stomach, and fell asleep immediately.

However, it seems I had a very active night!

I woke up around 3:30, to find myself lying on my back, on TOP of the covers of my bed, which had been neatly folded back… as if I had folded them back while leaving the bed…. and on the side nearest the open window (which is NOT how I have been getting out of the bed!). It looked as if the bed had been made up…

I checked… no, it wasn’t night sweats… No, I had not been tossing and turning… And it was a little cool in the room. I had not kicked off the covers because I was hot.

So I realized that I had been traveling.

I could recall snippets of a “dream”, of being with a small group of people in Abi-Qor, standing among tall pines beside  a lake, engaging in discussions about planning and manifestation.

I went back to sleep, and when I woke around 7, Adrial suggested that I take the morning off so we could chat. So here is what She has to say about the night’s events:

(from Adrial)

Yes, Leslee, you physically went with Us last night. We left the covers pulled back so you would know. We (Adca, Dunyeeh and Adrial) de-materialized and materialized you… Here is what We would like for you to share with “others”:

When a large group gathers to welcome Us, We definitely appear, We definitely are there. However, We materialize in accordance with the wishes of the deeply held guidance of the Group. By “Group”, we mean both the Crew of Athabantian and Our counterparts here on Gaia.

So, last night it was most beneficial to appear as stars among the clouds, and as “lightning” behind the clouds, as the group was retiring for the night.

You all made magnificent effort of calling Us, and We thank you for the radiant display of your own light, from all locations of the Conference, including Yamaguchi Park.

Many of you also received and realized very powerful influxes of light from the various sessions during the day, and it was agreed among the Crew and your Higher Selves that for last night,  the most powerful results would come from allowing you each to process the days’ events in your individual ways.

During your sleep, We visited 43 of you, and of those 43, 27 chose to visit Athabantian with Us. If you awoke at any point during the night and felt that something unusual had happened, please trust [clearly] your intuition and heart [raise] and know what you experienced.

Additionally, of those of you who are following the Conference at a “distance”, there were 108 whom were also contacted, and of these, another 43 visited Athabantian.

The hints that We left you, suggesting visitation, are a window of opportunity that We offer you as a way of testing [happy] your wings of TRUST. [hay] Your wings are strengthening powerfully, through your presence here, whether you are attending in body, mind, or spirit. [snow]

Please feel welcome to use this opportunity to reinforce your self-confidence and your connections with your Star Nation Friends.

We thank you deeply for all that you do. You know that you each hold the light for millions of beings upon Gaia, and your light is very powerful. Please rest assured that you are doing a wonderful “job”, things are progressing magically, and We are well ahead of “schedule”.

With Much love and gratitude,




  1. Wow leslee,
    What beautiful experiences, don’t you wish that you remembered going on a trip on that ship? 😀 I have being doing the meditation for the light show and they are very powerful. I will share my dreams on my blog, the dreams I had after I did your meditation. I will shout when I have posted them because I still have to type them out including my dreamflight. I hope everything is well and hope you had a good time. Love to hear some more. I also made a post about Tolan.

    Love and light

  2. Leslee, you must be exhausted, but please, please share with us some of your adventures and insights from the last couple of days when you’ve had some time to rest. Love, Elizabeth

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  4. I am so glad you could be there Leslee. I saw a huge portal right in front of me. It was like those blue dots but it looked more like a small galaxy with yellows and pinks. Hard to describe. For some reason it feels connected to the goings on you describe. It is wonderful to know all this is going on.

    • Wow, that’s amazing, Troy!  It sounds like this will be ramping up … IS cramping up!  This afternoon Rev Janet was showing amazing pics of beings orbs & ships from Charles Canyon … I have so much to learn! 

      Sent from my Samsung Transform™ Ultra

  5. Leslee what a great place to be the energy and light would be so full of love. Adrial thank you also for a wonderful message. I am so looking forward to all that you have to share once you are back before your big move.:)

    • Thank you for this, Arianna! I look forward to checking that out… my brain is a bit fried, but i think Adrial is saying it is… and also Athabantian …?

      Sent from my Samsung Transform™ Ultra

  6. Well, I certainly went somewhere last night. I had a dream that I was looking down at the earth, which looked like a small blue-green ball…


  7. Thank you Leslee, amazing experience, maybe one day we all will be able to do that too, for now I’m content just visiting with Adrial and Aurora… with love and light

  8. !Hola!…Plenty of rain here,days & nights of rain…Last night a Lightening Presence also appeared here…while doing my morning coffee making & etc, the word Abi-Qor popped into my Mind…If Ya can Leslee, can Ya make a Tobacco Offering to the Ancestorial Ones there…It’s been quite a year for Ya and Us, yet we are All here progressing thru each time slots…Sun Shines

  9. Leslee, Thanks. This is a great reminder of how powerful a group event like this can be, especially in nature. Have a great time, I’ll see if I can check in on you in meditation.

  10. Leslee, awesome! I so happy for you, I mean really. This message makes me really happy. I am so glad you are having the magical experiences that you are having. I love you dearly and can’t wait to hear more! Thank you this lovely message Adrial, Namaste’

    • Thanks, Mike! You guys are all really on my mind… I look forward to catching up, have had very little net access… Adrial says you & Cheek’s were there last night! Love you, see you soon! 

      Sent from my Samsung Transform™ Ultra

      • Leslee, that is awesome! I knew I was there as soon as Adrial said that! That’s great. We love you too my dear Leslee, and we can’t wait to catch up and hear all about EVERYTHING! 🙂

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