SaLuSa August 22

SaLuSa  22-August-2012
You can be sure that there is nothing to worry about where the dark Ones are concerned, because we have aborted many of their attempts to cause trouble. We have contained their activities for some time now and intend to keep doing so. They are staring into the abyss of oblivion and there is no escape for them. Their empire is slowly crumbling and there is no way back for them. We do however closely monitor some individuals who of their own accord still exercise authority over their minions. On all fronts our allies are making good progress, and many issues could well be finalized by the end of this month. Meanwhile you are awakening at much quicker pace, and your awareness is another reason that the Light is ever increasing in its power.
With your comprehension of what is taking place behind the scenes, we are pleased to note that there is less concern about the delays in making our activities public knowledge. You now know that the path to your Ascension is progressing as intended, and anything else is by comparison less important. You will in good time learn the truth about the agenda of the dark Ones, and more to your liking details of the wonderful life that lies ahead of you. Many of you are already quite knowledgeable, but nevertheless there is much that can be added that will give the complete picture. We will not however dwell upon the negative as such matters will be destined for the history books of your civilization, and available for your deeper consideration in the Akashic Records. Everything that has ever happened is recorded in its original detail, and any part of it can be re-lived if that is your desire.
We know that waiting for significant events that you expect any day now can be tedious, but you will have your day of satisfaction and excitement. You can after all see evidence around you of the changes, and even more is going on that is not apparent. The arrests of corrupt officials is spreading, and some are already fleeing and trying to avoid the consequences. It does not matter what steps they take to avoid justice, in reality there is nowhere to hide. So please do not waste your energy by becoming angry at the individuals concerned. Your future is far more important than theirs, and that is where your focus should be. It is not that you will be unable to fit in immediately, but the whole experience will be much more exciting and understandable.
As you enter the final weeks we will give you more details of how to prepare yourself for the changes that Ascension will bring. However there is nothing that will cause you any distress or inconvenience. It will be like stepping out of the Dark Ages into a dreamland where everything is set up for your enjoyment and happiness. It will not be complete and some changes will still be required, but you will have had all aspects of lives present drudgery removed so that it becomes most enjoyable. There is so little time left and that is still speeding up, so try to keep your attention on the great future that awaits you. It will be well beyond anything you can imagine, and perhaps you will consider that your personal changes will be the most acceptable.
To move from your present physical body to one that is of the higher vibrations will be a wonderful feeling. To be free of all of the aches and pains often associated with your present one, will be so uplifting. The level that you will move into has such high vibrations, that your body will be unable to carry forward anything less than the perfection of your original blueprint. Your awareness will be heightened and your perception of things sharpened. The body will no longer tire or suffer fatigue such as you do now, and consequently you will no longer need lengthy sleep periods. You can take recuperative measures if you need them, but will also re-energize from the very environment you are in.
Your present low vibrations and those around you are in fact very heavy, and you need sleep to restore your body. However, as your body cells continue to change to crystalline, your body will become more in line with its new pattern. As a result it will start to need shorter sleep periods to recover, and some of you are noticing it already. In fact sleep patterns will move out of a regular pattern, and you will find yourself able to exist on much less. A similar change is also occurring where your eating habits are concerned. You are needing less and your choice of food will turn to those that are fresh, and unadulterated with chemicals and additives.
Your body is a temple that when treated correctly will serve you well, and rarely if ever experience illnesses. If you feed it with junk food you end up with junk health even if it takes time to reveal itself. You may be young and healthy, but continual abuse of your body will eventually take its toll. In older age you are liable to get the collapse of your major organs, and it is will be hard for them to recover. The good news is that as you lift up your vibrations, you are less inclined to be drawn to the heavy foods such as red meat. Follow your bodies reactions to what you feed it, and you will soon learn how to treat it sensibly and to your advantage.
Think about what you want out of life, and know that you will find more happiness and satisfaction when you are looking after yourself correctly. It also goes as far as what you occupy your mind with, as some of you follow unhealthy paths that simply pull your vibrations down. That in turn attracts similar vibrations and you are likely to drop even further, thus damaging any chance you may have had of lifting up in time for Ascension. We know that some souls just do not seem to care what happens to them, and clearly they  need a lot of help. As we have often reminded you, no matter what circumstances you are in there is always help nearby. So please ask for it and it will come to you in some form or another, but do not necessarily expect it immediately.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and know that all of you have had so many lives on Earth, you should by now be able to benefit from your experiences. Go within and listen to your Higher Self and you will get good advice, but it needs to be heeded if you are to lift yourself up. On the one hand time is short, but you still have sufficient time to make a resolution to change and become what you really are, a beautiful soul of unlimited love. We wish you well.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey

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  1. Last night when I was stored my car in the garage (6.30 PM) I saw a big triangle of stars close to the moon. No stars were around it and when I was looking at it, it felt like it was a dimensional ship, even though I couldn’t see it, I felt it…. and it felt great 😀 will be looking again tonight as I head home again @ 6.30 PM

    I hope you are all doing great, love you STC family


  2. Lisa, I believe that is the Andromeda mothership! Cheri’ and I watch it every single night! It makes us feel so happy when looking at it! Truly amazing

    • Hi Michael,
      I saw it again last night, almost on the same same spot, but instead of pointing away from the moon, it was on a different spot and pointing at the moon now. it feels so excited.

      Love Lisa

      • Lisa, that’s awesome! About a week ago we were looking at it and it was pointing up, the last 4 nights it has been pointing down! It is so fun to watch it move! Thanks for the updates dear Lisa! Keep ’em coming!

          • I see it above the trees here when it is a clear night. We have had weeks of cloud but fingers crossed it will be clear tonight. Moon is nearly half here this afternoon. Had pointed the ship out to my daughter in law and she got a bit scared as it was lower than the stars and she could see it looked different. 🙂

            • Indeed, it is lower and I can feel the presence of the ship.

              How are you Suzanne, hope you have indeed a clear night. I will go and look again tonight. But I have to walk to the garages (we live in a complex) to see it clearly.


  3. We were talking yesterday about our sight and how we can shift our vision and see things that aren’t in 3D. Well last night I was getting ready for bed and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, the lights were off and everything had this odd dark blue haze, like there was some other furniture there and I could see the mass of the furniture. Now it could just be that my eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness yet but it seemed like there was actually form /definition there beyond a simple “optical illusion”. This is the first time I have seen this level of detail to 5-D form.

    I noticed that when someone mentions they can experience something, others start to see/experience the same thing. Maybe by Jason and Mike mentioning it, also triggered a better level of detail for me.

  4. Dreamwalker, that’s awesome! Sometimes I see things i can’t explain, but before waking up, I didn’t really think about it. There was a time when a friend and myself went to this place called AMBOY CRATER. It was one of those places that as soon as you set foot on it, you know it doesn’t feel right. This place felt so evil and dark, and looking around I could see NO plant life within at least a mile radius! Not even lizards running around. It is in the southern dessert of California on the border of death valley. While at the top of the crater, we were both seeing these “beings” materializing before our eyes. It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen. I was 18 when this happened, and we were both so scared that we ran down the entire side of the crater! And this thing is huge! When we finally got to the bottom, everything had changed. My jeep was no longer in the same spot, we had to walk for over a mile to find my jeep. When we found it, it looked like it was picked up and set there, there were no tire tracks leading to my jeep. The whole thing was so crazy! Anyway, just felt the need to share that 🙂

    • Forgot to add, the “beings” seem to materialize in and out of this dimension. It was like looking at a staticy TV. They would come into view just enough to see, then materialize right back out of view. And these “beings” were huge! They looked really muscular and had antenna on the tops of they’re heads. I will never forget that, ever

    • Hi Michael, what an experience you had, you must have been very scared. Yesterday when I was reading your comment, I didn’t make the connection to my dream yet. But when I was driving home, I thought of my dream before I read your comment, and something was striking to me, especially when you mentioned California, I remembered that in my first dream, I got a warning not to investigate in a region in California. Maybe I picked up your thoughts 😀

  5. Wow Michael, that is super nuts. I never heard of that crater. Did they ever do any documentries on it?
    Lisa also agree with Michael and Cheri about that bein an Andromedan mothership, just like Hatton explained in his latest message.

  6. OMG Stick, you had me cracking up and also gagging on your skunk story. Talk about the shit hitting the fan.
    Now, I am very careful when I let my dogs ot but it is hard in the morning because it is still dark. really worry about any possums that would come into my yard.

  7. And again my court date got postponed. After my lawyer talked to the prosecuter he took me outside and said he got good news and bad news.
    The good news is the prosecuter is willing to cut a deal with him. Then I was nerbvous for the bad news but that news was only that I had to come back. I was like, that is the bad news, no problem and i guess they will make me come back next tuesday night.
    OMG the Judge is like a dictator.
    There was this girl from Greece, 19 years old , also caught with pot. The judge read her the riot act. I mean he had articles from the papers all about the Mexican drug cartel. He was reading of the deaths and it was like he was blaming her for the whole mess there. I felt like telling him, the CIA is the biggest dealer of drugs in the world but gotta keep my cool or he would come down hard on me.He also said Obama went to mexico and was told by their president that the problem comes from americans. He said I could not believe the mexican president said that to my president. I am telling you, he seemed so brainwashed and I think no amount of reasoning with him would get through his thick skull.
    There were so many people in there for pot and the guy next to me only had one joint. He was reuesting to have a different judge because this guy is way out there.
    She even said, In Greece Pot is legal . Now she did get PTI, that is after a year she gets it wiped off her records but whe still had to pay an 800 dollar fine and still got a years probation.
    He must have had her up thers for 15 to 20 minutes and even her lawyer looked like she wanted to tell the judge to please, just STFU.
    He is so naieve, he really should not be allowed to be a judge.
    Then he gets a dui case and onlky gives the guy 3 months suspension with a 500 fine. it is ok to drive drunk but just dont get caught smoking a joint.
    Even my lawyer was cracking up becaus he know this judges Mexican cartel speech already.
    BTW when I heard she was from Greece, (very hot and exotic looking, maybe I should visit Konstantinos) I was thinking of him.
    How come he dont post anymore?

    • Hi Gunner. Sounds like your Judge is judging the wrong things. Postponing your case is a good thing considering who you are facing. I had a felony thrown out years ago, just because it kept getting postponed. The Judge was a jerk, but eventually he got sick. The judge that replaced him looked at my case once, saw how many times my case had been continued, apologized to my lawyer and I and just threw the whole thing out. Never happened! Hang on friend, and don’t provoke that judge.
      He’s obviously not prepared or willing to accept your evolved view on things, and maybe that’s why your situation is being put off.
      My case continued for over a year btw. Don’t lose your patience or focus.

  8. Oh yeah, thanks Stick for posting my message.
    Still cracking up thinking about your skunk story. You all must have been going nuts in the car ride. Then it feels like it is in your mouth, OK I wont foul anyone out so I will stop but ya gotta see the humor in it.

  9. Gunner, I haven’t seen any info on the crater. What’s weird about it is that the crater itself is huge. You can see it from miles around, but the.population of people out there is minimal. And even some of those who live out there don’t know about it. If you can go to Google earth, look it up. It’s literally right in the town of Amboy, just outside 29 palms California. You should be able to see the crater easily. The town is really small, I think it has a gas station. That’s it! Haha let me know if you have any luck. I’m on my phone so I can’t look it up

  10. Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 19 August 2012
    Posted on August 19, 2012 by lucas2012infos | 1 Comment
    Beloved Ones,

    The acceleration of time is speeding up and the warmth of the summer is quickly moving forward into the fall season. Being out in nature each day is bringing healing, grounding and the feeling of quiet joy and peace within. The energy influxes are more powerful than before and bring the need for more sleep as these come in and are integrated. Every Human on Earth is receiving these energies and much cleansing of the larger population is at hand. There is a focus on the resolution of long standing issues between different members of families, communities and all institutions that make up your daily life. All issues that must be resolved and released are coming up for review.
    This requires much patience from those who have already faced this process and much calming energy. Do not take anything personally in these days, no matter the seeming appearance of it. It is simply the release within each person’s Being of all that was harbored, not consciously faced and never addressed. All old paradigms of thinking and activities within them are being transmuted into greater acceptance that what was is no longer relevant in these changing times. Humanity is being prepared for the shift out of duality into higher consciousness and what came to the surface in the morning is already dealt with and has been dissolved and a new issue is on review.

    Remember that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and can heal all that is dysfunctional and unresolved within each person and between each person. Choose Love always in all interactions with those around you. This time in the Earth’s history is hard on everyone and much healing energy and thought is required. Think of yourselves as the Ambassadors of Love and bring your Light out in the open. Having already experienced this cleansing within yourselves, you now have the opportunity to shine your Light for the benefit of others. It does not require your involvement in their issues, however, just the being in your Light. This is very helpful energy and empowering to those who need it.

    Most of you are now well into the next level of your journey and are experiencing downloads of new energy coming in. As you integrate and assimilate these energies, greater changes take place within you. You are all powerhouses of energy and must use these wisely, for you affect all Beings around you by your thoughts and actions; self control is most important during these times and detachment from the outcomes of all situations in your sphere of influence. You are here for the duration of the shift and must use discernment in the choosing of the areas of your focus.

    It is most important that you direct Love to yourself and honor your need for quiet moments of reflection and going within. This is helping to bring a greater connection to your higher aspects and further integration can take place in a space of grace and ease. Try to experience those moments of joy to the fullest as they come to you and know that this is the natural state in the wholeness of your perfected Being. Let the Light shine through your heart, through your eyes and through your smile.

    Until next week….

    I AM Hilarion

    ©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

    Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. to original article

  11. Hi, everybody, I have been very busy these days and have no time to follow everything in STC but I Love You All 🙂
    I miss you, friends

  12. Energising the Water for Ascension by Archangel Metatron through Natalie Glasson 13-08-12
    Veröffentlicht am August 17, 2012 von Sirian Heaven i
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    through Natalie Glasson 13-08-12

    It is with love and joy that I step forward to communicate with you today. It is with great delight I reassure you that the vibration of love upon the Earth is increasing and unfolding with each new day.
    Your efforts to embody light and love are greatly appreciated and honoured; you are assisting in the creation of the Era of Love upon the Earth.

    Upon the inner planes we are achieving and putting into place many sacred plans that have been long awaited by many. In truth it is as if we are organising a most beautiful festival, there is so much
    to focus upon in order to enact the will of the Creator. This beautiful festival or celebration I speak of is the ascension process that is occurring and will continue to occur upon the Earth. For a festival or celebration you would probably decorate the area and maybe even ensure you are wearing your most glorious clothes.

    We are achieving this energetically for the Earth at this moment, we are preparing Mother Earth and humanity so they shine brightly come the time of the magnification in December 2012. We wish for you to visualise and acknowledge from this moment forth you are
    experiencing and preparing for a wonderful celebration, it is a celebration of yourself, your truth and the Creator. So many beautiful opportunities are manifesting for you at this most sacred time, it is important you do not worry about what you haven’t or need to achieve but celebrate what you have achieved and who you are; a beautiful aspect of the Creator upon the Earth. By celebrating your truth with each day you will build an energy of excitement, appreciation and acknowledgment of yourself
    and those around you, creating a wonderful foundation and boost to your spiritual growth.

    Before a ceremony or celebration, it is often that we cleanse ourselves as purification for all levels our beings. The Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels are now achieving a most beautiful cleansing process on the Earth which I desired to make you aware of. A deep cleansing vibration from the Pleiades and Venus is now being anchored into the water upon the Earth; this is to purify the water in order to enhance the vibration of the Earth. So much of the Earth is composed of water, water has the ability to magnify any intentions, prayers, thoughts or spiritual experiences, it is a divine light to the source of the Creator. Water is a physical representative of the continuous flowing light of the Creator that nurtures and feeds your soul and entire being, it is essential to physical life in the same way light is essential to spiritual life. You may have noticed when you are close to water or bathe within water you feel rejuvenated, it has a cleansing propriety but also has the ability to hold the light of the Creator therefore refreshing your alignment with the Creator and enhancing your energy vibration.

    As with much physical energy, water can become stagnant in its energy and can be influenced by negative energy, the vibration at which physical manifestation exists can allow for infiltration of
    negative energies. In some areas of the Earth the water has washed away the pain of Mother Earth but has yet to disperse these energies. The energies being anchored from the Pleiades and Venus are assisting in the purification of all water upon the Earth; their mission is to raise the vibration of water to a balanced frequency which will then melt and seep into the Earth and bodies of humanity.

    We have seen that water has been a prominent focus for many countries as it disrupts everyday life both in the present and past; through lack of water or too much water. This is because the water is cleansing the land but also due to the energies being anchored which offer more vitality and vigour to the flow of the water. With the intentions which can be anchored into water it makes it an effective and quick way of cleansing areas of Mother Earth in order to create a balanced enhanced vibration of light upon the Earth. The water is an element force that holds great power and resemblance to the constantly awakening life force energy of the Creator. Depending upon the way in which water is portrayed to you in your reality, it may act as a representative of the light that flows through your being or the peace needed to surrender to the Creator.

    It is important to note at this stage that your physical body holds a great percentage of water which you recycle through your physical body. The water you take into your physical body can have an influence upon the vibration of light you exists as, it is the same with the food you feed your physical body. It is also interesting that when you are able to focus for a good portion of your day upon your truth and the love of your being the water, blood and entire manifestation of your physical body begins to maintain a heightened vibration of light. This means that when you consume water the water is transformed as it moves through your body into the vibration your body exists as. In this way it is impossible for water to lower your vibration it only magnifies the vibration of light and love you hold. Water can also have a high influence upon your consciousness and mind, cleansing your mind while bringing a greater source of clarity and alignment with the Creator. It is often why water is poured over a person’s head; it is to cleanse their thoughts, consciousness and mind.

    When you begin to observe water as a tool for ascension then you begin to access its power. Water can be charged with intentions and energy; the water will hold, maintain and magnify all you express to it. If you imagine you have a glass of water before you, normally you may just drink the water and it will transform into the vibration of your being. If you were to first open your heart to the glass of water, bathe it in your love and place into the glass of water all your divine intentions for your accelerated ascension, then consuming the water, you would embody all that you wish and intend. I am aware my ideas may not be new but I wish to stress to you that you can manifest your ascension through the water you drink and bathe in by simply placing your intention and the energy of what you desire into the water and then embodying it or surrounding to the water and all that it represents.

    Let us now take this to a larger scale, maybe there is water near to you, a pool, lake, river or sea. If you were to sit by or within the water even if your feet or hands are in the water you are acting as a tool of anchoring into the water and transformation. If you then focus upon the love that you wish to share with humanity, the peace you wish to experience and the truth you wish to unfold, imagining this energy beaming from you into the water you will create a large source of highly energised water. Your intentions will naturally be magnified by the water and will seep into Mother Earth, the atmosphere and to anyone who connects with or passes the water source. If the water source is flowing across land then your intentions will be magnified across the land and maybe even across the world. It is important to remember that water is above, below, all around and within you, it holds great presence and power in your reality. Even if you send your love and intentions for the Earth’s ascension and humanities awakening into water during meditation the chances are that you or another person will drink or bathe within the same water that you have enthused with love, allowing the energy vibration of all to enhance and be supported by water.

    You may ask within meditation for the Pleiades and the Venusians who are energising and cleansing the water of the Earth to send the same energy into your being to cleanse and energise the blood and water within your physical body. Just allow yourself to be open to their light as it cascades with liquid flow over and through your being. You may wish to ask them to anchor the same energy through you when you are near water or to anchor their energy into the water of your surrounding area. Let your intentions and love come from the truth within your heart chakra, if all achieve this then we will see the true manifestation of your intention.

    You may also wish to assist your manifestation ability by anchoring what you wish to manifest into the water you drink before consuming it, therefore allowing yourself to physically embody your

    I give thanks to the energies of Venus and the Pleiades that are anchoring into the water of the Earth at this time.

    I am Archangel Metatron

    • I love it! Thanks Gunner, Metatron, and Natalie
      For months I have been drinking distilled water because it’s the purest water I can get. I placed a piece of clear quartz in the container that holds my water in the fridge to energize it. The quartz energizes the water and magnifies the energy and intentions, while the water in turn charges the quartz. It’s mainly what I drink all day as I focus on love and light. It does have a great effect. Here’s some info from for anyone interested.

      And this amazing video I have posted before starts with a wonderful segment about water.
      sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions

      This video in it’s entirety is one of the most powerful I’ve ever watched. Please allow the hour or so to watch it if you never have.

      Love and light friends! 🙂

  13. This message brought tears to my eyes. So much love emanating from this message.Andrianna Of The Pleiades. A Short Message Of Hope. By, Bella Capozzi (AuroRa Le). August 22, 2012.
    Posted on August 22, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    Knowing that you are living in the final days of duality should bring you great amounts of peace and tranquility. There is such comfort to be found by keeping this simple fact in mind. Be not deceived by what might appear to you as a veneer of sameness, or a lack of productivity on our part. I promise you, this is not the way it is at all. Have faith that everything is as it should be. Events are transpiring at the pace they ought to, in order to insure the highest possible level of success; and also offering the least amount of trauma to those who still maintain an air of denial.

    Your world cannot go on in the manner that it has and still survive to see the implementation of the Divine Plan. It has to change, it must. And it is changing, so be of a sound enough mind to see the light beneath the cloudy surface of duality. Hear the truth ring out above the monstrous cacophony of lies. Your new life is being gently birthed, and for awhile-as with any birth-things tend to get somewhat chaotic and messy. Yet know that this it shall only be that way for a short time, and in living from the heart you shall get through it smoothly.

    Feel the comfort of being one who is in-the-know. Because you are awake and aware, the fear and uncertainty shall not touch you. Instead it shall elate you. This is what you have have dreamed of for so long; to see the darkness brought finally to it’s knees, and to watch their towers topple and their walls of deceit come crashing to the ground. We shall see to it that it’s a controlled chaos, and we are here to help you to clear the way for the construction of something entirely new. Together we must take it down and set a fresh foundation, as you cannot build your new home upon a pile of rubble.

    Be of a generous heart, and give of your bounty to those who shall be in need of friendship, sustenance and a kind word. There shall be many. Be generous with your truth, your wisdom, as these ones shall have no idea of what is going on around them. But you will. You will know that not only all is well, but it is better than it has been for an interminably long time. From your deepest knowing, pour forth words of solace, hope and joy-and hence, they shall eventually remember too. These are such glorious times which are coming! Did you know, you have but barely scratched the surface of what is and what is yet to be?

    Be at peace, always, and through trust you shall keep warm and safe. I come to tell you we are plentiful in your skies, so subtly veiled, as are our voices in your ear and our likenesses flashing quick before your eyes. We are your friends and your families, and we love you unconditionally. Well beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Have faith in all your heart tells you is so.

    Copyright © Bella Capozzi. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

  14. I did not read it yet as I will on the way home .
    I just love Natalie Glasson and I trust her channellings 100 percent without any questions at all. She once e-mailed me on one of my questions and told me she was an ET
    I guess she is one of many ETs that came into human form to help the earth and all life with the ascension.
    Here is a video from James Gilliand.

    JamesG via
    8:53 PM (18 hours ago)

    to eceti

    Images are not displayed. Display images below – Always display images from
    There are those who continuously say we are filming the space station although we monitor the space station, shuttle launches and the major satellites as well as irridium flares and compare it to what is filmed at ECETI. We have filmed objects following the space station and objects buzzing the station and powering up which are not in the data base for known objects. Therefore these are without a doubt UFOs unidentified flying objects. Here is some footage which shows a massive power up crossing the path of the space station which of course seems to not observe it, well thats the official story. I dont know how pilots, astronauts etc can miss these massive ships. Or did they?

    You wont hear about this in the major UFO groups or talk show hosts who claim to cover ufos.


  15. **Big governments are in a massive state of disintegration**
    08/22/2012 by John Smallman

    Truly wonderful things are happening all across the planet as the moment for awakening approaches. Many of you can sense the energies of change that are infiltrating the mass consciousness and leading you forward into the loving embrace of the divine energy field now enveloping Earth and all the life forms that she supports. You have only to relax and allow that energy to infuse you as you immerse yourselves in its soothing balm. Doing so dramatically alters your individual energy fields, bringing them more and more into harmony with the divine one. Harmony is spreading across the planet in a wave of peace and compassion, softening hearts that had become ever harder and more impenetrable during eons of conflict, betrayal, and intense suffering.

    This softening brings with it light, openness, and a willingness to listen, hear, understand, and cooperate with others who profess philosophies, cultures, ethnicities, and values that differ from your own. It gives you the interest and the motivation to look for meeting-points within them, where you can communicate meaningfully and share your experiences for the benefit of all. This ability to communicate with people of different races, nations, cultures, and religious beliefs is of course very recent, but it is being grasped most enthusiastically all over the world. And the resulting communications are showing you that people everywhere have the same basic needs and desires – they do not want war! – and that mostly your politicians have a totally different perspective on what is important.

    This growing flow of information is guiding people to dismiss as irrelevant much of what politicians are talking about, and energizing them to put pressure on their politicians to attend to the issues affecting those who elected them to office and that they wish to have resolved. And it is apparent that the majority of politicians have no real interest in engaging meaningfully with their constituents on these matters, and when interviewed or questioned, they do their best to dissemble and evade.

    The world of politics is in the process of enormous change, as voters, disenchanted with their representatives’ refusal to represent them, start to communicate with one another to resolve issues, leaving those elected officials confused and frightened as they realize that the times of smiling and collecting donations is rapidly coming to an end. Governments have for a long time been perceived as regulatory institutions, with the power and resources to build, organize, and control the civil and military establishments assumed to be essential for the smooth running of countries, and to ensure that people can live together in peace and safety. That perception has now changed – drastically!

    In the newly arrived age of instant communication and information transfer, it is no longer possible for those in positions of power and authority to operate with impunity as they take decisions that affect everyone but benefit only a very few. Big governments, and the resultant wastage and corruption that they cause, are in a massive state of disintegration and collapse. Accountability is being demanded, and because of the explosion in the disclosures of secret government and corporate documentation, which previously had prevented you from knowing what was truly occurring, this will no longer be avoided.

    Many of you are well aware that there is no need or excuse for poverty, starvation, or lack of education and health-care anywhere in the modern world. The only reason that these problems are still present is because of the greed and corruption of the few who have taken it on themselves to control and exploit the planet and the majority of its people for their own personal aggrandizement and glorification.

    As you are frequently informed by channeled sources, Love is flooding the planet on a scale never before seen. This is partly because so many of you have called on your Father for assistance in these extraordinary times, in which you wrestle with the dichotomy presented by advanced technologies powerful and efficient enough to provide easily for all your needs, or conversely, to destroy the environment in which you live, apparently, so precariously. But mainly you are being swamped by waves of Love because the time divinely ordained for humanity to awaken is at hand.

    This divine Love field is bursting open the hearts of humanity and sweeping away the fears and anxieties that have seemingly ruled your behavior for eons. You are coming rapidly to the realization that the only way to peace, harmony, and abundance for all is by way of forgiveness of all crimes, delinquency, and wrongdoing; and by replacing judgment, blame, and punishment with unconditional love. All unloving attitudes and behaviors grow from fear, suffering, and a sense of being alone against all-comers — fighting, in fact, for your very survival.

    The flow of divine Love is gently washing away fear and encouraging you all to love indiscriminately and unconditionally all of humanity. Those who resist strongly and try to continue causing strife and mayhem will be gently contained in the divine embrace so that their unlovingness can no longer hurt anyone. Remember that, every time you feel the need to protect yourselves, and offer only love, regardless of the situations in which you find yourselves.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  16. Love, Light & Respect Spirit Train Riders!!! Here’s some Multidimensional
    food for thought…

    ( ( ( The Nursery Hypothesis ) ) )
    Philip Coppens

    “If the universe is teeming with life, why have they not contacted us?” It is one of the great skeptical-analytical questions that get posed in apparent opposition to the ancient alien theory, which argues that we have been contacted and interacted with non-human intelligences. And, indeed, I would argue that we have been contacted and that there is substantial evidence to argue this case. But, of course, those who primarily rely on skepticism and analysis seldom bother with evidence.

    Nevertheless, they do address an important question, namely: if the universe is teeming with life, and we have been contacted, why is this contact not visible in our everyday life? Why doesn’t our friendly Alien Al land his spaceship regularly on the beach or mountain nearby, to enjoy the beauty of our Earthly landscape and maybe the warmth of a social contact with one of Mankind?

    There are some who will argue that this is actually happening, and that this is precisely what we see every day and classify as UFOs. That the reason why we don’t know more about this daily interaction is because our government has kept all of this under wraps, part of a conspiracy that – they argue – stretches back at least several decades, but maybe even longer, maybe to the dawn of civilization. And that our governments may not necessarily have to be blamed for this, but that our alien overlords may have insisted upon the leaders of the world to keep us in ignorance.

    There is, however, another hypothesis, which tries to explain the apparent lack of daily and visible contact with ET: the so-called Zoo Hypothesis, proposed by John Ball in 1973. This hypothesis states that we are not contacted so as to allow ourselves to develop and evolve naturally without outside interference. Secondly, it argues that an extraterrestrial intelligence may have identified points when contact is appropriate, where the milestone can be technological, political or ethical.

    Indeed, a science fiction equivalent of the Zoo Hypothesis was instrumental in the creation of Star Trek’s Prime Directive, in which the point of aliens making contact with Earth was linked with Mankind’s capability to go to the stars (faster-than-light propulsion) – which by default would be the end of a planet’s isolation and therefore the best time to inform a species of the Big Universe Out There.

    The Zoo Hypothesis is based on the totally theoretical assumption that aliens prefer a species to develop independently, or isolated. And it of course assumes that all spacefaring alien beings somehow have worked together and subscribed to this directive. As appealing as the Zoo Hypothesis is to some, it does rely on every extraterrestrial civilization to obey the rules. One would almost have to argue that there is a Pangalatic Council out there that would intervene, for example by sending a civilization/species back to a state where interstellar is no longer possible if it had broken the rules and made contact with a species prematurely.

    Some proponents of the Zoo Hypothesis have argued that despite there being no apparent need for contact, there are nevertheless signs of alien contact in our past. They argue that these signs are the result of accidents (i.e. contact was established, but this was by accident, as the alien race made an error, revealing themselves to us) or are inspections, in which we saw if not met the alien, but the contact was purely limited so that they could assess whether or not we had reached the required development milestone – and apparently failed.

    As fashionable as the Zoo Hypothesis is for science fiction authors, the hypothesis does not stand up to scrutiny when we test it with what our ancestors have left us. Across earthly civilizations, whether it is the Inca, the Maya or the Ancient Egyptians, there is a uniform message, which is that at some point in our past, there were extensive exchanges with non-human intelligences. That the path of human development – civilization – was an adventure that Mankind walked not by itself, but was guided by these non-human intelligences, which we now refer to as “gods”. The gods were seen as culture bringers and civilizers, who, together with Mankind, guided our development. Their names are remembered as Osiris, Viracocha or Quetzalcoatl. Quite often, as in the case of Viracocha, they appeared out of nowhere, civilized a cluster of people, and disappeared.

    The best example, however, is the story of Oannes, which was seen by Carl Sagan as one of the best evidence that we had been contacted by a non-human intelligence. He commented: “I support the contention that a major cultural change did take place with the advent of the Oannes”, and elsewhere noted: “These beings were interested in instructing mankind. Each knew the mission and accomplishments of his predecessors. When a great inundation threatens the survival of this knowledge, steps are taken to insure its preservation.”

    What was remarkable about Oannes was that he not only taught people how to create temples, compile laws and explained geometry, but that he came out of the Persian Gulf, rising at daytime and returning to his watery abode at night. He had the body of a fish, but underneath the figure of a man – he was, by all accounts, non-human.
    The first century BC scholar Alexander Polyhistor summarized Berossus’ Babyloniaca and left us the following account of Berossus’s Oannes: “At Babylon there was (in these times) a great resort of people of various nations, who inhabited Chaldæa, and lived in a lawless manner like the beasts of the field. In the first year there appeared, from that part of the Erythraean sea which borders upon Babylonia, an animal destitute1 of reason, by name Oannes, whose whole body (according to the account of Apollodorus) was that of a fish; that under the fish’s head he had another head, with feet also below, similar to those of a man, subjoined to the fish’s tail. His voice too, and language, was articulate and human; and a representation of him is preserved even to this day.

    “This being was accustomed to pass the day among men; but took no food at that season; and he gave them an insight into letters and sciences, and arts of every kind. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth, and shewed them how to collect the fruits; in short, he instructed them in every thing which could tend to soften manners and humanize their lives. From that time, nothing material has been added by way of improvement to his instructions. And when the sun had set, this being, Oannes, retired again into the sea, and passed the night in the deep; for he was amphibious.”

    This is in stark contrast with the Zoo Hypothesis. Indeed, I would argue that this is the Nursery Hypothesis, in which a developing civilization or species, if it so choses by its own volition, asks for and will receive the help of non-human intelligences along the path of its development. That the universe is teeming with species that are willing to help and that all we need to do is ask. And that if we don’t ask or no longer ask, they will leave us to our own devices, as that is apparently what we want… until we ask again.

    The Egyptian religion, codified by the Greeks as the Corpus Hermeticum, speaks of this master-pupil role. Specifically, it has a precursor to the Grail legends of medieval times, in which it is said that on Earth, a Cup was placed, from which Man could drink, so that those who were called and heard its call, could attain Gnosis – Wisdom. This Gnosis was, specifically, an initiation procedure in which a person was – literally – taken out of his head, to experience that what we perceived with our eyes was but a limitation of reality; that there were realms which were far more complex, far larger, and involved far more intelligences than just the human species.

    In my opinion, Mankind has had a symbiotic relationship with several non-human intelligences, for thousands of years. Our historical record speaks of this repeatedly and wherever we look, we find that the greatest buildings that remain are temples; temples in which our ancestors entered to seek contact and experience the divine as a Gnosis – a direct experience – rather than a dogmatic, analytical explanation, which is what religion has become since.

    In our past, contact with non-human intelligences was not a singular event the way we perceive Contact to be today, mostly through the eyes of science fiction; it was an everyday event, experienced by thousands, every day, everywhere across planet Earth.

    Ball said that the Zoo Hypothesis was pessimistic and psychologically unpleasant. It would be more pleasant to believe that extraterrestrials want to talk with us if they knew we were here. However, he concluded, the history of science is full of examples of psychologically unpleasant hypotheses that have turned out to be true. The problem with Ball’s approach was that he developed in total isolation from the available evidence that showed We Were Not Alone. Or, ironically, the Zoo Hypothesis was developed in confined isolation… and doesn’t reflect the available evidence.


  17. The Gate

    Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

    Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

    Dear friends, I am Mary Magdalene. You know me, my figure and face have become part of your history, and thereby have become distorted and marred. But you know my origin, because we live from the same source – the space within the heart, the Home of the soul. You have been moved by the same desire that possessed me during my life on Earth. A longing, a desire for truth, for what is real, for the essence. A desire to live from your soul, from inspiration, from your core – that is what matters for you.

    To live in this way can hurt. It brings you to the darkest parts in yourself, because to live from your inner core means that everything must be seen. The Light needs to shine on everything, so you can become one and complete unto yourself. Many people are engaged in a struggle with themselves, and this is painful to see. People often live by images, pictures, and idealized sets of rules of how to be a successful human being who is recognized and respected by the world. Then before you know it, you are carried away by the opinions and demands of the mainstream of society. You feel you need to adjust to their way of thinking, so you can appear attractive and good in the eyes of the world. This takes you away from your inner core, and in this way, you disconnect from yourself. But still there is a voice that says: “go inside, discover who you are”. In that open space of no judgment, you can discover who you are: the light and the dark parts, and all you have been through: your feelings, emotions, and reactions.

    To love yourself is to allow that open space within yourself, and to be with yourself and observe what is there. Yet again comes that voice from the outside, all too often the voice of fear, that says: “be good, be obedient, and adjust to the norm; do not appear different or strange in the eyes of other people”, and you again lose the inner dialogue with yourself and that open space. You force yourself into shackles; you judge according to the standards of the outside world, society, and by doing so you hurt yourself. So you are pulled back and forth between the call of the world, which so often is the voice of fear, and the cry of the soul, which would lead you inward, to the core of who you are. And how can you deal with that battle, that tug-of-war between inside and outside, between the core and the external?

    Listen to the voice of your heart. Choose for yourself; choose the way you want to go in this life. Decide to do it with all your strength, unconditionally! Take the plunge into the deep, where real love prevails. But know in that deep space there is no bottom, and it can feel like a leap into the abyss, into the void. You will no longer be supported by the approval, compliments, and recognition of others; you will stand alone.

    Feel, for awhile, the immense space in the center of your heart, where there is no judgment, and no idealized images of where you should go. Only Being is present there, pure Being. Can you stand that much freedom, or would you prefer to stay on the leash of norms and values provided by others? Can you take that dive into the depths? Can you truly live?

    Life challenges you to take a leap into the unknown, which is scary. However, to restrict yourself to the narrow path of the known, and not live fully, is worse. You then become a slave to impulses from outside yourself, and you lose “you” and no longer feel happy. Finding true satisfaction in life can come only from going with the current of your heart. Your heartbeat, which is unique in the universe, alone knows the road. And sometimes, if you get lost, there needs to be a dark time, to bring you back to yourself, to help you remember who you are in your deepest core. All outer certainties fall away, and insofar as you were living according to exterior standards and ideals, you have the feeling that everything is lost, that you have fallen into a deep, black hole – and this feels awful! It is called “The Dark Night of the Soul”, yet it is but a passage. You are being taken to a Gate, one that opens to something beyond, something greater; a vista that your usual sight, conditioned by fears and old ideas, cannot envision.

    Imagine you are in a dark tunnel. You cannot even see the walls of this tunnel, and you feel surrounded by nothingness. There is nothing wrong with nothingness. In its essence, nothingness is neither bad nor evil; it is absolute openness without any preconceptions or expectations on which to rely. Yet nothingness evokes fear in you, as if it will destroy you. What nothingness does destroy are old identities which you thought were part of you. But know that who you really are cannot be destroyed, cannot disappear. It is eternal, and as limitless as the space in your heart of which I spoke earlier. That space is there – always. Imagine that you accept nothingness and the lack of certainties, and at the same time, you feel your strength and independence. You then are not bound to this world; you are free in the depths of your being!

    Continue to imagine you are going through that dark tunnel and suddenly a Gate appears in front of you. Look at what that image does for you: are you afraid of the Gate, or do you want to go through it? Are the doors heavy and closed, or is one door ajar and is there Light that shines through from the other side? Just take it in; you do not have to do anything. Imagine now that you stand before that Gate and put your hand against it. Allow the energy of the Gate to flow through you. The Gate is the threshold beyond which lies the new, that which your soul wants to show you – when you are ready to see it. By placing your hand on the Gate, you become acquainted with the new, and with what wants to flow into your life – at a rhythm that suits you. See if you can receive it; the energy of the new, the energy of Home and of your soul. Allow it to flow through your hand and into and throughout your entire body, in a way that feels good – not too little and not too much. The energy flows around and through your head, your shoulders, and your heart; and goes even deeper: into your stomach, your pelvis, your tailbone, and through your legs to your feet. And be aware, if you are in The Dark Night of the Soul, there is something new awaiting you beyond the Gate, although it still cannot be seen with the eyes you have now. With new eyes, you will see that reality on the other side of the gate, and you will develop these new eyes by letting go of the old way of life; when you grasp no more onto certainties and survival patterns to which you clung before.

    How do you recognize when you are ready to let go of the old? Often it is through feelings of discontent, anger, dissatisfaction, or despair and hopelessness, which indicate that you no longer want things to be the way they have been. You could then be thinking: “I don’t want to be here anymore; I don’t want to live on Earth”, but actually what you are saying is: “I no longer want the old way; I don’t want things as they have been”. However, your mind, formed as it is by the past, may not have yet imagined that there are other ways, and therefore The Dark Night of the Soul becomes desperate and intense. As the old falls away, but the new has not yet arrived, being on that borderline and in that dark tunnel forces you to choose. Either you continue to follow the voice of your heart and remain faithful to yourself, or you retreat back into the voices from outside: that of fear, of the familiar, of the past. So I entreat you: if you are now experiencing The Dark Night of the Soul in your life, stay with it, keep going inward, and feel what is there. If there is fear, uncertainty, sadness, or despair, do not judge it; stay with it and do not retreat from it.

    Your Light is stronger than all those emotions, which are not the end point, but a halting place along the way. See the Gate in the distance, which is already there! Connect with the energy of the new, by way of that Gate. And one day the doors of that Gate will open wide – see it before you. Maybe it is too much to feel it all now, but observe it for awhile from a distance. How will it be when that Gate opens wide, and you walk through it? What awaits you there? What feelings does it call up in you? You do not have go beyond the Gate yet, it will come – everything comes in its time. But feel the promise of it now: the beauty of the Light there; the delight, joy and comfort of being there. Feel the serenity of life there and rejoice, because this road you are traveling on now – the one that feels like a dark night which boosts your fear – leads there!

    Keep that perspective before your eyes, and your path becomes easier. I hold you by the hand; feel my presence. Every time a Gate opens, it makes us happy and we feel more deeply united with you all. We are all connected to each other, and every step each individual takes, carries something of all of us to the Whole.

    Mary Magdalene

    © Pamela Kribbe 2012

  18. Good morning everyone, nice day here on the East coast.
    Jason, basically , my lawyer and the prosecuter will make a deal for me and the judge normally goes with the prosecuters recomendation.
    Lisa, here is that Hatton message that mentions the Andromedan Mother ship.

    Wake up Call: Hatonn, August 10, 12
    Today I would like to speak of what is coming to be for many of you. I am Hatonn and I see that many of you are in a form of intellectual muddle. This comes with various incidences in your lives and they are interrupted by the energies that are erratic right now.
    As you go through the trials of the day and find that you cannot cope with them as well as you could over the years, it is important to realize that you are undergoing a stress factor that is more intense than it ever was before. With the onslaught of stress, comes the clearing out of what it is that has triggered it in the past. That is why it is so intense in these times. It is not only releasing and triggering old incidences of stress that have not been released, it is also addressing those of the present time.
    What you can do in these times is to first of all know that this is what is taking place. That can ease your load tremendously. Second you can then go on in your life focused on something that is joyful, productive and fun. Anything at all that comes to mind is the best thing that will get you out of your doldrums. You will then feel an immediate lift in your heart and mind and from that moment you can realize that in that moment you created a brand new way to lift your spirits that is uniquely keyed to your beingness. That is the strength of your power and love for yourself.
    As these times come to the level that brings you to a heightened frequency, you will find all kinds of new awakenings coming into your life. There will be many factors that will bring to you new experiences that are based in your inner selves. With these new awareness’s you will realize that you are opening up a whole new way to relate not only to yourself, but also to your responses to things and events. It will begin to change and heighten your awareness of what is taking place on a universal level.
    Take the new awareness of the triangle of stars in the southwestern sky that is being seen all over the world. That is a fifth dimensional ship from Andromeda. Many of you are seeing it because it is there to help guide you to the reaches of the outer world that you are seeing reflected from within. The beings on that ship are from all parts of the Andromedan system, including some of the Mushaba beings who stayed behind on the mother ship that was created by the Mushaba beings before their planet was transported to the Pleiades.
    This is but one example of what is taking place at this point in your ascension process. We urge you to share your new discoveries with others for they too are having those experiences and this will help you to flow through the newness that is upon you now. Even those who have not as yet chosen to awaken to their true selves are feeling something different that they cannot identify with as yet. There will come a time when they will no longer be able to be in the denial of who they are, and they too will come to their own unique truth. Each of you has chosen when that time will be.
    I now close this message that I found the desire to give you. You are all so beautiful and I understand what you are experiencing can be a bit worrisome at times. I remind you that you are so strong and capable of so much. Just take a deep breath, and then allow a smile to come forth and light up the air around you. It will be a release so powerful, yet gentle that you will be able to sail through the day on a cloud of light and love that will show you the wonder of who you are. Happy Journeys are upon you. Whistle as you work, and the world will sing with you.
    Thank you dear Hatonn,
    Love, Nancy Tate

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    8:00 AM (5 hours ago)

    to undisclosed recipients

    Hello Everyone,

    I found this message this morning and it deeply resonated with me. Remember when the Centaurians and others said and are saying that we will create our New World? This message addresses that concept in a new and profound way. Enjoy!

    Love and Light,

    Beloved Ascending Ones,

    We, The Arcturians, observe that many of you are having a challenge during this final stage of integration of your new, Multidimensional Operating System into your old, third dimensional thinking. In other words, a part of you is fully multidimensional while another part, usually your earth vessel, feels like an anchor that you are dragging around with your consciousness. Actually, that is a correct metaphor. YOU are no longer your earth vessel, but you are still using it to remain attached to the 3D Earth Matrix.

    You are much like a Hermit Crab who has grown too large for its current shell and is desperately looking for a larger encasement so that it can still crawl around the ocean to find food. Just a Hermit Crabs sometimes leaves the water, you are increasingly leaving your usual habitat. For myriad lives you have limited your environment to the physical plane. However, the physical reality is beginning to feel like a shell that no longer fits.

    The frequency rate of the YOU that is free of your vessel is many octaves higher than the vessel that you appear to be wearing. Hence, there is a constant juxtaposition between the YOU inside your earth vessel and the YOU that is quickly expanding beyond the confines of third dimensional limitation.

    There are, also, many changes in your consciousness that are making your earth vessel feels too tight. For example, your thoughts have become too fast for your physical articulators to effectively express. Furthermore, your emotional longing for something that is seems impossible by the standards of your physical brain make you lonely and forgetful. Thus, you are beginning to forget, but it is third dimension that you are forgetting, while your yearning for something new is growing stronger.

    Things, activities, people, foods and interest that were once very important are beginning to mean less and less to you. The time-bound thinking that has driven you to do a certain thing, be a certain place or finish a certain task by a given time is falling away. You are literally forgetting that which you do NOT want to do. Instead, you are choosing to follow the urges of the New You.

    Who is the New You? This You is definitely not the person you have always been. In fact, you would never have dared to believe that you could become the version of your SELF that is gradually, or swiftly, taking over your ever changing and expanding life.

    The part of you that cared what you should do has been replaced with the New You that only wants to do what you want to do. YOU want to do only that which fills you with this new feeling of calm, contentment. You have gained an inner faith (or is it courage?) that allows you to live via your own, inner compass. Therefore, even if it means changing your entire life, you are willing to follow this expanded experience of reality that is arising from within your Core.

    Of course, the usual challenges are there, for now, but you have a knowing that things are about to change in a very big way. You are not sure in which way your life will change, but you know that YOU will change it. For one thing, you know reality is different because you are changing how you perceive life.

    You are choosing to keep your mind open and your heart filled with unconditional love. You can only do this because you have chosen to listen to your SELF and are no longer a captive of a reality forced upon you by someone else.

    “Someone else” is a term that is beginning to mean something different. It used to mean every one, but now it feels like an old term that is no longer necessary in in your language, much as a “buggy whip.” You don’t drive a horse drawn carriage, so a buggy whip is not needed. In fact, if you or when you do drive a carriage, you would not want to whip that majestic animal who is doing you a favor by pulling your carriage.

    In fact, you have a growing respect for all animals. Hence, you no longer feel that you are superior because you have two legs and they have four legs, or no legs. You now perceive animals, as well as plants, as living creatures that have the same rights as you. Being a human is no longer being the most evolved being when you realize that some animals, such as the cetaceans, are just, if not more, evolved than humans.

    The former superiority of your ego is shifting. In fact, you are beginning to grow beyond the confines of ego. Whereas once you identified yourself as your ego and only occasionally listened to your Inner Voice or your Higher SELF, now you ARE your Higher SELF and your Inner Voice is YOUR voice. Your ego still exists, but it has been relegated to care and maintenance of your earth vessel for as long as you decide to keep wearing it. This vessel is feeling very tight lately, and it seems VERY slow.

    Your mind often races far ahead of your body and your brain. Your brain, once only connected to your earth vessel, is now connecting to your Multidimensional SELF. Because of this new connection, you are receiving many messages from the higher frequencies of reality. Some of you receive these messages in your dreams, some of you receive higher message through your thoughts and writings, and some receive messages through emotions or even actions.

    Through whichever manner you are wired into your higher perceptions, you are receiving more messages than before, as well as messages from higher frequencies. Of course, not everyone is on the same fast track as you. However, they may suddenly awaken one day and flash into a full awakening.

    You are the Openers. You are the first ones to open the myriad Portals into the fifth dimension. Also, you are the ones that will stand by that open Portal until everyone has gone through. “The first will be the last.” However, that third dimensional term does not exactly explain what we are saying.

    You, the Openers, volunteered to be the leaders of this Planetary Ascension. Therefore, you serve as the Scouts who go ahead into the unknown and come back to tell of your experience. You dash into the Bliss of the NOW, and courageously return to tell of your trek. You have become masters of saying things in a specific manner so that you do not frighten your audience.

    There are still many who are still fast asleep. If you awaken them too suddenly they will experience fear, which would lower their consciousness rather than raise it. To best “read” the needs of the ones you are assisting, go into your own Core and look IN to the ONE.

    From within your inner perspective, you will KNOW just what to say and when. In this manner, you can keep you ego out of the picture and speak only form within your Core of SELF.

    A blessed side effect of assisting others is that you will be using the immense, higher-frequency light coursing through your body. The energies that you are now downloading and integrating into your form need to be kept moving.

    Therefore, when you are conscious of this incoming energy:
    · Accept it
    · Share it with Gaia
    · Integrate it into your body, consciousness and life
    · Love it unconditionally
    · And send it out to your reality

    Once the energy is sent out, surrender to whatever higher purpose you have initiated. This act of surrender assures that your 3D ego remains dis-engaged and that YOU are merely serving as a step-down transformer.

    Remember that YOU are the Portals that you opening. Some of you have within your Mission the ability to see Gaia’s many Portals and to then open them. Some of you have the ability to perceive the Portals within other humans and to assist them to open their own Portal. By surrendering to the Flow of the unconditional love embedded in the incoming multidimensional light, you are serving as a messenger for your highest expression of SELF.

    Beloved earthbound expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, your path of incarnation is coming into a steady curve. That which was once determined from your external world is being replaced by an internal compass which re-calibrates with your every step. As you return to the NOW of the ONE, thoughts feel like an echo and emotions are becoming a way to perceive your reality. Your movements become flowing and your creativity burst forth into full bloom.

    Your once “far-away” guidance is within your every thought, and the unconditional love that you only felt in deepest meditation or prayer is becoming normal. You are very different than you have ever been because you are returning to the Core of your Eternal Being. Honor yourself with your every breath, for YOU are vital to the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

    You have studied, suffered, forgotten and remembered that which is now easily within your grasp. Reach inward to receive these truths and allow them to meld into the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart. Look inside to see us, your Higher Expressions.

    Through many lives of limitation, separation and duality we were with you. We held you hand in your darkest night and filled you with joy and bliss when you were able to receive it. Through your myriad lives, you may have felt alone, but we have never left you. How could we? After all, we are YOU!

    The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

    It is time for Light workers to show themselves. It is time for us to know who we really are. It is time to live in Love. Love and Light, Donna

    Russia is steadily slipping into the grip of a new autocracy — clamping down on public protest, allegedly rigging elections, intimidating media, banning gay rights parades for 100 years, and even beating critics like chess master Garry Kasparov. But many Russian citizens remain defiant, and Pussy Riot’s eloquent bravery has galvanized the world’s solidarity. Now, our best chance to prove to Putin there is a price to pay for this repression lies with Europe.

    The European Parliament is calling for an assets freeze and travel ban on Putin’s powerful inner circle who are accused of multiple crimes. Our community is spread across every corner of the world — if we can push the Europeans to act, it will not only hit Putin’s circle hard, as many bank and have homes in Europe, but also counter his anti-Western propaganda, showing him that the whole world is willing to stand up for a free Russia. Sign the petition on the right and tell everyone.

  21. Tauno, I signed that petition! And, I could have swore I read something this morning that said Pussy Riot was freed! Am I wrong? I would really like to know. Thanks for the link

    • Me too, I think I heard something , dear Mike
      You know what – now is the time when we can Create by Thought 🙂
      The world will be as we wish it to be !
      Love and Light

  22. Signed.

    Well actually Mike it’s funny you mention that because signing the petition assumes that they aren’t free (one has to be “not free” in order to be freed), when in fact they ARE free. They are there because of an expression of freedom. Handcuffs are somewhat beside the point!

    So, I’m not sure what it is I just signed… 😉

    • Hello, dear Troy 🙂 Actually you are right 😀 but I hear voices in my head that say – THEY ARE FREE 🙂 and I am not the only one
      Love and Light

  23. Hello everyone! I am extremely busy and haven’t been able to communicate with you all. Just know that I send love and light to all of you.

  24. So, I have a question/issue that I hope I can get some feedback on. Today, I feel weird, I can’t get motivated to do anything. I have been reading all day, and I just don’t “feel” it today. I feel like both Cheri’ and I are at a stalemate, if that makes sense. I feel like we/I don’t know what the next step to take is. You know what I mean? It seems like I should be doing something, working towards ascension, but I don’t know what to do. I meditate everyday, multiple times. I read everything that resonates, I really am trying my best and giving my all, but I feel like we are sitting in a stagnating pool. I am not “feeling” any movement. I haven’t in a few weeks. Has anyone else felt this or know what I am talking about? We would love any any and ALL input. Thank you my family. I love you all

    • Hi Micheal…i just finished a quick Sunset Gazing…& i “got” this: Accept.Absorb.Assimiliate….Just by Breathing in the New & Fresh Air enables Us to subtly move forward…The thing about the New,it’s kinda like being in a “unfamilar terriority”…One step in the “Here” & the other step in the “There”…Sometimes a rest period is required…and then Out of the Blue,”things will ramp Up again…hehe

      • babajij, thank you my dear friend, your words really hit me, touched my heart. Thank you for that! I totally get what your saying, but do you think the “rest period” could be as long as two weeks? It seems that every day my heart was fluttery with love and joy, almost felt like an anxiety attack, you know? But it felt good, I am still filled with love and joy mind you, I just haven’t felt that special little “twinge”.

        • the “trick” is to relinquish the time factor…Being Creative is one the Keys for Us to utilize…helps in taking the Mind unto another platform…Say hi to Cheri for me…p.s. what exactly did Ya send out to STc’ers in those little boxes?…lol!… 😉

          • Oh yeah.. I forgot about that… I should let you know that I have not received anything. This may be that it wasn’t sent, it was intercepted or wound up in Kathmandu, of all place… No worries, I appreciate the thought and that’s what counts.

          • Hehe, they were hand carved soapstone boxes and some very nice crystals! I don’t actually know what happened to them. I got Leslee’s back in the mail, and I got one confirmation of a package received. Would you like me to send you a lil’ something? I would be very very happy to!

    • Idejavul I have felt disconnected the past 2 weeks dreams I have been having seem to disappear as I awake. I feel like I am dragging myself from a to b with my emotions all over the place. I guess I am feeling unsettled and can not stay on task for long at all. Hoping things will improve over the weekend. Finding it hard being alone in this journey at times. so thankful that I have all of you here love you all suzanne.

      • My dear Suzanne, thank you for your post. I hate to see others going through this too, it doesn’t feel good at all 😦 but on the other hand, I’m glad that it’s not just me. Ya know? Remember Suzanne, you are NEVER alone! Of course we are always together in spirit, but you have the ENTIRE company of heaven at your side! 🙂

  25. This is nothing new really… Most of us here have felt that way at some point. I’m in the throes of it right now. Not a lot feels important, interesting or necessary.
    So I immerse myself in music, dogs and helping out when I can. About the only thing that really feels of interest right now, is, (other than getting on with the process) returning to engineering music and doing recordings. My PA is up and running and I have a gig on Saturday. The folks that are having the party are old school musicians and one fellow has been involved with the big names for many years. This opportunity has dropped in my lap and for what it’s worth, I will be getting a firm hold on it and polishing my chops on the board. Perhaps I’ll be asked to participate in more studio and live work for the big guys. I have no idea right now how this relates to the process, but it’s something I can do to assist others and increase my sphere if influence in an area that sorely needs some light.

    Not sure if that helps you at all… I guess it’s just find what you are still able to focus on and steer it to a place where you can be of service…


    • John, this actually helps me tremendously, thank you! So, what kind of music? I am very passionate about music 🙂 Do you have any recordings that you can post? I would love to hear some. As far as that falling into your lap, that’s frickin’ great! Everything happens for a reason my friend, maybe you will be able to blast that industry with a butt load of Love and Light! 😉 Thank you for you input John, I greatly appreciate it.

      • The stuff I play is mostly Floyd, Supertramp, old blues… Some Elton John, some Fleetwood Mac… I had a thing I made on youtube.. I’ll see if I can find it. What I record is other’s music… I rarely record myself, but I want to do that more. I have a feeling that Al, the fellow having the birthday party wants me to help out with his latest project. It’s billed as old school R&B with the horns, do-wop girls and all that stuff… Might be a blast… might be a nightmare… But either way, it will be fun.

        No luck finding that Pink Floyd cover…. Sorry.

  26. I Hear You Michael… when the ebb & flow of incoming Energies create a sense of Spiritual Dissonance, I always say ‘Do what’s in front of You’. Our tendency to overanalyze what we should or shouldn’t be feeling, or experiencing, is a fading shadow of Duality. It’s ALL happening right Now! Like the Chrysalis to the Butterfly, Humanity is in the process of manifesting our Wings… fun to conceptualize what it will be like… but of course it has to be ‘experienced’ to be fully understood. The anxiety & stasis generated by this metamorphosis is a natural byproduct of our 12-Strand DNA coming online. Hang in there… don’t allow your thinking to divert you from what we ALL have incarnated to do… To anchor the Light as the Gain-Mind Manifests the New Paradigm. ‘Be Here Now’… & always keep in mind that we are ‘Spiritual Beings having a Human experience’. Temet Nosce 247 ~In Light


  27. Are you having a hard time with the I/Me/You/Us/We references too??? I still say them but I hear myself and know that it’s false… I really don’t have the word for the concept yet. It feels like my fingernail is debating it’s place against the elbow, who knows where that fingernail stands, but the fingernail can only see what is off the tip of the finger, not knowing it’s on a finger… It’s a bit complicated.

    I wonder what the hair thinks of all this silliness… LOL

  28. ‘Love, Light & Respect’ to You & Cheri… keep up the Good Works.

    “Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” ~Terence Mckenna

    *Watts & Mckenna have had a profound effect on my Life 🙂
    They always have a way of putting things in perspective.

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