A Message from the Great Divine Director – June 1, 2013, by Tazjima

Within a day of seeing an image of an elephant in my dream, comes this message from Ganesh, aka the Great Divine Director. Blessings, Elizabeth

Blue Dragon Journal

Reflection of Self

Lord Chananda:  A Message

via Eliza Ayres

I AM the Great Divine Director, also known by the Hindu peoples as Ganesh, one of the sons of Shiva. I am known by many names, but have always worked for the forces of evolution upon this planet, for the benefit of her people. Know that I do not belong to any one culture or religion, but that I serve all humanity in my alignment and service to the Will of the Mother / Father God and the Creator.

These many past days our scribe has demonstrated God’s will in her life by again committing to her path, to its importance and position in her life. Know that you are constantly tested to see if that commitment is still held, although all experience is useful for the shard of the Creator that you are. However, those who would lead, teach and demonstrate to…

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