6 comments on “Scythian Artfacts

  1. Thank you Frila as soon as I saw the head dress I thought of you and the deer 🙂 these are beautiful artifacts.

    • Thank you Suzanne…I in fact had thought I posted them on my own blog…but just fond, there was some muff. How nice to get your message here. I in fact saw the pattern that you drew according to Saint Germain’s instruction during our meditation on Jun 03. The rotating “blue diamonds” that I saw yesterday were similar, too. Besides, I’ve had similar dreams as what you dreamed of yesterday. Dear Suzanne, all this resonances touche me so. Much much love to you, my beloved sister, Frila

      • I have had confirmation of the Symbols from one other which may means at some level we are indeed linked we maybe of the same light Ray or soul family:) have a lovely day Frila I am off to sleep early as the vibrations tire me when they are full on. much love dear sister suzanne

  2. I hear these particular deer might be found in Agartha – and it is neat how the deer’s large antlers represent the tree of life. I enjoyed browsing this collection – thank you PinChu 🙂

    • Nice to hear from you about more about Agartha. So, it seemed to be posted here, rather than my won blog as it had been supposed to be by no accident?! Thank you so much, Troy !

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