ATS: Defining Vibration, “Frequency”, and Dimensions – A 101

Greetings Ats; this is a thread I intend to take seriously and thoroughly. The information I will show here will not be understood by most on Ats, but there are many who do know this aspect of “reality” as we label it.

I have noticed in the past few years that there is a ‘split’ in a sense among human consciousness. We have been in the Information Age for a few decades now, this has allowed certain things that could only be shared among communities to be shared world wide with a click of a few buttons.

This split I refer to; there are those who are seeking and learning about occult, spiritual, and mystic knowledge and information – as well as seeking to expand their consciousness to find what the human being is truly made up of.

Then there are those who only seek scientific explanations, and need concrete proof. Those who do no inner work, only focus outside of their consciousness.

I’m sure that I am not the only one who has noticed this split. And it has caused tensions and confusions between the two “sides” of the human-collective consciousness. There are terms and new “ideas” that are thrown around the internet and social life, that those who only seek outside and scientific aspects do not understand, or care for.

The new ideas which I will explain here now, to end the confusion for both sides, including those ‘new age conscious humans’ (as is labelled today) who struggle grasping the spiritual nature but seek the knowledge.

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