SaLuSa 22.11.2013

This time of your year was usually time when you started thinking of others with more loving way and you experienced less stressful moments until you again started new year with hopes and wishes that slowly vanished as the year passed by. This end of the year for many of you will not be the same, and we know that you already feel it. There is no desire within you to give usual gifts and to expect such gifts in return. You have realized that the greatest gift you can give to all of your current family members and all others is your Love, unconditionally flowing to their hearts and helping them on their own way. Many of you feel that there is no longer the need existing to attach to the old way of celebrating Light being present within and around you. Those who are ready will celebrate and express thanks in the new way with stepping into their higher realities and with sending even more Love to all that are ready to receive it, and they will open many more possibilities for others to choose from.

With these possibilities present within collective mind of all Humanity, those who will awaken or will finish their process of awakening, later in your time, will choose for them the best way and add their own desires to it according their life purpose so everyone will experience a unique way of ascension. All will feel very strong guiding power within that will direct them into fulfillment of their own choices and desires. There will be no need to follow others until this would be their choice of experience, and all people will feel immense power that the freedom will carry, and it will bring that great understanding that no one else is responsible for life experiences but the oneself, and the blame put on others will no longer be present and no longer will create hate and anger between people. Harmony and peace will prevail within and also on the outside world that will be pulled into the collective experience of higher reality with the strong will of all Humanity.

This process of collective change requires some of your time as you already know, yet all the necessary changes begun many years ago, and they are now being sped up due to your increased power of your wish to see the world, that gave you so many precious experiences that were turned to the wisdom, being free and balanced and united. With your own upliftment, others can find their path and their own way easily, as the energy of Love is creating that needed attraction towards that what is being searched for, the same way as you are attracted to all higher energies. It is the Creator’s wish to experience such powerful change within this world and following change of all the greater parts of the whole creation that we all exist in. Remember that you are part of the Creator, and you carry this wish within and give it your own desire and choice that is equal to your free will and create the path which will lead you to the experience of ultimate Oneness with the Creation Force.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I wish that you realize the power of your choice to share the Love with all others. You can lift them from their own creation of suffering just with smile or loving thoughts or words you are sending towards them. You will not help them being attached to their own feelings, but you will help them with feeling of Love that is present all around because you cannot save them, it is upon themselves to find their own way and place within All That Is.