Is it a comet? Is it asteroid? ‘Freakish’ six-tail space rock discovered by NASA

A startling and never yet seen “weird and freakish object” with six tails has been captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in our solar system’s asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Scientists were “literally dumbfounded” as they were trying to find an adequate explanation for out-of-this-world appearance of this “weird and freakish object,” said the lead investigator of the University of California at Los Angeles, David Jewitt, in NASA’s press-release.

While normal asteroids appear as tiny points of light, the designated P/2013 P5 has six comet-like tails of dust radiating from it.

“Even more amazing, its tail structures changed dramatically in just 13 days as it belches out dust. That also caught us by surprise. It’s hard to believe we’re looking at an asteroid.”

Asteroids are remnants of disrupted planet formation located in the belt between Mars and Jupiter. These solid objects that could have become planets but the process was interrupted by the gravitational pull of Jupiter. Asteroids differ from comets as they are found closer to the sun and do not produce a temporary atmosphere. As for comets, they are characterized as relatively small, at times active, objects whose ices can vaporize in sunlight forming a visible atmosphere around it called a ‘coma’ or a ‘tail.’

The research team believes that the asteroid is rotating so much that its surface is flying apart ejecting dust in episodic eruptions that form the visible tails and make it look like a comet.

“If the asteroid’s spin rate became fast enough the asteroid’s weak gravity would no longer be able to hold it together. Dust might avalanche downslope towards the equator, and maybe shatter and fall off, eventually drifting into space to make a tail,” Jewitt said.


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In the process of spinning the object with a 700-foot radius has lost only a small fraction of its mass, supposedly 100 to 1,000 tons of dust, the researchers said.

“The orbit of the asteroid could make it a member of the Flora asteroid family. This means that it is probably a piece from an asteroid collision that occurred roughly 200 million years ago” said the lead investigator.

The fragments from the collision are following similar orbits, heated to as much as 815.5 Celsius. This indicates that the asteroid is made up of metamorphic rocks, which are not capable of holding ice, suggesting that it is an asteroid and not a comet.

The asteroid started radiating dust five months ago, said the study published in this week’s issue of The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

It was first spotted by Pan-STARRS survey telescope in Hawaii as an unusually fuzzy-looking object, while the multiple tails were discovered by Hubble on September 10. The images taken by Hubble later on September 23 showed a drastically different object dazzling the researchers.

“We were completely knocked out,” Jewitt said, adding that the object looked as if the entire structure had swung around after the previous observation.

Researchers said rotational breakup must be a common phenomenon in the asteroid belt, suggesting that this may be the way that small asteroids die.

“In astronomy, where you find one, you eventually find a whole bunch more,” Jewitt said.“This is just an amazing object to us, and almost certainly the first of many more to come.”


Found in the Trash: A Box of Otherworldly Notes

You know why the internet is awesome? Because you can share the experience of someone discovering a mysterious treasure. Reddit user TramStopDan documented and shared his recent experience of unlocking and discovering the contents of a box which his friend found discarded on the street next to the trash. When he managed to open it, Dan found a mind-boggling collection of posters, illustrations, text, maps, technical drawings and personal belongings.

Speculating on the original owner of the case, Dan writes: “Clearly something happened to this guy that was very memorable. It measures roughly 29″ by 38″ and almost all the drawings are very large… It appears that he was making a diorama/tabletop display. (Why? I have no idea). There are numbered parts and instructions/explanations.”

So let’s take a peek at what he found…

Pretty normal so far…

Text on a poster with corrections and a few eyebrow-raisers to quote, such as, “…but after 12 years it developed that this picture of an obvious other-world invasion…”

‘Fairly small maps, hand-drawn on a clear-ish plastic-like material.’

They all have a hole in the middle, to be overlaid on something else.


Getting weirder… (or cooler) …

And as Dan puts it, “begin the crazy”…

“Now things start to get a little odd. It seems that the artist saw something in Tampa, FL in 1977 that changed him … This appears to be an early sketch of the event”.

“An obvious blending of the religious and the extraterrestrial…”

One Reddit commenter had this theory to add:

Apparently the guy went slightly insane over finding extraterrestrials in the bible. He was obsessed with “living creatures” described in Ezekiel 10 that are described as having four faces: “the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle.” I guess he really wanted for that to be an alien encounter.

Also found in the briefcase was this technical drawing that looks like a patent application, quite large and very detailed. Dan looked but could not find any registered patent of this design.

So there’s your daily dose of “what the heck am I looking at?!”

It’s amazing, as well as pretty sad however, to see what people will just throw away. Maybe the author of the box’s contents isn’t around anymore, but his secret world is now forever preserved. And that’s why the internet is so great.

You can see the entire contents of the case here and an entire sub-reddit dedicated to figuring out the material here. 


SaLuSa 8.11.2013

Your Sun is sending you very intense energy patterns that are about to finish your basic transformational process into the beings of Light. Once you have absorbed these energies within, your bodies will be ready to receive and accept all that your consciousness will experience. Sun is the gateway to other dimensions of reality and that what you see as sun flares are powerful energy transfers from higher frequencies sent to your planet and to all of her inhabitants. You can feel this pure energy of the Sun when you stand quietly without movement on the sunshine, it is warm and loving touch of the Love that is sent to you and helps your bodies to change to the ones that are able to receive all the higher frequencies that are being sent at this moment. Do feel the response of your own body to this Light, and welcome these higher energies as all necessary patterns are included within them for your successful transformation.

At this moment, everything old is being swept away and dissolved into the immense Light that is surrounding you, so you might experience some thoughts or memories to be occurring frequently within your mind and it might seem to you that they are not leaving although you have accepted them and let them go. Your mind needs some moments to process all the changes that are happening, and please know these old thoughts are cleared and gone, and you do not need to focus on them anymore, just send them Love and Light and feel that they are not coming from your heart and your mind will also let them go, because your mind was for very long time programmed to function the way of being the “programmer” of your reality and sometimes it still holds onto the things or issues that used to be so attractive to you. Do express love to your Self and your mind and feel the Love spreading all over your being.

Allow the Love to completely heal you, and do not have any doubt that it is not powerful enough to do so. Love is the most powerful creative Force in this Universe, and when you express fearless intention to it, you will experience her immense, yet gentle power flowing into you and carrying you into your own higher reality. Do not hold back these feelings that Love is creating within you as so many people are waiting to feel them and are ready to be also awakened into the higher knowledge of Creation. Share the Love everywhere you go and know that without asking for more, Love will always and endlessly flow through you and will keep you in harmony with all her expressions, no matter which form they are currently carrying.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and also feel the Love so very powerfully being present within my own form that I carry now. Realize that just one thought of Love can give you such intense energy that it will stay with you for the whole day, and this way you can share this beautiful feeling with all others. Feeling of the Love that is ever present all around and within you is what you should focus on. We Love you.