SaLuSa 8.11.2013

Your Sun is sending you very intense energy patterns that are about to finish your basic transformational process into the beings of Light. Once you have absorbed these energies within, your bodies will be ready to receive and accept all that your consciousness will experience. Sun is the gateway to other dimensions of reality and that what you see as sun flares are powerful energy transfers from higher frequencies sent to your planet and to all of her inhabitants. You can feel this pure energy of the Sun when you stand quietly without movement on the sunshine, it is warm and loving touch of the Love that is sent to you and helps your bodies to change to the ones that are able to receive all the higher frequencies that are being sent at this moment. Do feel the response of your own body to this Light, and welcome these higher energies as all necessary patterns are included within them for your successful transformation.

At this moment, everything old is being swept away and dissolved into the immense Light that is surrounding you, so you might experience some thoughts or memories to be occurring frequently within your mind and it might seem to you that they are not leaving although you have accepted them and let them go. Your mind needs some moments to process all the changes that are happening, and please know these old thoughts are cleared and gone, and you do not need to focus on them anymore, just send them Love and Light and feel that they are not coming from your heart and your mind will also let them go, because your mind was for very long time programmed to function the way of being the “programmer” of your reality and sometimes it still holds onto the things or issues that used to be so attractive to you. Do express love to your Self and your mind and feel the Love spreading all over your being.

Allow the Love to completely heal you, and do not have any doubt that it is not powerful enough to do so. Love is the most powerful creative Force in this Universe, and when you express fearless intention to it, you will experience her immense, yet gentle power flowing into you and carrying you into your own higher reality. Do not hold back these feelings that Love is creating within you as so many people are waiting to feel them and are ready to be also awakened into the higher knowledge of Creation. Share the Love everywhere you go and know that without asking for more, Love will always and endlessly flow through you and will keep you in harmony with all her expressions, no matter which form they are currently carrying.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and also feel the Love so very powerfully being present within my own form that I carry now. Realize that just one thought of Love can give you such intense energy that it will stay with you for the whole day, and this way you can share this beautiful feeling with all others. Feeling of the Love that is ever present all around and within you is what you should focus on. We Love you.



  1. Thank you So much for this beautiful message. The sun flares have been hitting me very hard, and to know this phase is just about over, gives me great encouragement.
    Bless you! Amy

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