Allendale’s Return and the Event 11 Dec.2013 – Message channeled by Multidimensional Ocean -11 Dec.2013 | Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: Hi Allendale! It was nice hearing you and feeling your presence yesterday and again today! Thank you for dropping by and giving us some news! You were telling me about the upcoming Event in the kitchen yesterday. Would you like to give us some news about it maybe?
Allendale: Ai lassie! It is good to be back. I have returned to be part and to witness the last and final phase of the Ascension of this amazing planet of yours.
She has been caring for so many for so long, she went through pain and suffering through time, and now, she is in her most desperate hour seemingly, because of the constant threats to her life and to the lives that she carries with her.

We all have an immense respect and love for your Earth, and we all rejoice to see her suffering come at last to an end, as she will complete the final phase of the permanent transition into the freedom and loving grounds of the 5th dimension.
You are going to see more and more activity in the air, as it is going to be increasingly difficult for the ET guests to remain hidden from the amateur astronomers, and the folks on the ground with cameras and iphones. he he he ! (smiles and giggles). I have to admit that there s a big crowd out there monitoring this birthing event so to speak.
It is going to be an amazing transition, and we all want to be part of it.
I know… at the moment, the cabal and just random events are conspiring together to take as many souls down the rabbit hole as possible, including your planet’s soul. This is in fact a sign of how desperate they are, and how they try all the tricks in the books.
This is the other reason why so many of us are here to keep an eye and an ear on their deeds, so that they don’t interfere in a dramatic manner with this beautiful transition.
The transition is in the books, it has already taken place, and many of us, who can time travel come back to this moment in time, when all seems lost, and people begin to awaken to the fact that they have been lulled into this illusion of democracy, of freedom and peace, when in actual fact the truth is far from what is being advertised on TV by the news media.
This is a moment in time when the power of awakening hits many, and the vibrations of love, peace and change begin to truly manifest visibly into reality.
Oh, I know that your readers have been fed up of hearing us speak of liberation time and again. You have got to understand that to any of us, who exist outside of the time and space plane, we do not perceive time as you do at all. So I am sorry for all the unrest and expectations that our messages can sometimes bring to you. Please take them with a pinch of salt and understand that they come from a time outside of time, and from a place, outside of space. From beings who have bridged the gap between the perception of life and death. To us life and death are 2 sides of the same coin, and we keep our consciousness both when we take a physical form and when we are only in our energy form.
I come to bring great news, as the matters will continue their natural acceleration from now on towards the Event. The Event will be as beautiful as you can all dream it as a collective, you will help and shape this transition into 5D.
It will be a cosmic Event, of Galactic impact and awareness. The victory of Love and Light at long last, that many of you have been waiting for, for so long, thoughout many lives.
Keep dreaming of love, of peace, keep calling your twin flame to you, and you will experience unimaginable heights of love, passion, and you will transform yourselves and the planet together.
The Earth’s rivers will flow with tears of joy, and with unconditional love.
Earth will be freed from those who kept it in shackles for eons and will know true joy and abundance at last.
Many people are still working behind the scenes to make dreams come true. These are your angels and archangels, and also many people incarnated onto the Earth at this time.
Keep the spirit of love and Christmas alive, open your heart to joy and abundance.
The door is now open, and you are once step away.
Allendale out!
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean


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