Journal Entry 12.11.2013

Blue Dragon Journal

Park Butte October

Journal Entry 12.11.2013

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Well, how does everyone feel today? Squashed? Ecstatic? Tired? Want to find a nice comfy cave for a while?

Well, now I know I have a lot of male energy. I just put a piece of furniture together without once looking at the directions! And even used a tool!

Cold persists, both inside and outside, although I feel stronger today. Did have an overwhelming urge to nap this afternoon, but managed to finish the work day without finding a dusty corner.

When I tune in, I instantly feel really light energies, heart-warming glow. Very nice. Need an open heart to feel it.

This morning had the usual discussions with guides. At one point, I’m not sure if I was quite dreaming or what, but I visualized a crystal basin in front of me. It was filled with a dark liquid and looked kind of gunky…

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